Donald Trump HUMILIATED HIMSELF !! James Comey IMPEACH Trump !! NO WIRETAP Evidence FOUND !

Donald Trump HUMILIATED HIMSELF !! James Comey IMPEACH Trump !! NO WIRETAP Evidence FOUND !

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Автор Casmige ( назад)
Well, so much for their own kind impeaching the issue with their own indictment & implication that the taps & surveillance did take place: https://www.facebook.com/myiannopoulos/videos/876765892461307/

Автор scorpio3749 S ( назад)
Trump King of Bullshit. the biggest liar in Washington and making enemies with other world leaders

Автор Louis Smith ( назад)
all this is because hillary lost the election. she lost because the american people colluted against her in other words" they voted and she lost" these people just refuse to except the reality. that is fact.

Автор Louis Smith ( назад)
this is in no way over, the smug looks on the peoples face will soon change to disbelief

Автор Louis Smith ( назад)
CNN group ... JESUS CHRIST IS the only hope u have. acknowledge that u need a savior Jesus, because you are a sinner, beleive Jesus Shed his blood and died on the cross at calavy, for everyone. was Buried, 3 days later jesus was raised from the dead. overcoming Death and the Grave. call on jesus to come in to your heart and be your lord and savior. thats the only way to break the satanic hold that has you enslaved. tell all of your helpers ok. dont wait til its to late, u dont want to face the wrath of holy God. Time is Short

Автор ANONXZAR ( назад)
Proof of Adam Schiff's involvment in shipping weapons to Saudi Arabia and Millions of Dollars https://wikileaks.org/berats-box/emailid/55544

Автор sorah weiss ( назад)
#FAKENEWS people ! Don't get sucked in !!!!!!!!!!!

Автор sorah weiss ( назад)
What a DUMMY! lol They know nothing about hearings.

Автор John Christenson ( назад)
Boring... move on...

Автор Dave Truth ( назад)
Wow the trumpskis sure are out in force on this channel..HE"S A FUCKING LIAR YOU MORON'S, his intentions aren't too help you fucking fool's wake the fuck up MORON'S if your capable.. Save your children's future and rid ourselves of this two faced lying swamp full of billionaire leaches...

Автор Garland Davis ( назад)
You people are total liers and the entire world knows this. Main stream media known as Barry's kids. Media are propaganda terriost and will have to answere for this very soon.

Автор juwel k ( назад)
oh, it is cnn

Автор Keypenny53 ( назад)
I bet it will, you POS !!!

Автор Keypenny53 ( назад)
Shut up bitch !!!

Автор randy rysdale ( назад)
they are all liars. you couldn't get the truth at gunpoint

Автор Aldemar Delapuy ( назад)
you need to chill daffodil
dont be an ache snowflake
so suck it up buttercup
Trump will kick your rump
only if you are a chump!

Автор Jarl Petersen ( назад)
Insteed of making Usa great agein, he will leave Usa in Chaos.... All this problem, all this money spend on this chaos but no new school or hospital. Where is Trump Care ? LOL But more for the Army, do we need another war ? WTF we only got silly jokes from the president of USA OMFG. Plz Fyre him. :D

Автор Gamer guilder ( назад)
LMFAO! you have far more dislikes....your channel is FAKE NEWS!

Автор Mike Shannon ( назад)
another wild goose chase perpetrated by he big orange baboon

Автор We the People United ( назад)
What we know is Hillary, Comey, Obama, the CiA, FBI, MSM are all liars. Wikileaks and the NYPD need to release everything they have on the corruption and child trafficking and, then we will see why all these people are trying to impeach Trump

Автор Runit ( назад)
So, the liberals like Comey again? Because they hated him and blamed him for HRC's loss just a couple of months ago. Guess he's back in the arms of the liberal fold again.

Автор Gary Gilbert ( назад)
noy even over yet!!!!

Автор Yette Lopez ( назад)
Yeeeey...we love CNN....Thank you...you are nothing but the best

Автор feldman marty ( назад)
Donald duck and his Disney character friends are looking more and more foolish every day.

Автор Mindz Awake Music ( назад)
Former CIA agent Larry Johnson confirms the accusations made in Trump’s ‘Obama wiretapping tweets’ and backs up the claims with evidence.

Автор Grandma Dynomite Grandma Dynomite ( назад)
you are all bull shit - ters and never listen to theTRUE news

Автор River Rat ( назад)
Are you stupid???? One was attempted and another granted. Applied for by Lynch. Everyone knows the CIA has programs that leaves crumbs pointing the finger to whoever they want to look dirty. Real news has already dropped that bomb. You should watch it instead of your own broadcast of bullshit. Tell a lie enough and soon you believe it. Best get in front of this shitheads....American people are a bit smarter than you give credit. Demobrats....you act like snots that has your candy taken from you.

Автор River Rat ( назад)
You people make me want to vomit. Lies, fibs, BS. Look at idiot Cooper...wearing glasses frames without lenses. What a dick. Guess he needs a contrast to gray hair.

Автор Lyle I ( назад)

Автор Kathie Logan ( назад)
James Comey should be arrested for treason along with many of the Clinton and Obama appointees trying to hide the fact that Obama's been caught in the largest drug bust in history in st. Vincent our president has been anointed by God God's will be done on Earth as it is in heaven if you continue to listen to the lies of the Obama Administration then I feel for you because God will have his way!

Автор gingle kitty ( назад)
Congress, do not handle this as if this is 1800's. We have come a long way in science. Do the Right Thing! Congress must subpoena Trump to testify under oath and submit to a truth serum injection before testifying. The issue is not wiretapping. The issue is what a wiretap could reveal that he is so afraid of and wants to shut down by getting wiretapping invalidated. Trump under oath, under truth serum, alive broadcast to the world will end all this shenanigan and send the clown and his family away. Ask him to admit his relationships and dealings with Putin, Russian banks, Cartel money laundry activities in his casino, business dealings with China and Korea, wiretapping accusation and who put it in his head to twit, the role of Bannon and KellyAnne, who wrote the anti-Obamacare health care, his tax filings for 2014-2016 and what he paid taxes on and what he did not pay taxes for but should have, his war plans against Korea, China, and Iran. It is clear that his answers would lead to his impeachment and imprisonment. Do it and save the country. Earn yourself the historical legacy of being Heroes who saved the world.

Автор Vilham Von Shinkster ( назад)
Its all bullshit!! Holy fuck cnn...lie after lie.

Автор Keating Simons ( назад)

Автор Vilham Von Shinkster ( назад)
Fake News

Автор Kristina Starkie ( назад)

Автор tracy kimmen ( назад)

Автор James Hurst ( назад)
Fake News

Автор Gino T ( назад)
Yes is a complete idiot, he makes whatever made up statement with no evidence. And now he's pushing away our allies and making a joke of us.

Автор Reality Hurts ( назад)
lol you cant Impeach someone for a tweet even though today you will find out he was tapped there is two Fisa warrants to prove it , just depends whos name is on it to who will be getting locked up , i am hoping Hitlery Clinton and Obama

Автор Chris Pyves ( назад)
What the letter from the DOJ means is that there is "no evidence of a legal application to wiretap the President". However there is prima facie evidence that wiretaping was done because the classified transcripts were leaked of his conversations with three foreign leaders. What is not being reported is that NSA collects electronic communications of ANYONE & EVERYONE. This was revealed in the Snowden leaks and has been confirmed by William Binney former Technical Director of NSA who designed and operated program Thinthread. However at that time there were legal checks and balances built into the system to protect the privacy rights of all US citizens. The system allowed them to filter out communications of any targets they were monitoring and to extend this monitoring by 2 steps to anyone they interacted with. Even then any US citizens found were subject to FISA warrants to unlock their data (which was encrypted at point of collection to protect privacy). When the program was extended to monitor ALL traffic the legal protections were lifted. This did not result in any greater effectiveness is national security. In 1998 a Congressional investigators determined that "targeting of U.S. political figures would not occur by accident, but was designed into the system from the start." Seems they were right after all.

Автор Lonis pettersen ( назад)
Does the moron even relize he won? WTF is he doing? He should be working his ass off!!!

Автор Darling Dear ( назад)
Russian trolls are trying very hard below in the comments

Автор Maureen Whalen ( назад)
It's obvious your a Clinton supporter says Jim

Автор Garry Iwankow ( назад)
fake news

Автор Hallands Menved ( назад)
No! There WAS NO WIRETAP of Trump Tower! Yes! Hillary DID WIPE the mailservers WITH A CLOTH only! And we, the people thank you, CNN, for your brilliant and honest journalism 🙄😳😡

Автор Hallands Menved ( назад)
As CNN accelerate their insanity, they themselves become evidently unhinged! The only ones "humiliating themselves" are these irresponsible outlets for slanted, constructed and even openly fake news. If you have just a little presence, you can easily tell that the anchors themselves don't even believe their own stories any longer. All their tells are going off like crazy. It's simply disgusting to listen to their slandering of the elected president. But we shall soon see. The truth has a way of coming out faster these days. CNN is probably correct in one aspect: "The evidence (for the alleged wiretap) simply isn't there". No, it probably isn't. The former administration has a track record for deleting evidence, offing witnesses and threatening journalists. Can Hillary spell BleachBit? No! What do I mean? Did she "whipe the server with a cloth"?

Автор Tess Cavacuiti ( назад)
Self humiliation? Bloody well put. That's how the world sees it, and that includes the allies of the US. Whilst people are blaming Trump, and quite rightly so. You can't really blame the voters. The ultimate blame lies with the Republican Party for choosing him as their leader in the first place.

Автор Kevin Nicholson ( назад)
CNN cock gobblers.

Автор MIGUEL VEGA ( назад)
what about democRATS about Russia _Trump, that's why they stole the PC

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