‘A major turning point’: What Syrians say about Trump’s Syria strike

  • Опубликовано: 8 апр 2017
  • The US decision to attack Syria’s Shayrat airbase near Homs province shook the world, provoking international condemnation and encouragement words alike. But how are the Syrians themselves responding to the attack? Freelance journalist Alaa Ebrahim joins Ed Schultz, host of “News with Ed” and RT America’s Anya Parampil, reporting live from Damascus, Syria and describing both official reactions as well as the popular response, both from Assad-loyalists and from those who support the rebels.
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Комментарии • 181

  • Lee Cowboy
    Lee Cowboy 10 месяцев назад +1

    Fake lying news if I ever heard one. Trump #1

  • Jihad Countermeasures
    Jihad Countermeasures 11 месяцев назад

    A tip for RT, never ask a Muslim for the truth. You make a fool out of yourself.

  • alex jervis
    alex jervis 11 месяцев назад

    The Doctor at the site speaks good English and tells you what is wrong with those kids!
    American and British Reporters Reach Douma, Syria: Discover There Was NO Chemical Weapons Attack |

  • Frank Bayer
    Frank Bayer 11 месяцев назад

    Killing in the middle East goes on and on why get involved

  • Darrell May
    Darrell May 11 месяцев назад

    The Allies traced the aircraft that delivered the chemical weapons by Satellite on satellite replay and their withdrawal to their base!,, Assad is a fool to attack his people who he considers a threat!,,when Trump himself wanted to pull out of the country!,,

  • Chally Ho
    Chally Ho 11 месяцев назад

    Russian bias news Syria got hit big time with the new smart bombs and your shitty S-400 air defence couldn't even detect them 😂😂

  • Jeromey Hinojosa
    Jeromey Hinojosa 11 месяцев назад

    A lot of Americans on here for a Russian news channel

  • Truth Written
    Truth Written 11 месяцев назад

    White people must be exterminated! White evil in the flesh - terrorists from hell

  • J R
    J R 11 месяцев назад

    All nations should be striking against Assad's, Russian,Iranian, evil regimes.
    Chemical weapons used.
    Propaganda media continues.

  • Micheal Beers
    Micheal Beers 11 месяцев назад

    ...anytime you see the Green RT, you're getting the best of anti-American, pro-Russian BULL SHIT!!
    these stupid mother fuckers think this is Russian state TV! LOL

  • wolf
    wolf Год назад

    *why r these americans working for Russian state sponsored news*

  • Conan Cimmerian
    Conan Cimmerian Год назад

    Ed Schultz used to have his own show on MSNBC.

  • Marcia Barlow
    Marcia Barlow Год назад

    What it looks like to me is that if you can create enough confusion and disinformation, you can paralyze the American people. Remember their goal, folks: Stuff the USA into the UN stripping all of their Bill of Rights and freedoms. Take away our ability to have a representative republic and be put into a governance whereby we have no voice, no rights, no freedoms.

  • Sçağann Özelkurt
    Sçağann Özelkurt Год назад

    Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ. Read your bible, Christians.

  • mar c
    mar c Год назад

    Who would vote fr the opposition that destroyed their country

  • Pete Reyes
    Pete Reyes Год назад +2

    Trump is the Anti Christ .

    • Anita Mihalik
      Anita Mihalik 11 месяцев назад

      Pete Reyes you are still sleeping. WAKE UP and see the truth.

    • Sçağann Özelkurt
      Sçağann Özelkurt Год назад +1

      The Dajjal is Donald Trump that's why he fears Syria.

    • Darin Walker
      Darin Walker Год назад

      Pete Reyes is the Anti-Christ.

  • Wayne Martin
    Wayne Martin Год назад

    The saddest & most disappointing event for Syria is how Putin was laughing about the attacks. It’s all a big joke to Putin. Bomb Syrian troops, blow up airstrips all while Putin has a laugh about it.
    This is very sad

  • Jamie Z
    Jamie Z Год назад

    The US is still doing its best to help the terrorists.

  • Eugenio Colussi filho
    Eugenio Colussi filho Год назад


    • supergrover6868
      supergrover6868 Год назад

      Yes do that. That will work out very well for them. LMAO

  • VeNuS2910
    VeNuS2910 Год назад +3

    they are just *repeating* the Saddam story. we know this already, please America, come up with something new. the tactic is getting old.

  • Rubin Schmidt
    Rubin Schmidt Год назад

    Faux News.. The Luftwaffe categorically deny dropping mustard gas on the SS John Harvey in Bari Harbor, on the 2nd December 1943. They say is was the Amerikans who planted it there. *RIDICULOUS* right. ???

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M Год назад +1

    1. Fuck syrian government they are not the legitimate government of syria, The United States is now their government, so go phuck yourselves RT
    2. The United States does not answer to the god damn mother phucking fake U.N. , Big mistake to think we do.

  • Bob Mob
    Bob Mob Год назад +1

    ISIS is logically a rebels!

  • mrearlygold
    mrearlygold Год назад +1

    Has the US debt gone up, or down since President Trump won the office?

  • nucdn
    nucdn Год назад +12

    Just nuke Israel and the world will be a more peaceful place. No more ISIS.

    • MrAussieJules
      MrAussieJules 11 месяцев назад

      LOL Israel derangement syndrome. ISIS has global ambitions and has online manuals for lone wolf attacks which have been carried out worldwide. Do not insult ISIS !

    • Pete Reyes
      Pete Reyes Год назад +2

      Trump is the puppet of Israel

    • cutie cute
      cutie cute Год назад

      well if muslim reform there idiotic believe that all people should be muslim the world will be more peaceful i have a muslim friend that agree to reform there religion

  • Alien
    Alien Год назад

    Why is it symbolic, It was just a tactic, You do not use Tomahawks missiles to hit runways, this is why they never targeted the runway, so I'm not sure why they feel defiant taking off from the runway that wasn't targeted.
    They left the runway intact for a reason because, if you need to destroy a runway, you use ClusterBombs for runways and tomahawks for bunkers and planes etc, ... you could at least report the bloody facts RT.

  • Rob Steenwinkel
    Rob Steenwinkel Год назад +1

    Trump is a GREAT HERO.
    Donald Trump and the USA are fighting, helping and also supporting the ISIS terrorists who are Americas best friends in war!
    ISIS is very very grateful and happy with the enourmous courage of President Donald Trump he is their new strong leader and prophet and Servant Of Allah!
    Donald Trump is now ISIS strong leader and great hero to fight together against Russia and Syria and to kill of all the christians!

  • Here_We_Go_Again3
    Here_We_Go_Again3 Год назад +6

    *"... What SOME Syrians say about Trump’s Syria strike"*
    There! fixed the title for you, RT America!

    • Here_We_Go_Again3
      Here_We_Go_Again3 Год назад +1

      I mentioned the title, not the content.

    • Shashank Kolhe
      Shashank Kolhe Год назад

      Here_We_Go_Again3 He gave commentary from all factions

    • Here_We_Go_Again3
      Here_We_Go_Again3 Год назад +1

      The truth is probably somewhere in the middle ....
      (Assad regime is not a hugs'n'kisses kind of government)
      The Syrian secret police are notorious. And, we do not
      know if Assad is really in charge. His brother is still
      around and so are many of the higher-ups in the military
      and secret police. Iran, as well as Russia is involved.

    • VeNuS2910
      VeNuS2910 Год назад

      more like - what the SCRIPT says. we don't know the truth anymore.

  • MAGA Man
    MAGA Man Год назад

    ASSAD IS HIDING IN A BUNKER SOMEWHERE WITH KIM JUNG ILL IN N. KOREA. The next tomahawk will fly right up ASSad ass.

  • tim gorham
    tim gorham Год назад +1


  • Synergy Nation
    Synergy Nation Год назад +4

    War is not a virtue. Peace is a virtue. Teach virtue.

    • MrAussieJules
      MrAussieJules 11 месяцев назад

      LOL pacifism is for victims: look at Tibet, Europe at the beginning of WW2. If you want peace, prepare for war as the Romans said.

  • Robert Petrusevski
    Robert Petrusevski Год назад +2

    There is one thing more dangerous than terrorists, the people that created them (I$ramericans)

  • nawlulu
    nawlulu Год назад +18

    Assad never killed Christians. No proof of Asssad used Chemical.. Muslims countries need a dictator like Assad, Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi to crack down extreemists. US was fooled and misled by Terrorists.

    • Epxch
      Epxch Год назад

      nawlulu Assad is fine. Saddam and Gaddafi were bad.

    • Sçağann Özelkurt
      Sçağann Özelkurt Год назад +3

      Israel is a radical regime

    • 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub
      50 Ducks In A Hot Tub Год назад +1

      I'm afraid you are wrong Islamic Extremists would respect and comply with a democratically elected Gov the US wants to install, they respect the will of the people of their country, look how peaceful they are when they immigrate to Europe... People are so freaking stupid we've seen the last 30 years the crazies in the Middle East and still wonder why it takes a ruthless dictator to keep their countries relatively peaceful
      These people have been killing themselves over religion for over 1,400 years it's never going to change as long as they keep marrying their cousins.

  • Faiza Riaz Ahmed
    Faiza Riaz Ahmed Год назад

    All the arguments at one side what I believe which army , Air Force, navy , cant secure there own people there's childrens dying from 6 years no matter who does or who doesn't but this is the responsibility of gov and securty forces to secure there people but they faildddddd so its batter to demolish them

  • Aleema Muhammed Rasheed
    Aleema Muhammed Rasheed Год назад +2

    Red on the murican flag stands for the blood of war, white stands for the cause of it, and blue stands for the idea of unity

  • Narasamsha
    Narasamsha Год назад

    if a super power cry like baby who will believe you,even chinka has some self respect attack usa

  • grim reaper
    grim reaper Год назад

    The Russian army in Syria must have had too much vodka that day realise what's happening .

  • Halo 4sure
    Halo 4sure Год назад +5

    God bless Donald Trump!!!

  • carlosb1
    carlosb1 Год назад +4


  • jason morgan
    jason morgan Год назад +12

    I call bullshit.

  • AR-15
    AR-15 Год назад +14

    if you believe for 1 second that the sooo called chemical attack was real YOU SIR ARE RETARDED and blind,, just look at the videos carefully

  • Cindy Weir
    Cindy Weir Год назад +7

    These god damn warring men are killing our Planet. What are they trying to achieve? I think everyone is sick of it!!!!!

    • The REAL Exposing the Joy of Satan
      The REAL Exposing the Joy of Satan 11 месяцев назад

      Wow... aren't you a little sexist... Should tone it down a bit. :) I'm a man, and I think women can be just as evil...

  • Alexander Todt
    Alexander Todt Год назад

    Trump does not care of some dead children (quite common situation in war..) who are only an alibi : Trump launched a message to President of China and clearly to North Korea (China= Russia, Syria = NK, the situation is exactly the same.) The message is "USA will attack and bomb (atomic) NK on the first indication of agressive action. China will be warned. Full point. The best altenative (suggested by D. Trump?) for China is to get rid of the NK dictator.

  • Dan Zeee
    Dan Zeee Год назад +3

    So people go all up in arms when trump bombs an air field. Even though he did it in response to Syria dropping bombs on a village, which may or may not have sarin gas. TBH I doubt inbred terrorists could possibly make sarin gas... but just today Syria/ Russia bombed a village killing civilians. I feel like we aren't seeing the whole picture.

    • Basileios III
      Basileios III Год назад +1

      Its a city under rule of Al-Qaida do you really think they will just bomb random houses in the neighborhood? Americans were bombing terrorist in Mosul and they killed 300 innocent civilians. There will always be collateral damage this is how the war works civilians are always the biggest victims

    • VeNuS2910
      VeNuS2910 Год назад +4

      the US don't have the right to bomb Syria. Syria have a problem *inside* their own territory. Retaliate? *retaliate on what?* is America being attacked?

    • artemis12061966
      artemis12061966 Год назад +2

      Isis was sold the sarin gas by Hilary clinton... look it up.

  • SexPolice101
    SexPolice101 Год назад +5

    These missile should have targeted Tel-Aviv, The real axis of Evil
    But Americans are Israel's Favorite Bitches ...!!!

  • Knapweed
    Knapweed Год назад +1

    The argument from the WH has always been that Israel needs the capacity to defend itself (against fireworks, apparently) so, what's good for the goose is good for the gander and Syria deserves to do the same, even though the Yanks can't shoot for shit.

  • fusger Snabble
    fusger Snabble Год назад +2

    Putins TV Network RT

  • Hapalon G
    Hapalon G Год назад

    Who ever sees the funnels from explosions on the runway? At rocket bombardment of an airdrome it is the purpose №1. Write at what second it is shown.

  • Yeshua Chosen1s
    Yeshua Chosen1s Год назад

    Only "2 out of 9" 😂😂

  • Narasamsha
    Narasamsha Год назад

    a president killing own people,if u have gut go and attack usa

    • Narasamsha
      Narasamsha Год назад

      oh yeah chinka

    • JedynyNiemaszglowy
      JedynyNiemaszglowy Год назад

      usa killing own people 9/11 if it has guts go and attack china

  • Coco Trompetista
    Coco Trompetista Год назад +10

    Trump is a clown jerked in power because he's an idiot that can be manipulated. What a fuxking loser

  • Alaskan Christian
    Alaskan Christian Год назад +9

    MOST of the US Cruise missles DID NOT HIT the base, Raining Destruction all over the Country.. LESS then 50% hit rate CONFIRMED.. That missle type DISCONTINUED specifically because not accurate.
    Trump killed CHILDREN to Protect Children how NICE!!!!!

    • Jamalludin Mohd
      Jamalludin Mohd Год назад +1

      yes yes trump kill children to save 'Babies'

  • Jim Miklas
    Jim Miklas Год назад +10

    Another false flag from the false flag specialists.

  • Abdul Sakhani
    Abdul Sakhani Год назад

    Thanks USA attack on Asad. Pls ATTACk on IRAN

    • usa ha
      usa ha Год назад +4


  • Freedom of Speech
    Freedom of Speech Год назад +15

    The rebels are responsible for the chemical attacks. FALSE FLAG blaming Assad.

  • matt k
    matt k Год назад

    Trump showed that using or bombing a chemical weapons facility in a civilian are is off limits. Just be lucky hillary isn't president, she wants all airfields bombed. If you want to take out a chemical weapons facility, you have to do it in a way that doesn't set off the chemical weapons, obviously.

  • Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell Год назад +26

    Trumps only necessary constituency is AIPAC. We are fodder for Greater Israel. Syria was more likely poisoned by their neighbor than Assad. What a curse to live next to vipers. I say the refugees should be taken in by the Holy Land where God would see to their care. Isn't Israel looking for settlers?

    • Francine Root-Adler
      Francine Root-Adler 10 месяцев назад

      Bruce Campbell. You are an anti semite! Assad has killed over 500,000 of his own people.
      Syria is REALLY CLOSE to Israel! Israel has ignored when Syrian shells have entered Israel.
      I know you would expect your govt to protect you.
      We in Israel expect our govt to protect us.
      The strikes that have been carried out have been against MILITARY TARGETS!
      Why don't you have anything bad to say about Assad who is killing his own people. You prove your own bias and hate!

  • Tomas Nofziger
    Tomas Nofziger Год назад +15

    Trump : one more of many chicken hawks like those who've come before him. A stooge of Zionist Israel just like Hillary. Other chicken hawks? Both Clintons, Madeline Albright, Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, George Bush Jr, Connie Rice and the list goes on and on.
    True leaders avoid war and are master diplomats. If directly attacked, they lead from the theater of operation, not from their plush palaces in NY, Virginia and DC. (Or like Cheney and Bush 9/11 cowards, a mile deep in bunkers.)
    All this is being done for Israel which is 80% owned by "Lord" Jacob Rothschild, an inheritance from the WWI era and the Balfour Agreement. Hillary's emails talk about how we must do this for Israel's sake to provide "breathing room" - giving Israel conquered land from all its neighbors.

  • rob wells
    rob wells Год назад

    putin and assad got their pee pee's spanked lol Trump is only working with the mesa tht was left by pevious american goverments, he didnt start anything he's in the clean up dog vomit mode. if you say assads name backwards really slow it says 'im toast'.lol

  • Barney Fife
    Barney Fife Год назад +35

    The people of Syria are probably laughing because those airstrikes were against an abandoned airbase in Syria. Don't believe these liars people.

    • TheRicokilla
      TheRicokilla Год назад

      Barney Fife that's the whole point :)

    • supergrover6868
      supergrover6868 Год назад +1

      Go fuck yourself. See in Poyang you despicable shite.

    • supergrover6868
      supergrover6868 Год назад

      LMFAO You fuckers better DUCK!!

    • Dr. Grandeur
      Dr. Grandeur Год назад +1

      Barney Fluff...
      Time to use that soul bullet.
      .😎 🐀🔫

    • Pgs Penang
      Pgs Penang Год назад +2

      .......the US can bomb Syria as they wish.....but pls try bombing NK or Russia or China....!
      Trump won't have the guts!
      If he has, many proud americans will be living in caves (if there is any left...) shivering in fear just like the Syrian!

  • Bezz80
    Bezz80 Год назад +68

    Trump is a fucking piece of shit war criminal, but that par for the course for America. Serial war criminals, makes the ones before the current one just more legit. Trump is fucking garbage...eat shit Trump and Trump supporters.

    • H0569 1
      H0569 1 Год назад

      Go cry little Bitch. Your a fucking retard. Go kill yourself you liberal piece of shit.

    • Josh Potts
      Josh Potts Год назад

      Do you even know what a conservative is?

    • NaibutekiNaisou
      NaibutekiNaisou Год назад

      Brett Foster Better than sounding like a brain damaged conservative.

  • conmigo carolina del norte
    conmigo carolina del norte Год назад +4

    Assad the butcher he loves killing his own people so he can stay in power. He is the ruler of a destroyed country for his future empire. Assad only rules his own religious group that keeps fighting to keep him in power.

    • liberals hatethemselves
      liberals hatethemselves Год назад +1

      If your claim has any truth to it, then it would still mean Assad has majority popular support over anybody else. Keep feeding yourself whichever lies make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, at the end of the day you're just another useful idiot.

    • Blackfoot Wookie
      Blackfoot Wookie Год назад

      I see Hezbollah keeping israel in check, regardless of the budget we grant israel. Don't pretend they could stand a chance on their own.

    • Subzero Strengthnhonor
      Subzero Strengthnhonor Год назад

      You're dumb. I'm sorry, when was the last time our country "gassed" their own people?? I know you probably have every published ISIS magazines which entices you to be their little bitch boys who's only purpose is to die for no reason. Gosh you're dumb!!!

    • George Barbita
      George Barbita Год назад +1


  • Blackfoot Wookie
    Blackfoot Wookie Год назад +65

    That faggot Netanyahu probably had three refugee be-headings synced perfectly to the airstrike as he simultaneously dumped his load into a illegitimate Clinton baby. Trump was undoubtedly there to witness the ritual via skype with material girl playing in the background as Ivanka gave him a hand job. Our leaders are that sick and I hope the world unites against all so-called leaders. if you need these people to lead you than i am ashamed to share this planet with you.

    • Jeremiah Russell
      Jeremiah Russell Год назад +1

      Totally forgot about him.
      What would you have us do then? The UN? Russia vetoes because they support Assad.
      Ignore the line that President Obama drew, and subsequently failed to keep?
      Just let chemical weapons be used on civilians because America is too weak to actually do something?
      The pen is mightier than the sword only when the pen can be listened to: some people never listen to the pen.

    • gesman5000
      gesman5000 Год назад

      Jeremiah Russell Nobody said she would have done better. #BernieSanders

    • Jeremiah Russell
      Jeremiah Russell Год назад

      Don't worry, we feel the same way about people who complain without solutions and reject ideas because thy dislike those who say them. By the way, Hillary said that America should attack their airbases hours before the attack, so if you think she'd do 'better,' you're wrong.

  • Mark Green
    Mark Green Год назад +21

    The American military would love for Russia to put their air defense systems into Syria so that they can test their capabilities and effectiveness against a U.S. invasion of Russia.

    • supergrover6868
      supergrover6868 Год назад

      If you believe we are intimidated? You are wrong. Want to set the world on fire? Yes? Then keep pushing us.

    • Сергей Петров
      Сергей Петров Год назад +1

      Russia has three huge industrial reactors on fast neutrons, it can burn tons of weapon plutonium... and America doesn't have these reactors and it doesn't want to build them, preferring to store nuclear weapon therefore Russia has been forced to withdraw from the contract on reduction of nuclear potential because America has refused to observe him...

    • Сергей Петров
      Сергей Петров Год назад

      At the moment, according to estimates of groups of the international experts which have been made on the basis of reports within data exchange of the START-III at Russia is 508 of the deployed strategic missile. In total on these carriers there are 1796 nuclear warheads. At the next the competitor - the USA - 1367 warheads on 681 carriers. At the same time it is worth making specification that according to the same contract START-III, each developed strategic bomber is set off as one nuclear warhead. And here how many nuclear bombs and rockets he at the same time on himself bears - isn't considered.
      The current quantity of the active, developed nuclear warheads is regulated by the contract START-III according to which them each country has to have no more than 1500. Are close to both the USA, and Russia to this indicator. Nevertheless, except the nuclear blocks standing on alert there are also reserve, not developed warheads including those which are on long storage. They under the contract would need to be destroyed, but nobody hurries to do it. By different estimates, such "preserved" warheads Russia can have about 6800, and the USA has about 7600 pieces.
      Can seem that 1500 warheads are much. And it actually so. But the fact is that in the USSR of nuclear weapon there was much more. And not just much more, and many times it is more. The Soviet Union has reached a maximum in number of warheads in 1975, then on their arms there were 46 thousand. For comparison: in the USA in 1967 was at most 31 thousand warheads.
      for this reason Russia has withdrawn from this contract, on a skolka Russia has destroyed the nuclear tool several times more, and America only stores it, on a skolka can't or doesn't want to create the atomic reactor on the bystrykh neutrons, only in such reactors it is possible to destroy weapon plutonium completely of which it is already impossible to make weapon... the USA only stores the removed warheads and partially mixes weapon plutonium with nonenriched materials... but it is possible to enrich him back...

    • Сергей Петров
      Сергей Петров Год назад

      you know what is the Russian Perimeter system...??? esteem at a leisure if interestingly... if it is short, it is completely automated system the managing director of ALL nuclear capacity of Russia, by means of one thousand various sensors across all territory of Russia she estimates a situation and if considers that the state has undergone the massive attack (unreliable nuclear) she makes request in headquarters of command of defense of the country if the headquarters are destroyed and has survived nobody for confirmation or cancellation of the order, then she waits some time and the system solves makes repeated request for permission of nuclear attack, after several not answered inquiries that the country has undergone to nuclear attack and all command of the country is destroyed and system initializes start of several rockets which flying by over the territory of Russia on coded the channel give the command to all nuclear missiles on start on the purposes put in them...
      in the West this Perimeter system was called "the Dead Hand" as, even in case of elimination of Russia and a clear victory the system releases all nuclear potential on extermination of the enemy... if you don't know, the nuclear capacity of Russia is capable to destroy several times all live on the planet, these are several thousands of nuclear missiles... one rocket "Satan-1" / "Satan-2" has the power of a nuclear charge of 750/850 kilotons (on Hiroshim have been dropped a and Nagasaki bombs by power only of 12-20 kilotons) one intercontinental rocket like "Satan" (on classification of NATO ) is capable to destroy alone completely the territory the area about Texas... and such rockets in Russia nearly 3000...!!! as you think whether the mankind has a chance, except nuclear attack, radiation and nuclear winter almost all supervolcanoes will wake up and in oceans waves in hundreds of meters which are washing away all islands and coastal territories will rise. . if the Perimeter system is activated, but he alone will destroy the planet, having turned her into similarity of Mars...

  • Arizona
    Arizona Год назад +13

    The strike was a clear warning, as President Trump said, using chemical weapons will have consequences. Maybe if Moscow didn't lie about the fact that there were no more chemical weapons in the country this never would have happened!

    • Shashank Kolhe
      Shashank Kolhe Год назад

      1MoreRep 2 of the chemical weapons site are under rebel terrorists.

    • xhizors
      xhizors Год назад +3

      Reports CLAIMING SAF bombed a hospital in Idilb the night before gas attack. It's very easy to show a photo or a video of ISIS or the US bombing a hospital and then blame Assad for it. If SAF bombed the exact location the gas attacks happened at the exact moment as well is because the poisonous gas contamination was the result of gas leaking from a rebel chemical weapons depot after it was hit by SAF which is, actually, what Russia said.

    • Yeshua Chosen1s
      Yeshua Chosen1s Год назад

      You can find plenty of reports showing SAF bombed a hospital in Idilb the night before gas attack. SAF bombed the exact location the gas attacks happened at the exact moment as well. Coincidence? Russia's lie was " Syrian airstrikes hit chemical plant near city and gas leaked out" you can find that on Russian MOD Facebook page. Russia's excuses are laim.

  • Scott Payne
    Scott Payne Год назад

    I heard, don't know if it's true?
    A blind man and his guide dog were the only casualties?

    • VeNuS2910
      VeNuS2910 Год назад +1

      how dare they hit a blind man and a Dog!

    • Scott Payne
      Scott Payne Год назад +1


    • Jeff Lee
      Jeff Lee Год назад +4

      he chose the wrong dog