Alleged Florida School Shooter Nikolas Cruz in Police Interrogation: 'Kill Me'

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
  • Police have released video of their interrogation of Nikolas Cruz, the teenager allegedly responsible for killing 17 people in February’s school massacre in Parkland, Florida. Cruz is seen wearing a hospital gown and pretending to shoot himself in the head over and over. He also punches himself in the head and repeatedly says, “burn, kill, destroy.” When an officer enters the room and asks if he wants some water, Cruz replies, “I don’t deserve it.”

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  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 17 hours ago

    Reminded me a JOKER

  • Chemo Kahuna
    Chemo Kahuna Day ago

    Death Penalty.

  • ThatGuyRex
    ThatGuyRex Day ago +1

    I would be happy too

  • Jamiecake123cute hi I'm nice

    Owww don't hit yourself than no girls in prison will like you am guessing I'm correct

    👇like if I'm correct

  • yuhstylin
    yuhstylin 2 days ago


  • Graham Hardie
    Graham Hardie 3 days ago

    ya wanna know how I got these scars?

  • Kamren Apelskog
    Kamren Apelskog 3 days ago

    well, if you dont want to be in this type of situation, dont shoot up a school. freak.

  • RickitySplitz
    RickitySplitz 4 days ago

    Inane kid.

  • Oh My Oki!
    Oh My Oki! 5 days ago +7

    Its like the joker. No one cared to help him. See where that landed.

  • Brian Panlilio
    Brian Panlilio 5 days ago

    Awww.. so sadly! 😢

  • KDaKing
    KDaKing 5 days ago

    At this point he's just trying too hard to be crazy.

  • Its Me Dawg
    Its Me Dawg 6 days ago +2

    you kinda have to blame the people around him to like they probably could have prevented it

  • BYOwn
    BYOwn 6 days ago

    Nikolas Cruz is smart, he knew that he was on camera. Feigning mental illness to be put into a psychiatric hospital rather than prison.

  • The Smelly German Guy

    he wants to die the moment he gets to die the people say nah lets make him suffer even more

  • AmazingAsianRacist
    AmazingAsianRacist 7 days ago

    This guy is a coward couldn't even kill himself. But much respect

  • Karleen Izabelle Arradaza

    He may be a killer but i feel bad for him

  • psychiatry is eugenics

    As long as psychiatry is in power ; sick kids will be driven insane

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer 9 days ago

    Im scared bc my name is cruz

  • Khoi (Ben) Pham
    Khoi (Ben) Pham 9 days ago


  • Aaron Tellez
    Aaron Tellez 11 days ago

    He kill a girl will a big gun. 😢

    • Aaron Tellez
      Aaron Tellez 8 days ago


    • Killerrz
      Killerrz 8 days ago

      Aaron Tellez you really mentioned only a girl wtf

  • CEO of East Asia
    CEO of East Asia 11 days ago

    Angry kid wants attention

  • Mark Diaz
    Mark Diaz 11 days ago

    He sounds like a crackhead

  • Youtube Guest01
    Youtube Guest01 12 days ago

    Dam video game

  • kosc
    kosc 12 days ago

    he's mentally ill; no one was there.

  • Prof. Genki
    Prof. Genki 12 days ago

    If only they would put him in general population.

  • Blue Hacker
    Blue Hacker 13 days ago

    I fell bad but why Though

  • JasWillNotBeLoyal! okay?
    JasWillNotBeLoyal! okay? 14 days ago +13

    Dude I wanna feel bad for him but like, what he did was really wrong, I hope he gets help.

  • Sexy Sesshy
    Sexy Sesshy 14 days ago +1

    This guy needs to eat some snickers

    XIMBACHIEFX 18 days ago

    why do i feel like this sometimes

  • Melanie valles
    Melanie valles 19 days ago +2

    No matter what u do about guns it's the people not the guns

    • zKore
      zKore 16 days ago

      Melanie valles yeah but if guns were banned, then there would be no shooting in the first place.

  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson 19 days ago

    Omg I remember that. My school went on code red because of him and kids were crying. I can’t believe this wow.

  • PeaceKeepe_r
    PeaceKeepe_r 19 days ago +2

    Its his fault for being bullied?

  • Smiley Face
    Smiley Face 20 days ago +5

    "It was on Valentines Day"
    "They put him in a room, alone"
    i feel bad for the guy but thats just one big *OOF*

  • The United States Of America

    Kill me
    *that would be mercy, you don’t deserve mercy*

    • Gaming Time
      Gaming Time 19 days ago

      The United States Of America salute

  • ttv_fozzy 4461
    ttv_fozzy 4461 20 days ago

    Dude is stupid

  • Giovanni Penate
    Giovanni Penate 20 days ago

    He started to lose his crown hair 😂😂

  • Zurse.
    Zurse. 21 day ago +2

    That kid better get the death penalty

  • Rich Ma
    Rich Ma 22 days ago

    Lets see what x has to say about this

  • Rich Ma
    Rich Ma 22 days ago

    Lets see what the legend x has to say about this....

  • Donny Weinbuch
    Donny Weinbuch 23 days ago

    It’s was those damn video games

  • MemesStar
    MemesStar 23 days ago +2

    This whole situation could have been avoided had he been allowed to get mental help.

  • rhiannon eastick
    rhiannon eastick 24 days ago +24

    “people think you’re a monster!”
    “a monster?”


  • Ryan Natuor
    Ryan Natuor 24 days ago

    Killer: kills 20 teenagers with no merci
    Killer when arrested: Im sO SorrY I dOnt DeseRve To LivE kiLL me I dont wannA Be iN prIsOn for da ResT of mY lIfE!

  • Random Gurl
    Random Gurl 25 days ago +3

    I love how the reporter is casually talking and he’s casually shooting himself in the head with his hand and punching himself in the face 😂😂😂

    • Random Gurl
      Random Gurl 23 days ago

      LJ 08 I just wanna know how you found my comment and decided to reply

    • LJ 08
      LJ 08 23 days ago

      I just want to know how you find this funny

  • Ella Hennings
    Ella Hennings 25 days ago

    I still don’t feel bad tho

  • Traffic Azrve
    Traffic Azrve 26 days ago +198

    let’s see how the media blames this one on call of duty

    • Alberto
      Alberto 9 days ago +7

      @Cod or Bf Judging by your 10 years old profile name and picture I guess you got offended because I changed one of your favorite game's name.
      That's a serious level of mental retardation right there, maybe you should stick to Carl on Duty and leave RUclip.
      And don't like your own comments, it's pathetic.

    • Cod or Bf
      Cod or Bf 9 days ago +1

      Alberto please learn to spell first

    • Alberto
      Alberto 11 days ago +9

      It's clearly Carl on Duty's fault

  • Apple Sauce
    Apple Sauce 26 days ago

    I like how it says alleged school shooter in the title as if we don’t know if it was actually him

  • Doris Doris
    Doris Doris 27 days ago

    Why would he say that he is a monster that is stupid

  • Tempest
    Tempest 27 days ago


  • Diesel
    Diesel 28 days ago

    They also say 'kill me' just so they can escape and forget what they've done its stupid

  • TheTiredTire
    TheTiredTire 28 days ago

    He's faking it

  • Xd-mcnuget123
    Xd-mcnuget123 28 days ago

    That’s ur fault still not got rid of guns

  • Madelete
    Madelete 29 days ago

    Wow thqt guy seems like he is faking it

    • Appledawn
      Appledawn 22 days ago

      Clearly. He knows he's being recorded so he puts on an act to have pity and sympathy when he was a sick bastard who decided to bring his wrath down upon people who didn't deserve it. Absolutely disgusting.
      I'm surprised he didn't pussy out after realizing what he'd done and blast a hole through the back of his skull like other shooters have done. Those low-life pigs weren't able to face the reality and the consequences of what they'd done.

  • HAFertr 123
    HAFertr 123 29 days ago

    Amerikans care more about their guns than their children.

  • The Ghost of Irrelevancy

    mental health is important kids, it's not about the gun control.

    • StormZ
      StormZ 11 days ago

      it's about the gun control. if guns were banned this wouldn't of happened if he had a mental illness or not.

  • xxx
    xxx Month ago +4

    please for the love of god kill him

    • Trevis cairns
      Trevis cairns 27 days ago +1

      Why should he that is an easy way out he deserves to live the rest of his life in he'll 🤗🤗🤗

  • 1523145
    1523145 Month ago

    That’s exactly my feeling, if I did something crime

  • tall boi Dimitropoulos

    the police should transfer him to Norway to rehabilitate his mental state

    • Jc Dizon
      Jc Dizon 26 days ago

      Maybe death penalty is better for him

    • Vikeplikt 03
      Vikeplikt 03 28 days ago

      Oskar Dimitropoulos true

  • HoodPzo
    HoodPzo Month ago +19

    Really hope he’s getting the help he needs. People don’t understand that he’s actually sick in the head

    • TheBayzent
      TheBayzent 26 days ago

      Little too late for that, sadly. Only help he deserves is Nembutal. But I hope this helps us identifying other people and helping them, not get to the edge.

    • Jamin
      Jamin 29 days ago +3

      Exactly. He is sick in the head but is also human and deserves the treatment he needs, shooter or not. That's not anywhere near an excuse for what he did, though.

  • lol hi
    lol hi Month ago +1

    Poor kid was probably bullied or mentally unstable