Kodak Black - Tunnel Vision [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black's new single Tunnel Vision, produced by Metro Boomin'. Available everywhere now.

Buy/Stream Tunnel Vision: https://atlanti.cr/tunnelvision

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Просмотров: 71483387
Длительность: 4:32
Комментарии: 74830

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Автор Jason Yusko ( назад)
I love this beat

Автор Giedrius Pužas ( назад)
and he is 14?

Автор Chris k ( назад)

Автор gotcha gang ( назад)
nice voice man, you should check out my work too Kodak
subscrive comment and donate! if u do i will follow ur channel

Автор Ğ Ď ( назад)
How does this have 71 mil views but Joey Badass "land of the free" only have 1mil🤔🤔🤔

Автор Neil Adam ( назад)
RIP Hip Hop

Автор Webetripin 4725 ( назад)
Unrealistic a kalashnikov would never jam most reliable rifle around also damn Kodak got fat

this song lit af

Автор Christopher Newberry ( назад)
The hole time I watched this I got mad until the end

Автор Lol guy Lolz ( назад)
That's what's it

Автор James Smith ( назад)
Ik I heard this beat before I kno I aint trippin someone help me

Автор Lol guy Lolz ( назад)
This KKK shit

Автор Rudy Reyes ( назад)
please stop

Автор Pablo Escabar ( назад)

Автор brandon owens ( назад)
this is mine and twin sister favorite snog

Автор Davonna Davis ( назад)

Автор Monte Samuels ( назад)
This videos weird

Автор Davonna Davis ( назад)
in luv wit him

Автор Davonna Davis ( назад)

Автор PRESTIGE GAMING ( назад)
You piece of scum burning a cross go to hell you pile of shit

Автор fame gang ( назад)
cash me outside how bout dat

Автор Matthew Car done ( назад)
I hope they all die

Автор Matthew Car done ( назад)
Fuck black people

Автор Big Moneytalk ( назад)
fast version on my channel

Автор Dime Marie ( назад)
aye this my shit

Автор Khyree Forde ( назад)
Rock on yess

Автор irishipride ( назад)
kodak we dont like to see you rapingggggg we wanna see you in the penitentiary

Автор Bob Edits ( назад)
I didnt like the beginning

Автор KB Aesthetics ( назад)
These niggas burning a cross df😔👎👎👎

Автор KING BLIZZ ( назад)

Автор Deandre Hawkins ( назад)
Kodak is making our generation be heard 💯 .. New upcoming artist from Dallas In the link below


Автор Alex Gebhart ( назад)
this as racist as it gets wow lol

Автор zg gameing ( назад)
I literally have cancer from watching this...

Автор qxiuo ( назад)
Why do you think they want to see you in a penitentiary? Use your fuckin head

Автор Mr Gandalf ( назад)
I take cock

Автор lets get real PERRY ( назад)
Did anyone see kkk

Автор Devin Reid ( назад)
All that shit I need some toilet paa

Автор khorie farrell ( назад)

Автор Misa Peterson ( назад)
Wow just wow this video just made me want to shut up off once I seen it bruh well when it comes to Kodak videos music ones at thAT wtf do you expect lol

Автор Preachin'BlackMan ( назад)
It's sad that this shit has more views than some of J. Cole's songs. #ColeWorld

Автор H BREEZY ( назад)
thats the type of video I'm talking bout

Автор Shoedi .L ( назад)
Damn.... 71 mil views??? That shit sucks ballz!

Автор Andrew Plantz ( назад)

Автор GaryLazereyesz ( назад)

Автор Devin Rowe ( назад)
this shit lit

Автор Chaunice Montague ( назад)
the song addictive

Автор Trenton White ( назад)
hate that this makes southern people look racist i live in Mississippi and don't know a single racist person

Автор TerMingo ( назад)
Im in love with kodak black

Автор Kuba Karcz ( назад)
Ale gówno
bllee bla bla zżygać się idzie
gównoo xDD

Автор ale_contreras_ ( назад)

Автор Efrain Copari ( назад)

Автор that guy ( назад)
not my proudest fap

Автор Pepe :ノ ( назад)
oh no help me pls i listen to this every1 and now i cant stop singing this

Автор Maria Santana ( назад)
speaking and spitten da real shit

Автор Alex Macdonald ( назад)
talentless fuck

Автор Karl Wagner ( назад)
as much as I hate the burning cross part this video is kind of inspirational... anyone else?

Автор JOEY JOSEPH ( назад)
my song this song is lit

Автор DangerZone MUZIC ( назад)
Kodak Should have kept this Bih Street Tho for the Hood

Автор Gab Fortin ( назад)
Dear black people, y'all dont seem to understand that white people dont give a fuck if they see a black successful person, seriously. stop drowning in a victim complex, you end up in jail because you commit crimes; not because of the white man. you are wayyy too quick to blame everything on racism, hence making you the racist ones; growing up with a racial lense and an attitude that makes black "brothers" but not the white people from birth, you have black schools, black churches, black television channels all in spite of a generation that enslaved people you dont know wich the white people have no relation to either, anyway. most white people are not racist, black people are. you grow up that way and because of that you will always keep the victim attitude alive, racism alive and never rise up to your full potential because no one else is propagating racism more than black people. First, stop following the white man's desert religion wich said it was ok to enslave you in the first place, im talking about "jesus" and "god" here. go back to your roots and study african religions. Second, stop making useless music that influences the youth in all the wrong ways; making criminals, murderers, thieves and rapists cool and rich without any care for any of their fans. you buy a guy's album only to have him laugh in your face cause youre a broke bitch, you all suree got your priorities and spirituality right."but he talking about realll thinhg,his environment, u dont like that u just not a reall negga blablabla" lol yeah yeah yeah, i've seen worse shit than anything people rap about and i actually like to be a positive influence to people and not brag about it cause im not a fucking jackass and actually a good person, youre a fucking retard if thats your conclusion and i uess you cant think further than that . it is your OBLIGATION to stop blaming the white man when you couldve joined us aborignals/native-americans to fight the white man and free ourselves. we fought them with sticks and stones, we died and suffered more than you and we cry about 1000x less about it and dont play the blame game cause we know how the world works. You stayed with the white man, went with them on raids to kill as slaves, guess you enjoyed getting whipped or something ? White people are trapped just like the blacks in this society, its all about opportunity and a lot of white folks dont have any, same as us. same for everyone. world is shit and you need some fucking outside perspective. sincerely -a metis man who clearly not white and sick of your shit.

Автор jennifer_ Ciomara ( назад)
this shit go in this and future joint mask off pop offf

Автор tcigge gaming web ( назад)

Автор JackJones Vlogs ( назад)
Nice song

Автор Palko:O ( назад)
████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

Автор Gore Spie ( назад)
what is the connection between music video and the song?

Автор Carlos Salas ( назад)
kick his ass big bro!!!

Автор The-Toy-Guy ( назад)
Raps overlap, clap tracks and gap wax
Like gat hacks, tennis balls lacks to use fat
Bear trap pack and splat a guy's back, I'm anthrax
Violent Jack's rap will tap from the pitch black
And smear you on the wall like taff and watch you gasp
If you bust me back I'll burst into a flock of bats
Snap a six-pack, pass the tack and make mine laugh
And clap you wit the mack off the rack, you get jacked

Автор Emma Coon Come ( назад)
this is a bullshit track

Автор Travis Hodges ( назад)
This song is better than weather man

Автор Daijuana slay ( назад)
I love Kodak black

Автор Alpha Gamer ( назад)
Aye Kodak Black repping the Haitian bandana he My brother Im Dominican

Автор SI- LINCE ( назад)

Автор L Lopez ( назад)
whoooops got caught

Автор M Y L E S ( назад)
The end of video the message is probably that this is the generation that ends racism

Автор Spaniro ( назад)
69M when listened for the fist time, 2 days after 71M....damn did I hit that repeat button that much?!

Автор stacks ( назад)
all this time i thought this nigga didnt have a tongue

Автор Dried up Cunt Sandwich ( назад)
Cool video but this music sucks dick kodak lost it

Автор Hydro ( назад)
Who let Bart Simpson on the track?

Автор Amishboy2011 ( назад)
Metro Boomin' could literally make anyone famous

Автор Zamaria Murphy ( назад)
mad about this song yes or no

Автор LincolnRaineyPaulson ( назад)
who noticed the thing hanging from the second cross?

Автор The trutu ( назад)
i dont think rednecks carry ak's i think they carry like spring rifles 😂

Автор Specific Kidd ( назад)
Yea lets not mind the fact that the cross is on fire.

Автор Nahu setä ( назад)

Автор Annaka Bradley ( назад)
because tax payers love paying for prisoners.. lmao

Автор tiffany14husfelt ( назад)
the video to this song is so racist

Автор Indigo Bang ( назад)
I love his symbolism. This for the trump supports that are against us African Americans . If you aren't in that boat then don't be offended. This is what he thinks . Everyone has a choice to express how they feel or what they see in this life from their point of view .

Автор SqDMauricioDoesYT ( назад)
#Free So he can be Kodak's dumbasss🔥😂🤘

Автор Lisa Sosa ( назад)
eww i HATE guns

Автор Lisa Sosa ( назад)
i love gold teeth

Автор Lisa Sosa ( назад)

Автор Elijah Mcallister ( назад)
this whole video is racist I bet it's viewed as white hating black when it's both on another note this song is so stupid 95 percent of the song repeats the same thing # stop being ignorant racism works both ways

Автор Team no glove no love ( назад)
3:32 buhl on the left looks like loc dog

Автор 黄武 ( назад)

Автор Tyreese Tucker ( назад)
did Daniel listen

Автор pakalu papito ( назад)
This offends me as a vegan transgender atheist who vapes and crossfits 4 times a week and im also a male feminist as I identify myself as a pastafarian apache helicopter dog mega multi combo god of hyper death and if you dont agree with me You're an ignorant arrogant globaphobic sexist lesbian

Автор Jesse Darling ( назад)
did those niggas hang a KKK member

Автор Ohagyi Walls ( назад)
This video makes me want to subscribe to The King NiQs

Автор Leslyn Relph ( назад)
i love this song

Автор ADoseOfTrill ( назад)
Check out my vlog!!!

Автор TearzVEVO ( назад)
I'm really trying to reach 200 subscribes cud y'all help me please I am at 170 now

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