TB JOSHUA CRACKS JOKES While Ministering Healing! 😁😂🤣

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • Can you watch this clip without a smile in your face and a twinkle in your eyes???
    Enjoy the JOY of the LORD as Prophet T.B. Joshua cracks joke whilst praying for people to receive their healing! T.B. Joshua expresses his unique sense of humour while ministering under the influence of the Holy Spirit - with hilarious results!!!
    "JOY is our conquering power!" - T.B. Joshua

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  • Emmanuel TV
    Emmanuel TV  2 months ago +281

    "JOY is our conquering power!!!" - T.B. Joshua 😁


    Hallelujah thank you Lord

  • Mou Rima
    Mou Rima 2 days ago


  • Shine Papua Doa
    Shine Papua Doa 5 days ago


  • Lanu Cherikkaparampil

    Glory to God

  • Tombiri Samuel doyen

    U er d best

  • jones nathan
    jones nathan 9 days ago

    The prophet of prophets of this generation,remain bless.

  • Massa Jant
    Massa Jant 10 days ago

    God you are holy

  • Acui nyekha
    Acui nyekha 10 days ago

    Prophet TB Joshua, I believe you are willing to heal me and deliver me, love one, family and friends in the name of Saviour Jesus. Amen

  • Blessing Chukwuemeka
    Blessing Chukwuemeka 11 days ago


  • zoé razack
    zoé razack 13 days ago

    Thank you man of god for what GOD are put in you, all i hope is To come there

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  • Milly Aketch Mkenya
    Milly Aketch Mkenya 16 days ago

    Follow follow glory be to God

  • Snoop wizzy
    Snoop wizzy 18 days ago +3

    Man of God may God bless you more and more .

  • Wuilber Anach
    Wuilber Anach 18 days ago

    Our prophet is a very special Man.

  • Moses Moses
    Moses Moses 19 days ago

    Kindly send the Phone number of T B Joshua

  • Mackenzie Simba
    Mackenzie Simba 19 days ago

    this man is highly anointed , Jesus is Lord.

  • petsouonko yifomju kevin

    I connect To the grace of the litle boy....

  • petsouonko yifomju kevin

    Thank you Emmanuel TV and TB joshua ve had a big smile....

    • Moses Moses
      Moses Moses 19 days ago

      Kindly pray for Hanok Raj who is not able to walk from Birth

  • Helena K. Tamba
    Helena K. Tamba 21 day ago

    Follow follow made my night😂 glory be to God Aline 🙏🙏

  • kenneth msimango
    kenneth msimango 24 days ago +2

    God of prophet tb joshua anoint me. with that anointing to help people

  • kenneth msimango
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    thank you man of God

  • Victoria Rumfield
    Victoria Rumfield 25 days ago +2

    I want to go to SCOAN so much! Deliverance!

  • kadijah smallz
    kadijah smallz 28 days ago

    U will locate me before this month end

  • Rita Udekwe
    Rita Udekwe Month ago

    Thank you Jesus

  • Bright Mwaba
    Bright Mwaba Month ago +2

    man of God I'm believing God to use me the way he uses you in humility, love and anointing bright mwaba from Zambia.

  • Sara Varghese
    Sara Varghese Month ago

    Thank you Jesus

  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady Month ago +2

    That plate looked good.I wasn't hungry before 😂

  • Mutumba Markraymond

    Thank you Jesus

  • selvaraj A
    selvaraj A Month ago

    Ha ha

  • Kholwani Colsman
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    Thank you oh Lord for the life of this anointed sarvant of Yours, long life prophet

  • Consolata Doreen
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  • Afzaal Ahmad
    Afzaal Ahmad Month ago

    Ager waqai he kisi ko kisi bimari ka ilaj karwana hooo too wo pakistan main ajaye mery pass.

  • sunil mallick
    sunil mallick Month ago +1

    Thank you Jesus
    u r know my heart word.

  • Susan Kamara
    Susan Kamara Month ago

    To God be the glory !

  • supreme bliss of nibbana

    God bless you all

  • Bini Alemayehu
    Bini Alemayehu Month ago

    How easy it is for him to laugh and make fun while performing unworldly miracles
    Thank you Jesus

  • Sophia Mwakila
    Sophia Mwakila Month ago +1

    Man of God you give me joy. I was angry today but when I watched this I became happy with tears. There is power in the name of Jesus. God bless you TB Joshua with many blessings

  • Silgreath Sangma
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  • Hobokela Mwakajuja
    Hobokela Mwakajuja Month ago

    Thank you Lord

  • Jordan Achterman
    Jordan Achterman Month ago +1

    Tb joshua I have been praying for awhile now that I would meet you

  • Paul Tommy
    Paul Tommy Month ago

    Thank You Jesus

  • Faith Wisdom
    Faith Wisdom Month ago +1

    Amazing miracles, P.T.L. Thank you Great Prophet of God. SEALED

  • Helen Isaac
    Helen Isaac Month ago

    when ever I'm not happy I try to see Emmanuel movie and after that I feel happy

  • Yaya Wintaf Siagian


  • Francis Rinku
    Francis Rinku Month ago

    Respected prophet, I am pastor- from Punjab , please pray for that lord may use me like you

  • Edath Mugisha
    Edath Mugisha Month ago

    to God be da groly

  • Ratshupana Seroke
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  • Kingsley Izamosa
    Kingsley Izamosa Month ago

    Thank you Jesus

  • Wiseman 7200
    Wiseman 7200 Month ago

    Follow follow kkkkk I just love prophet TB Joshua

  • Sally warfare
    Sally warfare Month ago

    Amen and Amen

  • Pastor Sethu
    Pastor Sethu Month ago

    Sar.ples com in india

  • Abdulrasheed Afolabi

    Thank you Jesus

  • Love One Another
    Love One Another Month ago

    O Lord God why do I feel there is witchcraft going in the family, Please asking prayer people of God my daughter and her husband they are having difficulty in his family house they seem to get sick a lot when they are at his grandmother's house they also seem to argue a lots over little things plus my daughter gets nightmares and find redness blister spot all over her body.

  • Shubha Shubha
    Shubha Shubha Month ago

    T b Joshua I want to meet you...M from India...help me to meet u

  • Beverlyn Creary
    Beverlyn Creary Month ago

    Amen glory to God

  • Jose Achu
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  • Blessing Augustine
    Blessing Augustine 2 months ago

    Thank you JESUS

  • myazleoful
    myazleoful 2 months ago +1

    *_Jesus raised lazarus from dead TB Joshua raised man and baby from dead, Jesus heals a man born blind TB Joshua heals various blind deaf cancer, TB Joshua is much powerful than Jesus and he is the second coming of Jesus = Joshua_*

    VIRGINPASTOR 1 TV 2 months ago

    VIRGIN pastor watching with wife and pastors

    VIRGINPASTOR 1 TV 2 months ago

    VIRGIN pastor endorse TB Joshua ministry

    VIRGINPASTOR 1 TV 2 months ago

    VIRGIN pastor love TB Joshua very much

  • Sudip Kanjilal
    Sudip Kanjilal 2 months ago +1

    Sir please prayer for me.my younger brother take drugs ,heroin, and his behavior like satanic. And he also angry with me.please save my life.please please please

  • Martin Seade
    Martin Seade 2 months ago +1

    This is serious ooo... Look the boy been influenced by the spirit of anger from the mother, then the prophet hit the source of the problem. Immediately the boy started laughing with the prophet. Wow.... This is too genuine. Dear Lord Jesus Christ please help me now! Amen.

  • Jhony Cruz
    Jhony Cruz 2 months ago +1

    Praise the Lord JESUS our mighty GOD.

  • Jhony Cruz
    Jhony Cruz 2 months ago


  • Silivia Ncube
    Silivia Ncube 2 months ago

    They have talent he can sing for sure thank God...

  • Muzungu Namalwa Linet
    Muzungu Namalwa Linet 2 months ago

    Mrs follow follow

  • Collins Aaron
    Collins Aaron 2 months ago

    For you Jesus is my everything

  • Esther White
    Esther White 2 months ago +1

    God bless you sir am so happy watching this video

  • Raazesh Lama
    Raazesh Lama 2 months ago

    This is why i believe in God

    SAMUEL ONIMISI 2 months ago

    I'm not a member of His Church but I have an utmost respect for him I listen to his messages and philosophies of life. He's the best for me. His critics don't have any tangible evil melancholic tendencies against him. Am pleased to have him in my time.

  • Magreth Shao
    Magreth Shao 2 months ago

    Why is Joshua too humble

  • sunil kumar
    sunil kumar 2 months ago +2

    Prophet ,Please pray for my widow mother named Nili Minz for early healing from lungs cancer - India

  • sunil kumar
    sunil kumar 2 months ago

    Prophet ,Please pray for my widow mother named Nili Minz for early healing from lungs cancer

  • Sheeba Leenda good mollu

    Amen thanks Jesus

  • Bizo Letu
    Bizo Letu 2 months ago

    Papa please help me , and pray for me this week lot of problems

  • ezer mora
    ezer mora 2 months ago

    I believe God

  • Phát tài Huỳnh
    Phát tài Huỳnh 2 months ago

    Con cầu Xin người của Đức Chúa Trời hãy chữa bệnh cho con. Con bị đau Hai bên khớp háng. Con cảm ơn chúa giê su

  • Udochukwu Onyebuchukwu
    Udochukwu Onyebuchukwu 2 months ago

    Thank you for his deliverance

  • PSy
    PSy 2 months ago

    I believe in Jesus but i hate fake prophets.

  • Dinesh Bhandari
    Dinesh Bhandari 2 months ago

    Praise the lord.

  • Harshitha Harshi
    Harshitha Harshi 2 months ago

    My mother art kidni health all problems my husband art health blood kidni my bother art health kidini blood all problems Osama sallu Maddi nannage art problem kidini blod all problems Osama sallu Maddi Osama amen

  • Harshitha Harshi
    Harshitha Harshi 2 months ago

    Nanna maggu buty blood problems all problems Osama health problems nannage normal delivery Jesus help me amen

  • Harshitha Harshi
    Harshitha Harshi 2 months ago

    Magu Jesus help me health problems amount problem nannage sugar problem my mother sugar blood problems all problems Osama sallu Maddi my husband health problems amount problem job problems family problems all problems Osama sallu Maddi my bother future health amount problems life problems job problems family problems all problems Osama sallu Maddi Appa amen

  • Josephinah Kandjii
    Josephinah Kandjii 2 months ago

    Thank you God of TB Joshua

  • White Mask
    White Mask 2 months ago

    Glory to God in the highest

  • evangelist Peter obi
    evangelist Peter obi 2 months ago

    I connect to the grace sir

  • Joseph P Phiri
    Joseph P Phiri 2 months ago

    Thank you Jesus

  • Mbabazi Scovia
    Mbabazi Scovia 2 months ago

    Prophet TBJ is not only prophet but a gift to the world. God we thk u for his life

  • ev. Dommy Pakage
    ev. Dommy Pakage 2 months ago

    Haleluya...saya sangat rindu bertemu TB Joshua

  • Holy life
    Holy life 2 months ago

    Thank jesus love me jesus

  • Rose Consepcion Ruali
    Rose Consepcion Ruali 2 months ago +2

    I love you man of god how i wish i can go there to for deliverance

  • Peter Anku
    Peter Anku 2 months ago

    Follow follow follow 😄 hahaha may GOD DELIVER US FROM FOLLOW FOLLOW

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    Ashwini Pathrabe 2 months ago

    Amen Glory to God

  • Nakaweesa Diana
    Nakaweesa Diana 2 months ago

    Lord you are so good 😂😂

  • joy wealth
    joy wealth 2 months ago

    So happy, everybody is happy more joy and peace to come in Jesus name Amen.