Saito: The Sushi God of Tokyo

Sushi Saito is a 3 Michelin Star sushi restaurant, and many regard it as the best in Japan. We got to spend the day with Saito, to ask him about his work, and to eat his soul shattering sushi.

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Автор Ian Renz ( назад)
God this is the best channel on YouTube

Автор madeinskeda ( назад)
grosse tarte degeu

Автор NarutoFreak1 ( назад)
Anyone know the best way to get reservations here??

Автор 킴매력 ( назад)
Japan is good for sightseeing, but you should consider living there.

Автор Ridhwan Ismail ( назад)
Top class quality content!

Автор jean-marie Renard ( назад)
il se la pete simon!

Автор Probus Excogitatoris ( назад)
Thought about watching RedTube or this... this one won...

Автор Tan Chin Wei Jasper ( назад)
The chef punched them hard haha

Автор Veredika ( назад)
I've always been curious as to what high-end sushi chefs eat

Автор Drifter Nomad ( назад)
I'm jealous.....this is what I would request for my last meal...... I would happily die in peace

Автор Megan ( назад)
ugh I remember going to Tsukiji Market and trying to go into that place where tourists were forbidden ://
Thanks for making this video for us!!

Автор Domagoj Mitrovic ( назад)
Those 2 are too annoying to watch the whole thing....vintage murica

Автор john tatum ( назад)
you're supposed to eat sushi with your hands

Автор yoyo seidler ( назад)
I suggest putting on the English auto generated subtitles. It's hilarious (when the chef is talking).

Автор Oljas 893 ( назад)
!жирная сука, меня тошнит видеть как жрет это свинья, не ставь её в видео!!!

Автор Irwin Graulich ( назад)
Great video Simon and Martina. I am also a passionate sushi lover and this was very educational. I love how you describe the sushi chef as a magician and his performance in creating the meal as choreography!!! I know a sushi chef who says he is not a sushi chef--he is a rice chef!!! Keep up the good work.

Автор Jersey Girl ( назад)
Lol I've been craving Sushi for over a month now and I don't know where to get some >-<

Автор suss tek ( назад)
a video and said I'll give this a go but soon as I put that piece of sushi in his mouth and said that's magic it put me right off . went from classy to trashy

Автор Marcial Graciarena ( назад)
not suscribing to this shit channel

Автор Marcial Graciarena ( назад)
love the girl faces while eating, hate the dude talking, soooo annoying. and the pony tail, just why??

Автор Amandus Henriksson ( назад)
Amazingly shot but that girl trying out the sushi is so annoying. I want to see the chef express his passion not having this pimped out miss purple nail white chick moan while eating.

Автор J ( назад)
Just fish in a lil sauce xD dont cream ya pants over it christ white people with their bland tastebuds think everything is overly nice

Автор Jared Davis ( назад)
I thought it's jiro

Автор Haziel Semaya ( назад)
damn, even tthe scene when Mr. Saito handed the sushi to y'all just so beautiful

Автор Dayle Hunt ( назад)
Made me feel so uncomfortable.

Автор RAZACHATI09 ( назад)
thanx for the vid guys

Автор Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye ( назад)
You should look into color grading your shots. It'll make them even more beautiful.

Автор Jeffery Walker ( назад)
Really nice vlog, fish and people. Great stuff

Автор JERRY POTATO ( назад)
Omakase is the best

Автор Calvin Wong ( назад)
definitely watching him how he prepares is much better lol. watching you two eat it and then that cinematic scenes of you two chewing gross me out. And how you go "hmmm" great video though.

Автор 我想要静静的装逼 ( назад)
I don't know why I want to eat it now

Автор 我想要静静的装逼 ( назад)

Автор Thiago Cardieri ( назад)
thanks now i am hungry..........

Автор MackTube ( назад)
This feels like a sketch from Portlandia. All they need is a tiny house.

Автор FiReAn ( назад)
I would be scared to go to a place like this. Not for it being expensive and such (Which i imagine it is something out of this world) but more like, when you taste the best sushi ever...how do you go back? It's never gonna be just as good as it was there!

Автор apeykid69 ( назад)
very well done video i really appreciate it

Автор Андрей Григоров ( назад)
магет пацантрэ!

Автор Solorio, Melanie ( назад)
I'm so hungry now! thanks

Автор Desmond Francis Tan ( назад)
don't call any chef a magician. a chef is a chef, there is immense pride in that.

Автор Impavide ( назад)
This is incredible, a true master at his art. Thank you for this vid. 😂👍🏻

Автор Edwin Cutts ( назад)
My god the marbling on the fatty tuna ~ oh god, I am jealous. That must've been as close to heaven as you can get with Sushi.

Автор Switchit ( назад)
Why do the white people have to be so cunty and annoying
Let the Chef and his food be the star

Автор Gabriel Esposito ( назад)
One Punnnnnnnnnchh!!!!!!

Автор vsvsvs340 ( назад)
Japan was never one of the places I really wanted to visit, just because, but this video has put Japan almost all the way to the top of places I want to visit. Also I love you Simon and Martina

Автор Squidgaming 9111 ( назад)
I'm not hating but I love this vid but in my opinion it's kind of sad on how much fish they go threw.

Автор Lenny Grindler ( назад)
It's like art with food, impressive .

Автор Larry Johnson ( назад)
Guys, come on, it's a vlog, not a documentary.

That being said, Simon's attempt at a top-knot is very distracting. D:

Автор mrknife 10 ( назад)
this is some deep shit about sushi

Автор 田中龍之介でござる ( назад)
nice video👍👍👍

Автор uetzgenfatz ( назад)
I appreciate the effort you put into making that video. Hate to say though that you guys are rather annoying. Keep up the good work, I guess...

Автор joaquim costa ( назад)
OMG guys, that looked like you were having a religious experience ... thanks for letting me know about Saito ... I was drooling .. lol

Автор Rayzan Hafidz ( назад)
One punchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Автор scripta man ( назад)
12.20 a curly jap?? is that even possible???

Автор Kevin Kearney ( назад)
Be nice people, this is a great video of a great couple

Автор Asia In 5 ( назад)
The editing in this was BEAUTIFUL!

Автор Bower Power ( назад)
You look a like Chris Elliot quite a bit. Nice video.

Автор Wes Lee ( назад)
Love how this was editted. It's like part 2 of the other sushi vid :)

Автор The Owl News Network ( назад)
too bad this video has 2 dipshit hipsters in it. how did they tear themselves away from their cats long enough to record this and over edit it??

Автор pactofshadows ( назад)
I love the smile on his face when he is slicing... passionate and genuinely loving his work

Автор Jeroewntje ( назад)
disliked because no beef sushi

Автор Danny Geffroy ( назад)
why people are so excited eating sushi....its just raw fish, rice...

Автор Jose Conchas ( назад)
awesome video guys

Автор Don Napasindayao ( назад)

Автор Ameer Hijjawi ( назад)
No offense.. its informative and all that.. but they are annoying.. the reaction is over the top.. some times it cringing to some point.. i was waiting for the Japanese people to come and enjoy their dialog on the screen so i dont have to deal with the over the top reaction from these guys.. sorry, but another useless review.. moving on.

Автор weidi ngiam ( назад)
One thing i have to ask is, how did the korean get to work in his restaurant? Don't international cooks have to have like ten years experience or smthg? That korean looks young

Автор Steve The Lolcreator ( назад)
My favorite sushi is salmon sushi. 😋

Автор Dylan Otto ( назад)
F u guys for making me hungry for first class sushi XD

Автор Dylan Otto ( назад)
"...where tourists and cameras are forbidden."

2 guys waltz in with a camera anyways because F the rules XD

Автор Marko Cvile ( назад)
i dont wanna hate you guys but you sound so fake :/

Автор Antoine Dorsey ( назад)
Losers! You guys ruin the whole video!

Автор Arz_ Lynx ( назад)
Who Got Hungry?

Автор e candle ( назад)
I am happy as a Japanese person to compliment the sushi, but these stores are too expensive.

Автор ReaprGhost ( назад)
The trust between Saito and the Fish market people sounds like a John Wick story...

Автор Resoky ( назад)
muppet with a knot in his hair

Автор bqq123 ( назад)
素晴らしい動画をありがとう! ! 同じ日本人として斎藤さんを誇りに思うし、またこの動画をアップしてくださったお二人に感謝します。

Автор doctorxring ( назад)
The Japanese will hunt the last bluefin tuna in the ocean down and some of them will pay a million dollars a bite for it and toast saki to it.

Автор ToeFluff ( назад)
Why is there a ratio of 11:1 in the likes:dislikes? This video is amazing, deserves more than that.

Автор MsZeldasaga ( назад)
Absolutely beautiful! I'm really liking the quality of your food videos lately this looks like something I'd see on the Food Network. This should really be shown on tv😊

Автор Virgile Bonnaud ( назад)
You know, when you watch this after you watched Shokugeki no Souma... you want to dislike even if you know its a good vid.

Автор Adrian Garza ( назад)
Hey great vid, it looks insanely professional! Just wondering what's the specific name of the song at 2:30? I would really like to use it for a project I'm doing for school. Thanks Simon and Martina! :D

Автор fester gomez ( назад)
i dont like sushi but i respect the art or anything that requires passion

Автор So friggin Amazing ( назад)
When you finish eating that you got to buy worm 🐛 tablet!!!

Автор Meso Phyl ( назад)
14:50 the CRINGE is complete

Автор Meso Phyl ( назад)
now lets kill us some dolphins at Cove in Taiji cause i love Japanese culture

Автор Tyler Rafferty ( назад)
0:28 dont talk with your mouth full. Have some respect for the food.

Автор Mutant Madness ( назад)

Автор METHAZ ( назад)

Автор Gooby Pls. ( назад)
watching this cured me from cancer. Exceptional editing skills !

Автор Yasuo Main ( назад)
Sushi is the worst shit you'll ever put in your mouth id rather eat dick

Автор Polpa Banana ( назад)
I thought I was watching a documentary
nice vid
love it

Автор Rachel Lim ( назад)
"Making good food is the minimum you can expect from a restaurant", love this line! A respectable, passionate individual that takes pride in his trade. Unlike other high end places, he seems more approachable and treats his staff and clients with dignity. To those that compare him to Jiro, its a matter of preference and resources. He is one of the highest rated sushi spots on Tabelog (Japan's version of yelp), and I trust that the Japanese know about sushi more than anyone.

Автор stickievidz ( назад)
there`s something that makes me hate this video, I just don`t know what.

Автор Danny Math ( назад)
I really do enjoy watching this time after time over and over again, and not just this video. All of your food videos are things I watch on the regular, even when I'm eating! Entertaining, yet I find myself always learning from you guys. I hope to see maybe more videos like these or maybe an hour long documentary ;)?!?! Thank you and keep up the great work! -From a huge fan.

Автор Cara Javellana ( назад)
Perfect rice, perfect fish, perfect preparations, perfect co workers.... godlike sushi chef... ure perfect chef saito. I would die just to have one of his knives.... Thank u guys for sharing this video. Watched this for like 10x already but still it is one of the best sushi video ever....

Автор Mike Hernandez ( назад)
yup and you forget , of all the indian people that your ansesters murderd ,,, finally your understanding real life

Автор Rocco Mariani ( назад)
I hate both of these reporters for reasons I can't explain, but the video is great

Автор 239 24 ( назад)
regardless how good the sushi might be but watching that woman eat really makes me sick.. that is literally like a sow craving for fodder

Автор TheyTake MyCalls ( назад)
Okay seems a little over exaggerated.

Автор Makloon LagooN ( назад)
Nice videos, but watching them eat is so annoying

Автор Fromlanada Oficial ( назад)
Name of the song playing on the background, 2:30 please? thnaks

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