Top 10 Secrets Only Two People Know

What’s better than keeping a secret? How about having one person you trust know it, too? From secret languages to trade secrets, prepare to be amazed by these top ten secrets only two people in the world know about!
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Featuring... The Listerine Formula - Invented by Dr. J.J. Lawrence and sold to Unilever in 1880, the famous mouthwash brand Listerine has no doubt been a huge convenience to many a people too lazy to get brush. And, until 1970, even Unilever didn’t even know what kind of oral magic Dr. The Hapsburg Napkin fold - Nothing says fine dining like an intricately folded napkin on your plate, which you’ll then unfurl to place on your lap so that whatever morsel of food that happens to miss your greasy pie hole because of your excited, shaking hands won’t ruin your brand new ripped jean shorts. Oliver Cromwell’s head - Oliver Cromwell is a very divisive figure in history. On one hand, he’s considered a kingslayer; but on the other, he’s a liberator from tyrannical oppression. Academy Awards Results - The Academy Awards is so prestigious and sought after that Leonardo Di Caprio himself had to fight a goddamn bear to win one. And a fully grown one, at that! This is partly the reason why the winning nominees are only given to two representatives of PriceWaterHouseCooper, the company responsible for counting the votes by hand for each category, 2 days before the ceremony. Ayapaneco - South America is home to a large amount of secrets that may forever be lost to history because of conquest. Sea Monkeys secret - Do you guys remember Sea Monkeys? They’re those little pets you may have ordered from the mail after reading it on an ad from a comic book. And boy, were those things a letdown! First, they didn’t look like monkeys at all. The Berglas effect - Illusionists deal in secrets: that’s how they keep their business going. So, it’s no surprise that magicians and trick performers keep their tricks and performance methods close to the chest, lest some other unscrupulous competitor finds out about it. KFC’s Eleven Herbs and Spices - If there’s one thing the colonel won’t shut up about, it’s the 11 herbs and spices he puts in his fried chicken that gives it its finger-lickin’ goodness. And we have to give it to him: he’s earned it. KFC is one of the largest fast food chains in the world, mainly because of the way they prepare their fried chicken. And like any other trade secret, the 11 herbs and spices are so well-kept that only two members from their top brass know what they are. The Subject of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” - This is considered the 72nd best song of all time, and it has been the subject of many a fan theory ever since its release ranging from Mick Jagger to Warren Beatty. Chartreuse - This French liquor is made with a number of herbs that makes KFC’s secret spices look like child’s play: Chartreuse uses 130 of them, to be exact. And each one of it is a secret known only to two monks at a time that belong to the order of Grand Chartreuse monastery.

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Автор Be Amazed ( назад)
Hey guys, got a video title idea? Let me know for a cookie --> 🍪

Автор Stephon Mohammed ( назад)
my step-mom and me

Автор Galih Jananuraga ( назад)
How can u know it's secret if it's actually a secret

Автор Janet Sitzman ( назад)
Bill says hi

Автор Jane A.A ( назад)
USA did 9/11

Автор Eddy ramirez ( назад)
didnt some guy that got fired from kfc post that recipe online??? darn i could have saved it or screenshot it and then it would have been 4 people that know the ingrediants , oh well

Автор Rookie Fokken ( назад)
my mother still virgin

Автор Tanbeer Taher ( назад)
The cocacola recipe also

Автор ThatOneGuyAgain ( назад)
people have leaked the 11 herbs and spices lol people that worked there

Автор Kimi Tan ( назад)
What about coca cola

Автор Ivan Soedjono ( назад)
-Sees title-
"Well not anymore."

Автор Saj Thomas ( назад)
Then how do u know about it??

Автор Nick Zagas ( назад)
academy awards are rigged if u think only two people know who will win your crazy lol

Автор Aj Welsh ( назад)
The krabby patty secret formula better be number 1 or *I swear to fuck*

Автор bimbore colore ( назад)
listerine tastes like rootbeer i swear

Автор Albert Anderson ( назад)
if its a secret why u telling us by making a video

Автор Marko Hinkonen ( назад)
Just take the person to a drink. And he will accidentaly tell you the secret while he is drunk !!!

Автор Neo Buen ( назад)
You didn't mention about how donkey cheese is made

Автор AmbroseLikeThis ( назад)
Sea monkeys are just brine shrimp, its not that big of a secret

Автор Sergio Garcia ( назад)
You do realize you showed a South America map and the figures and structures you showed are not in south America they are In Mexico or Mesoamerica for some people .

Автор Anger Management ( назад)
actually, people have found out how they preserve sea monkeys

Автор Stephen McGill ( назад)
Magicians sign contracts with demons

Автор Andrew Goldberg ( назад)
Sea monkeys are brine shrimp eggs are the sea monkeys in the packets and the eggs can last for years.

Автор Darlington Olelewe ( назад)
just two people knows the formulae of cocacola

Автор Original Gamer ( назад)
I dont think that 2 peeps know this anymore

Автор White Shadow ( назад)
coca -cola

Автор rvmg ( назад)
İki kişinin bildiği sır değildir

Автор Juan Miguel Novoa ( назад)
mexico is north america

Автор bee xiong ( назад)
I don't get it he say only 2 people know it but he explained it like he knows it too wtf

Автор The Eye Of Gaming ( назад)
now everyone knows now fuck nut

Автор Oli ilO ( назад)
Oliver Cromwell head is in Yale skull and bone house

Автор Sean Paul ( назад)
top 10 government coverups and lies making project blue beam number 1 lol! just an idea.

Автор Marko J ( назад)
"Can't press the skip button my hands are full" that's fine hula hoop bitch I can do it myself hoe

Автор Jafet Martínez ( назад)
Mexico is from North America not South America.

Автор satti80 ( назад)
if only two people know it. how did you come to know it? lol

Автор FearDa2 ( назад)
I hate the recommended section. I'm going to keep pressing these type of videos...

Автор Justin Trimbull ( назад)
I thought it wasn't a secret if 2 people know?

Автор SarriKIOS2 ( назад)
By only watching the video and only seeing the picture 2 times there I figured out how to fold the napkin.....WT........

Автор Gmngvlogs &MORE ( назад)
You forgot to mention mine and my friends crushes.

Автор Awesome Person ( назад)
My dick is stupendous

Автор gaz g ( назад)

Автор Erron Black ( назад)
Not even gonna watch this but I'm guessing one of them is Coca Cola. Well I know it's one of those but I don't if it's in this video. We were taking about this in class because they changed the name China and for some reason it made me think of this. Don't even know why I've typed this yolo 420 swag money mlg. Well...looking down in the comments confirmed it wasn't so rekt myself.

Автор Markavelli Medina ( назад)
this title is so funny lmao!!!

Автор Mark John Luchico ( назад)
only my gf knew how good i am in the bed. so hmu if u wanna know too

Автор Daniel Isaacs ( назад)
one that wasn't mentioned, why was brads ex-wife fired.

Автор Abdul Rahman ( назад)
Look at dat undercut on Cromwell doe

Автор Rusul Alobaidy ( назад)
they became more than 2 hhhhh

Автор EAZYL3G3ND ( назад)
that's Africa

Автор Jose Solis ( назад)
well if the person who made this video knows the secret then 3 people know right stupid ass video

Автор datsweetsansabooty ( назад)
I didn't see any chinaman secrets, was that click bate?

Автор Yogendra Marandi ( назад)
Only me and my girlfriend know how my dick looks😂😂😂😂

Автор GRAHPUG ( назад)
Unilever is a brand not a person

Автор Blake Poser ( назад)
How would it be only two people if these people on YouTube know it

Автор Jens Hendriks ( назад)
unilever is not a person. probably a few people at unilever know it.

Автор giannis vasiliu ( назад)

Автор Rhan Vincent Austria ( назад)
how about coke

Автор Anita Agarwal ( назад)
coca cola recipe is also known by only 2 people in the world.

Автор Jac Aslinger ( назад)
if only 2 people know ,how do u know ?

Автор Chin Ramirez ( назад)
My bestfriend and I are supposed to be in the list.

Автор The_Blazekid ( назад)
The largest KFC in america is in Harrisburg, Illinois..... I live about 35-50 minutes away..... :P

Автор Red Jet 7059 ( назад)
Well by posting this video, aren't you making the whole world know about these secrets? Tsk tsk tsk

Автор Manuel De Luna ( назад)
Mexico isn't in South America

Автор Luan Oliveira ( назад)
I have a secret no one knows

Автор Erik garcia ( назад)
a guy in my class thought himself how to do number 4

Автор B. A. N. R. ( назад)
Well now its not a secret anymore

Автор Tyler Dee King ( назад)

Автор Jose Castillo ( назад)
if kfc chicken really has 11 secret herbs and spices why the fuck is it so flavorless

Автор Bacon Mister ( назад)
It's not a secret anymore

Автор Narret ( назад)
Magician Trick Idea: The card number caller has the deck memorized... (Possibly)

Автор Starfire Chris ( назад)
"The best way to get sloshed is to get sloshed in the name of the Lord".

Автор volaticumirae ( назад)
Coca-Cola how did you not mention Coca-Cola?

Автор King Chris ( назад)
You forgot the Coca Cola recipe

Автор Antonio Sciuchetti ( назад)

Автор Juan Sebastian Castro ( назад)
Coke secret

Автор Chit Oo ( назад)
Now we all knows about it

Автор Jax Wanna Be ( назад)
how it's a secret and U know it ?!

Автор J3AN P3T3R ( назад)
its difficult to start trusting all of them saying they have what they claim to have. they are probably just pretending to have that secret but really dont.

Автор GameTimeOfAwesome ( назад)
Only two there should be no more no less-Darth Bane

Автор Paradox Panda ( назад)
What about Coca Cola?

Автор Marcus 小羊 ( назад)
this videos has 525k views and the secret has 525.002k people know

Автор Pablo Chapo ( назад)
How the fuck is the coke formula not on here your video content is shit

Автор Pablo Chapo ( назад)
Lol bitch I'll reverse engineer that fuckin napkin fold

Автор Tricky Wisnicky ( назад)

Автор HerzBube ( назад)

Автор James Carman ( назад)
Idk why I even complain about how 90% of these videos are always wrong but then still continue to watch them.... Sea monkeys dont have a fucking secret to how they are preserved, they are just organisms that have adapted the trait of cryptobiosis that allows them to more or less stay in a hibernating state until the conditions around them are good enough for sustainable life. There is no "trade secret" he literally just took a natural creature and marketed its natural abilities.

Автор Time Storm Timelapses ( назад)
Did you know the guy who invented Sea Monkeys was a Hitler supporter?

Автор Dralaxy ( назад)
Now a half of a million other people know now.

Автор James Carman ( назад)
number 10: Only one probably dead guy and an entire fucking company of people know about it. 10/10 would title "only two people know" again.

Автор SplinterHDCombat ( назад)
Coca cola recipe

Автор 18snufkin1988 ( назад)
This video has a lot of false information. I'm not hating on you but just remember that half-truths are sometimes worst than a lie.

Автор I swear I'm not drunk ( назад)
What about Heins Bake Beans??? The spices are only known by 2 people.

Автор Bacon Nuts ( назад)
How can only two people know if the secret if you are talking about the secret. Controversial don't you think?

Автор Matt Tarrant ( назад)
God doesn't exist so how can she be included

Автор Tenzin Kunsel ( назад)
KFC overrated better fried chicken out there.

Автор TheoriesEverywhere ( назад)
I never ate KFC :(

Автор james owens ( назад)
*Knew (clearly)

Автор Liam Mandeville ( назад)
Wouldn't 511,819 people know the secrets since these peoples secrets are told to us in the video?

Автор LinkInHyrule ( назад)
now all of us know...

Автор Ohh Savii ( назад)

Автор Gabriel Atkinson ( назад)
Coca Cola recipe

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