Public Transit

  • EDIT: BEEP BEEP BEEP this just in! I'm terrible! I forgot to credit the artist that made me the fan art I shared at the end of the video.
    He's responsible for both of those wonderful fan arts.
    This video can be summed up as "I went outside and it was a bad idea". So the moral of the story is stay inside. Fear the outside world, it is a strange place.
    The gifs that slimey wanted:
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Comments • 80

  • Washed up Animators

    This.. has aged not so well

  • Jarjarbinkus Animations
    Jarjarbinkus Animations 4 hours ago +1

    Fuck!!! That means seal in French

  • Andrew _
    Andrew _ 8 hours ago

    Workers unions, they're the two words that ruined the US's public transit. If it werent for them the US would be as good as France in the cities.

  • Noah
    Noah 8 hours ago +1

    5:25 trebuchet scene ten out of ten best part of the entire video

  • Chilled Syn
    Chilled Syn 20 hours ago +1

    *”Hello, I am a dolphin. My name is cheese omelette.”*

  • Kengu
    Kengu Day ago

    Do you still have a tumblr and if so, what's your url?

  • SN Project
    SN Project Day ago

    "Um, is this safe?"
    Mate, some of our Republican representatives straight up vote to poison their constitutes. _When would the USA EVER ask if something was safe??_

  • Code Doc
    Code Doc Day ago

    Video Start: ”I love public transit”
    Coronavirus: *EVIL LAUGHTER*

  • Aals Xxx
    Aals Xxx Day ago

    I was once on the bus home from college and this dude was on the phone saying he managed to take his ankle thing off (monitor they put in you for breaking the law..that thing) and running from the police for breaking the restraining order against his girlfriend of 3 years, and that he didnt do anything to her....I was there like oh my God what the yeah that was an experience

  • Dante Kaczmarek
    Dante Kaczmarek Day ago

    I don't put them on my for 2 reasons,putting it on normally hurts my ears 2 so that I hear

  • time smash
    time smash 2 days ago

    le train est fini mdr oooooohhhh shiiiiit la D c'est la D. Wow le français est excellent

  • Leslie Rubel
    Leslie Rubel 2 days ago

    I sometimes wear headphones like that but only for comfort and only at my house I don't know why you would do it in a public space

  • Zeal Lavigne Troublemaker

    Listen I know I’m only a minute in but it sounds like your experience with the public bus system is waaaay more simple than mine. The public transit here may as well not even HAVE a schedule, it’s practically a roulette. “Will I get to the next stop in time to transfer to my next bus? Maybe! Will this bus *actually* go to the stops it’s meant to? I dunno! When will the next bus get to the transit station? Probably ten years from now!”

    TIXLTIF 3 days ago

    I have whack cartalidge in my ears so I do the headphone thing because headphones are seriously like ouch. I do however wear them like normal in public

  • Aniketh Parkala
    Aniketh Parkala 3 days ago


  • Ben Bernabe
    Ben Bernabe 3 days ago

    Anyone watching this when Covid-19 is a thing?

  • kid with a LAZER MINIGUN

    I'm pretty sure that people put their headphones around their neck so they can hear other people talking to them and hear their music

  • auxometer
    auxometer 3 days ago

    Gif links are dead

  • Chris Hei
    Chris Hei 4 days ago

    gif links no work :c

  • Empty Cup
    Empty Cup 4 days ago

    1:05 they do that cuz their ears start to hurt from wearing the headphones for so long.

  • Euan Smith
    Euan Smith 5 days ago

    The answer to public transport is a Monorail!

  • Anna KIM
    Anna KIM 5 days ago

    Watching this using headphones that I have wrapped around my neck with the volume on max

  • anakin gratia
    anakin gratia 5 days ago +1

    people watching this in 2020 : yeh he a dead man

  • Evie The CatMaster
    Evie The CatMaster 5 days ago

    those people wear the headphones around their necks with the high volume because the headphones are too tight on their ears and it hurts a bit. then they can only hear it with the volume up, so they have to put the volume up.

  • jonathan francioli
    jonathan francioli 5 days ago

    4:44 French 100

  • Samuele Bigi
    Samuele Bigi 5 days ago

    Buongiorno. Io sono un delfino e mi chiamo omelette di formaggio.

  • Pokerface
    Pokerface 6 days ago +1

    4:47 Ah, I see someone learned French from watching Dexter's Lab.

  • Let your memes be dreams

    This jump makes me think of ASDF lol love it got ya a new subscriber

  • Fiorella Julio
    Fiorella Julio 7 days ago

    Im one of those head phone people

  • Lance Guy
    Lance Guy 7 days ago

    We don't want to miss what people to say.

  • Helen Jiggins
    Helen Jiggins 7 days ago

    whats transit, BTW im from the uk so i might not know, is it transport?

  • Its ThatGuy
    Its ThatGuy 7 days ago

    1:10 Its because it hurts their ears after awhile. Your welcome

  • Zer Vee
    Zer Vee 7 days ago

    Hello. I am a dolphin. My name is cheese omelette.

  • Keiko 13
    Keiko 13 8 days ago +3

    The minute he said “trebuchet” my mind immediately went to Pewds 😂

    • I like stuff
      I like stuff 5 days ago

      i was looking for this comment, thx. Now i know i'm not alone:D

  • Yose King
    Yose King 8 days ago +1

    For some reason I thought the tittle said "public trash"🤣

  • Hermes Tortue
    Hermes Tortue 8 days ago

    The whole headphones on the shoulders thing is because having them on the ears can irritate them sometimes, i have the problem frequently, they dont want to use earbuds as they damage the ears more because they block the sound in and are directly beaming the sound in, but with bigger headphones it can crush their ears and be uncomfortable, however it is an asshole move to keep them on their shoulders and keep the music at a high volume when they're in public, hopefully this was helpful in understanding the predicament

  • Roblox Lego Man
    Roblox Lego Man 8 days ago

    The headphone guy Explanation: Their ears get uncomfortable so they have to take it off, but they still want to listen to music, so, yeah.

  • The Determined Ninja

    4:45 Wow! You French was actually pretty decent, impressive! (I'm saying this as a Québecois)

  • todoroki can set me on fire and i would not care

    One time me, my siblings, and my mom where on the train I was sitting next to a stranger. This lady came on the train crying and was talking about how something happened and she need food and money so the person next to me who spoke spanish gave her a dollar then the upset lady started talking to me in spanish she probably thought I was the lady sitting next to me kid but I looked nothing like the lady. I think she was just terribly drunk

  • ZirexsYT
    ZirexsYT 9 days ago

    I remember when this was a thing

  • Rainbow Dark
    Rainbow Dark 9 days ago

    Yay for my country
    I don't take public transportation anymore cause bikes are just better but I agree we've got it down

  • Maxime K-G
    Maxime K-G 9 days ago

    RIP your GIFs dude

  • ZackeTheBrute
    ZackeTheBrute 10 days ago

    Trebuchet will only get you a couple of hundred yards/meters, what you need is a V2 rocket.

  • Daniel Bougy
    Daniel Bougy 10 days ago

    I'm french and that was nice

  • Lucifer Scarling
    Lucifer Scarling 10 days ago

    Ears hurt, so move headset and increase volume til you can hear it

  • Micah
    Micah 10 days ago

    Nice video

  • Toons & Tunes
    Toons & Tunes 11 days ago

    Omelette du fromage

  • stefan sauvageon
    stefan sauvageon 11 days ago

    You got the full Paris train experience.

  • itstimetocraft green
    itstimetocraft green 11 days ago

    I think the people with head phones on there necks forget there necks

  • Danielle Chase
    Danielle Chase 11 days ago


  • Random Animation
    Random Animation 11 days ago


  • eggs with legs
    eggs with legs 11 days ago

    5:06 not anymore

  • VandalianGaming
    VandalianGaming 12 days ago

    And then Coronavirus happened. Public transit is no more.

  • Boules De Plumes
    Boules De Plumes 12 days ago +1

    As someone who speaks french this is just hilarious.

  • Elliette Rose
    Elliette Rose 12 days ago

    Used to wear my headphones on my neck too. The reason is I wanted to still hear what's going on in my surroundings while listening to music specially in the bus 'cause we don't have bus stops where I live. You basically yell at the driver to stop. The headphones I had at the time blocked out most sounds. Although, I put my volume really low. Just enough for me to hear. I usually need to listen to music while commuting 'cause I get dizzy if not.

  • Emmy's Films
    Emmy's Films 13 days ago

    If you find public transit in FRANCE impressive you’re not ready for Switzerland.

  • Musicien Élégant
    Musicien Élégant 13 days ago

    Your content is some of the most interesting I've seen in a while. Great job! I very much relate with you. Your humor is on point! 👍

  • cata fondacaro
    cata fondacaro 13 days ago

    "It's cheap"
    Cries in Argentinian

  • Mine Gold
    Mine Gold 13 days ago

    *hello. i am a dolphin. my name is cheese omellete.*

  • alix thezombiehunter
    alix thezombiehunter 13 days ago

    I do the headphone thing when my ears are sweaty or uncomphy

  • Arman Azadpour
    Arman Azadpour 13 days ago

    3:29 this is just incredible lol

  • Jack Eld
    Jack Eld 14 days ago

    Imagine being upset enough to inspire an entire animated project about public transportation over A 20 MINUTE COMMUTE. Im just over here in LA with my 2 hour commute like ya this is fine.

  • Goldendoodle252
    Goldendoodle252 14 days ago

    t r e b u c h e t

    TONKAHANAH 14 days ago

    your gif links are ded

  • Emry Breedlove
    Emry Breedlove 14 days ago

    The RUclip algorithm sure is working hard trying to recommend a timely video that doesn't mention coronavirus.

  • Aaron Luu
    Aaron Luu 14 days ago

    he predicted trebuchet week for pewdiepie's subreddit

  • Fox Boi
    Fox Boi 14 days ago

    In the usa we need more airports. We'll just jump out wherever we need to go. It works in the games.I cant see why it wont work in real life

  • Mr. Kermit Man
    Mr. Kermit Man 14 days ago

    So this is where trebuchet came from

  • Fionn Coughlan
    Fionn Coughlan 14 days ago

    The headphones squeeze your head

  • Ranveer aousdsg aidk y,gail,jwgkq,

    *chuckles in coronavirus*

  • Bruna Mandu
    Bruna Mandu 15 days ago

    When he said "it's cheap" all I could hear was brazilians laughing

  • ice Rider
    ice Rider 15 days ago

    The heapdhones-on-the-neck thing? That's for safety.
    When you are using headphones you are blocking out most sound around you - depending on the quality and mark, you may get totally sucked in.
    But if you are using them on the neck, you get to listen to your stuff, and keep an ear out to what happens around you. Makes a lot more sense if you don't know how safe it's the place where you are, or just as a precaution.

  • Dominic Esquivel
    Dominic Esquivel 15 days ago

    I live in an area with no public transport. I wish I had public transport

  • gundamwang
    gundamwang 16 days ago

    oh noooooo gifs are gone! :(

  • Carlos Hirmiz
    Carlos Hirmiz 16 days ago

    In Calgary we have bus passes for 75 and they are for a month

  • QubiR
    QubiR 16 days ago +1

    In poland buses are free

  • Bob the robot 100% not human

    The head phone thing is something a use to do ears got to hot

  • Ivy - the - Demon
    Ivy - the - Demon 17 days ago

    where did you get that footage of magic schoolbus

  • Ren Kaizaki
    Ren Kaizaki 19 days ago

    4:47 Oh you cheeky little I saw what you did there....little Dex!

  • Faith Shi Hui
    Faith Shi Hui 19 days ago

    There's always a girl on the bus (that I'm on too), she would put her earpieces in and listen to music, but the thing is that she didn't really plug it in her phone so everyone can hear it