Rappers Pay Tribute to XXXTentacion... (Part 2)

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  • ZenithMusic
    ZenithMusic  4 месяца назад +54

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    • Ralph Meredith
      Ralph Meredith 2 месяца назад

      U suck tell us the rappers name we dont know who the rapper is

    • look at my dab
      look at my dab 4 месяца назад

      ZenithMusic This fucking video made me cry from happiness bro 4real.thank u man,thank u

  • Tessa
    Tessa 14 часов назад

    Where was it at ?

    LINDO AY 2 дня назад

    Someone said Rip smokepurpp in his live stream bruh smoke ain't going nowhere 😂

  • Benjacpw TM
    Benjacpw TM 2 дня назад

    Cuál es la cancion del 3:10?

  • xxxtentacion .s.
    xxxtentacion .s. 3 дня назад

    I miss him...I can't express how the f I feel 😞

  • Nick Ramos
    Nick Ramos 3 дня назад

    RIP jah #LLJ

    KENTON WINKELMANN 4 дня назад +1

    I just wanted to say something X is dead but we will all get to see him and meet him in the future and I can't wait to meet him all of the X fans out Don't be sad like X said even if someone dies you still haft to be happy that you still got to see his him and listen to him and when its all over and you have lived your life well then its time for you to see X again

  • Daennon Robinson
    Daennon Robinson 4 дня назад

    R.I.P x

  • Sadiq Ahmed
    Sadiq Ahmed 5 дней назад

    5:42 this hit me hard😫😭😭😭

  • Darin
    Darin 6 дней назад

    I feel so bad for ski

  • Marcella santtos
    Marcella santtos 6 дней назад

    Te amo X ''

  • Ayden Heitmann
    Ayden Heitmann 6 дней назад

    X I still alive you can't blame me for thinking he is....

  • Michael Matheson
    Michael Matheson 6 дней назад

    Am I the only one that when juice wrld came on to perform legends I lost it

  • Ioan Browning
    Ioan Browning 6 дней назад

    I didn’t watch xxx until after he died but I can tell he was a big inspiration and he’s is inspiring me even though he isn’t with us anymorw

  • Ostoja Stojanovic
    Ostoja Stojanovic 7 дней назад

    That bruda singing changes be like... 😣😫😫😫😭😭😭

  • Soroosh Shokoohi
    Soroosh Shokoohi 8 дней назад

    The myth of the century

  • Best Draven
    Best Draven 9 дней назад

    1:58 concert??

  • Nenad Gavranović
    Nenad Gavranović 10 дней назад

    how can some1 dislike this? #LLJ

  • Bad vibes forever Vrotherhood
    Bad vibes forever Vrotherhood 10 дней назад

    lil xan hit me hard

  • The Gaming Commie
    The Gaming Commie 11 дней назад


  • True Pablo
    True Pablo 12 дней назад +1

    0:40 music ?

  • john gonzales
    john gonzales 13 дней назад

    part 3 please

  • Rt God
    Rt God 13 дней назад


  • Maya Ellis
    Maya Ellis 13 дней назад

    Wait who is that . That jumped in the crowd before the pump one

  • Maya Ellis
    Maya Ellis 13 дней назад

    I love how 69 did the same thing x did in fuck love

  • Benjamin Schmidt
    Benjamin Schmidt 13 дней назад

    Man I lost it when the clip with X showed up. Had to look away and stop the video... Rest easy King X!

  • Dino Palm
    Dino Palm 15 дней назад

    This made I gonna cry slowly😭😭

  • psndragon4HD
    psndragon4HD 16 дней назад +1

    1:02 what is this music?

  • John Wylie
    John Wylie 17 дней назад

    1:09 what song is that

  • ellabella zazueta
    ellabella zazueta 19 дней назад

    4:59 that's the kind of crowd we needed

  • Denise Medina
    Denise Medina 20 дней назад

    Made me tear up

  • Jhonatan Torrez
    Jhonatan Torrez 20 дней назад

    3:09 name???

  • I am your happy pills Saya
    I am your happy pills Saya 21 день назад

    Its sounds like ski is trying not to crying and its sad he lost someone so close to him xxxtentacion was like an brother to him

  • Riley MacMullin
    Riley MacMullin 21 день назад

    Who is that at 3 minutes? What song is that? :O

  • KawaiiNekoVert
    KawaiiNekoVert 22 дня назад

    6:05 look at this big ass nigga in tha blue shirt

  • Imran Hussein
    Imran Hussein 22 дня назад

    You can never kill a legend till the legend is forgotten

  • PsychoPigeon
    PsychoPigeon 22 дня назад

    You gotta fell bad for ski doing take a step back by himself

  • Xinender
    Xinender 22 дня назад

    RIP X

  • justin XD lol
    justin XD lol 23 дня назад


  • Jean pierre Espinel Franco
    Jean pierre Espinel Franco 23 дня назад

    r.i.p ❌❎❌tentacion 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😍😭😿👼I am sad

  • Jean pierre Espinel Franco
    Jean pierre Espinel Franco 23 дня назад

    r.i.p ❌❎❌tentacion😢😢😢😍😍tentacion I am sad

  • Nemo Tulale
    Nemo Tulale 24 дня назад

    r.i.p x

  • YouRWxRrstNiGhtMarE GtA TrYhaRd
    YouRWxRrstNiGhtMarE GtA TrYhaRd 24 дня назад

    He might be gone but a legend will never be lost

  • OrdinaryBear
    OrdinaryBear 24 дня назад

    I feel like the Rap game is the new battle royale

  • Flamy
    Flamy 25 дней назад

    How many fucking ads bro, i just punched my monitor FFS

  • Rush Cobra
    Rush Cobra 27 дней назад

    Why are there ads?

  • Sgt. Shiny
    Sgt. Shiny 27 дней назад +1

    7:38 I see that InShot logo (respect) I use InShot to upload videos too lol

  • Heith Szczepanski
    Heith Szczepanski 29 дней назад

    Man I’m crying over here RIP love you x

  • k0n3 D13G0
    k0n3 D13G0 Месяц назад

    Alguien save ke se llama el tema del minuto 3

  • Mr. Lucifer
    Mr. Lucifer Месяц назад

    When this kind of man dies, you still want likes on your comment, disgusting.

  • Crazy Dog Lover
    Crazy Dog Lover Месяц назад +1

    If i will ever be a singer....i would put a song of X's at ma concert..
    Like if u would do the same!

  • Antonio Carrillo
    Antonio Carrillo Месяц назад

    song at 1:20??

  • Verdelle Fisher
    Verdelle Fisher Месяц назад +1

    everyone that watches this means you love x soo much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Verdelle Fisher
    Verdelle Fisher Месяц назад

    everyone that watches yours this you love x I’m crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mimey  Herlandez
    Mimey Herlandez Месяц назад


  • Mimey  Herlandez
    Mimey Herlandez Месяц назад

    Part 4

  • First Last
    First Last Месяц назад

    wow how pathetic are you to use the death of an artist to gain wealth fuckin have some respect bitch

  • Arad Adam
    Arad Adam Месяц назад

    This gave me chills, LLJ 🕊🖤😪

  • christian
    christian Месяц назад

    To the people who murdered X

  • My name is jeff
    My name is jeff Месяц назад +1

    This means so much to me because i absolutely love xxxtentacion

  • Rigby Dzn
    Rigby Dzn Месяц назад

    alguém me fala o nome da musica da 1:50

  • Nancy Jackson
    Nancy Jackson Месяц назад +1

    XXX may God keep you n Eternal peace 🙏♥️😇

  • Clarissa Kagoro
    Clarissa Kagoro Месяц назад

    I can't believe it's been 4 months

  • Judi Zara
    Judi Zara Месяц назад +1

    5:16 the crowd tho

  • Victorugo Jimenez
    Victorugo Jimenez Месяц назад

    Rip x

  • Welfare Sympli
    Welfare Sympli Месяц назад

    X body is dead but not his song

  • Ubaldo Luna
    Ubaldo Luna Месяц назад

    R.I.R X

  • Sar Chips
    Sar Chips Месяц назад

    1:01 melody from x name plz

  • Mahan Rafeei
    Mahan Rafeei Месяц назад

    Shit mad respect

  • Zboi 07
    Zboi 07 Месяц назад

    This boi 69 in his underwear

  • Anthony Holmes
    Anthony Holmes Месяц назад

    I got dark blue dreads for X

  • kimya slays all day
    kimya slays all day Месяц назад

    It's mostly ski they were BFFS

  • Analia Montenegro
    Analia Montenegro Месяц назад


  • Hector Hoang
    Hector Hoang Месяц назад

    What’s the song called at 5:09

  • Shister Dora Teh Explora
    Shister Dora Teh Explora Месяц назад

    Wow....4 months has gone by since we lost the legend. He wanted to change to be a better person, those people who shot him stopped him from pursuing his dream. Rest Easy X 💔

  • Xxsavageprogamer _Tv
    Xxsavageprogamer _Tv Месяц назад

    Those the real ones my Nigga.

  • First Name Last Neme
    First Name Last Neme Месяц назад

    you know what they say when life gives you lemons I want to die

  • Jagan Gill
    Jagan Gill Месяц назад


  • Andrew Wixson
    Andrew Wixson Месяц назад

    X 💩😲🤑🤑🙃🙃😕👽👾👽👾👽👾👽😿 better place

  • hi bye
    hi bye Месяц назад

    I hope that X son turns put to be like him
    RIP X in loving memory of your fans
    LEGENDS NEVER die unless they are forgotten

    But X will not be forgotten right?
    RIP X

  • Ben Breuker
    Ben Breuker Месяц назад

    Can someone make a list of all the people that were performing (in order) pleassseee

  • Ben Breuker
    Ben Breuker Месяц назад

    Who was the first guy

  • Saiyed Nazia
    Saiyed Nazia Месяц назад

    Long live Jahseh

  • Yvngtrafficcon3
    Yvngtrafficcon3 Месяц назад

    Y x he was the only artist I could relate to

  • Marco Aureo Parilla
    Marco Aureo Parilla Месяц назад

    X may be dead but he’s alive in my heart *OUR HEARTS* 🌓🌑🌕

  • Rings and Things
    Rings and Things Месяц назад


  • Wordex Gaming
    Wordex Gaming Месяц назад

    1:50 who dis

  • baby alive
    baby alive Месяц назад

    Lets make up a new thing omlx oh my legendary x

  • baby alive
    baby alive Месяц назад

    Oml this mad me cry

  • Joshua Seise
    Joshua Seise Месяц назад

    6ix 9ine jumping like x

  • ItsOwen is a clickbait cunt
    ItsOwen is a clickbait cunt Месяц назад

    Fuck X he’s a woman beating piece of shit

  • Pedro Pablo Rodríguez Rodríguez
    Pedro Pablo Rodríguez Rodríguez Месяц назад

    Long live jah

  • Drezzer Rose
    Drezzer Rose Месяц назад

    The Camera man was lit at 1:52 LMAO

  • Susan Kutner
    Susan Kutner Месяц назад

    I'm crying again and it's four months later - love you J- hope you are out of pain - we are trying to carry your legacy/clear your name/spread your words - RIP KING

  • Anja Straub
    Anja Straub Месяц назад

    Whos that on 3.45?

  • YuNG BrAT
    YuNG BrAT Месяц назад

    I would do anything to bring bake xxx

  • Gti Ops2K
    Gti Ops2K Месяц назад

    Who’s at 3:20 rapping

  • Karime Diaz
    Karime Diaz Месяц назад

    I wish rip meant return if possible:(

  • Lacey Faith
    Lacey Faith Месяц назад

    The sadess day ever when x died RIP XXXTENTACION

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres Месяц назад

    Lil xan is so fucking annoying 🙄