Mo'Nique Speaks On Racial And Gender Inequality In Hollywood + More

  • Опубликовано: 23 фев 2018
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  • Aesthetic Medic
    Aesthetic Medic Час назад

    All black people do is complain

  • MrIronbo
    MrIronbo Час назад

    She seems like the bully😂

  • Jeremy Rain
    Jeremy Rain Час назад

    Sad how black people are conditioned to just go with the flow. Why is it that when someone of color step up and go against the flow, Black people are the ones that work to chop them down.

  • Nearae` Mason
    Nearae` Mason Час назад

    Drag Lenard Auntie Mo you're doing amazing

  • Brit'nee Supernal
    Brit'nee Supernal Час назад

    I think this is ridiculous.Monique just needs to continue grinding and stay positive.Her being mad over this situation is putting out negative vibes when it comes to her career.She looks like she will cuss you out,if you say something crazy.

  • StreetPush TV
    StreetPush TV Час назад


  • chicago love
    chicago love Час назад

    Monique is another angry black woman thinking she can sass and attack you until she gets what she wants.

  • The Million Man Movement
    The Million Man Movement Час назад

    They aren't sharing the platform. Have you seen the last 20 episodes?? They are running out of real celebrities to interview.

  • Kendra Harris
    Kendra Harris Час назад

    He answered her question every time she asked !!! Smh

  • Marc Delgado
    Marc Delgado Час назад

    At 41:50 why does she have to go that far? That’s unnecessary. Both sides have great points but ultimately I agree with LENNNARDD on this one. All I seen this whole time is a butthurt donkey. Lmao

  • Reese71886
    Reese71886 Час назад

    Why did someone agree to have Sydney on the phone. I feel like for as strong as a woman as Monique conveys, she should stand up and speak her truth in interviews alone. I understand this is her manager and her "Daddy", but he is distracting from the conversation. Do I believe Monique is worth more than $500,000. ABSOLUTELY! However if I receive bad service from Walmart.... then I go to Target.... if someone disrespects me at Macy's, I will now shop at Nordstroms. I do not understand why Monique can't simply prove herself right before she concerns herself with proving anyone wrong. Book a 15 city tour with larger venues and SELL IT OUT. Produce a movie with your own production company that is impactful to the world. The fact of the matter is NO COMPANY or person should be able to define your worth with a $ figure. If you know you're worth more, go out and prove it and get it.

  • Stoney M.
    Stoney M. Час назад

    When hispanic women call their bf "papi" yall dont say shit. Monique has continuously provided receipts but black people wont support because "its just business"

  • Julian Lightfoot
    Julian Lightfoot Час назад

    Mo is wrong lol. Your resume matters but no when it comes to these deals. You want all this money but you not really relevant no more.

  • deniece
    deniece Час назад


  • The Million Man Movement
    The Million Man Movement Час назад

    Should have took that 500 aunte

  • King James
    King James Час назад

    I'mma start callin my man Daddy from now on 😀🤣

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus Час назад


  • A
    A Час назад

    Wanda Sykes is a comedy legend.... mo'nique is not

  • JCL Productions
    JCL Productions Час назад

    This chick is crazy...she really thinks she’s a legend...calling him Leonard and trying to son him on the air...I heard tons of times people can’t stand working with her because she’s a diva and think she’s better than she is

  • K- Mckinney
    K- Mckinney Час назад

    Monique had that heat for Uncle Charla Huh 🔫🔫

  • Eniola Folorunso
    Eniola Folorunso Час назад

    God bless you Monique! It takes balls for you to call these industry folks out. These entire interview is summed up from 38:26 - 39:50. She isn't asking for any more money, she is CALLING THEM OUT, because it it the the right thing to do. God Bless You.

  • chriskache
    chriskache Час назад +1

    Her bun is poppin

  • MehdiNPartDeux
    MehdiNPartDeux Час назад

    I don't like her comedy or acting, but she is #1 trending on RUclip...maybe she has a point

  • GioGimic
    GioGimic Час назад +1

    why is this trending...LeNARDDDD

  • perspicaciouscritic
    perspicaciouscritic Час назад

    @ 10:47 "...what happens with the black community is, "What have you done for me lately?" but when you are a white person in this industry it's, "You're only as good as your last project."
    Um, "What have you done for me lately?" and "You're only as good as your last project" are the same thing.

  • Msjawanda
    Msjawanda Час назад

    keep it on the 2 use that 1...DAMN Mo'Nique 45:45 went low blow on Charlamagne

  • deniece
    deniece Час назад

    LENARD 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  • Ni Antajae
    Ni Antajae Час назад

    It’s sad how they keep overlooking the bigger picture all Monique is trying to do is stand for the end of the day she is a legend...and true she’s hasn’t been selling out arenas lately but she should at least have been offered an amount over what she normally would have been able to accumulate if she would have been allowed to do comedy for the two year gap she would’ve had to take off...and this is the problem with society we’re so hung up on rumors and popularity that we overlook basic morals and values...the lady just wants to be paid equally the same thing plenty of women in the industry have said...trying to demonize her for it is just wrong

  • Last Noobn
    Last Noobn Час назад

    Give these liberals an inch they'll demand a mile!!

  • BLZ72
    BLZ72 Час назад

    I stand with mo’nique but at the same time there’s something off about that dude speaking for her i dunno tho 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Nyala Palmer
    Nyala Palmer Час назад

    Somebody just tell me when she calls Charlamagne Lenard

  • FiniteVoid
    FiniteVoid Час назад

    Her agent or manager is gasing her up.

  • Daniel Fontanez
    Daniel Fontanez Час назад

    Her argument is legit! Equal pay for equal work!

  • HskHeroReborn
    HskHeroReborn Час назад +1

    Monique and her husbands communication is A1. I’m a huge fan of CTG however I think his approach was wrong and he needs to try to look at it from a black woman’s perspective.
    I’m a black male by the way as I think that does matter in my outlook of the situation

  • StreetPush TV
    StreetPush TV Час назад


  • Lanorris Harden
    Lanorris Harden Час назад

    The breakfast club coon sometimes tho straight up. They are contractually obligated to speak that shit

  • KeetyandKiwiTV
    KeetyandKiwiTV Час назад

    So ctd is grasping for straws by the end of this interview she clearly said in this interview that she wanted to be paid more than she currently earns given that she would have been out of commission for 2 years. She referenced Chris rock and chapelle to show the huge disparity why is that so hard to understand

  • Ssirap Pariss
    Ssirap Pariss Час назад

    Mo'nique is just sensitive.

  • David Randle
    David Randle Час назад +1

    Mo'Nique is on point!!! Listen!!! to the word legend!!!! ='s TOP FUCKIN DOLLAR!!! - MORE THAN HALF!!! Last who brings in the skrilla!!!! The sistars!!!!!! Y'all stupid!!! - You Cole's!!!!! (Martin!!!)

  • coolidge51
    coolidge51 Час назад

    She is hurt but composed.

  • 6ix
    6ix Час назад


  • LaShonda Gross
    LaShonda Gross Час назад

    Everything Monique is saying is correct and everything they are saying about how business is NOW LIKE IT OR NOT IS TRUE but where was her fight for inequality when she was big in the game .We already knew for those who are woke how unfair and racist the industry is but when she had that talk show, when she won that OSCAR crickets.NOW while she is recalling these moments she first met people and thought they were great until they disagreed is a i'm going to try and shame you to see it my way but now like she said when money is being taken out of her families mouth now and only now she feels its our fight its always been our fight only when the rich and famous have fallen does it become US or WE but really its about their fall and only that, we fight and strive for better everyday whether the world is watching or not .I" don't like everything charlamagne 'THINKS OR FEELS but he is doing his job and now he's wrong for that there have been plenty of donkey of the days didn't hear any call in from Monique saying it was unfair or anything else that has ALWAYS BEEN UNFAIR .

  • Jessie Edmonds
    Jessie Edmonds Час назад +1

    Black people are boycotting any form of entertainment. A television is the one thing, we can say we OWN. Go to any project dwelling. The television is larger than life.

  • Nessa Luu
    Nessa Luu Час назад +1

    Sometimes you have to just stand alone.🤷🏾‍♀️ it happens it’s sad but it happens. She’s a strong beautiful respectful woman she’s got this.

  • Legend Duron
    Legend Duron Час назад

    Lenard doesn't fully understand what Monique and her husband said and were saying about the whole situation and problems happening till this day .... And Lenard never fully gave an explanation for Donkey of the Day me it feels like the breakfast club doesn't have her back , tell me if I'm wrong....

  • FiniteVoid
    FiniteVoid Час назад

    Has she ever considered she's a bad negotiator.

  • Jared Neal
    Jared Neal Час назад

    I don’t have Netflix, nor do I want to boycott them lol. Monique does have a point though. I do understand how they would want a recent resume, but what she has done has been something noteworthy. She is funny in my opinion. Maybe she could’ve declined, made more content, then renegotiated at a later time. Maybe they felt it as a risk after the rumors of how it is working with her, as well as the lack of a recent resume. I like Monique but business is business, if they don’t wanna give it to you, you gotta go out and get it...wether it’s on your own or not.

  • spomr
    spomr Час назад +1

    Monique is 100% right!!!!!!!!

  • Bonnie Riley
    Bonnie Riley Час назад

    I feel for Mo'nique hang in there my sister❤❤

  • StreetPush TV
    StreetPush TV Час назад

    Lanard.....crab N the barrel

  • Rhasaan Robinson
    Rhasaan Robinson Час назад

    Monique was 100% spot on! She was problematic because she wouldn't tolerate the fuckery and mistreatment the Hollywood does towards black people.

  • Tim Drake
    Tim Drake Час назад

    Angela not wanting to get up, no manners

  • Ocean Ocean
    Ocean Ocean Час назад

    I really respect monique for speaking out.

  • mac7114
    mac7114 Час назад

    Monique held herself down. Represented and redeem herself well address a lot of facts and great points. I tilt my hat to her she spoke very wise I have a better understanding of her now.

  • LaKaedrick Davis
    LaKaedrick Davis Час назад

    It’s alright to get up and hold on to me 😆😆😂😂

  • cj Hill
    cj Hill Час назад

    Le'NaaaaarrrrD wow i see why he pushes his nickname so much

  • Eli Muhammad
    Eli Muhammad Час назад

    And lets kill all this tiffany haddish noise. She is only moving up in the hollywood circle because she acts like a nigga as most of you would for a piece of change in the hood.

  • mac7114
    mac7114 Час назад

    Monique held herself down. Represented and redeem herself well address a lot of facts and great points. I tilt my hat to her she spoke very wise I have a better understanding of her now.

    ZONEDOUTTV Час назад +1

    Welp this interview is trending #1 with a million views because of MONIQUE so i guess that proves everything she's been saying the people are obviously STILL interested give that women what's she's rightfully owned!

    WOLFPIXSTAR Час назад

    The word "Legend" got her messed up

  • tzar huggins
    tzar huggins Час назад +1

    Monique made me uncomfortable keep calling Sidney ‘daddy’

  • SylksLegacy hargrave
    SylksLegacy hargrave Час назад

    From reading some of the comments alot off ppl didn't "listen" to that was said. Relevant or not they was asking her to commit to them for 2 years for 500k. Just because we haven't seen her on mainstream doesn't mean she's not working and making her coins. Have you seen a female comedian stand up on Netflix black or white?(inequality) Female comedians black, white, yellow green are relevant and do what they do because of female comedian like Monique. So to discredit her because she hasn't sold out an arena or something major since 2016 is wrong. Like another poster said he doesn't respect woman or what they bring to the table.

  • Crystal Andrews
    Crystal Andrews Час назад

    I love Monique. You do not realize the talent this one woman has showcased. I watched her and Queen Latifah in the movie Bessie, and let me tell you something, no disrespect to Queen L, but Monique stole the show. This woman radiates greatness and does not compromise on who she is authentically. Sorry, but she needs to be paid way much more than what she was offered in the movie: "Precious". She definitely won that Oscar. Her talent is EARNED, she has the Parkers series, comedy tours, and many other roles in which she showed her diversity and depth. Thank YOU Monique, let LEONARD know he need to represent himself better. I do not play when it comes to age. Monique is OLE School and so am I. At the age 47 I know I will not let some youngster disrespect me. Yes she called him on it. THANK YOU. Do your HOMEWORK, and stop calling yourself GOD!!! God lives in EACH AND EVERYONE! Nobody needs to WORSHIP your ASS.

  • Jamie 96
    Jamie 96 Час назад

    This is so weird to watch but necessary

  • Jessie Edmonds
    Jessie Edmonds Час назад

    We can't speak for.the RACIAL discrimination of the Netflix organization, or can we force an organization to pay us our worth. Independence is key.

  • Caller
    Caller Час назад

    Feel sorry for this lady, she seems confused. Obviously netflix is going to pay the act based off of the amount of people that said act could potentially pull. It would be bad for buisness for netflix to be discriminatory, plus look at their shows. They have shows catering to all audiences. Maybe if Monique had the same popularity and 'clout' that apparently she used to have she'd get a bigger check.

  • brian thelowlife
    brian thelowlife Час назад

    Could u pleaseee support my song and give it a listen? I would love if u guys told me what you guys thought about it

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White Час назад

    I truly pray Monique gets what she deserves.

  • KeetyandKiwiTV
    KeetyandKiwiTV Час назад

    So they agree it’s foul and “it’s just business” so it proves her point of not getting ridiculed for dotd

    I AM QUALA Час назад +3

    she killing me calling Charlemagne by his government name 🤣

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Час назад

    She isn’t worth half of what Amy Schumer or Chris rock are making right now. She’s irrelevant. My guess is Netflix was being nice and offered her more than she deserved

  • lilflasheyc
    lilflasheyc Час назад

    Monique just stop

  • Edwin
    Edwin Час назад

    Charlemagne should be made donkey of the day because he obviously doesn't understand the point of Monique's issue if he doesn't think this applies to all women of color. If Monique accepts the lower offer then what should Tiffany Haddish expect to receive?

  • Lenesha Shack
    Lenesha Shack Час назад

    Isn’t Whoopi the most decorated comedienne of our time?

  • Javan uHnah
    Javan uHnah Час назад

    Lenard was feeling some type of way about Monique thanking Eddie, because Eddie is the producer but Charlamagne would like to have people think that he runs the show, that he's a boss, but he's actually a worker.

  • Valens
    Valens Час назад +1

    Racism in action

  • Dicken Bahls
    Dicken Bahls Час назад

    Lol. Blacks.

  • Queen T
    Queen T Час назад +1

    Seems like Black people are the only group of people that find every excuse not to support their own people.🤦🏾‍♀️💔💔💔✊🏾 I stand with Mo’Nique.. I hear you sis!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • TubeWatcherProduct
    TubeWatcherProduct Час назад

    Monique can go suck a dick

  • Kristen berer
    Kristen berer Час назад

    She hasnt done anything since Precious and being the Manager on Drake and Josh. She simply isnt relevant right now. Sorry

  • Kisame Hoshigaki
    Kisame Hoshigaki Час назад

    that donkey of the day was well deserved

  • Brown Dog
    Brown Dog Час назад

    She got to stay relevant somehow

  • Gabrielle Smith
    Gabrielle Smith Час назад

    she is so mature & educated. i love this legend.

  • ChiTown HB
    ChiTown HB Час назад

    Mo'Nique made a lot of valid points, but when it pertains to her situation, I think its more so business than anything else. Also, I hate to see SIsta cosign that bs Brothas vs Sistas narrative. Charlemange dosnt represent all Black Men, he reps himself. Theres plenty of Brothas whove supported Mo'Nique heavily throughout her career. Im one of them. Dont compare me to the niggas u got issues with.

  • Nms Miaa
    Nms Miaa Час назад

    Smh some black people on these🙄🙄

  • Candice Hamilton
    Candice Hamilton Час назад

    We are quick to devalue our own. You don’t have to agree with every single point to acknowledge that her argument has some validity.

  • L A
    L A Час назад +1

    She know what she's doing by being passive aggressive.. and Daddy? And you wonder why she feels the way she Starts at home. 'daddy' seems like he's in control. They keep running around the questions. Im with ctg on this one.🤔🤔🤔

    MALIRIPPA Час назад

    so dave chappelle can take a long as hiatus, and still be relevant but monique cant?
    somehing fishy with netflix

  • SOTGPhilly
    SOTGPhilly Час назад

    lol. to be honest I forgot all about Monique until she went on this ban Netflix tour. Who was even thinking about her? This is the reason she is getting low offers. Yet she is asking for regular folks to join her on this movement. The average person is not on her level as far as financials are concern . Jackie from around the corner would sign a 100k contract with Netflix. Netflix knows this , for 500k they can get a few hungry comedians to do the job .

  • Raé B.
    Raé B. Час назад

    I honset do not understand why she is sooo offended why she was donkey of the day. like sis its a joke...i mean you made jokes about gay men. why you so pressed?

  • M Smooth
    M Smooth Час назад

    Why don’t she understand that nobody cares to see her!!!!!!!! Go sit ur ass down mo

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson Час назад +1

    42:28 (Charla mon the god) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Melanin. Love
    Melanin. Love Час назад

    “We had 20 interviews because we knew they would say something” 🙄🙄🙄🤔 so before you packed up your trailer you interviewed 20 people

  • slikdarelic
    slikdarelic Час назад

    Monique verbally bussin Lenard's ass... 😂😂😂

  • Melvin Bowles
    Melvin Bowles Час назад

    Everybody go to 31:31.... is her response edited out to be quiet?

  • Saint Louis HERO
    Saint Louis HERO Час назад

    Did she call her husband DADDY? Lhh he a fucking Boss!

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown Час назад

    RULE #1 - You DO NOT publicize PRIVATE meetings. Now who will want to have a private business meeting with Mo'Nique?

  • Shawnisha Ware
    Shawnisha Ware Час назад

    Yeah Charlemagne your wrong on this one bro smh 😩😞