Gold Rush Tony Beets ~ "I need your help Parker"

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • Sneak peek into season X!
    Gold Rush Season 10 is almost here and Discovery channel finally gives us a glimpse at the new gold mining season. Featuring Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets and Rick "No sleeves" Ness.
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Comments • 321

  • Shawn Foran
    Shawn Foran 28 days ago +102

    I guess he should charge him 25% royalty for the water lol

    • Doctor Shoes
      Doctor Shoes Hour ago

      @aussie guy 85 nope. Parker is Parker because of who his grandfather was, and because a discovery channel producer saw the draw in a 17 yr old running a gold mine. Parker owes absolutely nothing to Tony ShitTracks Beets. Him and his nasty family need to bend over backwards and thank both Parker and Chris for including them in this shit show.

    • Crystal Shaman
      Crystal Shaman Day ago +2

      Parker was nicer than I would have been about the water!!!...Parker was a bigger man about water than Beets was- when Beets dumped crap into Parker's water source last season!!!...Parker is a good dude...🙏💜

    • sinsinister28
      sinsinister28 19 days ago +1

      @aussie guy 85 he also lost lots of money because of Tony Tony lied to his face twice twice he told Parker that he would give him better ground if he performed twice he didn't. The absolute truth is that Tony acted like a businessman and took advantage of the situation now the tables have turned

    • rich kemp
      rich kemp 20 days ago +3

      Shawn Foran tony has dug his own grave!! He has played the water card against Parker and now it’s backfired and wants help!!! There are a hundred reasons Parker should say fuck you!!! Tony is a fucking bully!!!

  • sz42781
    sz42781 2 days ago +1

    Parker was robbing beets

  • Bryce Switalla
    Bryce Switalla 2 days ago +2

    I was so wishing Parker had said "It sucks to be you, eh Tony"

  • Benign Rabbit
    Benign Rabbit 2 days ago +1

    Parker does not owe beets his career beets used him in an unfair illegal by any legal standard term but did it only because the kid wanted to prove he could do it and not only that Beets lies to him several time promising him with actual proof on the video that beets would give him better ground next year each time if he paid beets his undeserved over charged interests. Yes it is beets land but beets is not working that land and Parker worked it and managed to get out of under beets shitty work ethics and now beets deserved to be treated like dog shit he is. I understand work is work but to this level Beets is a dog and needs to be squashed out of His throne of thorns he sits in daily. I hope Parker makes enough money and is smart enough to push down Beets to the point Beets has no choice but to work for Parker and then Parker can put beets on a hourly rate pay of $15 an hour no over time. Beets deserves that and worse I am just still been generous.

  • Darren toews
    Darren toews 2 days ago +2

    Bring back Ashley the blond gold digger love to see her again!

  • Bryce Cartwright
    Bryce Cartwright 3 days ago +1

    20% royalties on the first 100,000 gallons and 35% on each additional 15,000 gallons. Fuck you tony

  • Lynnette Cordova
    Lynnette Cordova 5 days ago +1

    is it just me or does that dude look like marilyn manson!?

  • Greg Souza
    Greg Souza 5 days ago +1

    Word on the street has it,that Parker is finally comming out of the closet.This should be fun,he finally admits he's gay,not that it matters.Who knew????Good for him to finally come clean.

  • George Joseph Haigh
    George Joseph Haigh 5 days ago +1

    Time for Parker to f%*k with Tony , make it hard for him to mine under his water license and maybe make back some of the money back that he had to pay on royalties to Tony. Make some of his money back

  • JustMe UK
    JustMe UK 6 days ago

    I dont agree that parker owes betts a thing, i remember countless times Betts bent parker over with sky high fees and nly letting him mine ground beets didnt want, parker worked hes arse off while he laughed, hey they both agreed to the deal so it was that, it dont mean parker owes Tony jack shit

      GOLD RUSH NEWS  6 days ago +1

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your opinion JustMe

  • Church of Science Fiction

    We know this show is fake, but according to the script, Parker would have every reason to tell Beets to fuck off. Beets ruthless, greedy asshole over and over.

  • Jerry Wells
    Jerry Wells 6 days ago +2

    Parker should charge him 50% royalties for first gallon then increase by 1% for every 10 gallons after that, until TONY BEETS, goes broke or begs someone to feed him to a grizzly bear.

  • Jerry Wells
    Jerry Wells 6 days ago

    GRN, You gotta be DELUSIONAL - Parker owes Tony, your out of your FUCKING MIND, that crooked Tony Beets, screwed Parker from the VERY BEGINING, charging 15% more than the going rate, then doing everything he could to screw him over at every chance he got, just glad I've never had to deal with Tony, because he just might have found out what Klondike justice is.

    • Jerry Wells
      Jerry Wells 6 days ago

      @GOLD RUSH NEWS , & now Parker should either tell Tony to go Fuck himself or charge him 50% royaltie rates on first gallon of water, & increase it 1% for every gallon over 10 gallons until Tony goes completely broke - penniless- or Tony Begs someone to feed him to a grizzly bear.

    • Jerry Wells
      Jerry Wells 6 days ago

      @GOLD RUSH NEWS , Tony took advantage of a young teenager, with those inflated highway robbery rates, PERIOD.....

      GOLD RUSH NEWS  6 days ago

      Who approached who? Tony didn’t seek Parker! Parker sought Tony out for any piece of Tony's ground and his ground is proven to be rich. (that’s why parker got the high royalties), because Tony knew his ground was worth it.. and Parker still came out on top due to the rich ground Tony provided. Parker would still be counting flakes at his grandpas mined out mine site if it wasn’t for Tony. Parker would have left a ton of gold in the ground if it wasn’t for him teaching Parker about riffles. Parker is making millions thanks to partnering up with Tony..Parker owes him his career. But these have been my thoughts, not yours, thanks for commenting Jerry. #Perception is everything.

  • Sarah Nading
    Sarah Nading 8 days ago +1

    Parker would have nothing without Tony ... he made millions on his land and he knows it ... the show really annoys me with all its praise for Parker who owes this man so much !!

    • sunshinecleo
      sunshinecleo 7 days ago +1

      WHAT ? PArker have everything because of his granfather !! Tony is a bully and deserve a kick is the ass -this greedy pig !!

  • Josh Keen
    Josh Keen 9 days ago +1

    Worst show on TV

  • It's about Making not Buying

    Parker should have said. It sucks to be you. Like Tony use to tell Parker

  • Joe Higgins
    Joe Higgins 10 days ago +1

    Tony f*cking Beets

  • Al Gottsch
    Al Gottsch 11 days ago +1

    Fuck Tony, hes a prick!!! Wouldnt work with Parker when asked politely, so to hell with Tony!!! I'd boot his ass out of my office!!!

  • Taison Taison
    Taison Taison 12 days ago +1

    I'm surprised Tony don't bust his jaw after all the training Tony gave him to be able to get gold, and that's what it was too. Tony taught him to be able to mine gold there. Tony should bar Parker from using any and all roads across his land etc. there are many ways Tony could put the screws to Parker . Parker is an ungrateful jackass and has no respect for elders, I haven't liked him since I had seen him badmouth his grandpa,even after his grandpa let him run his mine. He didn't deserve that even. Parker's a d*ck, and mouthy punk.

  • Rex Haney
    Rex Haney 13 days ago +1

    I love that part fun Parker says that to that old buzzard do I have to remind you to go fuck yourself

  • Gilmour Keirs
    Gilmour Keirs 14 days ago +2

    Gold rush is as real as alaskan bush people lol

  • Gilmour Keirs
    Gilmour Keirs 14 days ago +1

    I read that Parker gets $25 thousand per show so he's not exactly loosing money is he and Shawn pomernke gets $200 thousands per episode

    • jim brown
      jim brown 12 days ago

      200k per episode. BULLSHIT

  • charizard ranger
    charizard ranger 15 days ago +3

    Parker should give tony beets 60% because Tony gave parker an unfair royalty

  • Tom Armstrong
    Tom Armstrong 16 days ago +1

    Hahahaha! All BS! What a script line!

  • Patrick Jernigan
    Patrick Jernigan 18 days ago +1

    Sell it by the Gallon or better yet by the drop one drop one dollor.

  • Jeanette Wolfenbarger
    Jeanette Wolfenbarger 18 days ago +1

    Maybe Parker should ask for 30% for the right to use the water.

  • shortynbeans18
    shortynbeans18 18 days ago +1

    Ok hang in tony has been a cunt to Parker half the time but when tony needs a favor why should Parker help what comes around goes around

  • wood char
    wood char 19 days ago

    Parker paid extreme royalists everyone admitted that so owes tony nothing

  • Rick W
    Rick W 19 days ago +2

    You know when a Dutch man has a water problem and cant fix it. He is not a real Dutch man.

    • Pete Dejong
      Pete Dejong 19 days ago +1

      He is not dutch he fucking frisian

  • pearse mcaleese
    pearse mcaleese 19 days ago +1

    Tonys beat!

  • Sandor Clegane
    Sandor Clegane 20 days ago +1

    Parker will help but he's gonna give him some shit because he had to take it for YEARS!!

  • Steve Dodd
    Steve Dodd 20 days ago +2

    anyone know when the new season starts in the u.k.

  • James
    James 21 day ago +10

    Parker owes Tony fuckall he paid his dues.

  • The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo.

    It's called scripted reality tv.

  • Shawn Guinup
    Shawn Guinup 21 day ago +1

    You think Parker owes him. Laughable Parker's been charged double When anybody else has been charged. Tony consistently makes things hard for Parker The Last 5 Years. So Parker has every right to tell Tony go fuc yourself. As a business person I believe you were in the wrong for that statement

  • john barr
    john barr 22 days ago

    Is it just me or does this guy sound kinda like "The Dude" Jeff Bridges...

  • mikey bx 10465
    mikey bx 10465 22 days ago +2

    Tony beets didn't give him the water why the hell would he Parker give him water 0 I wouldn't spit in his dredge

  • Lane Mimnaugh
    Lane Mimnaugh 22 days ago +1

    Tony's lively hood relying on water, Im not buying it. In the movies they create a villain and then the hero beats the villain, happy ending.

  • Marshall Brewer
    Marshall Brewer 23 days ago +1

    Thats fake ass hell

  • jo lo
    jo lo 23 days ago +1

    Will be the same drama or even more.
    Not interested at all, 9 drama's is enough for me good luck with it.

  • Joe Breau
    Joe Breau 23 days ago +1

    Prepare to change meaning mining is own lease.

  • Joe Breau
    Joe Breau 23 days ago +1

    What the fuck are you talking about? Parker doesn't owe his career to Tony Beets. Parker worked his ass of to get where he's at. He could of got good land from someone else. If it wouldnt been for Parker, Tony wouldn't be where he's at now. Tony might of help Parker out at first, but Parker always comes out on top year after year. And he pays Tony top dollars for his land. I would of told him the same fucking thing. And he's gonna definitely help out Tony. But he got to rub it in Tony's face just a lil bit.

  • Big A Gold
    Big A Gold 23 days ago +1

    WOW PArker..!!! he helped you out.

  • Will Vogenitz
    Will Vogenitz 23 days ago

    He does not owe his career to Tony. Parker has been mining well before he ever mined Tony's land. Tony has screwed with and screwed over Parker numerous times. Who is this guy giving this review? Do you even watch the show...

    • Tom Doyle
      Tom Doyle 13 days ago

      Yup ppl seem to forget a 15 year old Parker came over and showed Todd how he was going ark g with his plant .. this boy grew up mining

  • B Lutty Lutz
    B Lutty Lutz 23 days ago +1

    Same deal Tony gave him years ago, 20-30% of his gold and well hell with water shortage cant be taking all Parkers water can be used for his mining gonna have to be 20% min. On water usage. Life a bitch Tony

  • Mike White
    Mike White 23 days ago +2

    Parker does owe Tony. Parker should work with Tony. Be a businessman Parker. But be benevolent unlike Tony. Then good things happen for you.

    • Tom Doyle
      Tom Doyle 13 days ago

      End of day he could help tony and not even make a penny out of him ... But we all know as soon as tony had a chance he would ripp Parker a new one like he has done every season .. Parker did get good opportunity out of Tony but don't be fooled it wasn't out of kindness Parker has handed over more mo at to him than most of us would spend in a lifetime

    • Nick Ulm
      Nick Ulm 20 days ago

      Parker don't owe Tony shit... he paid his dues

  • Mike nhgoldprospector
    Mike nhgoldprospector 23 days ago +2

    Doumitt (spell check) Cigar. Hit the big time

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 23 days ago +1

    Parker would be still trying to look for gold in his grandpas mine,so Parker owes everything to Tony!

    • Tom Doyle
      Tom Doyle 13 days ago

      Owes him.everything my ass .. maybe he should charge him 1.4m for the season

    • Pyroman /
      Pyroman / 22 days ago +1

      Troll Tony leased him land he would of found land else ware they just played the whole oh know Parker can't gef land else ware for the show

  • joseph minton
    joseph minton 23 days ago +1

    Tony Beets an ass ,but Parker should respect him give a helping hand

  • kiddo342005
    kiddo342005 23 days ago +1

    Tony, regardless of mentoring parker, has been a money hungry ass to him. That in itself nullifies any remote 10 reasons any of you have.

  • Eufrasio Soares
    Eufrasio Soares 23 days ago +2

    Charge him the same royalties as he did to you Parker
    And also reminds him " his
    It sucks to be you" lol
    But Parker will help him

  • Muscle Car Appraisal
    Muscle Car Appraisal 24 days ago +3

    Give Tony the water and move on...

  • April Teetzel
    April Teetzel 24 days ago +2

    He’s brought Parker up the old school way. It wasn’t bout fuckin Parker over just teaching him that life is hard. A priceless lesson in the school of hard knocks.

  • Josh Buck
    Josh Buck 24 days ago +2

    Tony needs to go f**k himself plain and simple🖕🖕

  • Izom
    Izom 24 days ago +1

    ...hard to believe :- ()

  • Dave country
    Dave country 24 days ago +1

    This commentary is pretty damn hilarious at times

  • coindigger
    coindigger 24 days ago +1

    This shows is as fake as can any person think it's not scripted...

    • Yvonne Pingleton
      Yvonne Pingleton 24 days ago

      Digger, give us a damd break from politics. CNN really? Just shows they're getting under your skin.

  • Randolph Legarreta
    Randolph Legarreta 24 days ago +1

    Bye Tony

  • Ned del Delaney
    Ned del Delaney 24 days ago +1

    Cant wait love the show

  • Chip
    Chip 24 days ago +1

    Parker looks like adam driver