Trump's Education Secretary Is A Corrupt Fundamentalist School-Privatizer

  • Published on Nov 28, 2016
  • It is hard to find anyone more passionate about the idea of steering public dollars away from traditional public schools than Betsy DeVos, Donald J. Trump’s pick as the cabinet secretary overseeing the nation’s education system...
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Comments • 1 111

  • Timelapsed
    Timelapsed 26 days ago +1

    What's next? A hedge fund manager for Treasury? Oh wait...

  • Hailey Hoopes
    Hailey Hoopes Year ago +1

    I'm so darn glad I'm not in school any more. This lady is an idiot plane and simple.

  • Matrix Man
    Matrix Man Year ago +3

    The statism is strong with this one

  • Matrix Man
    Matrix Man Year ago +3

    Acton did not argue for child labor. You obviously didn't read the the article Kyle. Don't be ignorant

    • kenway road
      kenway road Year ago

      Matrix Man then put the link first.

    • Matrix Man
      Matrix Man Year ago

      Ryan Read the article

    • Ryan
      Ryan Year ago

      What did she actually argue?

  • Farty McGee
    Farty McGee Year ago +3

    It’s like a 9/11 for public education every single day this cunt is in office!

  • Billy-Joel Pawstrong

    Look at punk rock Kyle! Right on

  • Meaux Green
    Meaux Green 2 years ago +6

    School privatization is good. Get the shitty government out of everything. Local schools are failing. You probably think we should all be forced to use the post office instead of FedEx as well.. Make them complete and work for us!

  • Genovacide
    Genovacide 2 years ago +2

    Listen to this Globalist flap his gums....common sense doesn't apply here

    • kenway road
      kenway road Year ago

      Genovacide please try to sound smart before you say anything because he is saying the truth.

  • Scorpio
    Scorpio 2 years ago +1

    She just got fucking approved!

  • Joshua Lakhamraju
    Joshua Lakhamraju 2 years ago +3

    Ever since the Department of Education was formed, public education has deteriorated. We have school shootings, teen pregnancies, bullies, drugs, etc. School choice and privatization will take education from the Washington know-it-alls who socially engineer our children.

  • Daniel Correa
    Daniel Correa 2 years ago +2

    Bro shut up, she actually does good. Helped fund my school and donates our school. She might have the best views but she does help schools

    • Griffiith
      Griffiith 2 years ago +2

      Daniel Correa. Ok if you think about this reasonably for a few seconds you would know why businesses and billionaires funding schools is bad. There is an article you can search on google "Corporations are taking advantage of our underfunded public schools."
      And another thing do you not see how stupid you sound when you don't question why your government is underfunding your school to the point where it needs charities to sustain itself? It's open to indoctrination and absence of knowledge among many other things. You have the typical sheeple mind, i mean you do know what publicity stunts are too, especially when in political power? Do you not know how politics work, i can cite hundreds of politicians, celebrities, businesses, etc doing publicity stunts which goes over sheeples heads... Here let me overlook everything bad about her and what she truly is about because she gave my school some pocket change?
      How much did she give your school, please do tell! How much does your school receive from the government. You sound very grateful and are willing to overlook everything. How much did she donate and how much did your school emphasize her funding on you? I can go on and on about corporations harming our already failing education system, but you could google and read from reputable sources. But then again you are willing to turn a blind eye on major issues because of a small chairty fund? You are won over with money and not actual knowledge? I can see your school has turned you into an into an idiot, bro.

      I feel so sorry for mankind that it's filled with people who think on this level of stupidity.
      P.S. I love how you can fit so many "schools" and words of "approvals," such as good/best into one tiny comment. You turned that into 3 sentences, and you could have easily said it in one. Are those donations being put into work? I wonder where the majority of that money goes? Perhaps a majority of it into the teachers pockets for being underpaid or different reasons which lay among corruption? And here you are telling others to shut up for speaking the truth because your school got a small handout from some shady billionaire. This is some sick joke.... Are you a paid troll or are you seriously this stupid?

  • Morning Wood
    Morning Wood 2 years ago +3

    Why are Charter schools kicking public schools asses?? New Orleans, Harlem....? Why are low income families lining up around the block to sign up for a lottery to get into Charter schools?? Why are these families crying when they don't get picked?? A lot of questions to answer but instead this is just another partisan hack video....Do some real research and give some facts instead of rhetoric. I think everyone wants a great educational system, why not go with the best system instead of partisan bullshit??

  • CocoaEnchilada
    CocoaEnchilada 2 years ago +1

    Privatizing schools will end just as badly as privatizing prisons did. It will end up costing more money with less accountability.

    • mssedmebich
      mssedmebich 2 years ago +3

      I notice Obama did not take any chances. He sent his 2 girls to a private Quaker school. And don't give me the security BS. Jimmy Carter sent Amy to the public schools in DC.

    • CocoaEnchilada
      CocoaEnchilada 2 years ago

      I can't take your comment seriously. Try again without the insults if you want a real debate.

    • Pepe
      Pepe 2 years ago

      Simply not true at all. You are comparing prisons with schools.. are you retarded or something? private schools are the only way to raise a non brainwashed generation.

  • Pepe
    Pepe 2 years ago +6

    You fucking moron don't know what the fuck you are talking about. And everybody who thinks that you're right, is a fucking moron too. It's so sad that people like you have a plattform to tell people lies and manipulate the facts.

    • Sneaky beaky
      Sneaky beaky 2 years ago +1

      Ok, simply telling us that we're wrong doesn't prove us anything. If you tell someone they're wrong, the burden of proof falls on you.

    • Felep
      Felep 2 years ago +1

      Then tell us why Kyle is talking bullshit

    • Nobu Nuggets
      Nobu Nuggets 2 years ago +2

      White Male Good argument!

    • Morgan Freeman
      Morgan Freeman 2 years ago +2

      White Male hes right dont forgot the gay frogs making spaceships

    • Decoy Account
      Decoy Account 2 years ago

      White Male
      Public school teachers hate her.
      source: my teacher brother and his colleagues

  • Jorgen Pakieto
    Jorgen Pakieto 2 years ago


  • SRT480
    SRT480 2 years ago

    the fail is going to be awesome. Mexico will have better testing then us.

  • I have no legs I have no legs

    A bunch of broke old geasers with shitty assholes oops I mean opinions hating on the young and free thats all I see on these comments.

  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA 2 years ago +2

    I lost you in 38 seconds @ "Child labor", (even though I started working when I was 10, by free will mind you, and loved every dollar I made).
    I don't need to see anymore to realize you think state education is the way to go. That is what we have now, and why see math science and reading down to about 30th in the world, during the De-industrialization of the USA over the last 30 plus years. How old are you son? We are all born into the USA of today, not knowing how great it was yesterday, (since progressive communistic groups took over our education starting over 100 years ago, "especially the study of law", and incrementally getting more dominant over the years, with "American value's of individual liberty and a citizen owned free enterprise system" destroyed, replaced with any, "non-productive", perversion in the youngest of grade schools today).
    Why do you support the failure of state run education, and the destruction of the individual mind? Don't you think "We", in the private sector have the interest to do a better job? (and the talent). Look at these kids graduating college today! A child learning how to talk can form concepts based in reality, naturally and more efficiently, than a college grad activist today. THE PRECEPTS YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT IS NOT REALITY, you have to discover reality with your own senses and mind, and not take anybody's word for it, or you will be programmed by some group, (picking the one that reflects your young limited life experience the most to what you think you know at that point,----but never exactly what you know to that point).
    Progressive/communist education sucks man---and it already made you a "Ward of the State".
    I wonder if my next question is confusing to you at this time in your life:
    Your a young man. What do you want to be when you grow up? Did you want to do this, (fight against individual liberty, is exactly what you are doing)?

    • Harry Christofi
      Harry Christofi Year ago +1

      +EarthSurferUSA Fuck off lol the Nordic nations education systems are 100% funded by taxes and they are better than ours lol

    • Wizzlicious
      Wizzlicious 2 years ago

      Good for you. "When I was 10 I was in a coal mine and look how I turned out." Yeah I don't think that helps your cause much.
      Since you point out that the US is 30th in education in the world, how many of the 29 above it are so successful because they've completely embraced private education? I'll wait.
      If you know the danger of being programmed by some group, then you should be aware of the creationism in schools and be against that as well, but I don't hear that. Strange.

    • TheJonnyzeus
      TheJonnyzeus 2 years ago

      Are you an advocate of education, state education or no education? And are you also advocating a system that allows children to work (and I don't mean earning pocket money)?

    • stealthballer
      stealthballer 2 years ago +1

      The lack of self awareness when you call other people wards of the state really disturbs me every time with you fuckheads. You folks have zero self awareness and I think it's indicative of you all suffering from some form of psychosis.

    • Dragonnsv '
      Dragonnsv ' 2 years ago

      So what do you propose, a private education that lets teachers teach whatever they want? That is flat out stupid. And public school teaches reality because it is secular and does its best not to have a bias. If we had private education they can teach whatever they want. Our current system needs reforms yes but it doesn't need privatization. And I apologize for not "form concepts based in reality, naturally and more efficiently" as a child that has been indoctrinated in whatever creed you believe in. Feel free to reply to this if you want, I probably wont bother to check replies. Infact I dont even know why I am starting this, since when has anyones opinion actually been changed by reading youtube comments.

  • MsFlipped365
    MsFlipped365 2 years ago +4

    Teachers make too much money? Does she not one realize the work that we do for our kids? Look, I'm not in teaching for the money but my job is certainly not the easiest one! During the day I work with kids that have high needs and I work my butt off trying to give the the best education I can. When I go home for the night, I lesson plan, I call parents, I write IEPS and I grade. I work about 15 hours a day. Yet this woman, thinks people like me with modest incomes are the real problem. Our education system doesn't need a woman who hasn't taught a day in her life.

    • therealmcgimmick
      therealmcgimmick 2 years ago

      A truely good teacher should be paid a whole lot more, no doubt.

    • MsFlipped365
      MsFlipped365 2 years ago

      @therealmcgimmick Several weeks, just as many as my kids get. I totally appreciate the time off that I get, believe me. Just because I get time off doesn't mean I deserve a pay cut. American workers on the whole deserve more vacation days than they are allotted. All I'm saying is that the amount of mental, physical and emotional energy teachers put into their work should not be discredited.

    • therealmcgimmick
      therealmcgimmick 2 years ago +1

      MsFlipped365 Really? And how many weeks do you get off per year?

    • stealthballer
      stealthballer 2 years ago

      No you moron, you're just a fucking loony toon.

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA 2 years ago +1

      There are some good teachers left, but the amount of work is not the issue. The philosophies/ideologies based on who's interests run the schools, and select the mandatory content, (which is no doubt government agenda driven),---is the issue.
      I have a joke that I tell any young couple with young kids in public area's:
      "Do you know I consider your child "unlimited potential". I consider every child unlimited potential. Then what do we do?, we send them to public school and destroy all that potential."
      I know you are not laughing about that reality joke, because the only parents who don't are teachers.
      Like I said, it is not about your effort, but the direction your effort is mandated to go.
      You should have seen the last of the pretty good public education when I was 5, and we just put a man on the moon. We were all told to go for our dreams, and many did. Now it is taught that those dreams never existed, and we must work for "the good of the all". If we don't teach how important, and how great the USA was when it was based on "individual liberty", (which is color blind with political will), like no other nation was, than we have no other direction to go, but into communism.
      It's always a liberty vs communistic ideology thing.
      The schools need to teach our founding of individual liberty (which is the only civil morality) accurately, to give us a choice of our freedom, (because we can think), and the collectivism that is only taught now.
      I did a tiny bit of teaching in a industry I work in for a employer, and found out I am pretty good at it. It was in the private manufacturing sector, and I taught a bit of programming to our customers employees, so it was not politically involved at all. It felt great, actually helping these guys learn how to help develop new processes.
      I don't think it would feel as good, if I knew I was destroying those employee minds by mandate.
      Sorry,---it is a dirty trick they use. You can compete with that!!! :) (and be a hero).

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 2 years ago +4

    This guy doesn't understand the free market. A company can't force you to work. They can't force your children to work. Child labor laws make no sense. If a parent wants his or her child to work, then that's his or her choice.
    On the private school regulations, it's a private school! Why should the government have any say on a private organization? If they want to teach that monkeys have 5 lungs, that's their choice. It's the parent's responsibility to choose a new school for the child.
    The left wants everything taken care of for them. Take some responsibility of your life, please.

    • John Wayne
      John Wayne 2 years ago +1

      T -Val
      I bet you feel really smart after typing all that nonsense out.
      Why would you assume that I want children to work in coal mines for 12 hours?
      It's the parent's responsibility. I also don't want parent's teaching their children creationism, that doesn't mean I can tell them not to do it.
      Let me ask you a question. Are you against a 12 year old working at a supermarket as a bag boy to make some extra money for his or her parents?
      What gives you the right to deny that child the right to work in order to help out his or her family?

    • T -Val
      T -Val 2 years ago

      John Wayne
      "This guy doesn't understand the free market"
      There is no such thing as the 'free market'.
      "A company can't force you to work. They can't force your children to work. Child labor laws make no sense. If a parent wants his or her child to work, then that's his or her choice."
      So you would be ok with going back to children working 12 hours a day in coal mines or picking cotton in excruciating and brutal conditions like back in the gilded age? Lemme ask you this: Is it the child's choice or the parents?
      The fallacy here that if a child works then by definition it is not the 'free market' you espouse, because in a genuine free market an exchange is made with mutual benefit of the two partaking in the exchange, since the child essentially has no say, it isn't mutual. The point is you can't have a free market in that definition with or without child labor regulations because the exchange isn't mutual without the law while at the same time, it's not a free market with the regulation either. Hence why the free market doesn't exist in nature.
      The real world is more nuanced than you think.

    • caller347
      caller347 2 years ago

      @Jeremy Thunder I can agree to that. Humans will eventually figure out how much of the public sector and private market should participate in education.

    • caller347
      caller347 2 years ago

      @John Wayne And if nobody catches on to your lies. You become rich and get away with it like. Well it fucking should of happened to the banks. It didn't because our politicians are bribed by wall street, the oil companies, big pharma, you name it. We should be getting money out of politics. Not everyone can tell when they are being scammed, that is when regulation and laws are needed. Capitalism can be great if it is taken care of, it can't survive when everything is a free for all for those in charge. A society can't survive when everything is profit driven.
      Ok, well if you want to teach them Christian creationism, you got to teach them Muslim creationism or Japanese creationism or native american creationism. All of these have absolutely no evidence behind them. Evolution is a fact, no less than 2+2=4.

    • John Wayne
      John Wayne 2 years ago

      caller347 You're not getting it. If I sold a pound of fool's gold to someone and told him or her it was worth thousands. I would lose credibility and go out of business. That didn't happen to the banks because the government backed their lies. They could sell people shit and neither the bankers nor the customers would get hurt because the government protects them. No one is held responsive. Bad things happen when no one accepts responsibility.
      If you believe that the government should enforce schools to teach certain things, then you don't believe in the diversity of ideas. That is no different than 1984. You are controlling what people can learn. If a school teaches that glass is actually made of water, then it's their parents' responsibility to either tell their child that it is false or choose a new school. You can't enforce knowledge into an individual.

  • Gary Richardson
    Gary Richardson 2 years ago +2

    You liberals have no civility that's why you are always rioting and causing civil unrest. Pick up a book on the French Revolution if you want to know where liberalism was born. That's assuming you know what a book is of course you tree hugging fagot.

    • Griffiith
      Griffiith 2 years ago

      @BabiiGoat Savage! The burn was real haha.

    • TheJonnyzeus
      TheJonnyzeus 2 years ago +1

      Do you think the system that existed in France BEFORE the revolution was better? What about the one that existed before the American revolution? Would you have criticised the liberals who protested for their rights against tyranny and taxation?

    • Fred Barnes Jr.
      Fred Barnes Jr. 2 years ago

      BabiiGoat hahahaha yes!!!

    • BabiiGoat
      BabiiGoat 2 years ago +4

      At least "liberals" have the balls to get up and fight for something. Conservative losers sit and throw internet trantrums over Starbucks cups and the made up "war on Christmas"

  • Jenny Alvarez
    Jenny Alvarez 2 years ago +1

    i think this is his worst pick cause i have children , this is actually so sad why did those people vote for that man why

    • kenway road
      kenway road Year ago

      Jenny Alvarez and your answer is not the people but the electoral college it's full of conservatives which should not be they should have 1 half liberal and the other half conservative it can't be uneven

    • kenway road
      kenway road Year ago

      neolithic3 understandable

    • neolithic3
      neolithic3 2 years ago +1

      Countdown we don't want any Americans up here, thanks.

    • Countdown
      Countdown 2 years ago

      There's always Canada

  • iceewicc
    iceewicc 2 years ago +1

    Bad analysis

  • MasterChiefR75
    MasterChiefR75 2 years ago

    title too clickbaity, so even though I agree with the position this channel has been illegitimated to me.

    • Adam Read
      Adam Read 2 years ago +1

      Are you autistic? Serious question. Normal people, even really smart people, don't talk like that. Listen to Neil Degrasse Tyson speak. He's one of the smartest people on the planet and he talks like your average dude. You seem like you're feigning intelligence by talking overly complex.

    • MasterChiefR75
      MasterChiefR75 2 years ago

      I assure you, it is not a trick. I am not trying to seem smarter than I actually am, which would imply that I am aware of how not smart I am and am simply trying to convince people, but the truth is that I am actually convinced that I am this smart. Besides that, though, I do try to be critical of myself, as that is one of the only ways to make oneself smarter. However, your comment does not make any attempt to demonstrate exactly HOW I am less smart than I seem, so I do not see how it is particularly helpful or useful in any sense of the word.

    • Adam Read
      Adam Read 2 years ago +4

      You sound like someone who is trying to seem smarter than they are.

    • MasterChiefR75
      MasterChiefR75 2 years ago

      slightly, as I have been running low for a bit, but that has nothing to do with the actual validity of what I said. Not only have I been interested in the details of logical argumentation since long before I started smoking weed, and have been studying it for years, addressing how high I was when I wrote that only serves to direct the conversation away from the substance of what I said, and towards the state I was in while I wrote it. While the state I am in does certainly affect my writing, that does not change the fact that the validity of the writing is in the substance and content of the writing itself, and its logical validity. These shows provide people with political information, and so they have a responsibility to ensure they are not distorting the information along the way. If people wonder why trump got in to office: Its because his sort of discourse has been normalized and legitimated in thousands of subtle varieties which people dont initially notice.

    • MasterChiefR75
      MasterChiefR75 2 years ago

      Actually, I may have made a mistake. The fallacy may have been the fallacy of confusing correlation with causation. Either way it is an inductive fallacy.

  • The Real Legend
    The Real Legend 2 years ago

    Betsy DeVos is the exact wrong person to have in that position. We all should actively criticize President Elect Trump's ill-advised decisions.

  • Lori W
    Lori W 2 years ago

    Fucking Ben Carson will end up with him too.

  • Perkunas T
    Perkunas T 2 years ago +1

    What a knob, I went door to door shoveling snow for cash, when I was 7, nothing wrong with work, maybe he should try it some time.

  • They call me Ace
    They call me Ace 2 years ago +3

    trumps draining the swamp into the mouth of the future education secretary

  • Mike Corleone
    Mike Corleone 2 years ago

    Hang it up loser, you're than CNN.

    • Griffiith
      Griffiith 2 years ago +2

      Wow look at how retarded the people who are trying to insult/attack secular talk, and the ones defending the corrupt billionaire, sound!!!. Wow these are either paid trolls or actually the stupid ass people who fill our society.

    • HotPocketsBoy
      HotPocketsBoy 2 years ago +1


    • Logan Blanc
      Logan Blanc 2 years ago +23

      What? I think you forgot to type out your insult you mongoloid.

  • mike h
    mike h 2 years ago +2

    trump sold education so if you got kids get ready to send them to trump university

  • Chili Mac x
    Chili Mac x 2 years ago +1

    kyle, u try so hard to defame trump. its pathetic. just know that in my ideal society, u would have to be deported

    • Fred Barnes Jr.
      Fred Barnes Jr. 2 years ago +3

      Chili Mac x trump supporter is butthurt sticking up for their orange faced narcissist 🎻🎶🎶🎶🎶

    • HotPocketsBoy
      HotPocketsBoy 2 years ago


  • Ken Quinn
    Ken Quinn 2 years ago +3

    If you voted for Johnson, Stein or didn't vote at all, you can't complain.

    • TechTubeCentral
      TechTubeCentral 2 years ago +3

      @Antisocial Anubis federal funding = the reason I voted for stein.

    • Ken Quinn
      Ken Quinn 2 years ago

      Anyone with half a brain new that it was between Trump and Clinton. So if you don't want to vote for the lesser of two evils than you can't complain when the greater evil does something that everybody knew he was going to do if he got power.

    • LogDogZebraGod
      LogDogZebraGod 2 years ago +3

      Ken Quinn no that logic is stupid, you can always complain it's called free speech you always have the right to complain

    • TechTubeCentral
      TechTubeCentral 2 years ago +9

      uh yes I can. I voted for Stein in Hawaii. Also he would've won regardless of the stein vote so fuck off.

  • bgt125
    bgt125 2 years ago +6

    The Trumpanzees have taken control of the zoo ladies and gentlemen. God help us all.

    • bgt125
      bgt125 2 years ago

      @Heywood Yabloome Bye cyber stalker troll.

    • bgt125
      bgt125 2 years ago

      @Heywood Yabloome Asshat.

    • bgt125
      bgt125 2 years ago

      @Heywood Yabloome Pathetic.

    • bgt125
      bgt125 2 years ago

      @Heywood Yabloome
      Yep. So you have an IQ that is even lower than the Feministas. Good for you.

  • Dylveryn Maiteris
    Dylveryn Maiteris 2 years ago +8

    I'm willing to bet that Trump is in a competition with himself to appoint the worst possible members to his cabinet and see how far we'll let him go

    • kenway road
      kenway road Year ago

      Dylveryn Maiteris so far he is winning

  • jack smith
    jack smith 2 years ago

    I went to school with her kids was a good school.

  • James McLaughlin II
    James McLaughlin II 2 years ago +2

    The Christian Right might finally get what it wants. They get to gut federal education standards, have Creationism universally overshadow the theory of evolution, teach that the United States is completely perfect and without flaws, and basically screw over people who can't afford to send their kids to private schools. And in the long run, we can raise a generation of people who become religious robots who will yearn for WW3 (especially if it's in the Middle East) and the Apocalypse so that they can go to Heaven and party with Jesus.

    • LadyPashta
      LadyPashta 2 years ago

      The video is WRONG.

    • Chili Mac x
      Chili Mac x 2 years ago +1

      James McLaughlin II she wants to privatize it. which means they dont force u to teach what they want and vice versa

  • Deacon Frost
    Deacon Frost 2 years ago +2

    Can you try to focus for 2 minutes and tell me why creation should not be taught alongside evolution? They are both theories, I believe they are both true. Evolution does exist and we have seen it with mixing dog breeds and creating new breeds such as the pit bull but I just can't believe that something came from nothing that then became a bacteria and then a monkey that then birthed a person. Its a silly notion. Have you even looked at what creationist say?

    • beneathdatrees0
      beneathdatrees0 Year ago

      Creationism is the opposite of science. Think about it: religious fundies have come up with the conclusion first, then are working backwards and looking for "evidence" that fits the creationist agenda. Just don't try to phase out evolution out of our science classes and I won't think in your church.

    • Shk 1816
      Shk 1816 2 years ago +2

      Creationism is a belief, not even a hyphothesis, is based just on faith (believe with no evidence), in the science class you need to teach science, that means teach ideas that are based on reproducible data (data that can be fact check again and again).

    • Carnifindion
      Carnifindion 2 years ago +3

      Deacon Frost then lets also teach witchery and alchemy alongside chemistry and astrology alongside astronomy.

    • Mowgli Hajduk
      Mowgli Hajduk 2 years ago +4

      Deacon Frost; Creationism is not a theory, it is a hypothesis. Please learn the difference.

    • Adam Sagert
      Adam Sagert 2 years ago +4

      Creationism is a Christian belief. It should be taught in a religious theories class. There is not science/evidence to back it and it should not be taught as scientific fact. There is a law in the education system called the Lemon law which prohibits the promotion or the inhibiting of religion in schools. This is to protect everyone's beliefs. This same idea is what protects Islamic views from being taught in school (which I am sure what cause riots!)
      (I hope this comes across as informational and not belittling!)

  • Willthbeast
    Willthbeast 2 years ago +1

    BY GEORGE! #Washington - He cherry-picks a moron, to teach MORE- moronism - U.S. is WHAT about 28th on #ricterscale of global - smarts

  • Sage Martineau
    Sage Martineau 2 years ago +4

    that's some 1984 shit right there

  • Gary Richardson
    Gary Richardson 2 years ago

    keep ironing for those free government handouts Tom. At least until they run out. Oh wait we're 20 trillion in debt. better hurry there's not much left you tree hugging socialist. Oh man I forgot to use profanity. Dammit.

    • Chili Mac x
      Chili Mac x 2 years ago +1

      Mowgli Hajduk both

    • Mowgli Hajduk
      Mowgli Hajduk 2 years ago

      Gary Richardson; how did we get 20 trillion in debt? Which contributed more to the debt, government handouts or an illegal and unjust war?

  • vutube379
    vutube379 2 years ago +1

    He is appointing FOXES TO GUARD THE HEN HOUSE WHO WILL DESTROY AND ENSLAVE AND STARVE THE POPULATION WORSE THAN THE CRIMINAL CABAL HAS DONE OVER THE LAST 300 YEARS! It's time to sharpen our pitchforks and ready the tar. If we can't find one damn person with integrity, ethics, and incorruptibility who will keep all The People's BEST INTEREST at heart instead of angling for greedy, lying, unscrupulous self serving criminals then who can we trust?

  • Robert Gress
    Robert Gress 2 years ago +1

    The arguments against privatized schools are so retarded. Just admit freedom is a better route for education. The teachers union and prison guard union have quite a lot in common.

    • Mckenzie .Latham
      Mckenzie .Latham 2 years ago

      @Robert Gress
      Actually they will pave the way for charter schools. When this women tried the same thing in Florida most of the students went to charter schools which competed and advertised for being perfect for these vouchers.
      the problem with charter schools being:

    • Tim Horn
      Tim Horn 2 years ago

      @Robert Gress that doesn't work & Kyle has destroyed that bullshit for years now

    • Robert Gress
      Robert Gress 2 years ago

      School vouchers will make them affordable. This way school have to compete for the parents approval. Not cater to the teachers union.

    • Mckenzie .Latham
      Mckenzie .Latham 2 years ago

      privatization is not freedom, it's whoever can afford it gets it, whoever can't won't

    • Tim Horn
      Tim Horn 2 years ago

      there are arguments against it & Kyle pointed all of them out & its not debatable!

  • PS Wright
    PS Wright 2 years ago +5

    Trump doesn't care because his kid will never go to this school. He likes the Liberty University nutbars for the same reason. None of his kids got their degrees from Liberty U. He can buy his way in, and through, any school he wants. He didn't choose the religious school. That should tell people something, but they have stars in their eyes and refuse to see it.

    • vutube379
      vutube379 2 years ago

      PS Wright It is about CONTROL THROUGH INDOCTRINATION! They want all the wealth for themselves!

  • Matthew Iverson
    Matthew Iverson 2 years ago +1

    I think these are all distraction tricks for us while the oligarchs rob our country blind.

  • Scott Mackey
    Scott Mackey 2 years ago +2

    Well, at least we can rest easy knowing Clinton would have done exactly the same thing.

    • Scott Mackey
      Scott Mackey 2 years ago

      +LadyPashta Oh, my mistake. I didn't know "You know that claim is bull, right? Of course you don't, because you're a libtard that never researches anything." was being polite. I guess we libtards just have a different sense of civility. Or maybe since that wasn't directed at me specifically then it doesn't really count. And you are aware that nobody here believes you read anything, little less technical papers on climate science, right? But I'll take you suggestion for auto-intercourse under suggestion. Have you happened to come across any papers in all your studies that would explain how I could go about doing that?

    • LadyPashta
      LadyPashta 2 years ago

      @Scott Excuse me, I READ the REAL research papers myself. They ARE available publicly, you know. I guess you wouldn't... I was polite to you and this is how libtards respond. Go fuck yourself.

    • Scott Mackey
      Scott Mackey 2 years ago

      @LadyPashta You did the research? Really? Where were you papers published? How did you gather your data? What methodologies did you employ? What did the other climate scientists say when you conclusively demonstrated the errors in their work?
      Oh wait, by research, you meant you read some blogs that confirmed your preexisting narrative and ignored all contradicting evidence. Nevermind then.

    • LadyPashta
      LadyPashta 2 years ago

      @Scott​ I did the research, that's why I changed my mind on "global warming". You wouldn't believe anything I posted, and it would be wise to do so, since very little on the net is true. Do it yourself so you know for sure. 

    • Scott Mackey
      Scott Mackey 2 years ago

      @LadyPashta She says without posting a link and without any recognition of the irony.

  • MrEndzo
    MrEndzo 2 years ago +1

    I started working at 12 wtf is your problem with child labor?

    • Denethor
      Denethor 2 years ago +1

      @Robert Gress And almost purely vocational. How do you expect to get people from poorer backgrounds to get into STEM fields if they are forced to work.

    • vutube379
      vutube379 2 years ago

      MrEndzo Did you graduate high school? How about college? Advanced degree?

    • Robert Gress
      Robert Gress 2 years ago +1

      But no one suggested that we let kids go uneducated. Obviously depending on the job, work can be very educational.

    • Denethor
      Denethor 2 years ago +4

      MrEndzo If children can work, it creates a conflict of interest in terms of education. You could either send a child to work, or educate them, you get more money if they work, and you're broke. It further reduces the level of education for the poor, further reducing their economic opportunities.

  • stealthballer
    stealthballer 2 years ago +2

    "This is the best thing possible for everyone!" - jimmy dore

  • Martin Collmer
    Martin Collmer 2 years ago +4

    Weren't you the guy who bashed Hillary for the last year? I guess you got what you wanted. That is why the Republican right wingers win. Because they vote in lock step with whoever the party nominates. Unlike Democrats who vote for whoever makes them all warm and fuzzy liberal. Or they stay on the porch and don't vote. Who the fuck did you think they were gonna put in these positions?

    • Malcrow Alogoran
      Malcrow Alogoran 2 years ago

      @PS Wright black support for GOP rose from 1% to 9% since 2012. Latino support was 30%. Muslim support was 18%. Also let's not forget White women's vote was basically 50%. It was not just that Hillary was a bad candidate, but also Trump being able to reach the ears of those who felt cheated by the Obama administration. The same states Hillary hoped to have secured switched red, those are the same voters who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. But yeah, Hillary was just bad.

    • PS Wright
      PS Wright 2 years ago

      Pretty much it was all Republicans that voted him in. He turned so few Independents and Dems that they hardly made a blip on the radar. Mostly, he benefitted because not enough Dems voted in the right districts to tip the electoral college. This was a close horse race. That it was close is down to her being an unpopular candidate. But that he won was down to Republicans being motivated and better utilizing the districts to their advantage. Their reasons for being motivated may have been based on reality, or mere scare mongering, but whatever it was, it worked to get Republicans off the couch. It didn't do jack for non Republican voters. And note, she won the popular, which indicates that there were a pretty fair number of voters who thought Trump was worse, whether or not they liked her.

    • Gary Richardson
      Gary Richardson 2 years ago

      they don't vote in lockstep. they are tired of being fucked by the likes of Clinton and Obama. more than republicans must have thought the same thing.

    • GraphiteBlimp
      GraphiteBlimp 2 years ago +1

      Martin Collmer: "Shut your mouth and fall behind our dear leader Hillary! Oh, you think she's terrible? HERETIC!" Wow...

    • mrchr1s94
      mrchr1s94 2 years ago

      And the independants got fucked.

  • DreamingFlurry
    DreamingFlurry 2 years ago

    Kyle? Have you by any chance sent Trump your "those are the worst people you could pick for jobs XY and Z"-List? Because you kind of say that about everybody he picks :(

    • DreamingFlurry
      DreamingFlurry 2 years ago

      @PS Wright Exactly why I am asking that question :) (I know his picks are bad and they keep getting worse :( )

    • PS Wright
      PS Wright 2 years ago +4

      Because he keeps outdoing himself with bad picks.

  • Fifi
    Fifi 2 years ago +1

    Its not that dreadful. A good case study is Florida, where her plan has been implemented the most. It's helped over 50,000 low income students through tax-credit scholarships and most of those students did not move to christian schools, but charter.

    • stealthballer
      stealthballer 2 years ago

      forbes huh? jesus christ

    • Fifi
      Fifi 2 years ago

      For someone who uses big 2-syllable words, you have no data to support a word you're saying:

    • stealthballer
      stealthballer 2 years ago

      charter school perform worse and cost more. DumbfuckYou are talking about lowering the quality of education while making sure through privatization that costs go up.It's bullshit and it doesn't work, look into the data or kindly shut the fuck up, dumbfuck.

    • Fifi
      Fifi 2 years ago

      +stealthballer - that's what was done in Florida, dumbfuck.

    • stealthballer
      stealthballer 2 years ago +4

      look into charter schools dumbfuck

  • winterlandboy
    winterlandboy 2 years ago

    If we don't have a STRONG left to push back and push back so they won't know what the fuck
    Hit them ..we are in serious trouble for fucking sure

  • MrMaenambeach
    MrMaenambeach 2 years ago +12

    Trump himself said he likes uneducated people. This is one of the few times he's told the truth. The same goes for Republicans. Why? Uneducated people don't know how to think. They are ignorant and easily confused and scared sheep. These are exactly the kind of voters Republicans rely on. Any half decently educated person would not vote against their own self interests, but Republican voters do it all the time. And now they get Trump, who will fuck them all as best he can. It's like the old saying, "You get the government you deserve."

    • Mckenzie .Latham
      Mckenzie .Latham 2 years ago

      Yeah but that's the nature of how things work... educated, informed, and engaged people are better off than people who aren't.
      Again i find most people often don't know the difference between being arrogant and being informed...
      for example if the whole purpose of trump being elected was more to speak out agaisnt the elites and rich controlling everything, they might have wanted to choose someone other than the man who sits on a golden throne in a tower of gold with his name in gold across the top, and who has put wall street and rich people in charge of the departments governing the nation.
      Again the point here is that the uneducated may have (and do have) legitimate concerns and ends, but the way they go about it, the way they understand it, the way they think about it, often is crippled by their lack of education.
      if they are so agaisnt the rich and etc. then electing a rich man whose own kids never would nor ever had to worry baout money in their lives, having neither the understanding nor the experience of the common man, not the best idea.
      For another example this whole carrier deal... so Donald Trump sent mike Pence to Ohio to make the deal to keep 1000 jobs in the state... what they didn't mention was that mike pence garaunteed that Carrier would not only get tax breaks, but it also gets 700k of tax payer money a year, and they still are sending half the jobs to mexico... so all those workers congragualting trump, syaing he did waht he said he would, apprently didn't look into the fact that half the jobs are still going to mexico, and carrier now gets 700 grand a year from their money, for 1000 jobs who i am sure wouldn't make that cost up in a single year.
      See that's the rpoblem, the uneducated didn;t bother to figure out that when trump says i get the ebst deals, what he means is he gets the best deals for hismelf...
      so now he gets to parade hismelf as having saved these jobs depsite the fact he had to given them millions in tax breaks, 700k a year and still has half the jobs going to mexico... but he gets his time in the spotlight...

    • DreamingFlurry
      DreamingFlurry 2 years ago

      @Mckenzie .Latham It's not that, it's that well educated people often don't even want to understand the less educated (they think themselves superior and are often quite fucking arrogant...I know, because I myself try NOT TO BE and still can't help it sometimes!)
      Also: The educated often fuck the less educated over every way they can - "They are dumbasses anyway, so who cares?" (at least that's how many think - especially the really really rich!)
      ps: How do I know? I had a lot of rich classmates (their families had millions of dollars...hell, one of them had a dad who usually travelled in his own helicopter for shorter hops and chartered private planes for longer trips!) and they often showed what they thought about the "peasants" (not their classmates normally because we at least weren't stupid (in their mind) so we were usefull and good for something!)

    • Mckenzie .Latham
      Mckenzie .Latham 2 years ago

      "Elitist bourgeois types"
      So educated and thoughtful people... perhaps that's the problem, if you don't speak like a fourth grade kid with a speech impermanent the majority of voters feel talked down to.
      I reject the idea that speaking like informed and educated members of society makes you look elitist, the fact that anti-intellectualism is now a badge of pride shows why the country is going to go to shit and deserves to.

    • DreamingFlurry
      DreamingFlurry 2 years ago

      Agreed - blaming the voters (or trying to shame them) is exactly what got the Dems into this MESS! (Well: That and cheating on Bernie Sanders who had the Millenial-Vote locked in and was pretty popular among other demographics, too - come on that guy would have beaten Trump, probably even if he had STOPPED doing any rallies etc. after winning the primary!)
      It's a backlash against this kind of high horse superior attitude many well educated people have, the poor who often aren't educated (but far from stupid - they just weren't shown how to utilize their full potential!) resent this kind of behavior from people who often don't know what really hard work (physical labour that leaves you drained once your shift is done and may even be unhealthy in the long run - unlike cushy office jobs (not that all of those are actually well payed etc.))! It's worse however if these hard working people are suddenly unemployed because of crappy deals their "betters" (at least that's how many college graduates think - I admit I am guilty of that, too sometimes...and I didn't even finish studying, I dropped out because I made too many misstakes and was too lazy at first!) you have people who actually hate you and would do everything they can to fuck you over just like they were fucked over!

    • Tom Rivers
      Tom Rivers 2 years ago +1

      MrMaenambeach attitudes like this is why the far right is on the up. Elitist bourgeois types like yourself belittle and drive away the masses

  • sctt1994
    sctt1994 2 years ago +2

    Ms. DeVos's brother is Erik Prince who is the former head of Blackwater.

  • Connie K.
    Connie K. 2 years ago +3

    O, Canada...

  • Ghostfire
    Ghostfire 2 years ago +2

    I don't care that Betsy Davos doesn't want to regulate private schools. But I do mind everything else.

  • cloudofthought
    cloudofthought 2 years ago +15

    He's not draining the swamp, he's filling it with sewage.

  • Alexander Bland
    Alexander Bland 2 years ago +4

    Kyle, "regulation" in Pig Latin would be "egulation-Rey" NOT "regulation-scay."

  • Nutrollio Nutz
    Nutrollio Nutz 2 years ago +7

    Our education system already sucks, it's needs to change, you leftists have been in control over it for long time, you screwed it up.

    • Tim Horn
      Tim Horn 2 years ago +2

      its fucked up because of *Right wing policies*

    • Brandon S.
      Brandon S. 2 years ago

      @thewanderandhiscomp Since the 1880s, when widespread compulsory education began.

    • thewanderandhiscomp
      thewanderandhiscomp 2 years ago +1

      Brandon S. and how long have republicans been trying to gut public schools

    • thewanderandhiscomp
      thewanderandhiscomp 2 years ago +2

      Nutrollio Nutz well, you are stupid and a failure, your parents are incompetent

    • Brandon S.
      Brandon S. 2 years ago +15

      Highest proportion of students going to college ever and growing SAT scores across all races. When you ask parents if they like their public school, the overwhelming proportion say "yes." So, total train wreck.
      Are there bad schools? Yes, in poor areas with low tax bases.

  • Emanuel Anastos none
    Emanuel Anastos none 2 years ago

    In Trump's words: Disaster!

  • Kasey Goss
    Kasey Goss 2 years ago +4

    We're fucked.

    • Gary Richardson
      Gary Richardson 2 years ago

      +Gary Richardson typical liberal comeback. maybe you need some education yourself.

    • Gary Richardson
      Gary Richardson 2 years ago

      what's the matter? afraid you won't get your next handout? I hear the government still has some cheese lying around they need to get rid of you liberal twit

  • MsZeitgeist85
    MsZeitgeist85 2 years ago +1

    Kent Hovind would have been a better pick.

  • lol101lol101lol10199
    lol101lol101lol10199 2 years ago

    Adam - not atom! The dinosaurs died because they split the Adam. Nuclear explosion.

  • K M P
    K M P 2 years ago +3

    Well I'm going deport my own ass out of here as fast as possible before the world nukes us

    • K M P
      K M P 2 years ago

      Piano Theorist sure

    • K M P
      K M P 2 years ago

      Terri B Everyone can come

    • Cross-Eyed Liszt
      Cross-Eyed Liszt 2 years ago

      Omega Pixel Me too. Can I come?

    • Jessica A.
      Jessica A. 2 years ago

      Omega Pixel can I come too?

  • Jawz_94
    Jawz_94 2 years ago +2

    well, at least I am in Canada

  • DarthCipient
    DarthCipient 2 years ago +1

    Good. I hope they fuck America. The country deserves it.

    • DarthCipient
      DarthCipient 2 years ago +2

      @Mi I feel sympathy for the people who voted for Hillary. They saw a great danger to America and voted responsibly. For everyone else, fuck them.

    • Mi
      Mi 2 years ago +1

      @DarthCipient But not enough of a paucity to provide a basis for generalization. There are those who sincerely believe in humanism, in morality, in international relations and caring for the world as a whole. America gets a bad rep because criticism is easier than compliments. We're in a really bad shape right now, and we need all the support we can get from other nations.

    • DarthCipient
      DarthCipient 2 years ago

      @Mi Not enough though.

    • Mi
      Mi 2 years ago +1

      There are many good people in America too. Don't generalize us.

  • Tedious Nip
    Tedious Nip 2 years ago +1

    Oh great, some Christian Theocracy. (sarcasm)

  • Zoruamaster249
    Zoruamaster249 2 years ago +2

    If this actually happens when he becomes president, families will actually have to move to Canada, cos this education is going be worth less than dog shit

    • Zoruamaster249
      Zoruamaster249 2 years ago

      @Studley Muffin
      but theres still schools that teach actual education, which this secretary of education seems to want it to go

    • Studley De Muffin
      Studley De Muffin 2 years ago

      It already is though. It has been for over a century.

  • LivingToaster13
    LivingToaster13 2 years ago +8

    as a Christian I think that our religion should stay away from influencing education teach kids things that aren't religious and the religious teaching should go to the parents/ church its not the schools job

  • Liquidated Damages
    Liquidated Damages 2 years ago +2

    lmao you butchered her name
    It's "De" as in "Dead" and "Vos" as in "Toss."
    She's from a billionaire Michigan family that pretty much owns the west side of the state and Grand Rapids.

    • Jacob S
      Jacob S 2 years ago

      Liquidated Damages Yup. I live in West Michigan. The Devos family runs shit here.

  • blue boy
    blue boy 2 years ago +2

    I just hope they get rid of common core

    • Jessica A.
      Jessica A. 2 years ago

      @Piano Theorist​ with the common core tests they didn't even tell our teachers what was on the test until a month a head, so we never even learned a lot of stuff. Which really isn't fair.

    • Cross-Eyed Liszt
      Cross-Eyed Liszt 2 years ago

      @blue boy definitely

    • blue boy
      blue boy 2 years ago +2

      I wish Barney Sanders won even if I don't agree with him on everything he was still a better person than any of the other bought out people who was running

    • Cross-Eyed Liszt
      Cross-Eyed Liszt 2 years ago

      @blue boy I think school should be more like college you choose what you want to study and if you don't know you get the core classes we have now. If this country is still shit by the time I'm 35 I'm running for president. I might even go Republican do a Trojan horse move get in and be the next bernie sanders

    • blue boy
      blue boy 2 years ago

      The only thing I can really think the point of it is would be to get people to think the same way and I don't know who proposed it

  • William Koscielniak
    William Koscielniak 2 years ago

    While I would never want to put my (hypothetical, totally non existent) child in a religious school. I sure as hell would never want my kid in a government school either. Parents should have options.

    • Cross-Eyed Liszt
      Cross-Eyed Liszt 2 years ago

      William Koscielniak (hypothetical/totally non existent) 👌 xD

  • Ben Harper
    Ben Harper 2 years ago +8

    Are those screens behind you ever going to show anything or just keep ripping off the COD: Modern Warfare 2 title screen?

  • Peaquad
    Peaquad 2 years ago

    We need you Corvo Attano.

  • Omar Helmy
    Omar Helmy 2 years ago +1

    Do you guys think candidates should put out a "rough" list of who their appointed administration could be before the election rolls around? If it already is then this is pretty redundant but if not I'd love to see some thoughts on this.

    • Cross-Eyed Liszt
      Cross-Eyed Liszt 2 years ago

      AlphaMikeOmega yeah I think there should be a vote

  • DahVoozel
    DahVoozel 2 years ago +3

    Hey, she's an outsider, never been in the system, never worked in it. Obviously she's qualified to run it. Public school in triuble? Pull your kids out and get them into private school? Can't afford it? I am sure there's a bank somewhere that can loan you the money. Can't get a loan? Get your little Timmy and Jeanie a job.

    • DahVoozel
      DahVoozel 2 years ago

      I hear Austin has grants for Unicorns and Leprechauns to go to school there. If you don't mind snow or a high cost of living, Massachusetts has a lot of support for children with special educational requirements.

    • Erica Lambert
      Erica Lambert 2 years ago

      DahVoozel maintain support? In Texas? Pffft, there is no support! Do you know where I could find a group of leprechauns or maybe even unicorns to help her? You may come to learn that those things are more widely available than help for kids with disabilities in Texas! I'm thinking if I just keep her out back in the shed and throw some food in there from time to time they would probably thank me for it!

    • DahVoozel
      DahVoozel 2 years ago

      @Erica Iles Hopefully the Secretary of Education at least understands that Autism isn't caused by witchcraft? Then again, if this administration does try to #makeAmerica50'sAgain then you're probably going to have to shop around for a nice institution. I am sure the private prison industry will diversify to exploit, er, I mean, meet the demand. Even George W. Bush was able to find two people who had teaching experience OR served on a board of education at a state level before becoming the administrator of the U.S. Dept of Education. Keep an eye on your state's board of education. If the Federal level will not support the education of your daughter then demand they maintain the support.

    • Erica Lambert
      Erica Lambert 2 years ago

      DahVoozel well shit. My daughter has autism. Do you think on her job application I should put that she is half white and half hispanic because of diversity? I'm thinking no because give it a few years and it'll be okay to never hire minorities. Hmm...she can't speak or follow directions...dammit should I just take her out back or send her away upstate some where to live on the farm?!

  • KoopaXross
    KoopaXross 2 years ago +1

    Private schools gunna go full christian jihad at this rate.

  • shadowknight1990o
    shadowknight1990o 2 years ago

    Oh god, Bush is back...Iraq 2 here we fucking come....

  • Carpe Noctem
    Carpe Noctem 2 years ago +1

    this is how rome falls

  • The Realistic
    The Realistic 2 years ago

    we are a Christian and a jew nation roots, Islam tried to influence our society with that satanic religion, but the new think about burn the flag trump said you will lose the citizenship

    • The Realistic
      The Realistic 2 years ago

      thewanderandhiscomp who said that I do not knot that, once DonaldTrump swear as president and make comments to make natural citizens lose the citizenship he will be impeached

    • thewanderandhiscomp
      thewanderandhiscomp 2 years ago

      Josue Rodriguez and losing citizenship is anti-American and unconstitutional,

    • thewanderandhiscomp
      thewanderandhiscomp 2 years ago

      Josue Rodriguez and xians in American have shot people, burned down clinics etc, what happens with those animals is evil, but here in America the evil is xianinsanity

    • The Realistic
      The Realistic 2 years ago

      Dara Marc Sasmaz they beaded christians, friends of mine in Pakistan for the blasphemy law. read. I do not support trump but Islam needs a reformation

    • The Realistic
      The Realistic 2 years ago

      thewanderandhiscomp anti-american?

  • BLAIR M Schirmer
    BLAIR M Schirmer 2 years ago

    Those lazy children. I mean, in England, four year olds were put to work. It's not like they have to go to school, right?

  • samwiseshanti
    samwiseshanti 2 years ago +1

    My guess is unregulated religious schools sound great to right-wingers until Muslims start doing it....

  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S. 2 years ago


  • bobby b
    bobby b 2 years ago

    Why not let children work if they want? I understand the argument, but I think it may be good to allow kids to work a little bit, no?

    • Mi
      Mi 2 years ago +1

      Child labour implies ages where they should be in school and steeped in education, between 7-14. Child labour is also fundamentally linked to corruption and child abuse, because employers can take advantage of children who don't know any better by giving them little to no pay and abusing them physically and mentally.

  • nonbeliever
    nonbeliever 2 years ago +2

    all American's can hope for is to survive the next 4 years... AND.. hope, pray and organize so that you finally get the progressive you need to lead you, and to fix everything that's going to happen during the Trump admin.. we all wish you luck..

  • NeverStopAsking Why
    NeverStopAsking Why 2 years ago +5

    well corrupting education is the best way to keep a mass majority of ignorant to keep the oligarchic system keep going. They should really teach politic and economy as main class in public school, all people on those domain would agree.

    FUCKTHESYSTEM70 2 years ago

    Its the parents job to teach kids not schools fuck the BOE get rid of it

  • Skate Rat
    Skate Rat 2 years ago

    That would be cool if you could put the pictures on a monitor because when im watching this in class people think im just looking at pictures of donald trump and its very awkward

  • builder396
    builder396 2 years ago

    Lets fight indoctrination with indoctrination! Harbinger approves!

  • Herr Denker
    Herr Denker 2 years ago

    It amazes me everytime that leftists are against school choice. You wonder why your party is at its worst point since 1920...

    • Mi
      Mi 2 years ago +4

      School choice? Bringing in child labour and creationism into schools is a good idea to you?

    MrJRHEBERT 2 years ago

    Kyle, thanks for addressing this. This woman controlling education is an absolute train wreck. I live in Michigan. My wife is a public school teacher. She makes about $35,000. About what I make as an auto worker. No, she's not overpaid!

  • SkyTech RTS
    SkyTech RTS 2 years ago

    Public school teachers are "overpayed" XD HAHAHAHAAHAH!
    If she fucks with their pay I suggest a mass nationwide walk out.
    see what happens bitch.

  • Reginald Williams
    Reginald Williams 2 years ago +2

    this lady isn't a good pick

  • Matthoole1
    Matthoole1 2 years ago

    Kyle. Love your show bro. But I read the article you are referring too. I know you didn't even read it bc if you did, the first few minutes of your show would be different orvthis clip would not exist. The article does not call for kids to go back to coal mines, etc. You simply just lifted your argument from Huff Post and others to make a quick clip. I'm a trial lawyer, top 20 law school grad, big firm, etc. also, I am a progressive atheist. Keep it real. Peace bro!

  • narlycat
    narlycat 2 years ago +8

    the Republican party is filled with arrogant conceited know nothings.

  • WKaliberr
    WKaliberr 2 years ago

    Trump is a fucking idiot

  • Anthony Francescon
    Anthony Francescon 2 years ago +1

    Well in a fair statement public schools do suck ass but to have a woman like this in charge of the school system sucks even more ass.

  • DumbAss Loser
    DumbAss Loser 2 years ago +1

    You mean "double plus ungood".

  • Yalishanda
    Yalishanda 2 years ago +1

    Kindergarten through high school should be privatized anyway. Free education literally is communism. We want our citizens to remain stupid and continue voting for one of the shitty 2 parties in our 2 party system.


  • Boris Chan
    Boris Chan 2 years ago

    The Simpsons also predicted an American waste land on Trump presidency

  • LordOfTheEdge
    LordOfTheEdge 2 years ago +2

    Good fuck the hell that is public schools it's time to home school.

    • MrKGatl
      MrKGatl 2 years ago +2

      What? Maybe that makes sense when you say it around the trailer park.

    • MrKGatl
      MrKGatl 2 years ago +2

      You mean kids learn how to deal with assholes and bigotry? Yeah, I can't imagine how that would benefit adults. Most parents who homeschool are. It educated enough to teach their children, which is a form of abuse. Use a gun? Kids don't need to learn about guns in public schools. Usually, home-schooling is done by religious nuts so they can brainwash their children. School should be for real subjects, not guns and drinking.
      Home-schooled kids are also typically have terrible social skills and don't have the same level of education.

    • LordOfTheEdge
      LordOfTheEdge 2 years ago

      Most parents don't send beat up their kids or call them faggot or sexually humiliate them, public schools do that. If public schools actually gave a fuck about the kids they would like teach them life skills like how to work out, use a firearm, drink responsibly.

    • MrKGatl
      MrKGatl 2 years ago +6

      Home-schooling is in most cases child abuse. Uneducated parents trying to educate their children is ridiculous.