The Flash 3x16 - Snowbarry scenes

thanks for watching and hope you like it :)

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Автор Brithany Keyla Zavala Cedeño ( назад)
kien lo puede subir en español

Автор Brithany Keyla Zavala Cedeño ( назад)
de quien es esa bebe

Автор Ana Muñoz ( назад)
esto es lo que realmente quisiera barry ,una caitlin que formara una familia y tal vez con él.

Автор sandra santiago ( назад)
who is the father of the baby ?

De que temporada es El Video.
De la serie, The Flash.


Автор Meow Romme ( назад)
I only started watching the flash because tom Felton was there

Автор rosal jane ruda ( назад)
I am an Olicity fan but I swear Lauriver is a hundred times better than WestAllen.

Автор Hi Ilikef00d ( назад)
When you're getting no snowbarry scenes as much so you start reading fan fiction.

Автор Bianca Hercules ( назад)
SnowStorm omfg I miss them 😭😢❤

Автор Francisca Velazquez ( назад)
I like snow and Barry more than iris and berry. I almost feel that iris doesn't deserve him. The writers just took too long to make them a couple.

Автор Dorina Zelena ( назад)
This is the coolest Manequin Challenge that I have ever seen.
Plus that haunting song... #teamFlash

Автор Alexandria Cross ( назад)
What the hell are people talking about. How the HELL is this snowbarry! She has a kid with another man in the speedforce! The baby is Ronnie's not Barry's! There's a difference between shipping characters and being a moron!

Автор юлия Герасимова ( назад)

Автор Cynthia Ramos ( назад)
So... Being in the Speedforce gives Caitlin the hability of sing? lol

Автор Pia Wurtz Castillo ( назад)
ok quick question out of all the people barry saw in the speed force it has to be caitlin with a baby?? i hope its a sign that they end up together

Автор serenity0324 ( назад)
ah my SnowBarry heart :)

Автор Lynn-Sarah Alphonse ( назад)
Snowbarry fans are losers.

Автор Naty Rico ( назад)

Автор Eugenia Wong ( назад)
What...was there ever a thing between Caitlin and Barry? Cause I don't like West Allen

Автор lizeth florez ( назад)
what chapter is it?

Автор Kaden Bowman ( назад)
i mean ronnie

Автор Kaden Bowman ( назад)
why ronni why

Автор xxwhisperoftheheartxx ( назад)
Is it just me or does SnowBarry seem like 'What could have been' while WestAllen is 'What is supposed to be'? Heartbreaking all around.

Автор iwillgodownwiththisship ( назад)

Автор ThePoppets ( назад)
why isn't this ship called "Polar Bear?"

Автор Malycea Scarlet ( назад)
... Am I the only one thinking Barry looks really hopeful when he hears Caitlin and then awfully dumbfounded and hurt when he realize it's her baby?

I mean, look at his face. He does have a sad face during these moments, but he really seem heartbroken there. Just saying, I mean, I love Iris and Barry, but this makes me change my opinion a bit...

Автор secret family ( назад)
why can't Catlin and bary

Автор Maja Olesiak ( назад)
Caitlin sing very beautiful

Автор Hier Schaf ( назад)
"is she.. " and i just curious what he gonna say next BUT got cut off by that freaking Ronnie..!! so in my mind, he's gonna say "is she our daughter?"..HAHAHA WTF!

Автор Michelle Sanchez ( назад)
the father?

Автор lililove97 ( назад)
the speed force called her beautiful just like caitlin. ah, my heart!

Автор Chloe Max ( назад)
Yassss finally

Автор thechrisrox1110 ( назад)
well now the barry and caitlin au now have an extra scene for a daughter

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