50 People Try To Make A Margarita | Epicurious

  • If you're comfortable mixing up and serving a batch of margaritas, chances are you've been the most popular person at a party once or twice. Watch as we challenge 50 people to channel their inner bartender and try to make a perfectly refreshing margarita.
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    50 People Try To Make A Margarita | Epicurious

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  • Megam0rf
    Megam0rf Hour ago

    "The Good Place" brought me here

  • M W
    M W 9 hours ago

    the girl in red though

  • Jonathan Urich
    Jonathan Urich 11 hours ago

    Can we just respect the form at 4:23

  • M A N G O O
    M A N G O O 22 hours ago

    10% of the made it

  • Rodolfo Niño
    Rodolfo Niño Day ago


  • Jop van Breukelen


  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez Day ago

    Sorry I have to say it I'm Bartender and it missing triple Sec. By the way why u Puta chef to show u how to do it u don't put a bartender to show u how to cook

  • ima bot 13
    ima bot 13 Day ago

    2:03 tryed to like he knew wat he was doing

  • Civil Control
    Civil Control 2 days ago


  • Katelyn Cecelia
    Katelyn Cecelia 2 days ago

    Me who watches cocktail videos on a daily is sad because how do you not no HOW to make a easy cocktail

  • Enzie Newman
    Enzie Newman 2 days ago

    That is not even a margarita that is just a daiquiri with a salted rim lol

  • Gowtham Krishna
    Gowtham Krishna 2 days ago

    Kollam Poli sathanam 😈😈😈😈

  • Joes Mad
    Joes Mad 3 days ago

    Was that black guy completely naked?

  • 1betterthanyou1
    1betterthanyou1 3 days ago

    It’s literally 3 ingredients, this is painful.

  • Omar Martinez
    Omar Martinez 4 days ago +2

    2:03 acting like a professional and the moment he shakes it spills

  • luis carrizales
    luis carrizales 4 days ago

    The woman with the short hair always know how to make everything

  • Tucker Munro
    Tucker Munro 5 days ago

    This is alcohol

  • mickey yeet
    mickey yeet 5 days ago

    that is not how you make a matgariti to make magariti like a reall one hire mexicans i know how to make one and i am 11 also you forgot a indgrdient tagin for spice

  • VEXERUM 20
    VEXERUM 20 5 days ago +1

    The one with the pink shirt the one that can make a margarita is from ravens home

  • Sophie Charlotte
    Sophie Charlotte 5 days ago +1

    I’m 14 and even i know how to make one. (I’m not a alcoholic)😂

  • Zero _
    Zero _ 6 days ago

    Since I’m not old a nought to drink I do this with Soda

  • charles
    charles 6 days ago +1

    Anyone knows the instagram of 3:22?

  • Jamal Hollister
    Jamal Hollister 7 days ago +1

    If u dont have the coronavirus like this comment

  • Madison Scott
    Madison Scott 8 days ago


  • MsxRockMafia
    MsxRockMafia 9 days ago

    1:39 not ONE DROP of lime went into the bottle

  • MsxRockMafia
    MsxRockMafia 9 days ago

    *dripp* '-you put that much in.'

  • Lucas Cadwell
    Lucas Cadwell 9 days ago

    2:15 😇😅😂😂

  • Hello How’s your day mate

    Hola come estas;)

  • Tucker Munro
    Tucker Munro 11 days ago +1

    Two shots of vodka

  • cRyptiC_cHuBz
    cRyptiC_cHuBz 11 days ago

    Yo the lady at 2:14 bro omg 😂😂😂

  • Alonso Sánchez Jimenez

    2:37 di-did she just...did she just broke the glass?!

  • xXSpruceduckXx _
    xXSpruceduckXx _ 16 days ago

    why my mexicans at amigos ayyy

  • XtrxrtX & Lynahat55
    XtrxrtX & Lynahat55 19 days ago

    "Hola, ¿cómo estás?" Is like the Loquendo voice and the Google Translate XD

    I'm spanish :u

  • Jacob Micallef
    Jacob Micallef 21 day ago

    I though margarita is a pizza

  • J.A. Lend
    J.A. Lend 22 days ago

    Petition for the editors to release the full clip of the grandma

  • John Elliott
    John Elliott 23 days ago

    I was really disappointed in the CIA chef not fine straining it into the coupe.
    And no orange liqueur?

  • Kurian Varghese
    Kurian Varghese 23 days ago

    Did she break the glass 2:34

  • Director Junior
    Director Junior 24 days ago

    These people doing the most just make a drink

  • 714ponce Pizana
    714ponce Pizana 27 days ago

    I know how to do one I’m only 13 I stared when I was 9

  • Jordan Rainford
    Jordan Rainford 29 days ago

    No contreu???

  • Cade Hodges
    Cade Hodges Month ago


  • Luna Verhoeven
    Luna Verhoeven Month ago

    STEVEN!!!!!!!!! YASS

  • Thicc daddy Issa
    Thicc daddy Issa Month ago

    gabrielle if you see this i love you

  • Joyce
    Joyce Month ago

    am i the only one watching this drinking a margarita

  • Ian Marsh
    Ian Marsh Month ago

    4:48 when mom walks in and i dont have the dishes done

  • dany perez
    dany perez Month ago

    guy at 1:01 trys to be cool and spills half the bottle of tequila

  • qweztu
    qweztu Month ago

    If there's one practical thing to remember, flip your citrus so that the juice will mostly come out the holes and is less likely to squirt everywhere.

  • Johnny Bourne
    Johnny Bourne Month ago

    GrAnny sTrAighT CreAtEd the. CorOnA ViRuS

  • Originz Fishing
    Originz Fishing Month ago

    I'm 17 and somehow I knew how to do i- ..... I watch too much television...(no not RUclip, I mean television)

  • MexicanEagle
    MexicanEagle Month ago +1

    Why did u guys put the mexican anthem??? 0:08

  • Sean C
    Sean C Month ago

    im 12 years old and i know how to make a margarita... (from tv)

  • nick quigg
    nick quigg Month ago

    I like how literally nobody in the video makes a real margarita, where’s the triple sec? Or agave even?

  • maaya Maaya
    maaya Maaya Month ago

    Shake it off

  • LOLwerido123 Shen
    LOLwerido123 Shen Month ago

    Can’t wait to see Lorenzo on this shoe

  • singlerainbowssuck
    singlerainbowssuck Month ago

    The chef has no idea what the hell he’s talking about

  • Dilaisy Rodriguez
    Dilaisy Rodriguez Month ago

    I’ve doing margaritas since I’m 13... no joke, my step dad used to ask me to be the “bartender” at family barbecue 🤣

  • Jackie C.
    Jackie C. Month ago

    Why does that one man (7:15 in this video) always wear an apron instead of a shirt? Does he go to work like that? He does look nice, but I'm concerned about the logistics of this. Does he change just for these videos?

  • Jackie C.
    Jackie C. Month ago

    i relate to pink shirt guy on a spiritual level

  • HyunA'sMyMama
    HyunA'sMyMama Month ago

    Being someone that was a bartender and made dozens of margaritas the first 2 mins were painful 🤧

  • Sophia
    Sophia Month ago


  • FunkGhost
    FunkGhost Month ago +1

    Emily would’ve added ketchup

  • JB Freedman
    JB Freedman Month ago +1


  • JB Freedman
    JB Freedman Month ago


  • Annisa Muhammad
    Annisa Muhammad Month ago


  • Liliana Grosiak
    Liliana Grosiak Month ago +1

    2:15 :”And shake away and shake AHHH😂🤣

  • Moblie Asian
    Moblie Asian Month ago

    2:15 makes me laugh all the time

  • Darkside 1234
    Darkside 1234 Month ago


  • davide bortoli
    davide bortoli Month ago

    yeah but its missing 1 ingredient...

  • Anna Zierlinger
    Anna Zierlinger Month ago

    The guys putting the limes the wrong way into the juicer sent me

  • FrancesBaconandEggs

    Wait no triple sec or Cointreau?

  • Deku FN
    Deku FN Month ago

    My grandma is a pro at this🤣.

  • oJo Face
    oJo Face Month ago +1

    First time I don't know how to make it... I'm still disappointed

  • h o n e y b
    h o n e y b Month ago

    3:25 is that guy shirtless

  • h o n e y b
    h o n e y b Month ago

    3:25 is that guy shirtless?

  • h o n e y b
    h o n e y b Month ago

    0:57 looks like John legend and Chrissy teigan

  • Dylan Guzman
    Dylan Guzman Month ago

    Try an 1.5 oz tequila, 1/2 oz triple sec, fresh lime juice, and just a splash of Agave Nectar. Shaken, served on the rocks! 💯 from Texas.

  • 卂ㄥ乇匚
    卂ㄥ乇匚 Month ago

    2:15 I can't stop laughing help.

  • Cheyenne D
    Cheyenne D Month ago

    Why do these give me so much anxiety 😖

  • Lara Horhor
    Lara Horhor Month ago

    This channel makes me lose hope in humanity

  • 『Its me.』
    『Its me.』 Month ago

    2:26 ur welcome