• Hey friends, today I'm doing a review on Fragrance One Date for Men which is from Jeremy Fragrance's line of fragrances. I bought this bottle for half off using code VIP50. As always thanks for watching and thanks for your support!
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Comments • 80

  • Carlos Aptc
    Carlos Aptc 6 days ago

    Te presentation is very very similar the firts CKOne

  • DARD
    DARD 13 days ago +1

    I haven't had an opportunity to sample either of Jeremy's fragrances but it seems that in each case, especially for Date, the price is its worst enemy. Like, if Date was $100 and Office was $90, they'd both be hits.

    • trollking99
      trollking99 10 days ago

      They're pricey because Alberto's services are high, and the ingredients are high too. So Jeremy has to recoup his costs somehow.

  • Killer Bee
    Killer Bee 15 days ago

    Hey GS
    I would love to enter the “Date for men” giveaway!

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson 18 days ago

    I would like to enter the contest lol. Because o would never EVER spend $250 for that.

  • S ODIY
    S ODIY 20 days ago

    After 11 hours of wearing this I was still getting small whiffs of this fragrance. Why it’s not one of my bests as I Blind bought it, there is great projection from it

  • Shemzy W
    Shemzy W 23 days ago

    This fragrance is trash 😂😂😂 waste of money and way overhyped

  • Samarth Arora
    Samarth Arora 26 days ago

    I want to enter the giveaway for "Date for men"!!

  • Nerison Cenollari
    Nerison Cenollari Month ago

    Who is winner?

  • joseph williams
    joseph williams Month ago +1

    Great review. I found this fragrance for 60% off for one bottle... So I bought it. I hope it smells e exactly as you've described. Thanks for the great review.

  • John Bruce
    John Bruce Month ago

    If you want to learn about fragrances, watch Gents Scents. If you want hype, watch Jeremy Fragrance.

  • Tod Campbell
    Tod Campbell Month ago

    Sounds like a solid scent. Your comments seem fair.

  • Allen C
    Allen C Month ago

    Man you didnt even spray it. How can a frangrance be original by now of course ingredients are similar.

  • Miami Sammy
    Miami Sammy Month ago

    Just finally got a sample of this in to try..reserve your judgement until you try it folks it’s actually really nice. I was expecting an ultra male clone but it has a much more masculine backbone behind the fruitiness. I could see this being a major compliment puller if you gave it a lot of wears. I’m gonna get a full bottle next time he posts the 60% off deal

  • Max Tactical
    Max Tactical Month ago

    His ads are so annoying and fake :(

  • 7thSpartan
    7thSpartan Month ago

    I would like to enter the giveaway for DATE for men, so I can find out whether or not I should invest my own money into it down the line.

    YETTA PLOTZ Month ago

    The presentation is a CHEAP JOKE.
    Especially at the price point. I've seen testers come in better cartons.
    Jeremy is a Con Artist.

  • bitterboi31
    bitterboi31 Month ago

    I would NEVER EVER Buy anything from that GERMAN SHEISTER....I hate that guy...He comes off as some money hungry black hole...I'd buy a scent from Ash though....

  • Hassan Nassar
    Hassan Nassar Month ago

    I would like to enter the date for men giveaway! Hope I win!

  • ChugalugHouse
    ChugalugHouse Month ago

    I would like to enter the Date for Men giveaway!

  • kingtt10
    kingtt10 Month ago

    I would like to join the Date for men giveaway

  • Eric Moses
    Eric Moses Month ago

    Date For Men is on sale right now for 60% off. Code Is fragrance60

  • Steven Presto
    Steven Presto Month ago

    I would like to enter the "Date for Men" Giveaway.Maybe I might get lucky with my wife if I wear this Date for Men scent or Office for Men scent.Thanks in advance!

  • junko988
    junko988 Month ago

    Date, please,

  • lupe5958
    lupe5958 Month ago

    I would like to enter to win date for men

  • Kim Rutherford
    Kim Rutherford Month ago

    I would like to be enter would live try it

  • Mohammed Suleman
    Mohammed Suleman Month ago

    I'd like to enter for giveaway for date for men.

  • John pole tom
    John pole tom Month ago

    I would like to enter the “date for men” giveaway

  • José Mateo
    José Mateo Month ago

    I would love to enter the giveaway! Love your videos by the way :)

  • Khaled
    Khaled Month ago

    I like Jeremy and his opinions on perfumes and I agree with him most of the time but..and that’s a big bud,I really hate greedy people :)

  • Khaled
    Khaled Month ago +2

    In’s nice but not unique and really overpriced!!!.

  • Bashar Timraz
    Bashar Timraz Month ago

    I would like to enter the “date for men” giveaway

  • MistweaverJC
    MistweaverJC Month ago

    The description sounds like Dunhill Icon Racing

  • ComoncentsTV
    ComoncentsTV Month ago

    I want to win! Ummm. I'd like to try Date for me!

  • OmarISY
    OmarISY Month ago

    I would like office for men because it would be nice to finally be able to get a job.

  • Richard Swift
    Richard Swift Month ago


  • Clarence Boddicker
    Clarence Boddicker Month ago

    Coke in a bottle?

  • Michael Munoz
    Michael Munoz Month ago

    I would like to enter the “date for men” giveaway

  • Raj Krish
    Raj Krish Month ago

    After the ambroxon assault of off Office for Men, i literally ignore Jeremy Frag. and other offerings.... i hope to be wrong.

  • Eric Stromblad
    Eric Stromblad Month ago

    I would like to see ash vs Jeremy in a no hold bars cage fight...between his spin move and ash hand talking it should be a great fight😂😂

  • Ben Yang
    Ben Yang 2 months ago

    Hey ash, I’d like to be entered in the giveaway. I’d like Date. Thanks!

  • Kevin Sanchez
    Kevin Sanchez 2 months ago

    I'd like Date For Men & that's because I already own Office For Men.

  • David B.
    David B. 2 months ago +3

    I would like to enter the “Office For Men” dates here :(

    • A
      A Month ago


  • Epic Sell
    Epic Sell 2 months ago

    I would like to join the giveaway for "Date for men" :)

  • David Matthew
    David Matthew 2 months ago

    Heyyy i would like to enter the “Date for Men” giveaway! Hopefully I could win haha

  • Sikandar Malik
    Sikandar Malik 2 months ago

    I would like to enter for "Date for Men" in giveaway

  • Marko Suarez
    Marko Suarez 2 months ago +1

    I would like to enter the “Office For Men” giveaway.

  • chef_zach2020
    chef_zach2020 2 months ago

    Nice video... If the give a way is still going on. I would like to enter the contest and would like the Date scent. Love Fragrance and enjoy smelling awesome and getting into conversations with others about the scents.

  • Kurt V
    Kurt V 2 months ago

    I see this fragrance in TJ MAX in a few months along with his white suit.

  • Gran Cru chris
    Gran Cru chris 2 months ago

    On this site it’s sold for $250
    How did you get it for $120

  • david tae
    david tae 2 months ago

    When will this giveaway be announced just making sure I don't miss it

  • Markus
    Markus 2 months ago

    I would like to enter "Date for Men" giveaway

  • Foxy Yoneff
    Foxy Yoneff 2 months ago +1

    I would like to enter the “Date For Men” giveaway.

  • Smoke 165
    Smoke 165 2 months ago

    Hopefully not too late, but I‘d like to enter for Office for men. The description really sounds interesting and I‘d like to have a „office“ fragrance, but atm I simply lack the money to buy that one myself.

  • C Little
    C Little 2 months ago

    I def want to get this cologne

  • J-1 Money
    J-1 Money 2 months ago

    Thanks for the honesty and I agree the price is to high . If was around $120 I would give it a shot . And I would do date for me if I had to pick one .

  • Trap beatsflee
    Trap beatsflee 2 months ago +3

    I would like the date for men or office men fragrance so I can actually get a girlfriend instead of dressing my brother as a girl and taking him on a date. Is that weird??? As you can tell I need to win😂

  • Steven Scharnweber
    Steven Scharnweber 2 months ago

    want to be entered in "date" give away cause only use scents at night time.

  • trade hard
    trade hard 2 months ago

    I would like to enter the “date for men” giveaway

  • Sebastian Alexandru
    Sebastian Alexandru 2 months ago

    Hello! I would like to enter the “Office For Men” giveaway. I prefer fresh fragrances.

  • Johan den Dulk
    Johan den Dulk 2 months ago

    I would like to enter the "Date for men" give away. Reasoning is that I'm set for my fragrances for the office. (Tom Ford Oud Wood and Aqua di gio Profumo) Still don't got clear winner for date nights.

  • Tommy Trinh
    Tommy Trinh 2 months ago +1

    I would like to enter the “Date For Men” giveaway.

  • Darkony
    Darkony 2 months ago

    I would love to enter this giveaway.
    Date is exactly what we expected but it appears to be well made.
    Thanks Ash.

  • cristian estrada
    cristian estrada 2 months ago

    I would like to enter date for man the giveaway

  • Max Engeli
    Max Engeli 2 months ago

    I would like to enter the "Date For Men" giveaway.

  • Chocolate Chips
    Chocolate Chips 2 months ago

    What kind of an idiot would even pay $50 for this one. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Stingennettle 33
    Stingennettle 33 2 months ago

    I would like to be entered in the giveaway. I'm choosing "Date", because I'm new to all this and trying to explore different scents. And I might want to wear it on a date, if I like it...

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 2 months ago

    I would like to enter the „office for men“ giveaway. I‘m looking for a long-lasting freshy, but the price is a bit high in my opinion. Thanks for your work!

  • KobraLink
    KobraLink 2 months ago

    I would be happy with either of them since I'm a collector, but maybe I'll choose Date For Men since it is still cold where I live.

  • JIgsaw2120
    JIgsaw2120 2 months ago

    Hook it up! Office scent gent!!

  • Jan M.
    Jan M. 2 months ago

    I would like to enter the "Date for men" giveaway

  • JustinbieberVEVO
    JustinbieberVEVO 2 months ago +2

    I need “date for men”

  • Andrey Kasyanov
    Andrey Kasyanov 2 months ago

    I’d like to enter the giveaway for date for men.

  • pedro vazquez
    pedro vazquez 2 months ago

    To it smells the same as
    bvlgari man in black

  • Cryptic Alpha
    Cryptic Alpha 2 months ago

    I would like to enter the Fragrance One giveaway. I would love to have the date for man because i don’t work in an office.😂 I always wanted to get either one but can’t afford it currently.

  • Jeff Ensley
    Jeff Ensley 2 months ago

    I'd be up for a bottle of the O.G. Scent One Office for Men by Jeremy Fragrance for sure, Ash!

  • Mikey
    Mikey 2 months ago

    Id love to win the give-away! I bought office for men as an early bird with the cheap packaging, without a cap. I wouldn't mind the cheap packaging if the fragrance delivered. BUT, it didn't. I'm no fanboy nor hater of Jeremy, but I trusted his nose. I was let down. If I win, I would like to give his nose a second chance, and get "date for men".

  • Liam Doherty
    Liam Doherty 2 months ago

    I’m a big fan of Ultra Male, so I’d have to say Date for men is for me

  • Andrew Fernandez
    Andrew Fernandez 2 months ago

    I think this was a great review! Definitely agree on the price point. That is also why I'd like to be entered in the "Date For Men" giveaway. It's simply too expensive for me, let alone a níche scent. I could never afford either one.

  • Noel Wiggins
    Noel Wiggins 2 months ago

    I'd like to enter the "Date For Men" giveaway because I'm new to fragrances and the fragrance community, so down the rabbit hole, I go!

    • Noel Wiggins
      Noel Wiggins 2 months ago

      And....nevermind, 22 minutes too late!

  • Therp
    Therp 2 months ago

    I want to be entered in the giveaway. I would like to try Date for Men, because I just trying to impress one amazing girl so new fragrance can help a little bit and I can try this fragrance in the action! :D If it's reaching that name.