10HP Mini Quad THRASH + Top Speed Test!

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • We put a Tillotson 10HP 212cc engine on the smallest four wheeler we've ever seen, and it's a total death trap! Ike takes the quad off road, does wheelies, and we do some top speed runs. It's top speed is relatively low, but it feels very fast because it's so light!
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  • Bobby Wallace
    Bobby Wallace 3 hours ago

    Make the swing arm longer

  • jeannine ambrosi
    jeannine ambrosi 3 days ago


  • David McManus
    David McManus 7 days ago

    How about footpegs on front bumper shift more weight forward.?

  • Keven Berthiaume
    Keven Berthiaume 11 days ago

    What is the motor

  • Katterina Landicho
    Katterina Landicho 13 days ago


  • Steven Kuehn
    Steven Kuehn 14 days ago


  • Austin Shephard
    Austin Shephard 14 days ago

    I can’t remember what their called tho/junk 😂

  • Mario Carstea
    Mario Carstea 15 days ago


  • Mario Carstea
    Mario Carstea 15 days ago

    I șelf?

  • Anonymous K.O.P 00007
    Anonymous K.O.P 00007 16 days ago

    You look like the mayor of the Grinch

  • Tabasco Sweet77
    Tabasco Sweet77 16 days ago

    What do you use for the speedometer

  • Eric Mullinax
    Eric Mullinax 17 days ago

    Can I have it

  • Waylon Thompson
    Waylon Thompson 17 days ago

    Put the 900 Ducati motor in it

  • Rick Ramirez
    Rick Ramirez 18 days ago

    Raise the handle bars higher put better seat and it will be perfect good job partners

  • MikeZ32TT
    MikeZ32TT 18 days ago

    Lol at the start clip.

  • Brothers On Woods
    Brothers On Woods 19 days ago

    excellent :')

  • kevin auman
    kevin auman 19 days ago

    Ohhh gawd this thing rocks lmao show up to a dice run with this bad boy hahaha

  • Brad Sanson
    Brad Sanson 19 days ago

    Make a remote control out of it.

  • LIL lasagna
    LIL lasagna 19 days ago

    You should name this quad the grave digger because it will get you in a grave when you go to fast and it digs the grave for you

  • Kristaps Jānis Zīmelis

    The chain is loose

  • Raymond Johnson
    Raymond Johnson 20 days ago

    Your thinking of a golf harlequin.

  • jerry tindall
    jerry tindall 20 days ago


  • jerry tindall
    jerry tindall 20 days ago


  • Aaron Long
    Aaron Long 20 days ago

    3:43 voice track

  • Thomas Mcdougall
    Thomas Mcdougall 20 days ago +1

    You can all ready buy this junk in the UK youtube

  • Jaffer M.
    Jaffer M. 20 days ago

    Make it a drag ate like the old mini bike... put a wheelie bar on it, and put some super wide slicks on it

  • Octavio Olivas
    Octavio Olivas 20 days ago


  • Brice Hale
    Brice Hale 20 days ago

    😂haveing some fun

  • Jaka Hribersek
    Jaka Hribersek 21 day ago

    Can you put 450cc engine on

  • superhoggbike
    superhoggbike 21 day ago +2

    you did this silly thing and won't do a 2 stroke go kart.. lame

  • Lindsey Turner
    Lindsey Turner 21 day ago

    I WANT the l title quad

  • sdk enclosures
    sdk enclosures 21 day ago

    Turn it into a hill climber and extend the rear arm add suspension

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 21 day ago

    This video showed up on my playlist I'm guessing because I watch a lot of ATV content. Not into mini bikes ect but I must say this is cool. Agree with below as a person that races ATVs. Extend swingarm and a little bigger tire and that is rideable and goes from neat/quirky to hours of fun.

  • qubahka
    qubahka 21 day ago +1

    make it into a 1/5 scale radio controlled off road truck. thats where it becomes fast and fun.

  • nate kennison
    nate kennison 22 days ago

    Just widen the wheelbase then extend the bars to make it a standing quad. like a chariot.

  • Moto Tech Tips
    Moto Tech Tips 22 days ago

    This video got me excited for summer.

  • JP Leger
    JP Leger 22 days ago

    Widen it, extend it, and a smaller rear pulley

  • Anthony Aponte
    Anthony Aponte 22 days ago

    Dud I want that

  • Florin Mertic
    Florin Mertic 22 days ago

    That motor has a turbo?=))

  • Bubba Gilstrap
    Bubba Gilstrap 22 days ago

    Bigger tires on the back

  • FIB
    FIB 22 days ago

    Make the swingarm 2 times the lengt of the quad

  • Bum
    Bum 22 days ago

    i knew issacs namme but i didnt know johns name until this

  • curt
    curt 23 days ago

    Loads of ideas for something like that.... Move whole rear axle back (extended swing arm type thing), some sort of rear mud guards, lower tooth sprocket, go all out on the carb tuning (jet drill, porting) see if you can get it to rolling burn out

  • Albert Jenkins
    Albert Jenkins 23 days ago

    Use header wrap on the pipe to take the heat twards the back of the pipe an muffler! Will help!

  • James Webster
    James Webster 23 days ago

    I want to buy it

  • George Michael
    George Michael 23 days ago

    John relax your body language looks like your worried about your image you look cool you lost some weight don't worrie about it!!

  • Skyline and Things
    Skyline and Things 23 days ago

    Time to build a burn out go cart

  • Just Braaap It
    Just Braaap It 23 days ago

    That chain look a lil tight to bud.

  • Nickalie Hulmer
    Nickalie Hulmer 23 days ago

    can you guys cars and cameras chain drive that black lawnmower or probably you can't try anyways, and see if its more worse than this 10hp mini quad :D

  • David Crisler
    David Crisler 23 days ago

    can you say wheelie bars?

  • apollo robb
    apollo robb 23 days ago

    Slow and Sketch AF

  • Rob Disco
    Rob Disco 23 days ago

    lol hes always in dad mode...lol...but i understand

  • Hunter A
    Hunter A 23 days ago

    I wish I had that to ride around it looks fun

  • Dj Hubbel
    Dj Hubbel 23 days ago

    Lengthen the wheel base, make it a drag ATV!

    QUAD LOG 23 days ago

    1 make it longer gear for more speed spring mount the seat yerf dog style springs in front soft as you can find . i have almost the same frame had front and rear springs solid mounted the rear and put a 50cc scooter motor on it but the 25 or whatever chain keeps snapping my razer street bike i moded to fit a 43cc scooter motor was good for 35 mph ish had someone chase me

  • Bvekfast
    Bvekfast 23 days ago

    Some mudguards could solve it shutting off because the airfilter gets glogged from the mud

  • CallMeDaddy420
    CallMeDaddy420 24 days ago

    A tracked vehicle would be awesome!

  • Rob Davis
    Rob Davis 24 days ago

    Bigger rear wheels. Im always doing special projects. Considering my old 428 dixon as one. Easy rear mount engine to a live axle. Would have to redo the front steering. Nice big captains chair lol.

  • Go kart Madness
    Go kart Madness 24 days ago

    Imagine how crazy a 670cc predator would be on that lol

  • Chris Prather
    Chris Prather 24 days ago

    Put axle paddles on it please

  • Jared Stevenson
    Jared Stevenson 24 days ago

    With No suspension, that should be bound to the supermarket

  • Connor Quinn
    Connor Quinn 24 days ago

    you guys need to get those super knobby tires that are made for snow blowers for that 4wheeler. They would look and perform awesome.

  • Michael Mezey
    Michael Mezey 24 days ago

    Longer and wider with bigger tires

  • Fatal Lawn Drift
    Fatal Lawn Drift 25 days ago

    I have a Bar Stool kart I built with about the same footprint as this using a 6hp, but I'm sitting on a barstool up high, I had go kart wets on it, to much traction, I put the slicks on it all round and it's useable, you guys need Slicks on it all round and then you guys will have fun with it on the grass!

  • Antoine Marois
    Antoine Marois 25 days ago +1

    Make a Ducarti dragster with the Ducati engine

  • RaGe_Blunt -
    RaGe_Blunt - 25 days ago

    Good bud plug vehicle

  • Brian Goscinak
    Brian Goscinak 25 days ago

    Laughed when I saw the neck brace. Spit out my drink when I seen the back brace lol

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 25 days ago +1

    Why dont you guys just extend the wheel base and reinforce it? It would give you the room you need an give you more space for adjustments.

    • Jose Perez
      Jose Perez 25 days ago +1

      Side note: proper suspension is obviously needed but a wheelie bar would definitely help aswell (also obvious)

  • JJ78n
    JJ78n 25 days ago

    I say make it a radio controlled car.

  • Joshua Western
    Joshua Western 25 days ago

    Clean that tip and lube it up geezers. Poop welds

  • BJ Jongejan
    BJ Jongejan 25 days ago

    Extend the wheelbase and make the foot boards come out wider

  • Andy
    Andy 25 days ago

    I do remember Volkswagen doing the polo 6n and mk3 golf in harlequin, that had 4 different colours

  • john newman
    john newman 25 days ago

    Sorry but that thing is kind of useless

  • Ryry Boyle
    Ryry Boyle 25 days ago

    Everyone is saying to make it bigger n wider but i think you guys should find a kid that would respect and appreciate it and give it to them my 7 year old rides a 2019 crf50 and the look on his face when riding it wide open at 30mph or so is priceless...... turn that throttle down and give it to a kid

  • Big N Little Outdoors
    Big N Little Outdoors 26 days ago

    I think it would be cool to bild a pride handycap scooter let's see what you got

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G 26 days ago

    He did it for dales brother.lol👍

  • Keaton's carlott
    Keaton's carlott 26 days ago

    Just bought header wrap 2" x 40ft for 3$ on ebay

  • Nathan Gibson
    Nathan Gibson 26 days ago

    I'm not a smart man, but I know what mud is... In the Gump voice.

  • Lope Mugga
    Lope Mugga 26 days ago

    Add slicks

  • Wayne SuckIT
    Wayne SuckIT 26 days ago

    Epic builds guys much love from new zealand, u should totally make it remote control. 1. Totally different 2. Think of the possibilities 3. Do it. 🤙

  • Derek Petit Homme
    Derek Petit Homme 26 days ago

    can i have it

  • Jakob Martino
    Jakob Martino 26 days ago

    That things freakin sweet!

  • saint5367
    saint5367 26 days ago

    Old style tractor seat would look cool on it

  • thenaaks
    thenaaks 26 days ago

    Don't park it! I think you should extend the frame a bit, and add some bigger wheels and tires with a little offset to give more track width. Run the tires at a lower psi to help absorb bumps instead of doing a complicated suspension.

    FUNNY FUDGE MAN 26 days ago

    Put a smaller rear sprocket on it

  • Jaron Lehman
    Jaron Lehman 26 days ago

    What if you put some kind of foot pegs out front?

  • Lee Sutton
    Lee Sutton 26 days ago

    U guys should build a go-cart from a shopping cart

  • Earron simpkins
    Earron simpkins 26 days ago

    sell it to me for a 100$

  • J Reese
    J Reese 26 days ago

    Even before you got stuck I was thinking put some pegs off the front to stretch out your legs and rest your feet on

  • Damon Cottle
    Damon Cottle 26 days ago

    Extend the swing arm and put a smaller rear sprocket and bigger front sprocket for more top end it has lots of torque stretch the gearing out more!!!

  • Jarrett Beier
    Jarrett Beier 26 days ago

    VW Harlequin

  • Olive Keys Global
    Olive Keys Global 26 days ago


    NASTYGREEN_THE_F150 26 days ago

    Make it 4 wheel drive

  • SLAV willis Almera
    SLAV willis Almera 26 days ago

    Cool little quad but it needs bigger tyres or dual tyres two on each side (4 at back ) should help it travel better offroad 👍 good job guys

  • meetn2veg
    meetn2veg 26 days ago

    Haha!!! Brilliant! One last mod you guys Really Need to do ... either put some padding around the fuel tank, or else put padding around your nuts & bolt.

  • mark grissom
    mark grissom 26 days ago

    of cores you can dislike what you make. Its the best reason to do anthrone build

  • EvHexRC 1
    EvHexRC 1 26 days ago +1

    You wanted us to come up with ideas for you to do...
    1) put a Honda GCV160 5.5hp engine from a MOWER(yes, vertical shaft- all you have to do is rotate the carb/intake/relocate gas tank) onto a bicycle
    2) put a Honda gcv160 5.5 vertical shaft engine from a mower onto a go kart
    3) put a chainsaw engine or weed eater engine on a longboard
    4) make a dual predator 212 powered tandem bicycle (that way you don’t have to “rockpaperscissors” for who gets to ride first)
    5) swap some of the predator 212’s you have on your builds with predator 420’s
    ***note: the Honda mower engines are things you can easily get for free on Craigslist. I have one that I’m happy to do a project with you guys if you want. I live in NC probably under an hour away from you guys and have major ties with Elon. I emailed you and you never responded:(

  • tyler abbott
    tyler abbott 26 days ago

    Golf kart tires

  • Duct tape and Radials
    Duct tape and Radials 26 days ago

    Smaller rear sprocket bigger front sprocket

  • hardnockz forlife
    hardnockz forlife 26 days ago

    stretch it ! stretch it~!