Top 10 Secrets Only Two People Know

  • Опубликовано: 16 мар 2017
  • What’s better than keeping a secret? How about having one person you trust know it, too? From secret languages to trade secrets, prepare to be amazed by these top ten secrets only two people in the world know about!
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    Featuring... The Listerine Formula - Invented by Dr. J.J. Lawrence and sold to Unilever in 1880, the famous mouthwash brand Listerine has no doubt been a huge convenience to many a people too lazy to get brush. And, until 1970, even Unilever didn’t even know what kind of oral magic Dr. The Hapsburg Napkin fold - Nothing says fine dining like an intricately folded napkin on your plate, which you’ll then unfurl to place on your lap so that whatever morsel of food that happens to miss your greasy pie hole because of your excited, shaking hands won’t ruin your brand new ripped jean shorts. Oliver Cromwell’s head - Oliver Cromwell is a very divisive figure in history. On one hand, he’s considered a kingslayer; but on the other, he’s a liberator from tyrannical oppression. Academy Awards Results - The Academy Awards is so prestigious and sought after that Leonardo Di Caprio himself had to fight a goddamn bear to win one. And a fully grown one, at that! This is partly the reason why the winning nominees are only given to two representatives of PriceWaterHouseCooper, the company responsible for counting the votes by hand for each category, 2 days before the ceremony. Ayapaneco - South America is home to a large amount of secrets that may forever be lost to history because of conquest. Sea Monkeys secret - Do you guys remember Sea Monkeys? They’re those little pets you may have ordered from the mail after reading it on an ad from a comic book. And boy, were those things a letdown! First, they didn’t look like monkeys at all. The Berglas effect - Illusionists deal in secrets: that’s how they keep their business going. So, it’s no surprise that magicians and trick performers keep their tricks and performance methods close to the chest, lest some other unscrupulous competitor finds out about it. KFC’s Eleven Herbs and Spices - If there’s one thing the colonel won’t shut up about, it’s the 11 herbs and spices he puts in his fried chicken that gives it its finger-lickin’ goodness. And we have to give it to him: he’s earned it. KFC is one of the largest fast food chains in the world, mainly because of the way they prepare their fried chicken. And like any other trade secret, the 11 herbs and spices are so well-kept that only two members from their top brass know what they are. The Subject of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” - This is considered the 72nd best song of all time, and it has been the subject of many a fan theory ever since its release ranging from Mick Jagger to Warren Beatty. Chartreuse - This French liquor is made with a number of herbs that makes KFC’s secret spices look like child’s play: Chartreuse uses 130 of them, to be exact. And each one of it is a secret known only to two monks at a time that belong to the order of Grand Chartreuse monastery.
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      Top 10 narrators.

    OBAMAwasSWORNinTODAY 3 дня назад

    I'm about to unfollow you guys st this point.
    That Kanye West comment was so dumb

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    Who else felt that the clickbait was irresistible?
    If so ,this is simply explained by human psychology.
    We pay attention to secrets.👂🏼👂👂🏿👂🏾👂🏽👂🏻
    Also, the number ten is a clickbait number, for a hundred reasons😂.
    For example, “The Ten Commandments” benevolent influence throughout generations would explain why it makes a divine number for a title.
    So, rather I write a whole book about this I will...

  • Nixz FM
    Nixz FM 9 дней назад

    You forgot to mention that the two guys that speak the iapaneco language hate each other anf refuce to speak to one another..

  • Hammad Khan
    Hammad Khan 11 дней назад

    You missed coca cola

  • Chris Osorio
    Chris Osorio 11 дней назад

    you know how many ppl have secrets with each other and no one knows cuase they never told anyone, so i would say these ppl told some one cuase some one knew they had a secret. just saying

    WISBURGAREN 11 дней назад

    If it is secrets how the fuck do you know them? Are you one of those 2 or?!

  • Luis Duarte
    Luis Duarte 11 дней назад

    I had a teacher that know who to do the cart secret

  • tsleel escappa
    tsleel escappa 12 дней назад

    If only two people know about these secrets then how is there a video about it.

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    Luke Zuzga 15 дней назад

    Um drawn and quartered is having each of your hands and feet tied separately to 4 different horses then all 4 hourses run in different directions.

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    if only 2 people know then how do you know?

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    You forgot about the krabby patty formula 😂😂

  • Jacob Humphrey
    Jacob Humphrey 27 дней назад

    There's more than just two people that knows the 11 secret herbs and spices for KFC's chicken I'm an ex-employee and I know all the secret ingredients

  • abcsoaps
    abcsoaps 29 дней назад

    Unilever isn’t a person

  • Om Karishmen
    Om Karishmen Месяц назад

    Horrible "live"

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    Apollo Digital Месяц назад

    Coca-Cola recipe

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    Willberto the Great Месяц назад

    I thought that this was only 2 people knowing

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    NialasDubh Месяц назад +1

    Hopefully Cromwell's head is in a cesspit, face up, mouth open. Forever.

  • Timothy Wood
    Timothy Wood Месяц назад

    Carly Simon also told Howard Stern who "You're So Vain" is about.

  • 00000BOB00000 Hajj
    00000BOB00000 Hajj Месяц назад

    Can't we using science and chemistry easily discover the nature of lysterine, kfc spices, and i don't know what's the lasts name

  • Aegis Dragon
    Aegis Dragon Месяц назад

    The Coca-Cola recipe is kept in a vault, and only two people at any given time have access and know the recipe

  • Arctic Aiey
    Arctic Aiey Месяц назад

    how the company of Coca Cola and Listerine produce their products?

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    jamar wilks Месяц назад

    Lol it wouldnt be a secrets two people know,if we know it :(

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    killer Villamil Месяц назад

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    Tyler McDavid Месяц назад

    Top 10 secrets that only two people (plus the 1.9 million people that watched this) know.

  • Live Vine
    Live Vine Месяц назад

    The sea monkeys one is not true, as I have a whole lode of the brine shrimps currently in my fridge which I can get to hatch within days, I can also send them to any one in the world, or you can buy them online, from lots of people as Artemia salina.

  • Ian Logrono
    Ian Logrono Месяц назад

    Top 10 secrets only 2 million people know

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    Jose Pina Месяц назад +1

    Leonardo DiCaprio should have won a long ass time ago.

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    Sarah Hayman Месяц назад

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    Mysstal Месяц назад

    Top secrets only 2 people know. So I’m guessing we’re not including you or the other 1.9 million people... ok

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    Llama Named Chow Chow Месяц назад

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    M. A. Mobile Tutoriales Месяц назад

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    Orly Oliverio Месяц назад

    Man, it’s like watching a Teen Titans show with my 8 year old! The guy rambles on about who knows what !! Way Too much video jumping from this to that! I’m sure your a big hit with cats and teenagers who have the attention span of a... cat or teenager! I’ll keep a listen for that annoying voice so I’ll know to skip the next one.

  • 84mfleck
    84mfleck Месяц назад

    Absolutely useless info...
    Who gives a fuck how fried chicken is made..
    Mouth wash..a rotten head..some bull shit rapist celebrity...
    Wast of time watching this

  • Meattyloaf
    Meattyloaf Месяц назад

    South America is not a subcontinent. It is it's very own continent. India would be an example of a subcontinent

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    Saul Garcia Месяц назад

    I seen in Adam ruins everything that mouth wash was floor cleaner

  • ReptileGirlRocks
    ReptileGirlRocks Месяц назад

    I thought brine shrimp (sea monkeys) naturally don't hatch unless introduced to water?

  • All Aspects Carpentry
    All Aspects Carpentry Месяц назад +1

    The "American" flag is actually the " U.S.A" flag. America is a Continent not a Country. Canada - USA - Mexico make up America. Pretty sure this is a secret everyone knows except "Americans".
    Africa Asia Europe America etc

    • Dustin Turner
      Dustin Turner 13 дней назад

      North America is the continent. America is largely recognized (yes, even by a lot of foreigners) as shorthand for USA. If that bothers you so much it’s your own problem

  • Michael Tran
    Michael Tran Месяц назад

    The Coca Cola recipes is kept by two people and they aren’t allowed to ride the same plane in case of an accident

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    Bombo Hackz Месяц назад

    No one knows who i like but me so that makes it even more interesting

  • Andrew Low
    Andrew Low Месяц назад

    I think I have an idea for the Berglas effect.
    The magician picks volunteer 2 and 3 before hand and tells them what to say and what to wear. He then organises the deck or has done it before telling the people. When he picks volunteers 2 and 3, he pretends to scan the crowd and say what they were wearing like, "The man in the blue t-shirt with Garfield on it!" and the cards will be right.
    (Note: this was written by this person's daughter)

  • Matthew Song
    Matthew Song Месяц назад

    Not 2 anymore now anout 1.9M people know about it

  • Chillo
    Chillo 2 месяца назад

    So Listerien was sued for malpractice for using an everyday household item as a secret ingrediant to their invention? But isn't that technically the thow Sharktank in a nutshell?

  • Sabaku no Gaara
    Sabaku no Gaara 2 месяца назад

    The Seamonkey's 'trick' is Biological to the speices of shrimp they come from

  • Kevin Guy
    Kevin Guy 2 месяца назад

    Mmmm only Two people know.... once upon a time... in a galaxy far, far away........ the original Listerine was far, far away from Minty

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    C 2 2 месяца назад

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    C 2 2 месяца назад

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  • godpopov
    godpopov 2 месяца назад

    Downing a bottle of Chartreuse is like having an interstellar chaos train driven through your soul at the speed of light, great stuff ! You can also use it to fuel an airplane or as high explosive as well as to disolve parts of the fabric of reality.

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      Kelly Waldrop 4 месяца назад

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    Quezon Cunanan 4 месяца назад

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  • 5%
    5% 4 месяца назад +1

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    Basic_Assumption 4 месяца назад

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    Manjunath Yatnur 4 месяца назад

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  • Thane Rogar
    Thane Rogar 4 месяца назад

    #2. It's been widely known that "Your so vain" is about Warren Beatey. Carly Simon admitted this in an interview over 5 years ago.

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