Top 10 Secrets Only Two People Know

  • Опубликовано: 16 мар 2017
  • What’s better than keeping a secret? How about having one person you trust know it, too? From secret languages to trade secrets, prepare to be amazed by these top ten secrets only two people in the world know about!
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    Featuring... The Listerine Formula - Invented by Dr. J.J. Lawrence and sold to Unilever in 1880, the famous mouthwash brand Listerine has no doubt been a huge convenience to many a people too lazy to get brush. And, until 1970, even Unilever didn’t even know what kind of oral magic Dr. The Hapsburg Napkin fold - Nothing says fine dining like an intricately folded napkin on your plate, which you’ll then unfurl to place on your lap so that whatever morsel of food that happens to miss your greasy pie hole because of your excited, shaking hands won’t ruin your brand new ripped jean shorts. Oliver Cromwell’s head - Oliver Cromwell is a very divisive figure in history. On one hand, he’s considered a kingslayer; but on the other, he’s a liberator from tyrannical oppression. Academy Awards Results - The Academy Awards is so prestigious and sought after that Leonardo Di Caprio himself had to fight a goddamn bear to win one. And a fully grown one, at that! This is partly the reason why the winning nominees are only given to two representatives of PriceWaterHouseCooper, the company responsible for counting the votes by hand for each category, 2 days before the ceremony. Ayapaneco - South America is home to a large amount of secrets that may forever be lost to history because of conquest. Sea Monkeys secret - Do you guys remember Sea Monkeys? They’re those little pets you may have ordered from the mail after reading it on an ad from a comic book. And boy, were those things a letdown! First, they didn’t look like monkeys at all. The Berglas effect - Illusionists deal in secrets: that’s how they keep their business going. So, it’s no surprise that magicians and trick performers keep their tricks and performance methods close to the chest, lest some other unscrupulous competitor finds out about it. KFC’s Eleven Herbs and Spices - If there’s one thing the colonel won’t shut up about, it’s the 11 herbs and spices he puts in his fried chicken that gives it its finger-lickin’ goodness. And we have to give it to him: he’s earned it. KFC is one of the largest fast food chains in the world, mainly because of the way they prepare their fried chicken. And like any other trade secret, the 11 herbs and spices are so well-kept that only two members from their top brass know what they are. The Subject of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” - This is considered the 72nd best song of all time, and it has been the subject of many a fan theory ever since its release ranging from Mick Jagger to Warren Beatty. Chartreuse - This French liquor is made with a number of herbs that makes KFC’s secret spices look like child’s play: Chartreuse uses 130 of them, to be exact. And each one of it is a secret known only to two monks at a time that belong to the order of Grand Chartreuse monastery.
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    Nobody knows my secret

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    1.9 million people know now

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    Peon34 Playz 3 дня назад

    On the kfc one other then kernal 2 people know 3 people actually know it and they found it out coz it was on a table in the kernels house

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    I love your videos.. But you really need to do your research. It comes off tacky when you get things wrong.

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    Salam. Man you solved trick number 4. That's why I had a laugh and I am giving your video thumbs up

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    Ok ok I'll let the cat outta the bag the song was about.

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    Oscars no longer matter. Hollywood is done.

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    KFC has msg. Fed rotted chicken to military and it's not chicken anymore shectret

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    Waymon Nicolitz 16 дней назад

    So... You're one of them?

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    Englisc 0449 18 дней назад

    I thought Listerine was owned by Johnson and Johnson not Unileaver.

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    what happens to Malaysian airlines..? nobody knows

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    There’s literally a video on how to do the napkin fold. Just saying...

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    Only two people know well 1.8 million people know now

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    only 2 people dont know it because he knows it

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    Unfortunately there is only less 10 people who know my true identity. And if someone did found out about my real name you wouldn't find any background information about me not even a address where to find me. It's like someone wants to hide me for some unknown reason.

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    Quezon Cunanan Месяц назад

    What about the coke recipe only 2 people knows them and they are not aloowed ro go on the same plane

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    Matthew Anderson Месяц назад

    Lol...watched YouTube Your so vain After watching your Channel and she Does tell how and WHO she is singing about. And for all those who want to know link added

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    if one person knows, then its a secret / if two people know, its nolonger a secret / if 3 people know, im pertty sure its now just gossip

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    Mexico is in North America, therefore you lost a fan

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    Basic_Assumption Месяц назад

    Stopped watching after the announcer went SJW at the end of #6. Conquest and exploitation is part and parcel of human development, my dear psychopath. Native Americans were warring and slaughtering one another for centuries before Europeans set foot in the New World, yet when the latter did the same, that's somehow categorically different? I guess it's better to have human sacrifices and eke out a miserable, savage existence than enjoy triple the life span and the modern world, huh? Unsubscribed- enjoy virtue signaling your psychotic anti/white racism in an echo chamber of fellow SJWs ;-).

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    Why do you mention a Mexican lenguage and make reference to SOUTH America? 🤔

  • Manjunath Yatnur
    Manjunath Yatnur Месяц назад

    Listerine formula has Vinegar as the main item.Added with artificial flavours.

  • Thane Rogar
    Thane Rogar Месяц назад

    #2. It's been widely known that "Your so vain" is about Warren Beatey. Carly Simon admitted this in an interview over 5 years ago.

  • Jennifer Martin
    Jennifer Martin Месяц назад

    Hapsburg Napkin Fold: on YouTube... LOL!

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    oOAble DangerOo Месяц назад

    Only 2 people know how to make iron brew

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    This doesn't make any sense
    If only two people know how to make all these products...then how the hell are the products even made on such mass scale?

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    ONLY me and my brother know a secret. Its an imaginary universe inside our minds.

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    Q.What is better than keeping a secret?
    A. Telling the secret

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    Liliane Wusky 2 месяца назад

    Isn't the original Heinz Ketchup recipe also a similarly secret formula, guarded by just 1 or 2 people?

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    #2-Warren Beatty

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    the napkin story makes no sense..if only 2 government employees know how to do it before they pass it on in retirement, then how do restaurants have *their* napkins folded in that way??..and why would the government workers be in a restaurant kitchen??

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    JYZProductions 3 месяца назад

    coca cola apparently only two people knew at any given time. How large KFC is just like coca cola though if someone found out the recipe KFC would slaughter them as they spend more money on advertising than most chefs spend in a lifetime on higher end ingredients and so forth to bullshit consumers into their pretentious "fine establishments'. One of the best fried chicken recipes I found was on youtube.

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    James Rabiola 4 месяца назад

    Your jokes are not funny. Stick to the facts.

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    Carlton B 4 месяца назад

    Ayapaneco, 5 syllables, Ay-a-pa-ne-co, not Ay-a-penk-o. Mexico is part of North America, not South America. You can also call the language Ayapa-Zoque. There is a dictionary of the language being prepared, its hardly a secret.

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    I think it’s 1.8 mil not 2

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    3:47 "Go full Kanye"?
    4:10 The fewer languages there are, the more likely it is that we understand each other.
    5:31 No, *we* haven't. Aren't you being rather presumptuous here?
    6:16 Yeah right!

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    Shit video

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    Mr krab---Spongebob

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  • Mark Rowland
    Mark Rowland 4 месяца назад

    Listerine was first a floor cleaner and had several iterations before that of mouthwash. Remember that they were forced to declare that it did nothing for oral infections. They were fined for the deceptive advertising. The company invented the disease Halitosis, to manufacture sales.

  • david wolf
    david wolf 4 месяца назад +3

    Just fucking kidnap the secret holders, then torture the fuck out of them. Boom now u have the secret. Easy

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    what about Edmund Hillary and tensing norgay on who reached the top first?

  • Christian Sørensen
    Christian Sørensen 4 месяца назад

    Habsburg... in german a final b is generally pronounced like a p. eg. 'ab' is pronounced 'up'

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    What about Coca-Cola? Bulshit!

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    #10 is 2 companies not 2 people jackass

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  • Fernando Isensee
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    Best thing about this channel is the "AMAZING"...

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    But wheb they explored the rain forest they found a old
    Jungle temple but they where to scared to go in

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    I know how to do that

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    Wait... aww shiet, you guys know too

  • Sándor Palcsó
    Sándor Palcsó 5 месяцев назад

    Its called Habsburg napkin foil. They are one of the most influential families in Europe and has been in the past 800 years, the right spelling of their name is not a secret at all. Neither is the foil.

  • Tyler Sommer
    Tyler Sommer 5 месяцев назад

    Well now that you posted a video with 1.7 million views a lot more than two people know about the secrets, and how come in the first place you found out about the secrets I guess that they are on the Internet and a lot more than two people know about it

  • Athrun000
    Athrun000 5 месяцев назад

    Despite the secretive recipe of KFC..
    I still think that Popeye has better chicken in comparison..

    TOP 10 SECRET 5 месяцев назад


  • ladyi7609
    ladyi7609 5 месяцев назад

    I think it was revealed that "You're So Vain" is actually about more than one person and that one of the people is David Geffen, the music company executive. Two of the other people could be Mick Jagger (even though he was one of the backup singers on the song) and Warren Beatty, but that's just speculation for now. BTW, for the kids in the audience, Carly Simon was to the '70s what Taylor Swift is to today.

  • Isaac Olivares
    Isaac Olivares 5 месяцев назад

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  • Travis S
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