Kids Who Were Raised By Animals

top 10 children who grew up with animals in the wild
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Длительность: 6:2
Комментарии: 2793

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Автор Doodles Ninja330 ( назад)
My name is Daniel

Автор Adam Mahmood ( назад)
You forget the Syrian gazel boy

Автор XXEnderXX ( назад)
Marina Chapman the girl who was raised by monkeys. she is the person i am doing for my speach for my english class

Автор Janna L ( назад)
6 people who was raised by animals!?

Not if I was counting

Автор Jack Watson ( назад)

Автор Flop Fish ( назад)
what do you mean poor kids theyre living with animals and animals are better than us

Автор laura amasendi ( назад)

Автор Dylan Both ( назад)
humans are animals, yes, but we are more sophisticated, even though they may be more kind

Автор phanulous killjoy ( назад)
Well THAT totally sounds real!!

Автор David Stojilkovic ( назад)
2:22 well that is called Goat Simulator xD

Автор STEREORACER ( назад)
were they included in the mating circle...

Автор Brooke Lyn ( назад)
im half cat sometimes lion or tiger

Автор Jaden Ellis ( назад)
I thinks its pretty cool to raised by animals

Автор jadirah Raquel ( назад)
This may sound crazy but I'm raised by adults how cool is that

Автор hamid afxl ( назад)
Where is Ivana trump?

Автор hayden gann ( назад)
wolves hell yeah

Автор Zara Rizvi ( назад)
Who Else thought that the boy who was raised by birds could fly???

Автор Music is Life ( назад)
Raised by goats



Автор Cantor Man ( назад)
I am raised by parents.

Автор Emily Young ( назад)
I don't care

Автор infaoas harley Quinn Quinn ( назад)
omg stop making videos!

Автор ringa Heart ( назад)
Awwwwwweee ;

Автор Jennifer Johnson ( назад)
i think they are better off wherever they were found. because then humans study them and make them a circus act, instead of being treated respectfully in the wild amongst the ones that had adopted them. but as children i think it was horrible to begin with, that they were abandoned.

Автор Nosimilo Mthimkhulu ( назад)
I wouldn't necessarily say 'poor' children. Some seem perfectly happy in the jungle.

Автор Nosimilo Mthimkhulu ( назад)
I wouldn't necessarily say 'poor' children. Some seem perfectly happy in the jungle.

Автор MD Mousey Mouse ( назад)
I wanna be raised by any kind of dog/big dog

Автор MD Mousey Mouse ( назад)
4:05 how can you be raised by birds?

Автор MD Mousey Mouse ( назад)
2:58 I would love that I love the jungld

Автор MD Mousey Mouse ( назад)
the third one i have seen it before

Автор MD Mousey Mouse ( назад)
1:27 I would love to be her

Автор MD Mousey Mouse ( назад)
the first one is sad

Автор Mia like PIZZA ( назад)
hmmm strange....we nay not be raised by animals...but we have a little animal in us because were monkeyz once. So our parents were too so actually we were raised by animals....🐒🐒🐒🐒🐵🐵🐵🐵

Автор Tetra Stahr ( назад)
These "poor" children seemed to survive just fine in my opinion lol

Автор Ramón ( назад)
I was raised by tv (am not joking I actually learned English by watching tv)

Автор Aldo Prieto ( назад)
lucky 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅

Автор Georgia Paterson ( назад)
i am raised with animals

Автор BMO PIEGIRL ( назад)

Автор Jonabel Morata Go ( назад)
how about tarzan?

Автор Kyle Infusiium ( назад)
Homo Sapiens are animals .....

Автор Nithin_PlayzYT ( назад)
5:44 Well..... I think AHHHHHHHHH ZIMBANYA!!!!

Why does it feel so good when u sing dat? ( no pun intended jason deruelo fans)

Автор Andy Telusmond ( назад)
I was raised by humans and phone and laptops

Автор CrazyJokerGirl ( назад)
Animals are better than humans this is proof

When Animals can raise children better than human these days..

Автор kierstin rolf ( назад)

Автор Tyesha Holmes ( назад)

Автор Zacharygeroge1234567890 Georgetown ( назад)
go check it out

Автор Zacharygeroge1234567890 Georgetown ( назад)
my challe is Zacharygeroge1234567890 Georgetown

Автор Calicord ( назад)
I was raised by my mom and her cat

Автор samuel byron ( назад)
Animals seem to be more likely to adopt u

Автор Skull Kid ( назад)
Honestly it's a good thing that they were raised by those animals cuz then that means they can understand them and communicate with them which could improve humanity's life with animals

Автор Bouvier ( назад)
He was not abused or denied food! The boy was obviously neglected!!! oh my god!

Автор Invisible Spirit ( назад)

Автор Volkner Bat ( назад)
So dows it mean humans can become as cool as other animals too

Автор Volkner Bat ( назад)
Oxana is cool

Автор Paige Winsor ( назад)
I would be frightened living with animals who else would

Автор Paige Winsor ( назад)
please do: ten oldest animals

Автор Jeff The killer ( назад)
I was raised by animals and creepypastas

Автор Rossana Loreto Pardo ( назад)
The boy at 2:35 was actually raised by a wolves somewhere in Asia. I've read that in a book :)

Автор Keo Yim ( назад)
woww cambodia

Автор Eeshaan Suryawanshi ( назад)
animals are really good and the environment Question light of this!

Автор Rochelle Starr ( назад)
That dog girl pic tho I tried hard not to laugh because it's sad she had to live that way.

Автор TEACUP KITTY ( назад)
i was raised by animals,i had 11 cats in my dads house,i lerned to speack cat and dog,now wean im mad at shcool i hiss and growl,my spiret animial us the wolf

Автор Jean Claude Germain ( назад)
I wish I lived with Wolves

Автор Jean Claude Germain ( назад)
I wish I lived with Wolves

Автор Twin Kissa ( назад)
I sometimes I wish I was raised by wolves or something...

Автор TedHearnFILMS ( назад)
This is a tiny bit scary

Автор Vannesa Cortez ( назад)
You forgot me

Автор Sydney Z ( назад)
Can I be rasd buy a comelein

Автор johnathan lopez ( назад)
this is bullshit

Автор Zessu Fuma ( назад)
falcons raised me
they told me to rise up and i did

Автор MineMaterPokemongamer Kitty ( назад)
I'm raiedsd by lovr

Автор Emily Alford ( назад)
Wolves are awesome creatures xd I'm a therian ...

Автор Kareem Kurdi ( назад)

Автор BrickFilmerPower ( назад)
Kids should just be with who they wanna be with.

Автор TheSuperCard Player777 ( назад)

Автор Laycee Brennan ( назад)
I wish i was raised by animals :)

Автор One link promotion One link ( назад)
Why I don't believe this

Автор Audrey Hanley ( назад)
Wow that's sad and crazy

Автор XxKittyLoverXx K ( назад)
Hey why wasn't humans on the list XD

Автор Eemil The Great ( назад)
you got mowgli there

Автор ramzi moussa ( назад)
i thn that we dont desere animals , we suck in so many way

Автор papyrus loves spegettie!! ( назад)
the monkeys looked funny

Автор Montana Chapman ( назад)
My last name is Chapman.... :;((((

Автор Bholah Jeeten ( назад)
i wish i could understand animals!:I

Автор Wolfgang15 AJ ( назад)
Oh gosh this is cool

Автор Jing Jing ( назад)
im from cambodia

Автор Kind_Kitty playz ( назад)

Автор layne reeves ( назад)
being raised by animals is better than living in an abusive human family. it is better than losing a chance at life and dying in a jungle.

Автор Rachel Lara ( назад)
wow. This is crazy

Автор Alia Russo ( назад)
Poor dogs they lost a part of their family

Автор Courtney Michelle ( назад)
This is just sad. Animals have more hearts than humans :o😂

Автор Awesoempuppy Dog ( назад)
Am I the only one who wishes they were raised wolves and I have to edit it saying I really actually didn't watch the hole vid when I commented it so yea

Автор Trisha Jaliya ( назад)
animals are better than humans. education :D

Автор Kristen Lewzey ( назад)
I want to be raised by wolves no hard feelings mum and dad😯😰

Автор Gledi Nezha ( назад)
all of these is feake

Автор carol bracamontes ( назад)
fuck them

Автор Sam attack S ( назад)
after pierced ear how to children raised by animals tell me please Isabel

Автор Caleb Light ( назад)
I was raised by mosquitoes.

Автор Small Town Girl Big City Heart ( назад)
So Sad-

Автор Andrei Popescu ( назад)
I wonder if they masturbated for so long

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