Mo'Nique Speaks On Racial And Gender Inequality In Hollywood + More

  • Опубликовано: 23 фев 2018
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  • Bg Geezy
    Bg Geezy Час назад

    charlamagne a straight up pussy

  • Mikia Rolland-Armstrong
    Mikia Rolland-Armstrong Час назад

    Ppl get Donkey of the Day all time girl, get over it

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee Час назад

    they sound like they practiced to shut this down in the most professional and respectful way with a hint of shade

  • footballmom2014
    footballmom2014 Час назад

    She took her glasses all in trouble.

  • Jordan River
    Jordan River Час назад

    What fucks me off is Charlamagne was given plenty of opportunities to apologise and he DIDNT-

  • what me worry
    what me worry Час назад

    so if there is discrimination in the industry, make your own, stop blaming whitey and do it yourself.....

  • Amair Allah
    Amair Allah Час назад

    They understand this is by old but the God for him to be disrespectful towards black woman's he shouldn't be calling himself God you know years ago I knocked his ass out he probably won't remember you know some people don't remember when you get knocked the f*** out when they come out their mouth f***** up he's one of those in the late 80s like 88 but anyway Mo you are the strongest black woman around that try to keep it up because this black people in the entertainment World they will kiss ass it was suck dick it would get f***** just to get far I'm not telling my devil Washington cuz he done the right thing love his wife love his family and did what he had to do we told him about them new ones out there that do anything for anything for money see money figure everybody want to do anything for money but you're not doing anything in your community you'll do anything for money but you're not doing anything from commute and I don't want to hear people saying

  • darladarlading
    darladarlading Час назад +1

    I'm on Mo'Nique's side here. I get what Charlemagne is saying with regard to business, but Mo'Nique's point is that business needs reevaluation when someone of her stature isn't valued at the same level as others in her league. She also gets my respect for maintaining composure and eloquence. Regardless of who is right or wrong, Charlemagne made a mistake by calling her a donkey. Period.

  • Throw It
    Throw It Час назад +1

    What a dumb cunt.

  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore Час назад

    Netflix don’t care for the black community. That is why Gray Owens gets turned down because even though he’s white is audience is mostly black. Mo audience is mostly black. Faizon even said Dave Chappell is not funny and my personality his not in STAND-UP. but when he had his tv show he made the funniest SKITS I’ve ever watched.

  • Brother Bodmas
    Brother Bodmas Час назад

    She tore into Oprah but now wants to act like she's speaking for all black women? Not buying that! Mo'Nique had very valid points, but this is a personal vendetta for her. Her husband was the classy one. A lot of low blows on her side. The 12 years a Slave reference was unnecessary. It was infact Yee who highlighted that people say Mo'Nique is difficult to work with, Charlemagne said he did not care about that. As much as I don't agree with Charlemagne most of time I think he handled this interview well. Not once did the argue about her talent, they merely looked at it from an investment perspective.

  • dreamdelights
    dreamdelights Час назад

    she not relevant but yet she trending on you tube yeah 👌.

  • Lloyd Earle
    Lloyd Earle Час назад +1

    Sidney is a con artist , spin doctor, and what the hell is this daddy shit, she keep saying, is he a pimp?

  • Rachael Medeiros
    Rachael Medeiros Час назад

    Random question, can someone please tell me what the blue dot on my subscriptions is? It's only on some of them. I'm sorry I know this doesn't relate to the video but just seeing if anyone can tell me

  • Carpe Omnia
    Carpe Omnia Час назад

    This issue is that Monique isn't mainstream. She has a niche market that wouldn't pull in nearly as many viewers as Amy Schumer. With that said, I think the real problem is that black female comedians aren't given the same kind of exposure and opportunities as male comedians and white female comedians.

  • youknowwhatflav
    youknowwhatflav Час назад

    To be Frank there are no really funny female comedians white black lol

  • Lmao Landonnn
    Lmao Landonnn Час назад

    Liiiiies black and sex inequality do NOT exist

  • Andre Walker
    Andre Walker Час назад +1

    #Monique 💯

  • Nat2legit
    Nat2legit Час назад

    monique's body language ( 2:52 ) is passive aggressive and argumentative. yes, she deserves everything she feels she's worth. I agree...I don't think she needs to be the voice of "the people"... because this is an individual perspective (like Char said). her situation is the epitome of the nature of a numbers driven industry. Her comedy appeals to a smaller demographic of people. I'm not sure if she can bounce back after this. I pray that she gives the netflix the "space" that it needs right now & let people miss her.

  • Nitra Rite
    Nitra Rite Час назад

    I’m so disappointed w/ Charlamagne. I felt as though, even w/ the facts brought forth and all he couldn’t as a man say you know what mrs. Monique I’m wrong I apologize or whatever else instead he sounded like. A hypocritical politician; even though your cornered you wanted to still parade her as a fool. Come on now. Give her and apology you were wrong. I love you Monique I think your hilarious and I’m looking forward to the stand up special.

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown Час назад

    Shes officially washed up. Good riddens. Never like her anyways. She will only be missed by her 250k facebook followers.

  • Serenity Bound
    Serenity Bound Час назад

    "The Guru of black culture" wow. Monique trying to make him responsible for calling her Donkey of the Day...honestly shouldn't careful with the words...tired of these people with some sort of power dissing their own...not by yourself in this world....millions of eyes and ears watching the confusion,pettiness, bitterness, self hate etc of the black community.

  • Ben Crandell
    Ben Crandell Час назад +1

    Blacks never stop complaining.

  • Robynn Jackson
    Robynn Jackson Час назад

    It’s not that she’s irrelevant and it’s not that she isn’t a legend. It’s just that Monique’s fan base is not watching Netflix. Her fan base is older. There a streaming service in general isn’t even the right platform for her to make true money.

  • slim diesel
    slim diesel Час назад

    The biggest point is that black folks are crabs in a bucket. That will never change. If everyone else, white, Spanish folks are saying its racists.. then damn it, even if you think she isn't funny its the principal. Netflix is playing that race game. Back her because its right. Now real talk, I don't think she's funny. But I respect her for her hustle. But like with everything else black folks will always fail because they have no idea how stick together and back each other always.

  • andres castaneda
    andres castaneda Час назад

    She is a black Cathy Newman

  • Lloyd Earle
    Lloyd Earle Час назад +1

    Cthagod should have gave her donkey of the day after she left

  • Clarence Dixon
    Clarence Dixon Час назад

    Monique feelings were hurt by that offer cause she thought she was bigger than she is. Its true that its still racial inequality out here thats true but this is america so thats nothing new lol.

  • anbillie c
    anbillie c Час назад

    Money talks. Why would they discriminate against black women specifically? If they are more then willing to give women and black men millions. It's about profit. she has no EVIDENCE of this bias for her specific case.

  • Jay Baker
    Jay Baker Час назад

    Even if Lenard was right he shouldn't have went against any black person in Hollywood about their money.... Lenard been doing foolish stuff lately its really sad.. Smh

  • Injustice360
    Injustice360 Час назад

    I'm sorry, but this is a funny interview.

  • Kenneth Benson
    Kenneth Benson Час назад

    Charlamagne is entitled to his own OPINION.... He can make anyone his DONKEY of the day.

  • Rexy1000
    Rexy1000 Час назад

    Monique is still famous?

  • Flame Janes
    Flame Janes Час назад +1

    500k in 2018 for Monique? FOH with all this porch monkey shit! I'm unsubscribing Fk these coons! You fkn lost & controlled pussies!

  • Lloyd Earle
    Lloyd Earle Час назад +1

    Mo'Nique is wack

  • YFL The Greatest
    YFL The Greatest Час назад +1

    She right Monique somebody's mother why would you call her a donkey

  • Tashuma Pervis
    Tashuma Pervis Час назад +1

    the breakfast club is fake ass hell.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Час назад

    Pay her the money she deserves damn! I don’t care how irrelevant people think she is regardless she speaking facts about inequality of the value people put on you NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU ALREADY WORKED

  • Veevee xo
    Veevee xo Час назад +1

    I support Mo'nique, she's been in the business for waaaay to long to not get respect. You better tell them girl!!

  • Jenelle Bennett
    Jenelle Bennett Час назад

    She does know Donkey of the day is segment based on opinion right? CTG just doesn't agree with what she's saying. He doesn't think that her claim has anything to do with the situation that's why she was "Donkey of the Day". I think she was wrong for saying he "hates black women" simply because he doesn't see her point of view.

  • R H
    R H Час назад

    That Kobe Bryant comparison was on point. All those championships I wouldn’t give him $250 million today. She washed up.

  • Eddie Farrow
    Eddie Farrow Час назад

    Lol Charlamagne crazy

  • John Berry
    John Berry Час назад

    There is no such thing as equality. Nobody is the "same" because we weren't created to be the same. Change your argument!!!....

  • Therealfatimab
    Therealfatimab Час назад

    Go off MONIQUE

  • Danny Bueso
    Danny Bueso Час назад


  • Soulbrother 7
    Soulbrother 7 Час назад +1

    Wow nearly 1.5 million views, and I wonder if Mo’Nique will be compensated for the revenue that those views bring in?

  • I Am CurlyBae
    I Am CurlyBae Час назад

    Obviously the breakfast club doesn't do their research🙄 Embarrassing

  • Steven Ibanez
    Steven Ibanez Час назад

    Mo’Nique is the auntie I wish I had

  • Eddie Farrow
    Eddie Farrow Час назад +1

    Why he keep fighting her response? Every point of hers is perfect.

  • neo somaliana
    neo somaliana Час назад +1

    This was sooo a karma for Amara La Negra ha!ha!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 часа назад +1

    Can’t stand Charlemagne! Never could. He so disrespectful and unfortunately he does it to spark interest, to spark a fire under people, to get a reaction, and then he gets rewarded for it. Smh

    WICKET 2 часа назад +1

    Muhammad Ali, Colin Kaepernick and now Monique all standing tall for the cause of equity.

  • Eddie Page
    Eddie Page 2 часа назад +1

    At first I couldn't understand what MONIQUE arguing about and I admit to jumping on the anti Monique bandwagon,when I always admired and respected her..but then I really listened and payed attention to what she was saying and I agree 100% with she is saying and her standing up for herself and not having HER PPL back her up..Once again who's standing up for the BLACK SISTERS..and LENARD is a Coward and he has his picks..even HER calling her husband Daddy was funny to me until I thought about it

  • Casey  Williams Jr
    Casey Williams Jr 2 часа назад

    She isn't funny anymore point blank period

  • C T
    C T 2 часа назад

    Monique has been under paid and that is such bullshit. She got paid 50k for precious. She deserved so much more. She ate his ass alive and he needs to be humbled. Even if I was on the radio I would never give a legend donkey of the day.

  • Hillary J
    Hillary J 2 часа назад +2

    Charlamagne is a prime example of everything that is wrong with the black community. As Monique mentioned, every other race agreed with her except for other black MEN. This is in almost every aspect. Black women consistently stand up for black men for ex: with the black lives matter movements etc. HOWEVER, black men are hardly ever in the black women's corner when we need them to be; instead they do just the opposite a lot of the times. Or we get people like J. Holiday, who felt the need to bash Beyonce, Mary J, etc. not long ago for singing about their experiences. So backwards and so sad.

  • EpilepsyWarning
    EpilepsyWarning 2 часа назад

    just shut up lmao

  • gerlynn solomon
    gerlynn solomon 2 часа назад

    Mmm I get her point but here’s my issue, in business if made excellent profits in 2010 and I was the top performer but I take a hiatus and come back with a do good but I am not the top performer I will not get the same bonus or raise as the top performer. I have to build my resume back up to that level so that when bring my chair to the table, I’m going to eat! I get not wanting to work for the next two years.... that’s a no and that’s where I agree but the fact that I am legend does not mean I’m entitled to what everyone else gets.

  • Frankie Palermo
    Frankie Palermo 2 часа назад

    I’m with Mo on this. I’m not black but black gotta stick together. This world is full of racism to this day. You gotta respect a strong black woman. Any strong woman at that. I respect the days 2Pac was alive. He made it cool to be black. Y’all had unity. Now a days everyone for themselves. Like I said I’m not black but I’m definitely pro black.

  • Danielle E.
    Danielle E. 2 часа назад +1

    Charlamange is an idiot...all 3 of them look dumb. Everybody is missing the point. It’s about inequality. Because of Monique’s supposed difficult nature and looks nobody wants to listen.

  • Martha gogarty
    Martha gogarty 2 часа назад

    Iam not even a Monique fan but she's got a point. I only watch Chris Rock because of his body of work. He's had some movie duds. But he's had more funny shows in my eyes. Why do we keep moving the goal posts for Monique? She has to justify her presence continuosly. Why is that?

  • jayzers870
    jayzers870 2 часа назад +1

    Like dame dash said, they aren't in positions to speak up and make power moves...they're puppets. Angela and envy are wouldn't dare talk they good slaves. Charlemagne is a white mans puppet, he loves his master lol. Willie lynch is still in the picture. pro black when he wanna be.

  • Dvza
    Dvza 2 часа назад

    Let's keep it real ain't no one wanna watch a Monique special

  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore 2 часа назад

    I understand totally where she is coming from I was confused at first but it makes since

  • d12345j
    d12345j 2 часа назад +1

    Tiffany Haddish might as well be Candyman to Monique. . . Monique doesn't want to say that name (considering how many others Monique brought up). Monique was quite careful to categorize herself apart from Tiffany by saying things like "veteran" or "fat" on top of being a black woman.

  • Jalieu Anjana
    Jalieu Anjana 2 часа назад


  • David Marahg
    David Marahg 2 часа назад

    The role should go to what the role was written for. It is just like affirmative action, someone should not just get the job based on sex, color or creed. Stop crying about it and if you dont like it write the next better script that casts people of color and gender. Shit I am white but I cant play the role of shaft no mater how much I want to, it was written for a African American. Ohh shit did I just say the incorrect pronouns.!!! Opps my bad!!

  • Lou Cora
    Lou Cora 2 часа назад +1

    Monique look like she wants to slap the shit outta charlamagne facts

  • Andy Win
    Andy Win 2 часа назад

    This is #1 treading on RUclip?

  • gods son
    gods son 2 часа назад

    I think she played precious mother so great, that it had cursed her. Just a theory

  • real too
    real too 2 часа назад

    Monique does not attract eyes like chris rock dave chapelle and amy schumer

  • Overstanding God
    Overstanding God 2 часа назад +1

    This interview is a lot more informative than the interview on Sway in the morning especially with the information about how the executives at Netflix hung up on Monique and the disrespect that came from the communication upon trying to achieve an income or salary that is worthy of her title I retract my comments on the Sway in the Morning interview at this time Monique is 100% correct. And Charlamagne needs to stop trying to be so argumentative and just respect the fact that she bought the data to make the point that she was trying to prove.

  • My Life Now
    My Life Now 2 часа назад

    This dude is so hard on people Leonard! these guys did not do there homework!

  • nia menerville
    nia menerville 2 часа назад

    Timeout is it her father or her husband LMAO

    WICKET 2 часа назад

    Monique knows her value and she's not willing to compromise or sell her talent at a discount. That's a lesson all of us should understand.

  • Bridgette Owens
    Bridgette Owens 2 часа назад +1

    Thank you for checking his ASS!! Love my GIRL 👏👏👏

  • LaYadi Mayan Banyamyan
    LaYadi Mayan Banyamyan 2 часа назад

    It seams like the Fake Jews called her difficult because Mo' doesn't let them walk over and disrespect anyone. Its no secret they treat us like shit because they are not gifted like us. These fake jews are just mad that we are the real Hebrew Israelites aka Jews. These rats are Hebrew Edomites aka Idumeans.

  • Tbm Tbm
    Tbm Tbm 2 часа назад

    She calls ctg his real name the only reason why it’s trending ...STOP IT

  • Vince Staples
    Vince Staples 2 часа назад

    1. Monique is not funny
    2. Charlemagne a real nigga

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 2 часа назад

    Greedy ass was offered millions of dollars for a show on Netflix, and she’s screaming about racial injustice done to her?! Give me a break. Racism is real. But lady, this isn’t it. Sell out arenas like the others you’ve name dropped, pull as large of audiences with proven statistics that you can show Netflix you’re on par. Until then? You aren’t doing anything but hurting the real problems in this country with your distraction. Take your millions and stop crying about how you want more. You aren’t 5, despite creepily calling your husband daddy every 6 minutes.

  • daveveda20
    daveveda20 2 часа назад +1

    The day is going to come when Leonard's going to be old news, I often ponder does he not realize his spot is not secured he could easily be replaced an non thought of. The very same people you ridiculed, told to go alone with Hollywierd underhanded tactics. You'll be in in that boat sooner or later something hot an new will pop, an let's be clear Monique is not the only one who The breakfast club tries to disrespect an be superior to... different is she came with her ish to gather you all together.

  • Matt Van
    Matt Van 2 часа назад

    Netflix is WORLDWIDE. Chris Rock , Dave Chappell and Amy are World recognised names who tour Europe and Australia ect. and sell out arenas. If your only popular in your own country' you don't generate as much money and would only be aired on American Netflix and not in other countries.

  • nkeiru obi
    nkeiru obi 2 часа назад

    Theres no way she would have done this interview without her husband on the phone, thats for sure

  • Issa Virgo Gyal
    Issa Virgo Gyal 2 часа назад

    I support you Monique!:)

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez 2 часа назад

    RUclip is now drama....

  • montana thrills
    montana thrills 2 часа назад

    That was crazy

  • Double J
    Double J 2 часа назад

    tellem leonard

  • LegendaryGreatness
    LegendaryGreatness 2 часа назад

    Congrats Mo'Nigue, you played yourself

  • Djeneba Maiga
    Djeneba Maiga 2 часа назад

    17:24 she shut him down

  • Fantastic View
    Fantastic View 2 часа назад

    Monique you look very professional and you proved your point very eloquently. My hat 🎩 is off to you. I also applaud your bravery for going back on the show and confronting the issue. You both had good points. I don’t think you deserved “Donkey of the Day”. In addition, your value is not determined by this low-budget show. It obvious you are a very intelligent leader and a game changer. I think you should look into being a producer. You have all the qualities of a great leader. 🏆

  • Marshall Grant
    Marshall Grant 2 часа назад

    She always made hits so why offer something low it doesn't matter what she doing right now they know regardless her in any movies is gonna be a big deal

  • CosPlayNay
    CosPlayNay 2 часа назад

    After seeing this interview and getting a better understanding of the situation. I completely understand where Mo’Nique is coming from.

  • ilovefatpussy11722
    ilovefatpussy11722 2 часа назад

    I want to know how much she would take, cause she's not getting Schumer, Chris Rock money

  • beastmode12211
    beastmode12211 2 часа назад

    Bro what happened i cant find your name on fortnite

  • Cardell Mack
    Cardell Mack 2 часа назад

    I get it tho

  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus 2 часа назад +1

    I've never seen this many black women in the comment section... Love y'all!

  • Mr Logical
    Mr Logical 2 часа назад +1

    *Mo gave CTG & EVERYBODY THAT WORK in this interview.* I'm not a huge fan of her work, but *I RESPECT HER IMMENSELY AFTER THIS.* she *ROASTED THAT NIGGA* AT 42:20

  • Truu Raig
    Truu Raig 2 часа назад

    She painted him as he had painted her... with a sharp stroke (that rippled through each canvass); paint with a stinch. The difference is that one artist worked in the dark while the other worked in the light of the other's reflection (in ya face) with Wakanda love 😄 #ADMIRABLE i say. that Auntie scolding. Let us not overshadow Charlemagne tha God though cause he held his humble composure in respect to an elder 💓 plus stood his ground of his stance so... draw.

  • dan theman
    dan theman 2 часа назад +1

    Coons like Lenard love to talk about how other races are doing better than black people and how we have to work harder, but they are also the first to tell hard working black people to shut up and get along whenever they demand more for their work.

  • Trifecta Views
    Trifecta Views 2 часа назад +1

    I just want to applaud the articulation in this interview. I feel 10x smarter.