Gypsy Rose Part 1: Mom says daughter suffered from illnesses and needed wheelchair, feeding tube

  • Published on Jan 6, 2018
    Gypsy’s Truth and Lies
    In between hospital stays, Gypsy and her mom Dee Dee Blanchard traveled to sporting events, galas and theme parks, and lived in their Habitat for Humanity house.
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  • kayla Robinson
    kayla Robinson Hour ago


  • Natalia Ali
    Natalia Ali Day ago

    I came here after Stephanie Soo's mukbang lol
    But gypsys mother is koo koo.

  • Lala K
    Lala K Day ago

    Gypsy may be in jail, but she's free from DeeDee & the physical & emotional abuse she suffered for years at the hands off the woman who was supposed to love her & care for her.
    DeeDee suffered from munchausen syndrome by proxy, so gypsy is and will always be a survivor

    MARTA KUBACKA 2 days ago


  • why mechuls
    why mechuls 2 days ago

    Ugh, shes annoying as fuck

  • Jill Pierson
    Jill Pierson 2 days ago

    I know her bc im friends with her younger brother. So she was around sometimes. So was her mom. Deedee was weird . Always had a weird thing about her

  • Tide Pod Pad Thai
    Tide Pod Pad Thai 2 days ago +1

    *At the very beginning of the video*
    "Gypsy is adorable"
    *After the video*
    "Wait WHAT-"

  • Mia Estrada
    Mia Estrada 3 days ago

    Hold up there is a show about this omg

  • Ello !
    Ello ! 3 days ago

    Was the mother diagnosed with münchester by proxy ?

  • •-•
    •-• 4 days ago

    i can't believe she was put in jail,she didn't even do anything. she just protected herself

  • Blue Coco
    Blue Coco 4 days ago

    I feel so bad she needs like a million puppies not jail 😭😭 atleast She is happy in jail tho

  • Laurisha Conner
    Laurisha Conner 4 days ago

    I understand what her mother did. No it’s not right in any kind of way.. but she ALWAYS had the option to get up and walk away instead of orchestrating her murder. I don’t think it’s right for her to have 10 years and Nick to get life in prison without parole. She was abused, but she knew right from wrong. Injustice in my opinion.

  • hector morante
    hector morante 4 days ago

    Hola Mama Coco

  • Unicorn GANG
    Unicorn GANG 4 days ago

    The act

  • Nakenya Gardner
    Nakenya Gardner 5 days ago

    Who's looking for haters to roast🙋🙋😕😕

  • LaylaMC Gamez
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  • Beatrice Bess
    Beatrice Bess 5 days ago

    It’s ridiculous. How do you lie for sooooooo long??? This poor baby got manipulated for years, and ended up killing her ma. It’s wrong but I think there could’ve been a smidge more leniency shown...

  • Nakya Mami
    Nakya Mami 5 days ago

    But no one care about gypsy's boyfriend ???

  • Lil Steph
    Lil Steph 6 days ago

    bruh there’s a show on Hulu called The Act y’all gotta each it. it’s more detailed and better

  • Rylee Thomas
    Rylee Thomas 7 days ago

    Damn her mother was I terrible person!! She lied and faked her life. She doesn’t need prison time,she needs help


    I wonder how many of theez kripples are putting on a show

  • Gypsy soul
    Gypsy soul 7 days ago

    Her father did nothing to help her! How does a father not know his daughter not sick

  • H Jay
    H Jay 8 days ago

    Why not just tie the mom down and force her to stop, murder shouldnt ever be necessary

  • xXAceXx :3
    xXAceXx :3 8 days ago

    Okay, Gypsy is lowkey cute..

  • Samantha
    Samantha 8 days ago

    Wow what mom would do that?!?!

  • Erin Hortman
    Erin Hortman 8 days ago

    This is just sick abuse. Gypsy doesn’t deserve jail she deserves at least therapy. I mean I ain’t saying killing anyone is ok I am just saying BISHES GET HER HELP

  • Katie Brown
    Katie Brown 8 days ago

    I have a podcast called Weird on the Rocks that did a very in depth episode about the Gypsy Rose story, go check it out!

  • Sarah Milo
    Sarah Milo 9 days ago

    Sweet girl. A victim not a villain. Hope she is being treated well in prison

  • Marlena Dan
    Marlena Dan 9 days ago

    This girl is innocent she was used by her mother I could only imagine what went through her head.

  • Teresa D
    Teresa D 9 days ago

    Where are the medical notes...who are these doctors..omg..

  • Lokyn RedFox
    Lokyn RedFox 10 days ago

    Tbh, Idc what y’all say so don’t try and change my mind with your opinions but I don’t blame Gypsy for what she did whatsoever.

  • Ariana Isagemini
    Ariana Isagemini 11 days ago

    Who known about this story since Kendall Rae♥️‼️🙋🏽‍♀️

  • NOS rechy
    NOS rechy 11 days ago

    How did the doctors continue to treat a healthy child? Talk about munchausen syndrome!

  • Downward Data
    Downward Data 12 days ago

    You know her mom was a awful person, but it was bc she had some mental disease, Idk what its called

  • julie theresa
    julie theresa 12 days ago

    yes, her most important years were taken by her mother, and yes, her mother deserved what she got, but i think gyspy needs to be in jail, just for way less than 10. maybe only 3.

  • Tiera S
    Tiera S 13 days ago

    Wow seeing how she really looks and etc. the girl they had play her on Hulu was definitely perfect for this role! Loved it

    • Kara S
      Kara S 13 days ago

      Joey king.😍 i know right!😍

  • Honeymoon Avenue
    Honeymoon Avenue 14 days ago

    I think she should’ve go to a mental institution to get help. Not prison. She was highly abused since she was a kid, she didn’t know any better.

  • Betina van der Merwe
    Betina van der Merwe 14 days ago

    Oh my goodness, this is so sad! I'm happy the daughter is finally happy.

  • Babies By the Shore
    Babies By the Shore 14 days ago +2

    How in the world did she see all these doctors for issues that never existed and managed to keep seeing them as if she did have them ?. Tests were never run? Even without records from loss in Katrina the hospitals just took her word for it? Hospitals failed this kid.

  • Naomi Salazar
    Naomi Salazar 14 days ago

    this is horrifying. But what I don't get is how did the mom get away with so much?? How did she fool the doctors? How did she get allll those damn medications without people checking her daughter's actual condition? wtf!!

  • My Name
    My Name 14 days ago +1

    Sick evil fitlhy satanic lying christian scum of earth ..pffff filthy scum..

  • NellyNotKelly
    NellyNotKelly 14 days ago

    christian dating!!!!?

  • Ken & Shanin
    Ken & Shanin 15 days ago

    If Gypsy had killed her herself without planning I think she would've gotten self defense.

  • Zz Metice
    Zz Metice 15 days ago

    This was made on my moms birthday

  • Simply Me
    Simply Me 16 days ago

    Just think, how long this would have went on , if she hadn't murdered her own mother smh wow! This is just one sad case right here oh man ...sooosooo sad and wat does that say about ppl who are on ssi that have been diagnosed with diseases they dont even have ....ughhh just make u sick to the stomach, wat ppl will do for money, on both ends...

  • هنوف البكر
    هنوف البكر 16 days ago

    The father deserves his time in Jail too!! If he was there for his daughter, if he went with his daughter to her doctors appointments, DeeDee wouldn't be able to do all of this, he is an awful careless father who thought he could just have a new family and forget that he already have a daughter, what upsets me also is that he is smiling like an idiot in all his interviews, he should be ashamed of his-self

  • Lorenzo Potrich
    Lorenzo Potrich 16 days ago

    "Christian Dating" LMAO!!

  • mostly cats 222
    mostly cats 222 16 days ago

    DeeDee had NO shame.

  • Ashes To Ashes
    Ashes To Ashes 16 days ago

    It’s so so sad that it ended by her mother being murdered but it had to stop...Her mother was a filthy sadistic liar using her own daughter as a cash cow and taking all the generous souls who believed her lies for fools. Gypsy Rose is a victim. Her mother should have gone to jail and Gypsy should have been able to live her life or at least what’s left of it considering that most of her childhood and young adult life has been stolen from her.

  • Panda_ Water
    Panda_ Water 17 days ago

    one word


  • Alejandra Martinez
    Alejandra Martinez 17 days ago

    Her mom took her childhood away😢

  • mariam eraq
    mariam eraq 18 days ago


  • Joseph Agar
    Joseph Agar 19 days ago +1

    I feel like Dee Dee would have ended up killing her if nothing happened. I am not saying I agree with murder, but I am saying something needed to happen.

  • Jared Thresher
    Jared Thresher 19 days ago

    Poor Gypsy

  • Paige Vilnit
    Paige Vilnit 19 days ago

    Did the dad in this play the dad in the show?

    • Kara S
      Kara S 13 days ago

      Probably not. They look similar though right!

  • The End
    The End 20 days ago


  • شيماء المالكي

    1:21 who know this baby girl some day kill her mother

  • شيماء المالكي

    omg 💔💔💔💔😏

  • Deme Torres
    Deme Torres 20 days ago

    saw the movie about this it's so freaking disturbing ...they chouldve don't it another way instead of killing the mom...while in her sleep

  • Miss Kitty
    Miss Kitty 20 days ago +2

    I have a home.... I’m not sick....

    Yet I haven’t been to Disney Land 😅😂

  • Jerome Rashad
    Jerome Rashad 20 days ago

    I don’t blame her tbh

  • Lil Live Asz
    Lil Live Asz 20 days ago +2

    I just Dnt understand how Doctors werent Aware much-much Sooner.

  • lsles a
    lsles a 21 day ago

    شهالفديو الهابط الي من الفين وحطبه حرفيا مٌٌٌُختله يالبيتش ريلي مٌٌٌٌختله يالبيتش المازوخيه اللحجيه زرق صكوك الطلاق الي تشاهقين بمقحبتك الي من كسمك المفحم المنيوكه بطيزك المحروق والقمي زُُُُب حرفيا مصخره الجيل والاجيال🔥😉

  • Taz Man
    Taz Man 21 day ago

    Boy they got the characters on point

  • Ferry Anolin
    Ferry Anolin 21 day ago

    Sad! Why did she agree with her mom's craziness?

  • Makayla Groves
    Makayla Groves 21 day ago

    OMG she got to meet maranda lambert and Blake Shelton

  • Mariellen Anderson
    Mariellen Anderson 21 day ago

    beauty queen??

  • Diana
    Diana 22 days ago

    Gypsy looks like her dad. Same nose.

  • Namrin Zaman
    Namrin Zaman 23 days ago

    This is such a sad story 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Fernanda Mendez
    Fernanda Mendez 23 days ago

    The video is creepy as hell

  • Jesse12489
    Jesse12489 23 days ago

    I saw the show but not all of it. All i can say is if she didn't mear that young man and met a normal human being,she would have been saved. Sadly her sheltered abused life left her desensitized. Actually the hell you at your house I know somebody who had an abusive grandmother who kept her home school and won't even let her out of the house and she had to take care of her grandmother who she called "Mom" chores was mostly clean the shit bucket. Yeah they crapped in a bucket. She even was delusional and attempt to kill her a few times and the cops came they never did anything. Luscious a after her grandparents died me and her got close but then her family moved in and then trust me and I'm a Survivor too but they wanted to take care of her and no one else. She may be 34 but she acted like a 17 year old. She isn't slow. I've seen her learn. But sadly the damage is strong and her family harassed me. Hee aunt started spreading lies and I couldn't take it anymore. She said if you can't handle them then i should leave. I'm still angry about it but I do wish her the best but her family can go to hell. She had a PS Vita and I was going to let her use my PlayStation account because I didn't have a PS3 and i had a lot of purchased games. Yeah her aunt wouldn't let me give it to her.

  • Kaitlyn White
    Kaitlyn White 23 days ago

    I live in Springfield Missouri

  • Titaness Writes
    Titaness Writes 23 days ago

    There's no justice in our "justice system". Murder is sanctioned for no good reason when it's approved by the government, but no one was going to save this girl but herself...and she's punished for it. This was self defense as far as I'm concerned.

  • Lost with Laura
    Lost with Laura 24 days ago

    Holy shit ‘the act’ on Hulu is spot on with her life.

  • branman81794
    branman81794 24 days ago

    How did the doctors not know she wasn’t really sick. Wouldn’t blood tests disprove leukemia??

  • Laura Duncan
    Laura Duncan 24 days ago

    I 'd kill her too, js.

  • marley abbott
    marley abbott 24 days ago +47

    the system failed her, it really did. the social workers should have been right on to it

  • Kamri Phoenix
    Kamri Phoenix 24 days ago

    doesnt this have a movie based off of them?

  • Yesenia Sanchez
    Yesenia Sanchez 24 days ago

    There is a movie about it

  • Deborah Chapman
    Deborah Chapman 25 days ago

    Nobody is bringing up the fact that she Manipulated Nick. He’s a victim as well. She used him. Everybody is saying how she shouldn’t be in prison what about Nick? Does he deserve to be released from prison as well? She’s actually pretty smart.

  • Chappel F
    Chappel F 25 days ago

    Gypsy didn't looked abused at all. The proof are in all those photo's and videos. Not once in any photo or video did I see that Gypsy looked unhappy or in distressed. That trip to Disney land Gypsy looked very happy. Gypsy benefited from those scams and played right along. You can't justify murdering your Mother regardless of what she did. She belongs behind bars.

    • Emma M
      Emma M 23 days ago

      Chappel F Gypsy was a completely healthy child, but her mother pretended that she was ill and couldn’t walk and had cancer and so many other things, so she believed it, she was in a wheelchair so she never learned to walk, because her mother wanted her to stay with her, her mother did terrible things and gypsy figured it out, and didn’t want to be like that any longer, but her mother wouldn’t let her, and she wasn’t capable to do anything because her mom never let her learn. So when she finally needed out, she snapped, and killed her mom to be free.

  • Lenita Jetson
    Lenita Jetson 25 days ago

    This shit fck’d my head completely up!! Like how bruhhhhhh 🤯🤯

  • Thato Mokoena
    Thato Mokoena 25 days ago

    Holy shit

  • Nyenpu Freeman
    Nyenpu Freeman 25 days ago

    She’s really abused her😩😫

  • Dane Delouisa
    Dane Delouisa 26 days ago

    What drove her to murder? Being controlled by a narcissist that robbed her of her childhood and identity

  • Eddie Bacon
    Eddie Bacon 26 days ago

    My adopted kom did this to me. I ran away at 14 and never went back. Been 15 years since i saw them. That family destroyed my life and future.

  • SunKissNicole
    SunKissNicole 26 days ago

    Whoever did the casting for The Act, did everything spot on. Even the teenage neighbor. That's sad that deedee did that but God has the last word and I'm sure deedee is in hell.

  • Marni Hennings
    Marni Hennings 26 days ago

    Wasnt this like all a lie

  • FrostBite Baby
    FrostBite Baby 26 days ago +1

    She doesn't deserve to be locked up he b!t*h of a mother needs to be😡🤬

    • Isabella
      Isabella 26 days ago

      FrostBite Baby your good boo

    • FrostBite Baby
      FrostBite Baby 26 days ago

      @Isabella i was half way through the video when i typed this sorry

    • Isabella
      Isabella 26 days ago

      FrostBite Baby she’s dead

  • Rosabelle Oben
    Rosabelle Oben 26 days ago

    Woah this people were big crooks

  • Noora Almatroushi
    Noora Almatroushi 27 days ago +17

    technically she was the victim

  • 2,000 Subs no video challenge

    She does not need a wheel chair she has nothing wrong with her

  • Carlos Parra
    Carlos Parra 28 days ago +1

    funny how she doesnt look like either of her parents

  • Anna Wright
    Anna Wright 28 days ago +1

    I’m not gonna say murdering her mother was the only way out, but she felt as if it was. She was trapped, tortured and secluded. She was so sheltered and naive, and she probably thought that if she ran away, her mom would find her. I feel for Gypsy. It’s not fair

  • Bughead fan
    Bughead fan 28 days ago +1

    I feel so bad for gypsy

  • foxyappealin
    foxyappealin 28 days ago +1

    She was so smart at 1 year

    • Isabella
      Isabella 26 days ago

      foxyappealin it’s because her mom lied about her age and her mom said she was 15 when in reality she was 19

  • Damaris Ghetes
    Damaris Ghetes 28 days ago

    But why did her mom do all this to her child?

  • ang 012
    ang 012 28 days ago +5

    KIM Kardashian SHE NEEDS YOUUU😔

  • Contagious Smile's
    Contagious Smile's 28 days ago +1

    On the act she said my mom said that one day this will be real and on here she said my mom said that this will be real this is like this movie needs a nominee💯💯