Saito: The Sushi God of Tokyo

Sushi Saito is a 3 Michelin Star sushi restaurant, and many regard it as the best in Japan. We got to spend the day with Saito, to ask him about his work, and to eat his soul shattering sushi.

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Автор pata gila ( назад)
damn. . .

im drooling atm. . .
it's been a while since I ate my last sushi...

Автор Shylie Arzouan ( назад)
it seems like a spiritual experiece

Автор Paul Shangkuan ( назад)
Heathens, the fish should directly touch the tongue so it warms the fish up. If you weren't video taping he would have kicked you out

Автор GetaboardtheTrane ( назад)
watching this guy is like visual asmr, i just want to watch him serve sushi for an hour. his passion and concentration on his work is amazing

Автор Carlo Dinglasan ( назад)
Here I am watching this while eating plain white bread and jam >_<

Автор kng ( назад)
everything up to the point where those two actually appeared on screen was great. the lack of etiquette, behaving like pretentious hipster children and speaking as such took all class and dignity away from this otherwise beautiful video

Автор Melinda Coria ( назад)
Mouth watering 😭

Автор HipHippo ( назад)
I like the chef, the video production and the sushi...but I could headbutt those two annoying americans all day. 1 mil subscribers though +1

Автор Gorilla Jones ( назад)
A craftsman, a master of his art. We are losing so many craftsman of the world. Please younger generation, stop all trying to be financiers. We're losing our craftsmen. Losing excellence.

Автор Der Kugelfisch ( назад)
I'd actually consider this an art.

Автор CARRB Gaming ( назад)
He looks so young

Автор mario msm ( назад)
Jiro´s sushi is the best!! 3 star Michellin!

Автор tokeniji ( назад)
To the ones who made this video

I honestly love this beautifully edited video. I am Japanese but I didn't know about this Sushi restaurant, so I thank you two for telling me and the world about this wonderful place.
Last thing, I do not really care what people have to say about this video because people has different perspectives. but as a person who lives in Japan, I want you to know that talking while you still have something in your mouth is very rude in our culture. (sadly some or many of Japanese kids even don't know about this...)
Thank you again for making this video!

Автор Vospader21 ( назад)
I thought Jiro Ono was the best sushi chef in Tokyo.

Автор Night Cross ( назад)
Yukihira Souma will easily beats this guy.

Автор Hifumi Takkimoto ( назад)
im planning on moving to japan in the next few years after i get myself a steady income with my career, and dude, you're making me with i had all the money in the world to go to that restaurant, just to try that sushi

Автор calbastian ( назад)
I wish they'd put this in a tray and drop it in stealth at Costco and film who picks it up.

Автор Daniel Anguaino ( назад)
Damn you ever had shushi before or what

Автор August McLaren ( назад)
that Martina repeatedly doing the elbow down thingy with mouthful of sushi ruined it a bit but still, good work guys.

Автор Bri Ng ( назад)
When eating sushi turns in to your mind exploding

Автор Andrew Felix ( назад)
exaggerated reaction! very dramatic

Автор dupont ( назад)
un arte comido por un nacote

Автор The Case Master ( назад)
I don't like sushi but I love this video because I feel calm and happy from the energy from Saito the workers every one in the video ❤️

Автор guibox3 ( назад)
Those knives he uses probably could shave the balls off of a housefly.

Автор Daniel Breslin ( назад)

Автор William Marcoux ( назад)
Everyone has such a distinct facial expression when eating sushi.

Автор denisse chuco ( назад)
Is amazing

Автор Cory Newsom ( назад)
Love the guy making the food. The people eating it are pretty damn dramatic, though.

Автор Winter Mute ( назад)
Jiro still holds my heart as the greatest sushi chef in tokyo and the world.

Автор Gianluca Rossi ( назад)
the girl have lovely cheek when chew

Автор Ace Victory ( назад)
Who immediately thought of Saitama from One Punch Man when looking at saito lol

Автор Guard 5.0 ( назад)
Ain't got nothin on Jiro!

Автор Alejandro Sustaita ( назад)
Putos pretenciosos... el sushi de Saito es grandioso, pero por gente como estos pendejos se hace imposible para incluso a los locales.

Автор Tronald Dump ( назад)
This girl in the video is hella hideous

Автор 高橋優介 ( назад)
Obviously, dislikes from only South Korea and China lol.

Автор Mary Green ( назад)
How many people have bookmarked this place because of how artful and life-changing this chef looks?

Автор rsvpurgt ( назад)
Typical hipster fluff crap. Why do I get the feeling chef Saito could've handed them cheetos on rice, it would have blown their minds. I respect chef Saito very much and this video does not do him justice.

Автор Hector Castro ( назад)
sushi most overated food in the world and that can kill u and u don't even know it

Автор Harambe ( назад)
Japanese have such a beautiful nation and such rich and deep culture. The respect and trust between them is amazing. im so fascinated by it. one day ill save up enough money to go visit Japan.

Автор GIGABTYE ( назад)
I'm not a big fan of sushi but this made me feel like eating some now.

Автор Josh Araujo ( назад)
To the haters - show me your Michelin Stars, if not go back to your basement

Автор Nox ( назад)
I doubt continuously staring into the camera and shaking your head must've confused the other customers as well as the chef. Seems unnecessary

Автор Ben Alves ( назад)
Just came
From the fish market and had to rewatch this again. But yeah I think the scoring for this video
Was a little
Too much

Автор Mehdi -98 ( назад)
but incredible editing though

Автор Mehdi -98 ( назад)
the way martina eats makes me wanna throw up

Автор gossipopithecus ( назад)
Can you review food on 7 star train in Japan Simon and Martina

Автор Brad Wheatley ( назад)
dont cook. just eat

Автор Worda ( назад)
I don't get it whats here to dislike? I love it!

Автор Racc Ceddeño ( назад)

Автор uruglytoo ( назад)
i miss the days when sushi was affordable...now with all the hype, prices have shot through the roof..

Автор RDC CS ( назад)
was this a comedy show?

Автор Simulator Mortalis ( назад)
For those who still dont understand how this works: anyone can kick a ball, but only those who manipulate and shoot with consistency and precision get paid millions of dollars each year.

Автор Jack Stevens ( назад)
Way over the top with the adjectives, you really sound corny and make this video so cheesy, it's just sushi seriously wtf is wrong with you guys?

Автор chubaka stone ( назад)
i just watched the video i can almost taste all the glory and freshness of the sushi ...wanna open a restaurant in u.s

Автор kc k ( назад)

Автор vamosnippon ( назад)
People need to realize that Japanese food is different from rest of the world. Rest of the world adds flavor to the ingredients; In any Japanese dish, the concept is to bring out the best flavors of the ingredients. It's sad that 90% of Americans think their sushi rolls are authentic Japanese food.

Автор Mr SkyZD ( назад)

Автор waloacme ( назад)
Once you try world class sushi, theres no going back.

Автор Davy Wang ( назад)
how many does it cost for one meal in the restaurant??

Автор J Tanashi ( назад)

Автор thefishinginHS ( назад)
cringe as fuck to be white with these people around

Автор Drg Sh ( назад)
Me and my friends when we are stoned

Автор Shristi Silwal ( назад)
"using my hands would be a safer way not to show shaking" um i think you just dont know how to use chopstick :D

Автор Shahrukh Shah ( назад)
sushi is chinese

Автор Haschte keine Ahnung ( назад)
man kanns auch echt übertreiben mit dem Genuss....

Автор William Steisslinger ( назад)
Japan food tastes like nuffin. Overrated af

Автор Kairi ( назад)
This is art, this is beautiful. This is my favorite video you've made. This really shows that eating food together can be a true experience, rather, something you do so casually.

Thank you for this. :)

Автор Crazycuban561 ( назад)
Sushi saito just made it on my bucket list

Автор Jackson ( назад)
He is such a modest chef, lives up to his name of sushi god. He gives credit to people around him not just taking all the fame but acknowledges that without the others around his life he is unable to achieve this level of sushi. Thumbs up for Saito

Автор VinnyFamilyVlogs170 ( назад)
These two douchebags should be smacked in the face!

Автор Furkancan Türksoy ( назад)
wow.. this video is so good that i couldn't even bring myself to care about those sushies. almost as if it's like a short movie

Автор stev hayden ( назад)
now i defo wanna try sushi from that place :) :)

Автор Сергей Кузин ( назад)
Tell me, please, when he makes sushi, what does sauce he lubricate at the end (at 15:30)?

Автор GodLike Fin ( назад)
they are probably going to buy a big Mac after this

Автор BurnoutStef ( назад)
How many bites did you get? I need atleast 15-20 to feel full.

Автор Muhammed A.Qurban ( назад)
one of the beautiful videos i ever watched THANK YOU SO MUCH

Автор sansแมว cat TN ( назад)

Автор NewMoises ( назад)
es hermoso

Автор Arc Lun ( назад)
I think I will cry if I taste something that good

Автор Anna May ( назад)
So awesome, you made a non sushi eater crave sushi, never had it. I'll be 22 tomorrow!

Автор Sydney D. Levy Jr. ( назад)
One of the best review/insight YouTube videos I have ever seen. You two have a new subscriber. I agree with everyone else who was mesmerized by the production quality. It's reminiscent of 'Chef's Table' on Netflix. Kudos!

Автор Eumir Deodato ( назад)

Автор DAPWNZN ( назад)
Hes eating fish and his hands are shaking..... What is the world coming to?

Автор Frank Baquero ( назад)
Me parece demasiado exajerados esos chico como el japonés dijo yo no hago cosas complicadas y es verdad aveces lo simple es mejor y exquisito

Автор EaEaEa ( назад)
Forced positivity.

Автор itsquan ( назад)
Watching this late at night atm and I CRAVE SUSHI luckily I'm gonna go to a good all u can eat sushi bar tomorrow 😭❤

Автор Rhenukia ( назад)
This is beautiful

Автор Mohammed Hamjah ( назад)
one puuuuuuuuuuuuuuch

Автор viola bardach ( назад)
I have a list of questions:
where in tokyo was it
did you speak english with the chef
how does it work do you come and he gives you a set of things or do you choose the course
how much did you pay?
what is the name of the resraurant
hope you can answer it all!

Автор Jakob Chase ( назад)
I really enjoyed the video until they began eating the sushi, honestly made me cringe. edit out your small eating scenes and maybe ill give you guys a like

Автор Zealitusi ( назад)
Simon, Martina...This was awesome! His passion is inspiring. I'm glad you guys shared this experience. ありがとう!

Автор Michelle Sacedor ( назад)
oh! man ur exaggerating things
peace ✌

Автор hornandez smith ( назад)
I wouldnt call him a GOD.. smh no creativity these days

Автор Hans Thegerman ( назад)
here i am, spreading whatever tiny amount of nutella from the lid onto some 4 day old slice bread.

Автор sam g. ( назад)
11:05 lmao!! you be excited to eat anything!.. Hahhaha

Автор riptorn ( назад)
Chinese and Thai food tastes better hands down, Sushi is over rated due to the fact that Japan is a better country overall.

Автор Onayssah Hassan ( назад)
because the chef is an art by himself 😢😢😢 wanna go to japan..

Автор Amj ( назад)
i love how people can be so passionate about something and i can see that in the Chefs eyes, it's like he's performing art

Автор Adi Adi ( назад)
white people...

Автор Torres ( назад)
Solo les falto mamarsela al chef a ver si también sabia a sushi :v

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