Voigtlander 40 f/1.2! M Mount vs E Mount! Leica M10 & Sony A7RIII

  • Published on Feb 25, 2018
  • Testing out the Voigtlander 40 f/1.2 E mount on the Sony A7RIIi and the M mount on the Leica M10.
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Comments • 62

  • Steve Huff
    Steve Huff  Year ago +8

    Hey guys! Thanks for watching. More on this lens will be and is at www.stevehuffphoto.com - Great fast prime lens for under $1k. Full review will be coming soon. This is NOT my review. Thank you all!

    • Fellow Citizen
      Fellow Citizen 9 months ago

      Thanks :)
      Please review the performance and handling with the S1 or S1R cameras, and also in comparisons among the F/1.2 lenses 35/40/50 :) (There was an article on DPReview by a cinematographer praising the S1/S1R for their manual focus suitability.)

    • Robert
      Robert Year ago

      Have you tried the Nikon ais 50mm F1.2 on the sony? I was surprised to see that you can still pick it up new for $500

  • MayaBee Jakubowska
    MayaBee Jakubowska Month ago

    Can you test Leica M10 mounted on sony and compare

  • esau is The Devil
    esau is The Devil Month ago

    For the E-Mount Voigtlanders'.....what adapter can I get to make them auto focus? Because most adapters are formatted for M to E...so if it's already E..... ???? Any help will be appreciated, thhanks

  • Junior Lins
    Junior Lins 3 months ago

    Nice review!! you rock! Did you tried a Voigtlander screw mount l39 on sony a7 family? too hard get any info about 35mm skopar l39. Thanks!

  • stephen heraldo
    stephen heraldo 4 months ago +1

    Where can we see more of the M-mount images adapted to the Sony? I was hoping to see more of that to inform my decision...

  • okay
    okay 4 months ago

    You can just program a button to focus magnify

  • Dr. Erick Lopez
    Dr. Erick Lopez 6 months ago

    so what your saying is that the sony shoots better with the leica M mount lens than with its native mount counterpart? interesting

  • Sébastien Sutter
    Sébastien Sutter 7 months ago

    Thanks to your review. I hesitate between this and the canon 50 1.2 ( same Price approximatly). Whats lenses do you condiser? They looks very identical to my eyes

  • dopamining
    dopamining 7 months ago +4

    What do mean when you say, "straight from raw"? I hear reviewers say this all the time, 'straight from raw' but raw data is not an image. So what processor did you use and what were the settings on the processor? Did you use Capture One or Sony software or Lightroom Etc?
    I have several software raw converters and every single one will produce vastly different results. 'Straight from raw' tells us nothing and raises more questions.

  • Re Rod
    Re Rod 9 months ago +1

    How would you compare this lens with the Zeiss Loxia 2.0. e.g. regarding color rendition?

  • supercharger
    supercharger 10 months ago +7

    ??? Why did you stop comparing apple to apple with the M version on the Sony against the E version after the portrait shot? Whatbis the point of showing Leica output against sony output when you yourself asked the question if there are differences between the M version against the E version. How is comparing Leica output vs sony output going to help answer this question?

  • NoComment NoName
    NoComment NoName Year ago +1

    Shoulda stuck the M version on the Sony. That would really be apples 4 apples!

  • Achilleas Labrou
    Achilleas Labrou Year ago +3

    Voightländer and Zeiss offer a variety of manual lenses with electronic report and auto zoom magnification. I was hesitant with manual lenses for years. I have recently bought the Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 Distagon for my α7 camera.
    The manual focus with auto magnification isn't hard at all with smaller than f/5.6 aperture. I am very impressed. Of course I have to use both my hands for zooming. That isn't always convenient. Many times with good lighting I shoot with autofocus using only one hand.
    However the speed of manual focusing is just two to five seconds and I am getting better and faster with practice.
    The default auto focus magnification of sony α7 isn't the maximum. I have assigned a button with the magnification feature. Some times I press it and select the maximum magnification for better accuracy.

  • Phil Photo
    Phil Photo Year ago +10

    nice review. One thing negative though: the flash-transitions between the photos, ruins proper comparison of them. Next time you do this, please just make an immediate photo swap. no transition effects.

  • mougabo
    mougabo Year ago +1

    liked the m mount better

  • Gustavo Ibarra
    Gustavo Ibarra Year ago +8

    My M mount is on it way,....a7iii+techart pro, fast AF, even eye AF, you go to manual focus with one click,...no braining decision for me...

  • Jakob K.
    Jakob K. Year ago +2

    I bought the Voigtländer 40mm 1.2 as soon as it was released and I love this lens. At the time i did not know that there would be an M Mount version. But i still think, that I would have bought the E mount version since it transfers Exif data and it automaticaly zooms in while focusing wich I like. Now in the pictures the M mount realy seems sharper, wich is strange because they should be the same, whatever I allready have mine and it is defnetly a keeper.
    P.S. I tried my Voigtlander 40mm1.2 on the a6300 and It seems like a strange combination (I did not expect that it would be sharp enough for apsc), but it produces awsome pictures. It is realy worth to give this lens a try on APSC.

    • Gustavo Ibarra
      Gustavo Ibarra Year ago

      Jakob K. Thank for replying. I actually got the techart pro on ebay from HK not from the US ( where I currently living), not sure if US seller have it either. I have a7iii too and is in the camera where it work the best, minolta md, C/Y zeiss , helios etc get fast cAf, eye af too. It even track the eye when the person move , As accurate as with an fe lens, not as fast but close.

    • Jakob K.
      Jakob K. Year ago +1

      no sadly not. There are few stores in germany wich have voigtlander lenses and even fewer have an techart adapter, so I did not have the chance to try that combination. At the same time i doubt that the Techartpro can keep up with the af of my a7 III.

    • Gustavo Ibarra
      Gustavo Ibarra Year ago

      Did you try it with techart pro?, I just got one from ebay , M mount, but I inteded to use on techartpro...

  • Mahinthan So
    Mahinthan So Year ago +1

    Don't combine banana with meal. It will give stomach problem later in your life

    • syed zaidi
      syed zaidi Year ago +2

      if you buy leica, you have to eat banana sandwich spiked with ketchup for Red Dot or you would go Banana:)

  • SCWH
    SCWH Year ago

    Buy M mount or E mount?

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith Year ago +1

    Car shots show nicer bokeh from the M mount. Interesting dof difference. Nice comparison.

  • jaspal singh
    jaspal singh Year ago

    Do you prefer the Sony or leica?

  • Marco Toscani
    Marco Toscani Year ago

    Hello! did you notice any crop factor when you mount the E Mount! on the Sony? ? like the photos are smaller then a normal sony FE lens for full frame 42mp? or vignet? Thanks

  • haloavenger
    haloavenger Year ago

    Seems like its much better on the leica than the a7!

  • James Meterissian

    I heard this lens suffers from focus shift issues
    Is this true ? Because that would be a problem on a rangefinder camera right leica an m2 or say an m10
    What are your thoughts ?

  • Andres Ruiz
    Andres Ruiz Year ago

    Here in Canada the m-mount version is cheaper than the e-mount version eh

  • huseyin baykal
    huseyin baykal Year ago +1

    M mount or the fe mount version is better? To use on fe

  • AnI
    AnI Year ago +1

    Can you please tell me quickly which adapter you recommend is best to use the Leica version on the new Sony A7 cameras?

    • Foto4Max
      Foto4Max Year ago

      AnI Voigtländer close focus adapter

  • That Bean You Had For Dinner

    My guess is the apparent difference in DOF is due to the Sony's bigger filter stack.
    Especially on the cemetery photo comparison you can clearly see significant field curvature in the Sony one at the edges. This is a common problem with wide angle M mount lenses on Sony cameras.

  • Dario Antonaci
    Dario Antonaci Year ago +8

    in your face, leica haters...

    • Yavor Kapitanov
      Yavor Kapitanov 10 months ago

      leica is for the same people who buy iphones, because iphones....

  • Alik Griffin
    Alik Griffin Year ago +4

    I notice a lot of M mount lenses have a longer minimum focus distance compared to Sony or Fuji when adapted. And as a Sony shooter I do not enjoy that auto magnify. But I always buy the M so I can use them on Sony, Fuji and Leica

    • stephen heraldo
      stephen heraldo 4 months ago

      Did you go and buy the M-mount version? How do you like it on the Sony?

  • f/0
    f/0 Year ago +22

    Since it's possible also to adapt the M mount version to the A7RIII, it would be interesting to test if the coatings and color rendering are the same between the E-mount and M-mount version on the A7RIII...

  • jsc
    jsc Year ago

    6:28, sony has better high light control it seems.

    • flowerdemon
      flowerdemon Year ago

      always take the more expensive one; you can sell it & buy the cheaper one if so preferred

    • Icon Icon
      Icon Icon Year ago

      So if someone give you a free sony or leica, which one will you take?

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago

      YES without question. The DR of the M10 lags behind any modern Sony.

  • halimj7
    halimj7 Year ago +1

    You are one of my favorite youtubers - you are relatable and passionate. Thanks for what you do.
    Did you sell some cameras to get the M10 and A7R II?

  • Yishen H
    Yishen H Year ago

    This is super interesting. Looks like the m-mount version perhaps has better rendering. Would you recommend adapting the m-mount version to the sony? The lens is cheaper too than the e mount. Do you need any modification to the lens to make it fully usable on sony?

    • Martin Pan
      Martin Pan Year ago

      Yishen H all u need is an adapter for the M mount to E-mount, voigtlander happen to have an adapter with close focusing.
      Do give it a try.

  • photographerjonathan

    Can you please tell me how the Sony 28f2 compares to the 35f2.8.
    And how would either of them compare to the same focal range using the 16/35 GM. Do they have pro image quality ? And how would they compare to the 25 Batis ?
    Sharpness. Color. Contrast. Focus speed. Thankyou

    • Zaki Fariz
      Zaki Fariz Year ago

      I compared the sony 28 f2 to the 35 f2.8 i think the 35 f2.8 is a better lens overall its sharper,focus faster,smaller the only downside is its only f/2.8

  • T L
    T L Year ago

    Could try assigning the 40mm to a 35mm focal on the M10 and know that you have slightly less photo being captured than the viewfinder guides are indicating. With the 35mm being closer to 40mm, than 50mm, it may be a tad easier...but everyone does it a their own way. Will be picking up one of these for my M10. Cheers!

  • __
    __ Year ago +1

    Could the leck of sharpness on the sony version come from too much megapixels on the sensor? Perhaps better results obtained from a 24mb sensor sony for that.

  • andgainingspeed
    andgainingspeed Year ago +6

    Dang. I like the Leica. Cool color that pops right there in the raw. Smaller size as well. That price though ...

    • tengkorak gila
      tengkorak gila Year ago

      Leica is so trash with matching for KING CAMERA (SONY)

    • mgk2
      mgk2 Year ago +1

      I bet the slight difference is due to default Lightroom colour profile that gets automatically applied when you import the RAWs....

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen Year ago +3

    Leica M lenses pretty much always have higher minimum focus distance than other lenses so it could be smaller.
    In this case: 0.5m on the m-mount vs 0.35m on the e-mount

  • mariusz kedzior
    mariusz kedzior Year ago

    They are third party lenses and Leica m mount do better job with colour and bokeh. Disappointing a bit, and question is there. Why such a big difference?

  • Tyler Lee Kenyon
    Tyler Lee Kenyon Year ago +1

    I've been to The Duce! I'm very interested in how the e mount 40mm is with filmmaking.

  • jat dan
    jat dan Year ago +4

    Love your reviews , want to know if m mount on Sony better than FE .

    • Fellow Citizen
      Fellow Citizen 9 months ago

      4:13 from this one frame it's definitely better; not much of a sample pool, of course.

  • Anthony Tella
    Anthony Tella Year ago +3

    Not sure maybe you've done it Voigtlander 28mm Ultron F2? But more important lets see more Leica brand Lenses