• Published on Mar 24, 2019
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  • Mazda Frik
    Mazda Frik 19 days ago

    Make a mini Leroy out of it

    FSU RACING NETWORK 21 day ago

    Remove the passenger air bag! Find a 96-00 ek Cx dash tray (those didnt came with passenger air bags )

  • RPF Garage
    RPF Garage 21 day ago

    he is getting a body kit i can tell you that rn wide body or fuck you!

  • nickrounsaville
    nickrounsaville 22 days ago

    That SR20 dude also sounds like a bitch.

  • nickrounsaville
    nickrounsaville 22 days ago


  • J Pichardo
    J Pichardo 26 days ago

    You never did a tryin to blow up the ricer miata part 3 since you got the likes from the part 2 video but never did it so hopefully you please do it for us as the fans.
    All you got to do is go with roberto, look up some super cheap miatas on Craigslist, buy it, take it and beat it up, beat the balls out of it and if it gets damaged, fix it up when you have at least 2 of your cars done being finished on. If it still runs, then keep it and work on it at HP Logic to get it souped up

  • frost
    frost 26 days ago

    I’m down for a super haggard rear engine civic truck build lol

    CRIMZI SMALLZ 26 days ago

    You should put tin In the back to make It look clean af

  • BenFocknUrBich
    BenFocknUrBich 28 days ago

    gut the g37 lmaooo

  • Clutch Riderz
    Clutch Riderz 28 days ago

    Why not leave the subs in for maximum rattle

  • MDethCKR
    MDethCKR 28 days ago

    I'm sure you know, but if it is a sunroof car there is a dump tube in the passenger rear quarter (inside) where a tube Ys. This tube either disconnects or clogs in the fender drain and backs up into the spare area. Easy fix

  • Kanaan Nichols
    Kanaan Nichols 29 days ago

    We need some boat content

  • Sonnywi
    Sonnywi 29 days ago

    Play the CD that was in the trunk!!!! 13:52 like this if u agree

  • Gphuel
    Gphuel 29 days ago

    Hope you end up going n/a with the next engine :)

  • qbanito1
    qbanito1 29 days ago


  • Chris
    Chris 29 days ago

    Do a grom build the legit way

  • Ua6_Blue_TL_
    Ua6_Blue_TL_ 29 days ago

    Take off the sunroof and crash bars

  • Cole Woodruff
    Cole Woodruff 29 days ago

    You call that a system hahahah.

  • GamingWith Saalih
    GamingWith Saalih 29 days ago


  • Eli McClellan
    Eli McClellan 29 days ago +1

    Headliner delete? 😅

  • swannhunter10
    swannhunter10 29 days ago

    Doooooode. How many shots were you and homeboy trying to get down before the end of the video 🤣

  • Chepee
    Chepee 29 days ago +1

    Get a roll cage!

  • travis clark
    travis clark 29 days ago

    Dude rice the boat like this if you agree

  • Taylor Bosse
    Taylor Bosse 29 days ago

    Turn that baby into a Ute!

  • Kran
    Kran 29 days ago

    2:17 Screaming at the screen, GET A FKING CLUTCH ALREADY 😂

  • 562Frank Rivers
    562Frank Rivers 29 days ago

    If your worried just out a roll cage in to reinforce it

  • 562Frank Rivers
    562Frank Rivers 29 days ago

    Yeah clean it up a little and paint it have it looking clean dude 👍👍

  • 562Frank Rivers
    562Frank Rivers 29 days ago

    You guys had to much fun ripping out the interior lol

  • Luke Apana
    Luke Apana 29 days ago

    He should put a subwoofer wall in the civic

  • Quality Banana
    Quality Banana 29 days ago

    BOAT! Real florida boy now

  • erick
    erick 29 days ago

    u should paint the whole car black

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 29 days ago

    Boats and Hoes!!!!

  • Christopher Kontni
    Christopher Kontni 29 days ago

    i would love to see your boat!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 29 days ago

    Jack's reaction to the 14k likes ahaha

  • shane lewis
    shane lewis 29 days ago

    Take the windows out

  • Alexanderland
    Alexanderland Month ago

    Damn I saw you at Walmart looking at hotwheels the night of this video

  • Peter Chavez
    Peter Chavez Month ago

    Cut the civic into a truck use an s10 chassis

  • kene eye
    kene eye Month ago

    Does Jacks girl just hang around the shop all day?

  • hayden lorenze
    hayden lorenze Month ago

    He is right. RICER CIVIC TRUCK.

  • carshatter
    carshatter Month ago


  • Jordan Gurries
    Jordan Gurries Month ago

    Show the boat

  • Xandeerrr
    Xandeerrr Month ago

    Funny thing is seen people pay 200/400 for those pannels and trim and you pretty much snap everything

  • zzxxdabossxxzz
    zzxxdabossxxzz Month ago

    Keep the legacy going put subs in the g37 with the cd

  • Bradon Lindsay
    Bradon Lindsay Month ago

    Truck the civic

  • Btterthanyu
    Btterthanyu Month ago

    Get a roll cage

  • the great white
    the great white Month ago

    Fucking jack reving the two stroke scooter

  • Rocker84100
    Rocker84100 Month ago

    “Im color blind” “ooooooooh shit. Sorry” 😂😂

  • the great white
    the great white Month ago

    Nah iam good,sike lets see the dame boat

  • Thisguyoscar
    Thisguyoscar Month ago

    Dude leave the speakers and subs in the car music is good just gut the car but its fine to keep the sub

  • Tony Callanta
    Tony Callanta Month ago

    Bummed you gutted it 😂

  • Phil Brown
    Phil Brown Month ago

    You and booisted boys need to do a Honda video together. I think that would make great content and a fire video

  • Mark Ababiy
    Mark Ababiy Month ago

    Love seeing Jamie again

  • Richard Fitzwell
    Richard Fitzwell Month ago

    Shit ass speakers? Hahahaha
    I love that term

  • RubyEJ1
    RubyEJ1 Month ago

    Put lexan windows !!!!

  • This calls for a Default dance

    Take the fucking roof off

  • joseph ayash
    joseph ayash Month ago

    Analyze the gap on ur teeth,
    I gotta gap too 😭😭🥶

  • Cj Keyes
    Cj Keyes Month ago


  • Kyle Oneil
    Kyle Oneil Month ago

    I wanna see the boat

  • Dylan Espinal
    Dylan Espinal Month ago


  • Hondadriver78
    Hondadriver78 Month ago

    Flight tags? I'd get one if you sold them. Already got hoodie and tee and slap sticker. Thanks

  • Blake Graves
    Blake Graves Month ago

    it needs the dry ice and alcohol weight reduction at that point!!!!

  • brad meredith
    brad meredith Month ago

    put the subs in the G

  • Vic FastLife
    Vic FastLife Month ago +1

    I need those rear seatbelts let me know I'll drive and get em or you can ship I'll pay please let me know . Thanks bud

  • Danthegamer 251
    Danthegamer 251 Month ago

    Hey rudnick can I still get the sound system? XD

  • John Blosz
    John Blosz Month ago

    Go more to meets, racing, street drifting. I

  • Taylor Anderson
    Taylor Anderson Month ago

    JDM Boat video

  • Chad Guillemette
    Chad Guillemette Month ago

    Video of you putting the subs in the G?

  • tony crawford
    tony crawford Month ago

    That shit lifted bout 1 inch or close to 2 Haha that system and interior did alot every 10lbs is 1hp i think

  • Flippin Teggyz
    Flippin Teggyz Month ago

    If u want ur civic to be fast then the answer is not to take away pounds, but to add pounds..... Of boost.

  • Gokarts, Minibikes, and more!

    Theres only two times someone is excited about their boat and thats the day they buy it and the day they sell it

  • moose Made production

    Cut the rest out

  • Bryan Dudek
    Bryan Dudek Month ago

    We wana see Rudnik on a boat

  • Edward Hileman
    Edward Hileman Month ago

    I want the subs lol

  • Joshua Kostick
    Joshua Kostick Month ago

    I would be happy with just Honda content

  • Joe Warbel
    Joe Warbel Month ago

    Does the boat have a engine or we talking like a canoe?

  • Broke Wing
    Broke Wing Month ago

    I had to take my passenger seat out to put my sub box in. Oh also you probably should have took thefuse out for the amp before letting it sit on the carpet

  • London Moseley
    London Moseley Month ago


  • Donald Piercy
    Donald Piercy Month ago

    Make it a pickup truck

  • Special Snowflake
    Special Snowflake Month ago

    Let us see the Rice Yacht
    Edit: also paint/bedline the interior white

  • Rob2018Si
    Rob2018Si Month ago

    Saw zaw the deck lid out

  • Seth Vangelder
    Seth Vangelder Month ago

    Boat check

  • eli baxter
    eli baxter Month ago

    Put a wing on the boat, and you should take the headliner and cab lights out as well, go full race car

  • JSJ 86
    JSJ 86 Month ago

    Jack ain't never wrong

  • Lowkey_ jay
    Lowkey_ jay Month ago

    Do a boat day vlog

  • SleepyDubVRT
    SleepyDubVRT Month ago

    Captain jack hagger shirts coming soon? One foot on the handle bars and one foot on the seat of the scooter

  • david smith
    david smith Month ago +1

    Rather see the boat than 20 mins of fuck all like the last couple vids....

  • liam harrington
    liam harrington Month ago

    I think instead of a swap, you should do an in depth build of the d16 with like eBay rods and pistons

  • TheMightyOne
    TheMightyOne Month ago

    it looks bad man.. u shouldnt gutt it. before was way better

  • YRCZ
    YRCZ Month ago

    Get a EG Hatch pls.

  • Dominic V
    Dominic V Month ago

    Slam the boat on raceland's

  • RubyEJ1
    RubyEJ1 Month ago +1

    Im starting love this channel even more! Keep up the honda content and youll gain the honda communities trust 😂😂

  • Tooheads
    Tooheads Month ago

    Make it a Ute just like how MightCarMods did with a Subaru

  • NoSkiLLWasTaken
    NoSkiLLWasTaken Month ago

    if the deck doesn't bolt out just fucking cut it out

  • Tivoliterror
    Tivoliterror Month ago

    Pivot point :V

  • James Briggs
    James Briggs Month ago

    Rhino Line the interior

  • Nick L
    Nick L Month ago

    B usted
    O ut
    A nother
    T housand

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Month ago

    Truck the civic

  • Victor King
    Victor King Month ago

    And I want to see the boat

  • Victor King
    Victor King Month ago

    You should try to blow up the engine in a row Civic try doing a Miata motor and putting that in there that would look sick wish turbos two twin

  • That guy who Cooks
    That guy who Cooks Month ago

    Your subscribers more than doubled your challenge. Give us a fully gutted civic. You said fully gutted. So. Keep your word