Build your own PC case from scratch (how-to-guide)

In this video we'll be making a sweet-looking PC case from scratch, using cheap materials & basic hand tools! Also available in kit form! http://diyperks.com/product/custom_pc_case_kit/?currency=USD

Many thanks to Reichelt for sending me the components used in this build. Check out their website at: https://www.reichelt.co.uk They have some great deals, so are definitely worth checking out (esp. their prices on computer components!).

Here's a link to that awesome glowing EL Wire: http://amzn.to/2mJKJDQ

And the awesome FLIR ONE thermal camera: http://amzn.to/2nThQFr

Thanks to Overclockers UK for the sweet Super Flower PSU: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/super-flower-golden-silent-500w-fanless-80-plus-platinum-power-supply-black-ca-000-sf.html

Here are the templates that you'll need to cut out the panels, if you don't want to use the kit version: http://bit.ly/2nB2cm0

Components used in the final build:

Motherboard: http://amzn.to/2nT1zQP
Processor: http://amzn.to/2nTc46z
RAM: http://amzn.to/2nb57AF
M.2 SSD: http://amzn.to/2mJZpT6
Processor cooler: http://amzn.to/2mFZoie
Graphics card: http://amzn.to/2nAO0Jz
Fanless PSU: http://amzn.to/2mJSOIp

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Автор Capt_Kaplan ( назад)
This guy is just like a caring brother. He offers those templates completely free and the kit is really cheap for what you get.
You couldn't get that kit at home depot for that price.

The kit consists of:

All case panels, accurately milled with a CNC router
16x right angle brackets
21x short self-tapping screws
4x medium-length self-tapping screws
11x flanged M4 screws
16x flanged M3 screws
11x M4 nuts
4x M6 feet bolts
4x PSU mounting screws
4x M3 motherboard pillars
22x washers

and this for only 45$. You are a hero.
Actually you are a clumsy hero, i mean you lost your cape after all. :)

Автор HeartBrokeOne ( назад)
how long is the EL wire?

Автор Vex ( назад)
Could you post temperatures after at least 1 hour use?The thing looks like it could boil an egg after couple of hours doing Anything.

Автор Nigel ( назад)
Very bad airflow

Автор Ulf Nope ( назад)
I think im going to experiment with some of your designs just use acrylic (custom painted) and sheet metal! :P and with the custom paint part i also mean making some light features. (paint one side a solid color, preferably white if youre going with rgb, and then the other side you paint everything but lets say a logo, so when lit up the logo will glow!)

Автор Brian Sarwer ( назад)
Is it noisy?

Автор Atef Hassan ( назад)
this is very professional , unique and explained well make it easy to understand
many thanks.

Автор xoyourheroox ( назад)
Great job man. Looks amazing!

Автор phooopy ( назад)
where should i make the hole for the io-panel if i have 6mm standoffs for the motherboard? I mean how much below the top of the standoff is it?

Автор Joseph Palma ( назад)
Outside of the obvious of adding an air inlet, you should probably also find a way to attach one of the motherboard standoffs to the power supply to make sure the system is properly earthed.

Автор Allan Ortile ( назад)
holy crap this is awesome. i skipped the video from time to time.. does this support uATX (micro atx)?

will it also be possible to "trim" the height a bit? i want my case as small as possible and im using an NH-D9L from noctua which is almost the height of the video card..

Автор PC Stuff ( назад)
Looks awesome!

Автор jlinkels ( назад)
Glueing nuts onto the bracket is a bad idea. The hobby glues available to the amateur or DIY are simply not strong enough and not lasting. It would be better to screw longer self-tapping screws through the outside wood. The screws only tap in the wood, and would remain loose in the bracket. But they would still hold the case in place as only sideways movement (radial) has to be restricted. There is no holding force needed along the axis of the screw. You could also use metric threaded screws. For M4, simple drill a 3.5mm hole and turn in the M4. It will cut its own thread in the wood. Again, there would be no thread in the corner brackets. The screws act like pins to keep the cover in place.

Автор Vestha01 ( назад)
You'd sell the dxf files for the plates so people can create their own case of their favorite material. Or could add that option to the kit since a lot of us feel not quite confident to do the whole cutting by ourselves. :D

Автор blouberguy ( назад)
where did u gthe power button ?

Автор ADSlammer ( назад)
no, my limit to what i can build is my budget.

Автор Anel Redzic ( назад)
Can you please do tutorial on that el wire? How to plug it on the power supply?

Автор Abdulrahman Jaddou ( назад)
I like that he made sure to include the fire hazard part at the end... well thought video xD

Автор Venkateswaran PS ( назад)
I tried to purchase it using the link but it says out of stock. Kindly help.

Автор Hermit Meh ( назад)
This would be perfect with a 140mm aio for the cpu!

Автор beriman juliano ( назад)
good work

Автор Tumorlike ( назад)
toma tu merecido like!!!

Автор nightninja87 ( назад)
that was awesome

Автор metalsonic41 ( назад)
your DIY always look incredible

Автор Buildfromscratch ( назад)
Very nice.

Автор DJ - D20 ( назад)
does anyone know if you could use a Micro ATX? I am thinking about building a Ryzen build and there are not any Ryzen ITX boards yet.

Автор Ra'uf Azman ( назад)
thanks to this video i discovered EL wire GWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! thank you!

Автор Rage 9one ( назад)
It looks great, but I prefer bigger cases for better airflow.

Автор MakingxMagic ( назад)
You could get some magnetic dust-filters to polish up the look a little bit.


Автор Cornholio ( назад)
11:00 A monitor running on 12V? How is that possible?

Автор Michael Portillo ( назад)
absolutely amazing job :)

Автор Lt ( назад)
Can you explain what you are using to seal the panels? I understood PVA + water, but where can i buy PVA and what should be the mix?

Автор Bradley Warner ( назад)
I love this guy's voice

Автор Chaoddity ( назад)
I love the general look of this project. The only thing I might would change myself is the lack of any sort of filter.
If you have pets... or long hair... this case could get gummed up and possibly overheat

Автор ChrisD4335 ( назад)
note worthy el wire only glows brightly when its brand new then slowly becomes dimmer till it stopps working, this dose not take very long

Автор ChrisD4335 ( назад)
don't motherboards often use the case as a reference to ground? I see one issue witrh it being made of wood

Автор mario soto ( назад)
I would love an atx kit

Автор Dandea Raul ( назад)
Your are owesome. :D

Hello! From Romania!

Автор Mafia Cod ( назад)
My only concern would be radiate EMI as wood does not shield
against electromagnetic radiation

Автор A Shit Youtube Channel ( назад)
i am in the process of building my own wooden PC and just by sheer happenstance i bought the exact same power button

Автор Yaw Maung ( назад)
Cool. But miss the reset button!

Автор mady bali ( назад)
still sweet till the dust coming

Автор AbangMokie AC ( назад)
Use 4300Rpm fan!
Not automatic CPU fan!

Автор Jacob Short ( назад)
Maybe in the future you should add some sort of magnetic dust filter for the fans if you do another case

Автор WannaDuino! The Real Live ( назад)
plain stupid, why? MDF, ......corners are sanded round, ..........but you made cold 90* degree joints........Carbon print will come loose soon...... and... and... and....

Автор 30SecondsOrLess ( назад)
I am interested in those printed diagrams. Do you offer those alone?

Автор Bob Wareham ( назад)
I am going to have a go at making my own tablet I have a 10" touch screen and was thinking of using a UPBoeard so I can run Windows 10 I love your vinyl wrap do you think it will last on a tablet as it is going to be handled a lot, Any suggestions would be good I love all your projects on YouTube thanks, Bob in the UK

Автор Muhammad Faridul Islam ( назад)
You are damn good DIY Hero!!!

Автор Nitin Thakur ( назад)
give it to me man😍😍

Автор Coshi360Gaming ( назад)
Awesome! Too bad my motherboard is atx not micro xP

Автор tukanar ( назад)

Автор M3ch Tig3r ( назад)

Автор M D-G ( назад)
How is this case for dust? And could it be easily/cheaply modded to deal with excess dust?

Автор Rictor Scale ( назад)
DIY Perks do an open air PC case design

Автор TheEriezeru ( назад)

Автор Blue 4lifeblue ( назад)
i was thinking if you could make a laptop using this method

Автор Tonicwine999 ( назад)
I can't wait till you start making your own real carbon fiber

Автор EVOCHROME ( назад)
A nice thing would to be to add a dust filter as it improves your cooling (on the long-term). DIY? Just steal a old panty from your sister or girlfriend and cut it up ;)

Автор MotorHead Tech ( назад)
I've built one made of Legos! I have a vid uploaded

Автор ChiTuSai ( назад)
very badass and clean looking. very good job !

Автор Cloudy ( назад)
Join my electronics community if you love electronics! You can download the app in the app store.


Автор Johny24 ( назад)
10:25 I'll believe it when I see it

Автор Medawk ( назад)
I love this channel. This is a REAL DIY stuff, not another goofy coin sorting device out of cardboard.

Автор Bob - Snijder ( назад)
where can the template for the back side download?

Автор jekanyika ( назад)
That heat sink reminded me of the first DIY perks video I watched.

Автор Paul Rulez ( назад)
Next month i will buy it! Thanks!

Автор VMFRD ( назад)
Are you an engineer mate? You should be...

Автор Jaenald Javier ( назад)
Are u gonna make a micro atx version for this case?

Автор Tamojit Das ( назад)
need help regarding the power button,4 connection which one to connect the two wires of the start button connectors ?

Автор Bartosz Mróz ( назад)
12:07 Upside as a Standard it's does at more cooling than a downside.

Автор Александр Щеренко ( назад)
Pretty dodgy build)) I love it!
Maybe you should add some dust filters

Автор bluegreenash ( назад)
If your computer is getting near to fire hazard territories you are doing something wrong

Автор Christopher Birung ( назад)
thank you sir for this very unique and beautiful system unit you designed! :-) God bless you richly! :-)

Автор Joseph Jesse // AMHQ ( назад)
the wood actually looks beter

Автор Ludwig Liljegren ( назад)
0-10 no rgb

Автор Ankit Singh ( назад)
Please make home video and audio recording studio

Автор Michael Hodge ( назад)
do a tear down video about the ridges cordless brush less nailer

Автор alex smits ( назад)
Amazing!But one has to be very skilled to make-it!

Автор alex smits ( назад)
I keep watching!

Автор Gert Sterner ( назад)
Great build! I have a question though: When I take off the side panel of my normal steel pc case, at the side where the motherboard is, I get a lot of radio chatter in my audio equiepment like my loudspeakers. So do you experience that with a case not made of iron / steel?

Автор aLEXis ( назад)

Автор dgkimpton ( назад)
Do you not have issues with RF interference when using wood cases?

Автор JackHurtsLeg ( назад)
I'd like to see your setup

Автор Michael Hammons ( назад)
Do you have CNC files so you can cut out your own using that?

Автор jared robinson ( назад)
You really put so much effort into everything you do and youre so helpful. Man you are great!

Автор Aidan Rogan ( назад)
Looks like something Silverstone would make, but for a fraction of their price! Thanks!

Автор Nenad Bogoevski ( назад)
#Apple you see this guy? Get him instead Tim. I mean... the difference is obvious...

Автор M Wadud ( назад)
This is going to be a huge dust magnet with the amount of negative pressure due to the fact there is no real intake. But I guess you can just chop a few holes in as stated in the video

Автор Ali Ghost ( назад)
thanks bro

Автор Fr W ( назад)
Whats The name of the program you made the templates of ?

Автор Daan S ( назад)
Wow! I have seen your channel growing from 40k to this!!!! Wow congratulations!!

Автор Uzair Qidwai ( назад)
Can u pls link the vinyl wraps

Автор Kirby Bautista ( назад)
The case is pretty big, Might be able to fit a water cooling system in there

Автор Larry Moore ( назад)
hi , how much would a build like that cost ? the motherboard , power supply, ect.. from start to finish .. Plz let me know thanks .

i would like a version with a mini itx board, full size gpu (1070) and sfx-l power suppy neatly next to the motherboard.
Yes like a Dan Case a4sfx. but...a cheap solution. That case is my dream but too expensive and hard to get. :(

Автор ZI ED ( назад)

Автор Workshop on Wheels ( назад)
Thanks for showing the process! I would like to one day make my own case, since I have some practical problems that no case on the market is tackling now. You make it seem easy

Автор Zl D ( назад)
Beware, when mounting a heavy video card horizontally it's very possible to bend a Mini-ITX motherboard over time. It would be preferable to add support between the standoffs on the video card's side - you can fashion one out of wood or plastic, make sure it's at least two inches long and non-conductive.

Автор ShadyOrb09 ( назад)
This is really interesting, but it's $45 for the kit, and it'll probably be close to that or more expensive if you were to do it on your own. Getting a full sized ATX case is usually less than $30 CAD, if it's going to be budget like this case.

Автор john hart ( назад)

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