INLINE 6 vs. V6 - How it Works | SCIENCE GARAGE

  • Published on Oct 10, 2018
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    Six-cylinder engines are all over the place. But depending on the car, which kind of 6 is under the hood can be very different. There are Inline 6s, Slant 6s, and V6s. So how are they different, and how are they the same? Join Bart as he finds out!
    Bart teaches us how cars work by blowing stuff up and cutting things in half. It’s a science show for the car lover who’s easily bored. Join Bart as he explains the science behind everything automotive. This is cars down to the atom. This is Science Garage.
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Comments • 2 862

  • Tommy
    Tommy 4 hours ago +1

    I feel bad for the people who don't get all the little jokes in these videos lol

  • British Entertainment
    British Entertainment 13 hours ago

    I drive an inline 6 and its perfect. 360 horses is plenty

  • Jack Russelle
    Jack Russelle 15 hours ago

    Do a cvt transmission vid

  • DJ 12
    DJ 12 Day ago +1

    Where's F6 engines and Y6 engines?

  • Golemito Zuero
    Golemito Zuero Day ago +1

    Flat 6?

  • meaturama
    meaturama Day ago

    I prefer W6

  • Sia Mean
    Sia Mean 3 days ago

    Vs. H6 VS. W6

  • Red Dawn
    Red Dawn 3 days ago

    No it doesn’t depend; the 2JZ isn’t so legendary just because

  • Loonytoones85
    Loonytoones85 4 days ago

    the octave of modern males is so high, I can't even listen to ANY videos. what is happening?

  • Johnny B. Good
    Johnny B. Good 5 days ago

    What happened to Bart?

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 6 days ago

    Heard v6 are more for horsepower and L6 are more for low end torque... but I think it depends on many other things.

  • PK Gaming
    PK Gaming 6 days ago

    SL6 is best

  • HesseJamez
    HesseJamez 6 days ago

    Citroen 15 CV (Traction Avant) had an inline-six and FWD.

  • DigitalMonk
    DigitalMonk 6 days ago

    What about the 5 cylinder engine?

  • bilel hudson
    bilel hudson 7 days ago

    u need to be a pro player in tetris to build this cars

  • Bignuts inyourmouf
    Bignuts inyourmouf 8 days ago

    Barra the world

  • ParisChristianne
    ParisChristianne 9 days ago +1

    Meanwhile Subaru and Porsche with their flat 6s...

  • t2p
    t2p 9 days ago

    Alpina B3 is my fave
    M3 iron bottom end
    Single vanos ported and polished head from a 328.. modified inlet and exhaust
    Good for 300bhp NA

  • Braddah E
    Braddah E 11 days ago +5

    I6 are also stronger since there's a journal for each cylinder rather than a journal for every 2.

  • Aftab Kazi
    Aftab Kazi 11 days ago

    Donut Media Please make a video on V8, specs & history & space in engine bay for additional turbo, super charger, struts etc.. Thanks!!

  • kolobara08
    kolobara08 11 days ago

    I can't believe he did NOT mention VR6 Corrado !!

  • Warren Puckett
    Warren Puckett 12 days ago

    Flat sixes work pretty good too.

  • Turbo
    Turbo 14 days ago +1

    Where the fuck my V6 gang at?

  • calamity
    calamity 14 days ago

    I'm more of a VR6 guy

  • Lucas Thompson
    Lucas Thompson 14 days ago

    V6 for life!+!

  • Nyol Novantadue
    Nyol Novantadue 14 days ago

    we want to see Boxer 4 vs I4 engines, porche vs (i think) bmw

  • Cevair Zufer
    Cevair Zufer 14 days ago

    More and more or going back to straight sixes - because of cheaper manufacturing. As v8 goes down they want combination of straight 4s with 6s.
    For simplicity and smoothness straight 6 is prefered but with v6 you get better car balance and lower center of gravity which is very important for driving experience.

  • Trevor Lima
    Trevor Lima 15 days ago

    Ever heard of a flat 6? Like it up for another video

  • Andy Sheldon
    Andy Sheldon 16 days ago

    Straight 8s run super smooth

  • Hustla Robbie
    Hustla Robbie 16 days ago


  • Noneya Bizz
    Noneya Bizz 16 days ago

    V6 engines are the worst

  • justin cupp
    justin cupp 17 days ago

    Its all about the new bmw s55. I believe that motor has alot of potential.

  • str8 yeet
    str8 yeet 17 days ago

    Anything besides v8s are communist change my mind

  • william adicitra
    william adicitra 18 days ago

    What about boxer engine?🤔

  • Corsel
    Corsel 20 days ago

    Get a boxer 6, H6 all day

  • Carl Stclair
    Carl Stclair 20 days ago +1

    Another good engine was the AMC 196, 232, or 258 inline six the 232 and 258 sixes had a seven main bearing crankshaft which was very durable.

  • Slant Six
    Slant Six 21 day ago

    Love inline 6 engines! Super smooth

  • Kandela Brown
    Kandela Brown 24 days ago

    So i think the future will give us inline 3 cylinder engines. I’m all for it. Give me that 6 liter inline 3.

  • Dark Lobo
    Dark Lobo 27 days ago

    Wow...Very Informational

  • Jayden Honer
    Jayden Honer 29 days ago

    Look up the Australian Ford falcon Barra engine is a straight 6 4 L

  • Richie B
    Richie B 29 days ago

    Is there anything this guy couldnt tell you about engines???

  • Bohdan Herasymenko
    Bohdan Herasymenko Month ago

    Raibow 6

  • Tony Black
    Tony Black Month ago

    Sooo since all regular ppl cars are fwd the straight 6 is pretty much toast. ☹️😭😢. Great video!

  • Waylon Woolard
    Waylon Woolard Month ago

    He went through an entire I6 video without mentioning the Cummins
    What the hell

  • jack 03
    jack 03 Month ago

    2 juh zeh

  • Asim Almihmadi
    Asim Almihmadi Month ago +3

    Talk about the 5 cylinder engines (the deisel one) please. 👌🏻🌹

  • Stealthpanda911
    Stealthpanda911 Month ago

    i dont know who you are but you got them crazy opium eyes, and i respect that

  • Michael Balfour
    Michael Balfour Month ago

    2:47 the inline 6 in the series 1 and 2 e-type jaguar sounds totally awesome.

  • RandomGuy
    RandomGuy Month ago

    What about VR6?

  • Jonathan Petkau
    Jonathan Petkau Month ago

    in the video it said 1.2 mil subs now it says 2.1

  • Carl Stclair
    Carl Stclair Month ago +2

    Bring back the good old Chrysler 225 Slant Six , one hell of an engine.

    • stopglobalswarming
      stopglobalswarming 10 days ago

      Some s10 fans are rebuilding them and installing with turbos

  • Maya Luevano
    Maya Luevano Month ago

    4:06 "do it anyway"

    Agreed, let it be written, let it be done....

  • Joseph Red
    Joseph Red Month ago

    6 cylinder boxer engine?

  • Farhad Kazemi
    Farhad Kazemi Month ago

    Is there a horizontally opposed 6?

  • jedidethfreak
    jedidethfreak Month ago

    *talks about sweet turbo V6's
    *doesn't mention Ford's EcoBoost, or the Ford GT

  • eagle eye
    eagle eye Month ago

    So v has more moving parts than in line doesn't that mean it's less reliable

  • eagle eye
    eagle eye Month ago

    He is very knowledgeable he is probably a car technician

  • Tarek Hesham
    Tarek Hesham Month ago

    W need more episodes of science garage

  • Dakota Burns
    Dakota Burns Month ago

    Very good video.

  • chromatics kent
    chromatics kent Month ago

    You look like Mark Pellegrino from SPN

    ANTHRAXEETER Month ago

    Straight six = Cummins
    V6 = GM 4.3 ..... If you know you know

  • Jeff Darnell
    Jeff Darnell Month ago

    Which one do you prefer, Nut??

  • dunstablem2
    dunstablem2 Month ago +3

    I really enjoyed this vid. Had no idea of the differences. 10/10

  • Estevan Martinez
    Estevan Martinez Month ago

    Holy shit. I learned so much, now i really want an in line 6.

  • Why Zed
    Why Zed Month ago

    Barra the world!

  • rob will
    rob will Month ago

    Cough cough n54 as well

  • J & M guitars
    J & M guitars Month ago

    barra the world

  • dronemasters
    dronemasters Month ago

    can you comment on why certain stock engines (jaguar f-type, alpha romeo 4c) sound better than others?

  • Cathartic Canuck
    Cathartic Canuck Month ago

    0:26 3:25 need to stop trying to be funny, you're not. In addition, why do you crank your head back so far? Yes, your nostrils are clean.... with all that, i do like how you explain certain things that others havent thought to.
    its getting harder to get through your videos constantly having to stare at your neck, nostrils, and suffer through "comedy" lack there of.

  • michael moodie
    michael moodie Month ago

    Bring this back please

  • Relic_Sachse
    Relic_Sachse Month ago

    90% of the stuff I know about how cars work comes from this man

    • hamsterama
      hamsterama Month ago

      That's the same with me! This guy is great! Too many videos on RUclip that explain car stuff use a bunch of big technical words that only a mechanic would understand. Except a mechanic would already know how cars work, so what's the point? This guy "dumbs down" (I mean that in a good way) the info to make it easy for anyone to understand.

  • Matt Hannah
    Matt Hannah Month ago

    Jeep 4.0L I6 has entered the chat...

  • KoolGuardrailBoy
    KoolGuardrailBoy Month ago +7

    more vibration?

    it's all about C O O L V I B R A T I O N S

  • Jason Mullings
    Jason Mullings Month ago

    I6 is torque king, every 18 wheeler is an I6.

  • AJ S
    AJ S Month ago

    One thing you forgot about the i6 is the crank shaft; Because of the engine being longer and heavier, the crank shaft is much stronger on an i6 than it is on v6 and even v8s... this allows the engine to take on extra power and give it right back.

  • wafflemag
    wafflemag Month ago

    Love the compactness of v6's but straight 6's are pure sex.

  • Kyle Rice
    Kyle Rice Month ago +4

    I laughed wayyyy to hard at the opening jokes 🤣🤣🤣

  • Austin Esmie
    Austin Esmie Month ago

    can you do a video on how engines get their sounds????

  • Bravenwolf 9000
    Bravenwolf 9000 Month ago

    V6s sound like doodoo

  • Matthew Bergin
    Matthew Bergin Month ago +5

    Inline sixes are also much stronger than a V six. The inline engine has seven main bearings whereas the V six has only four mains. That is why you will rarely see a inline six with a damaged bottom end. Inline sixes are tough as nails. 😎👍

  • Wojtek Lach
    Wojtek Lach Month ago

    u fotgot the boxer :/

  • Alejandro Ledesma
    Alejandro Ledesma Month ago

    Wish they made modern day i8s

  • Lee Smetanin
    Lee Smetanin Month ago

    What about the Barra

  • rok
    rok Month ago

    Hi, can you plz make a video about W shaped engines?

  • Joe da XRE190
    Joe da XRE190 Month ago

    Do the humpty hump !

  • kellsarah
    kellsarah Month ago +1

    VR6 is the best of both worlds, but didn't even get a mention.

  • Angel Smith
    Angel Smith Month ago

    Fortnit season 6

  • Tyrone Shaw
    Tyrone Shaw Month ago

    Forgot to talk about the barra :'(

  • alazka16
    alazka16 Month ago

    Please make a vid on the Cadillac V16s!

  • t k
    t k Month ago

    Who disliked your dumb

  • Roger Perez
    Roger Perez Month ago

    i got a v4

  • thelocustemperor
    thelocustemperor Month ago

    What? straight six and inline six are the exact same thing bro? I think you meant flat six. Also slant six? wouldn't VR6 make more sense there... Plus you didn't even mention AMC Jeep engine when you said the most well knowns six cyls.

  • Paul Masonik
    Paul Masonik Month ago

    I hate the way yanks say Nissan. It's NOT pronounced "nee-sahn" you queers
    It's "Niss-an"

  • peter m
    peter m 2 months ago

    Question: Would i be able to install a v6 in my honda civic 4 door? It purely to know if it is possible because i am going to sell it for a different model which will remain inline 4

  • Golden Retriever
    Golden Retriever 2 months ago

    There’s one thing V6 engines are missing
    If the cylinders are arranged in a V it better have 8 cylinders or more

  • tootingb
    tootingb 2 months ago +7

    Best engine layouts
    1. Inline 6
    2. Boxer 6
    3. Inline 5
    4. Everything else

    • geekf1
      geekf1 2 months ago

      V12=(l6)(2)=goodness squared

  • Abe
    Abe 2 months ago

    I always thought my car which is a GS300 was a v6 than I was like wait a minute, googled it and was like damn its an inline 6. I love learning

  • ja bigup
    ja bigup 2 months ago

    2j all day bro ☠💀🖤💪🏿👍🏿🙏🏿

  • YeehawTV
    YeehawTV 2 months ago

    James Charles turns straight6 motors into v6motors

  • silquio
    silquio 2 months ago

    u mentioned the bad selling acura nsx but not the new ford gt???