Canton Spirituals Full Performance@Harvey Watkin's Tribute

  • Published on Oct 6, 2017
  • Harvey Watkins Tribute Atlanta Ga, 9/30/2017
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  • Ethel Brooks
    Ethel Brooks 13 days ago

    Play that guitar that band is Anointed praise the Lord

  • kanyita kanyita
    kanyita kanyita 22 days ago


  • Carolyn Wilson
    Carolyn Wilson 3 months ago

    What has Harvey done? Is he still with the original cantons.Bad guitar player but they hang with the originals.

  • Amacio Favor
    Amacio Favor 4 months ago +2

    Harvey Jr and Al Green are my top two fav singers of all time... I hope to actually tell them in person one day... singers can dream right?

  • Joshua Miller Knight
    Joshua Miller Knight 5 months ago +2

    Funny Seeing Rance Allen in this video he just went on to be with the Lord on Halloween

  • Raheem Johnson
    Raheem Johnson 5 months ago +4

    Rip Pastor Shawn Jones 😢 Im Depending On You
    Rip Bishop Rance Allen 😢 Something About The Name Jesus
    Gone too Soon Rest Well Sirs Gods Got You in His Care

  • Terrica Thierry
    Terrica Thierry 5 months ago +1

    This was the worse recording ever! If you are going to upload stop talking and record! Too much movement!!!

  • LeVar Leggett
    LeVar Leggett Year ago +5

    I miss Harvey's voice.

    • Truthing & Trolling
      Truthing & Trolling 7 months ago +2

      JusTTeacH time to hang it up? Are you that simple-minded? Did you hear the song Rance jumped in on? That was worth the whole night and it doesn’t happen if Harvey hung it up...nor the testimonies shared in the way they were. You need to hang up your opinions and realize these people and their work isn’t for being laid at your feet. It’s for many who are still appreciative. ✌🏾

    • JusTTeacH
      JusTTeacH 11 months ago +1

      Levar Leggett this is hard to watch, time to hang it up

  • Jairmee. B
    Jairmee. B Year ago +1

    Boy betta play that guitar that’s all i know!!!!

  • Jason Beale
    Jason Beale Year ago +2


  • Wayne Harris
    Wayne Harris Year ago +7

    Rod Jones is armed and Dangerous on THAT guitar

  • celeste matthews
    celeste matthews Year ago +17

    I love the Canton spirituals but I would love to see Harvey Watkins JR. reunite with the original members. Dwanye Watkins and Victor Allen AGAIN.

  • packermoney07
    packermoney07 Year ago +3

    @3:58 Heavenly Choir... Ok Rodddddd

  • packermoney07
    packermoney07 Year ago +4

    Play that Guitar young man!!! yes sir!!!!!

  • Matthew Webster
    Matthew Webster 3 years ago +1

    49:05 to the benediction that Grove or song peace...the sound is very anointing....i like be bless y'all

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans 3 years ago +5

    RIP Shawn Jones! Sangin the daylights out of this song!

  • QuartetSinging SouthCarolina

    Come on Harvey💪💪💪 u def was in this house

  • RenewedTv
    RenewedTv 3 years ago

    Good Morning, I would like to know if you could upload our Music Video to your page

  • Lamar Taylor
    Lamar Taylor 3 years ago +8

    Gotta Love these Annoited Group of fellas 🎶 🎸

  • Darnell Veal
    Darnell Veal 3 years ago +9

    I love these guys they are so professional

  • Dylan Dad
    Dylan Dad 3 years ago

    Do anyone know the young man name who had cancer

  • Jack V224
    Jack V224 3 years ago +4

    You better play that guitar boy

  • Mr. Mention 803
    Mr. Mention 803 3 years ago +25

    Still my favorite quartet group hands down

  • Lydia Tessler
    Lydia Tessler 3 years ago +8

    Can you sing yourself. You negatives are so rude.

  • Dre Clayton
    Dre Clayton 3 years ago +5

    Honestly he need to get another leader to sing cause his voice isn’t the same anymore it’s like he forces the song instead of letting it sound natural

    • Carolyn Wilson
      Carolyn Wilson 3 months ago

      Harry needs to hang it up. He can't sing like he used to. Get another leader.I still love you. God Bless.

    • Paul Washington
      Paul Washington 2 years ago +6

      When been through what has gone through, you can appreciate why he still sings. He was worse than this and he was healed enuff to sing and testify of His goodness! We all still enjoy him. He doing fine bruh!

    • The Prophet
      The Prophet 2 years ago +6

      As long as he can hum i wont him leadin a song....the man is annointed period!

  • Rev.Clarence Mosley
    Rev.Clarence Mosley 3 years ago

    Whatz the Young Lady Name that Sang Backup for Beyoncé @

  • Mary Humphrey
    Mary Humphrey 3 years ago +13

    Play rod. You good with that guitar 🎸

  • Brandon Belcher
    Brandon Belcher 3 years ago +15

    That Band So Tight!

  • Jazzy2015
    Jazzy2015 3 years ago +10

    Yall betta play!!!!

  • mzv jackson
    mzv jackson 3 years ago +8

    Harvey always pretends like he going to sing heavenly choir but he doesn't. I know that he has the speech condition but he can just talk through it. The interview is called talk of the town. And to all the ones who think I am negative and Can I sing. I sure can't and I am not saying that I can. But I should be able to voice whether I miss the old way he was.

      DJ SHY BOOGIE 3 years ago

      Billy Sings it now

    • mzv jackson
      mzv jackson 3 years ago

      I am sorry I forgot his name. But he did an interview with Harvey and he is not new to the industry. He meaning the guy who has been doing pops songs. He and Harvey initiated an appreciation program for lee Wiliams along with pastor Tim rogers and the fellas. Search you should be able to locate it. Paul porter been helping Harvey out with a lot of the lead songs. Paul porter has been around a long time time as well and he is featured in several gospel songs with other artists.

    • Dylan Dad
      Dylan Dad 3 years ago

      mzv jackson what is the young man names who is singing