IT 2 Final Trailer (2019)

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • Official It: Chapter Two Movie Trailer 2 2019 | Subscribe ➤ | Bill Skarsgård Movie Trailer | Release: 6 Sep 2019 | More
    Because every 27 years evil revisits the town of Derry, Maine, it chapter two brings the chapters - who've long since gone their separate ways - back together as adults, nearly three decades after the events of the first film.
    It: Chapter 2 (2019) is the new horror movie starring Bill Skarsgård, James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain.
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  • Luna Vexa
    Luna Vexa 11 hours ago +1

    I came for the trailer and stayed for James McAvoy

  • Andre Animations
    Andre Animations 11 hours ago

    where is stanley I demand answers

  • Malak
    Malak 14 hours ago

    1:58 u lied and I died ):

  • Qamar Arif
    Qamar Arif 17 hours ago

    these kfc commercials are getting out of hand

  • All Joy
    All Joy 17 hours ago

    SK , IT has incredible morals and values. It's interesting how he explores the different themes, like self -image(fat guy), relationships with parents(bev) and forgiving ourselves ( the death of his brother), fear and not able to take chances(the scared guy with asthma) , team work. SK is truly a master of his trade and the movie was incredible, it delivered 100%, the sound and music and dramatic scenes were fabulous. Well done. I enjoyed.

  • S E R K A N
    S E R K A N 20 hours ago

    Vay amk

  • Sicketys YT
    Sicketys YT 22 hours ago

    Recommend squad?

    And also Bill Skårsgard did a Great job

  • squid. whore/
    squid. whore/ Day ago

    What's the outro song name.

  • Noob Moob
    Noob Moob Day ago

    Niceeeeeeee ;)

  • genius Boi
    genius Boi Day ago

    Lol this made me poop my pants did like to die

  • Arnel Gabon
    Arnel Gabon Day ago

    Granny Chapter 2 added Grandpa
    It Chapter 2 Added Goergie 😇😂😃😉

  • KC Balingit
    KC Balingit Day ago

    Thats acually a good remix of it

  • Stone Heads Group

    I watched the film today and I just noticed that Georgie's actor sounds so different. Obviously I know it's because that was two years ago.

  • Tajana Taci
    Tajana Taci 2 days ago

    Scarier then the first one

  • Bowen Bradley
    Bowen Bradley 2 days ago

    These McDonald’s commercials are gettin wild my boi Ronald on crack lookin ass

  • Yaqub Satti
    Yaqub Satti 2 days ago


  • Adrian Geloso
    Adrian Geloso 2 days ago

    1:19 Best Ahegao face i've ever seen

  • Porscha Peel
    Porscha Peel 2 days ago


    BOD4 SNIPER 2 days ago

    These McDonalds commercials are getting out of hand

  • Grampa George
    Grampa George 2 days ago


  • AffesTv .O
    AffesTv .O 2 days ago

    asså dina videor är bäst, dom är bra roliga läskiga och ibland är dom spännande. fortsätt med det du gör för du rockar

  • Race10 ftw
    Race10 ftw 2 days ago +4

    These McDonald’s commercials are getting out of hand

  • Deadwise
    Deadwise 2 days ago

    My horror movie I like

  • margarina tv
    margarina tv 2 days ago

    I see this fil im cinema

  • Lynn Robertson
    Lynn Robertson 2 days ago

    I'm sorry guys but it looks just as stupid as the last one they just had out😂😂. I'm sorry but these movies aren't anything compared to the old IT Movies those were the best!Better actors, better story

  • Emrah Softic
    Emrah Softic 2 days ago


  • Stefany FA
    Stefany FA 3 days ago +8

    IT Chapter 2 (2019) film Available ~
    I enjoyed this movie very much! It stayed true to stephan kings uniquness. This movie was ruthless, funny and at times jumpy.

  • marlene fromthesunside

    I‘ve dreamed the Wohle fucking night of pennywise

  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha 3 days ago

    Its like soo cooooool movie I want to see it so hard

  • Jagged wolf
    Jagged wolf 3 days ago

    Idc what nobody says I just got done watching It. And It was one of the scariest movies I saw and ages and the graphics was magnificient

  • 메이플충
    메이플충 3 days ago

    keithape:It....g ma!

    XOTIC XOTIC 3 days ago


  • byAvaaR
    byAvaaR 3 days ago

    If you are Here to get to know if this is worth Watching: Yes, its much better than the first chapter from 2017. can only recommend it

  • Thelichking Playz
    Thelichking Playz 3 days ago +2

    1:56 to 2:02
    George:you lied and I died
    I feel like sometimes his anger can defeat pennywise

  • Nightcore Roblox
    Nightcore Roblox 3 days ago +1

    Hm, he sounds like winnie the pooh bear, anyone agree? LMAO

  • shyxkate
    shyxkate 3 days ago

    Omfg I'm watch it!

  • Elanur Firat
    Elanur Firat 3 days ago

    *becomes horny*
    its a joke ._.

  • Elanur Firat
    Elanur Firat 3 days ago

    god damn i need to watch this now

  • Rawaz Barzinji
    Rawaz Barzinji 3 days ago

    Lol this is scary

  • Random Gamrs #live Pedersen

    2:16 me when someone tocuhes my pizza roll

  • Jonah Brewer
    Jonah Brewer 3 days ago

    doesnt pennywise sound like mf elmo???

  • pixi star
    pixi star 3 days ago

    İt oğlu it -,-

  • Ricky Hawlen
    Ricky Hawlen 3 days ago +1

    The ending of the movie made me cry inside. Also the bathtub scene.

  • kreziax
    kreziax 3 days ago +1


  • Billoli
    Billoli 3 days ago +5

    Just saw the movie. I recommend it

  • Devon De kooker
    Devon De kooker 3 days ago


  • Dusty Zone
    Dusty Zone 3 days ago

    On sep 6 you'll float too

  • Harold
    Harold 4 days ago

    Lol we sneaker into the film because they wont let us tru

  • Xandy Gatrello
    Xandy Gatrello 4 days ago +1

    Is the beginning when Henry Bowers fell down the well and Pennywise was waiting for him because he wanted to use henry?

  • Ddd D’e
    Ddd D’e 4 days ago

    Bonjour ii

  • Nia Douglas
    Nia Douglas 4 days ago


  • Precious Diamond
    Precious Diamond 4 days ago

    His laugh is sexy

  • The Bednarchuk Family

    Penny wise = winni the pooh

  • Hakan Boyutu
    Hakan Boyutu 4 days ago +1


  • Jacob Cook
    Jacob Cook 4 days ago

    worst movie I ever seen in my life if you haven't seen it yet do not waste your money do not waste your time worst movie ever

  • Julian Loidl
    Julian Loidl 4 days ago

    Would be awesome if at the end the original Prue, Phoebe and Piper showed up and took care of this asshole with like one epic spell..

  • 》Stacy The Wøłf 《

    Eddie and Stanley died. And richie gai

  • Labe Chastain
    Labe Chastain 4 days ago


  • Ghost YT
    Ghost YT 4 days ago

    Me and my friend get 3rd partied on final circle
    I get knocked down

    The dead opponent had a legendary scar but i said my teammate to revive me then pick the scar

    My teammate revives me and i stole the scar

    While arguing my teammate gets double heavy sniped

    My teammate:You lied,i died

  • jurrr Games
    jurrr Games 4 days ago

    This is one piece of real craftmanship