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Comments • 80

  • Louis Rossmann
    Louis Rossmann  7 months ago +1711

    It's said that the Apple store is “A Mercedes per square foot. Probably the highest grossing retail store in history.” Maybe next time it will be someone you care about - and in that moment, they may be contributing to that mercades per square foot. Not everyone is technically savvy, and normal people do occasionally fall for this - and this aint a one time thing! Watch CBC news uncover similar issues here: Let your friends know the truth before they get screwed.

    • ACID thefurry
      ACID thefurry 11 days ago

      are ya color blind, or is it the camera?
      the green loctite is blue on screen

    • Andrew Battersby
      Andrew Battersby Month ago

      475 dollars think different lol

    • Rad Derry
      Rad Derry Month ago

      Yet people still buy crappy Apple products no mater what Apple is caught doing to their victims.
      Apple is crap in every way imaginable. Just dont buy their products and that will solve many problems very quickly. Apple will be the ones in trouble not the $ucker CON$umer.

    • AfterShock 7878
      AfterShock 7878 Month ago

      Louis Rossmann .....Is it legal to lynch people who have done you wrong there?

    • Wildgamer3001
      Wildgamer3001 2 months ago

      @psycholoner usually if its something simple like this he doesn't

  • Sound Rise
    Sound Rise 4 hours ago


    • Sound Rise
      Sound Rise 4 hours ago

      Or rather, "let your money do the talking" Probably more accurate.

  • Gubzs
    Gubzs 10 hours ago

    Apple's entire business model is convincing the technically illiterate that their inferior junk is top tier wizard tech.
    That's all it has been for years. People will never stop paying Apple because tech is too complicated for your average person to bother understanding.

  • Oie White
    Oie White 13 hours ago

    The logic board doesn't cost That much

  • MonzaRacer
    MonzaRacer Day ago

    The guy that couldn't plug it in or put the rubber on right must be,,,,,,,

  • Pumba
    Pumba Day ago

    3rd party rip off crooks

  • 1S1K
    1S1K Day ago


  • Harry Harry
    Harry Harry Day ago

    I refused to ever buy another Apple product after they forced me download updates on an IPOD touch which slowed it to unusable 10 years ago and have boycotted them ever since.

  • KageHollow
    KageHollow Day ago

    thingy :)

  • Strider
    Strider Day ago

    I actually want to throw and break my Iphone xs now...

  • Dartacus Irish warrior

    Hello Ross. I'm from Dublin in ireland been watching your videos and I'm not surprised in the slightest with apples deliberate attempts to extort money from any avenue they can. I say this because apple currently owes my country 11.2 BILLION in taxes. They set up a fictitious company in my country to act as mother company to apply in ireland, and directed all tax liability to this fictitious company. Then, they closed the company and said they are not liable for the 11.2 BILLION....the fictitious company is. For the last 4 years our country's politicians have been trying to get our taxes, but apple moved all their head of operations back to the US and we cant get them now. Their taxes rate was 2%, yes that's a total of 2% and that equates to 11.2 BILLION. Just thought you might like to know that when you're at Congress hearings. Its valuable information for showing the characteristics of apple as a company, as evidence of their attempts to deceive not only customers but also governments.

  • TheInkinJapan
    TheInkinJapan Day ago

    The Fucking Wife?

  • Legoivan44321
    Legoivan44321 2 days ago

    6:05 thats blue loctite my boi

  • Bryan Moyna
    Bryan Moyna 2 days ago

    There is a limit to the "its not the time, its the knowledge whats expensive" I know you have to charge money for what you know, but 475$ for a wrong diagnosis repair? wth?

  • The White Community
    The White Community 2 days ago

    It could have been worse, she could have needed turn signal fluid in her car 🚗 when she went in for windshield wiper replacement.

  • Maxx Fleischer
    Maxx Fleischer 2 days ago

    I have been repairing electronics for over 50 years. Nothing new here. I have seen decades of dealer manufacturer over pricing.

  • Liam Barnett
    Liam Barnett 2 days ago

    they will have KPI's and that's how they are promoted.

  • Windows Alternative
    Windows Alternative 2 days ago

    Louis Rossmann I believe this video is proof, evidence of Apple trying something shady here and proof of this company's shady business practices!

    • Windows Alternative
      Windows Alternative 2 days ago

      People should build their own computers and use tablets instead of laptops for everything else, it's not that hard to build now a days and RUclip is loaded with build guide videos! Screw MAC!!! LOL

  • SuperMarway
    SuperMarway 2 days ago

    It's the customers who should stop fucking buying their products.

  • effected.
    effected. 2 days ago

    yet everyone keeps buying their products .

  • Joske
    Joske 2 days ago

    Apple genius bar ?? more like Apple idiots bar

  • Mingishere
    Mingishere 3 days ago

    how stupid this apple customer services is.. i hope steve jobs still alive and smack those idiots in his company

  • Kage yama
    Kage yama 4 days ago

    No wonder they made a trillion and are now the richest company in the world.. Theres a ton of people like the lady over there that would probably fall for this and would/have paid all that money.

  • Ricky Pann
    Ricky Pann 5 days ago

    Loving your Chanel mate.. Once walked into an Apple Store here in Aus.. Just wanted some software to fix my macbook (A replacement CD) .'ll have to speak to the Genius...Im an electrical engineer. Had to wait.. finally spoke to a pimly hipster and asked him.. Genius aye? Cured Cancer today? Dont you feel stupid being coined a Genius? Isnt that sign an insult to the hhe genius of humanity?...Listen ,gimme my CD, i'm not paying for it. What an offensive term that pisses on the leg of true genius..

  • genome616
    genome616 5 days ago

    Isn't it the case though the repairer could say a new logic with a quote, they send out the new board and the repairer pockets the logic board, plugs the battery back in and gets paid his normal commission... just because he doesn't see $400 bucks in actual cash doesn't mean he isn't scamming both Apple and the customer.

  • Atlas S
    Atlas S 5 days ago

    I have brought several items into the Apple store, In Cupertino mind you including the store at Apple headquarters, never have they been able to properly diagnose the problems accurately nor ever fix any of them. I had one Genius, oh I mean IDIOT, take it on his own to factory restart my computer and wipe out it's memory then ask me if i had it backed up. Even in silicone Valley and at the headquarters they cant do their job right. I went to a privately own repair place and they figured out all of the issues issues right away and most of the time they were able to repair it no problem.

  • Home Alone Gaming
    Home Alone Gaming 5 days ago

    really no difference between apple and the cartel. my guess is the human cost is pretty similar if you deep dive into the sociological data

  • Mike P
    Mike P 5 days ago +1

    How on earth can a pin become 'bent' (as quoted by Apple) if the case had never been removed prior to Apple dismantling it?

    • Olivier Dols
      Olivier Dols 17 hours ago

      they probably tried to do something and messed .

  • Peter Chow
    Peter Chow 6 days ago

    confirms my decision is right not to use an Apple product.

  • Eddie Eda
    Eddie Eda 6 days ago

    THere's a reason why apple doesn't want huwaei competition.

  • legalizeit1983
    legalizeit1983 6 days ago

    Never knew macs had so many thingys lol

  • Joseph Roland
    Joseph Roland 6 days ago

    Lol..PP Bus

  • Elio Rose
    Elio Rose 7 days ago

    Shame on Apple for training their employees to be snakes, then letting them take the heat from angry customers. On the other hand, I kinda don't feel bad for Apple customers. You already over paid for these things once, why are you surprised they treat you like a fool every time you come back?
    As a consumer you should also do your part to research the stuff you're buying and compare it to what else is available. It's not a small purchase when you're talking about a laptop that costs more than two desktops but is only half as good as one, or when you pay an extra $400~$500 for a phone that doesn't do anything different from most other phones on the market. You kinda get what you deserve up front, but being taken advantage of when your expensive product needs a repair (or even just a simple fix) is a foul level of greed that shouldn't even exist.

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0 7 days ago

    They aren’t called crApple for no reason

  • Jake Thaiman
    Jake Thaiman 7 days ago

    I have known that APPLE corp. is a rip-off scam when Louis was in 1st grade.... because I built computers. *** I JUST WISH THAT BILL GATES HAD NOT SAVED APPLE - with that $250 MILLION check that he gave them...... to keep them alive. Apple is a cunt company, and Steve Jobs ( who got fired from Apple 2 or 3 times ) was the world's biggest cunt....... Good riddance to jobs....... and it's too bad that Apple lives today.......... the world would be a better place without those rip-off scum. Foxconn makes the shittiest lowest quality computer junk in the world. That's apple....... junk that the CULT will beg to pay triple it's value. Cult of apple.

  • Gryphyn Alvàréz
    Gryphyn Alvàréz 8 days ago

    Louis trashing his own store lmao... Luv this guy!

  • Shaw zhang
    Shaw zhang 9 days ago

    people at genius bar are not technician at all. if they can't fix things with there macbook, your phone should be totaled in their perspective.

  • Fnatte Anka
    Fnatte Anka 9 days ago

    Apple is outright scamming customers

  • Rhyas9
    Rhyas9 9 days ago

    I don't know of people who would put their rubber on in a "U" position. It just sounds like a bad time.

  • nipi tiri
    nipi tiri 10 days ago

    "Hopefully those two mistakes balance eachother out." rofl

  • nipi tiri
    nipi tiri 10 days ago

    pin is bent = replace the whole board (facepalm)

  • Jeseph Willis
    Jeseph Willis 11 days ago

    Hope she bought a PC after this whole debacle . 🙄
    PC Is best way to go

  • Jeseph Willis
    Jeseph Willis 11 days ago +1

    It's because they're not geniuses, they're just trained to sell replacements. They don't know how to repair anything.

  • Fufner Keywheel
    Fufner Keywheel 11 days ago


  • Benjamin Scherrey
    Benjamin Scherrey 13 days ago

    Perhaps the "Genius" keeps the working "broken" board and sells it outside later? Sometimes people are pretty sneaky and underhanded.

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    I honestly wonder how many dislikes are from apple employees ... specifically the "Geniuses" at the bar.

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    F U C K APPLE.

  • paujjay
    paujjay 14 days ago

    Apple now has $210.6 billion in cash on hand.

  • m G
    m G 15 days ago

    They did same to my mic, they said it didn’t work, and because the machine was over 7 years old was cheaper to get a new computer, when I opened it with the idea the machine was trash, I found the mic was not plugged at all.

  • Derek Dodson
    Derek Dodson 15 days ago

    Keep up the good work Louis.

  • Eliezer Ortiz Levante
    Eliezer Ortiz Levante 16 days ago

    Rossman Group OCD

  • XOX
    XOX 17 days ago +1

    I hope someone can go into an Apple store and play this youtube video on all the macs there on the loudest volume

  • Brandon Mueller
    Brandon Mueller 17 days ago

    It sounds to me like Apple's solution for every repair of a Macbook is to replace a major component and charge a ton for it rather than to actually live up to the term "genius bar" and fix something.

  • ArduinoGuru
    ArduinoGuru 17 days ago

    Tech Jesus .

  • Mickey Gmx
    Mickey Gmx 17 days ago

    Why people buying apple crappy products ??

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson 18 days ago


  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller 19 days ago

    Just some fyi. That "Thingie" on the batt connector is called either the CPA or TPA. Connector position assurance or terminal position assurance.

  • Khai Marrotte
    Khai Marrotte 19 days ago

    What the video that Louis got called by apple?

  • Jay Strock
    Jay Strock 19 days ago

    Dude, you could get a job at Apple and straighten their mess out?

  • Demetrius Ford
    Demetrius Ford 19 days ago

    I'm tired of apple products honestly I wish I would have stayed loyal to android 💀😂

  • Jiva Das
    Jiva Das 20 days ago

    The Toronto Star once did a car-repair survey, creating a defective spark plug. Repair costs ranged from $200.00 (at Jim Pattison, a major dealer) to $2,00 (by a local gas station). That was 40 years ago, this is today. Different crooks, same game.

  • Rachel Light
    Rachel Light 20 days ago

    Thanks for letting everyone who thinking of getting one of these devices know how much "Ebenezer Scrooge" Apple is. They seem to be like this with all their devices they sell.

  • Imran Lateef
    Imran Lateef 20 days ago

    Louis: Common sense?

    Apple: We took that un-used feature out in our previous update.

  • Toxic Tears
    Toxic Tears 21 day ago

    It seems to me that Apple's plan is to make expensive disposable computers, I hate Apple and their crap

  • NetTubeUser
    NetTubeUser 22 days ago

    9:02 -- This is exactly it! Well said.

  • Robert Ridley
    Robert Ridley 22 days ago

    its very clear apple take these laptops phone etc out the back fuck around with them then come back bullshit there customers and try and rip them off simple as that i think where theres money there will be greedy currupt people...... apple shame on you android all the way

  • randomhalofan292
    randomhalofan292 22 days ago

    Apple sucks buy pc's people!

    • Bob's Wrigles
      Bob's Wrigles 18 days ago

      You may regret making that statement, I've just "updated" to Win10 build 1909 and to be honest it kinda sucks, it actually(not literally) changed everything, except my old favourite classic Win 95 appearance desktop.
      It now integrates MS One Drive as part of my file system layout, changed every password for me(mine weren't good enough?), declassified me to administrator of nothing(still said I was administrator), It integrated my AVG antivirus to run on top of Windows Defender, instead of in place of, on day one I couldn't open anything, not even photos(which are now shown as folder icons) without 2 alarm sets going off.
      After a week of rearrangement I now have control of my PC as an administrator, but I still cannot access some areas, it slams up a card saying I don't have clearance to access file, please refer to my IT administrator?, who me?, in my house? That's me isn't it?
      No doubt I'll figure it out eventually, but it was a real culture shock, who knows how anyone without even basic computer skills will figure it out, but I suppose that's what Microsoft (paid for)Tech Support is for?

  • keygoshima
    keygoshima 23 days ago

    When he said "This is not the way you put a rubber on" I died.

  • Woofy
    Woofy 23 days ago +1

    Genius bar more like Scam bar

  • Jonathan M. Oller Jr.
    Jonathan M. Oller Jr. 24 days ago

    Apple genius: You have bent pin that connects the battery to the board.
    satan: yes! Yes!!!!
    Apple genius: That should be the logic board and it cost $475.
    satan: WTF!?!?

  • adrian collette
    adrian collette 24 days ago

    Like the bible says, don’t touch apple. Fuck em.

  • rebl vln
    rebl vln 24 days ago

    Apple products could spit acid and people would still buy them lol

    I still did I have the iphone 8 lol

  • Azem Cancarevic
    Azem Cancarevic 25 days ago

    Apple has good products. But one of the biggest reason i dont buy a thing from them ia the greed and like with that laptop.....scammers

  • Ken Tichy
    Ken Tichy 25 days ago

    Apple is a DISGUSTING company. That's the reason I NEVER buy anything from them. Not even a gift for someone else. They're all about control and overcharging. The audacity Steve Jobs displayed when he accused people of holding the iPhone wrong when they shorted Apple's stupid design of an antenna pretty much said everything you need to know about Apple.

  • 1spongeygit
    1spongeygit 25 days ago

    Louis, could you please recommend a lap top that my brother could buy, to use for amateur photography! I have had an apple imac for the past 6 years and it is the only time i have enjoyed computers without viruses! I do hate the way Apple are trying to prevent their machines from being worked on though! What would you recommend? thankyou very much! Mike.

  • U P
    U P 25 days ago

    Genius Bar are the biggest scammers!!

  • osa2112
    osa2112 25 days ago

    Dang thingies !

  • Carlos
    Carlos 25 days ago

    what if the man from the apple store actually tried to plug the connector out and plug it back in, and by doing so it didn't really go all the way through? that would mean the original problem of not charging as fast as it would before had nothing to do with the plug being connected or not meaning the thing is still not charging right

  • VaChiee Music
    VaChiee Music 26 days ago

    not all heros wear capes

  • jake sarms
    jake sarms 26 days ago

    Apple genius told me my iPhone 7 needed a new port . I bought a battery/ tool kit , and my 11 year old changed it, and it worked . Milwaukee Wisconsin Apple store sux.