• Hey friends, today I'm going over 10 (technically 11) smaller fragrance RUclip channels that you should give a look. I've got a link to each channel below. I screwed up the editing at one part, I apologize for that. Thanks!
    Studio Scents - ruclip.com/channel/UCSFxYzFW_Uq7-Aj-KlDZXKQ
    2 Scents Worth - ruclip.com/channel/UCJFLP1Bk10bIYm9Z8FrjpCQ
    Outlaw Frags - ruclip.com/channel/UCB5iPuW-PAWSACpZ9MSEyyQ
    The BurrEAU - ruclip.com/channel/UCk_Q_kVeKhSDuhjAsBQT8kA
    Makin' Scents - ruclip.com/user/Mikdj00
    Equality Fragrances - ruclip.com/channel/UCqbF97uT4R99XSqlUgFJEnA
    Scentitar - ruclip.com/channel/UCa1T1HOHtroZkdDxAP53FXg
    Dr. Fragrance - ruclip.com/channel/UCHsOekTKbgrzWAHRyG6HLKg
    Devilish Scents - ruclip.com/user/Zyklus360
    Smell Good Feel Good - ruclip.com/channel/UCI3XZxhf9y8hDmmAccc2Kww
    Georgia Gent - ruclip.com/channel/UCoE80etf2l3Mey5Ez93CsbQ

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  • Erko
    Erko 5 days ago

    That was a really nice idea Ashton. Really great! If one of the channels you mentioned was mine that would be a BIIIIIIG motivation. Just great! Thank you for that!👍👍👍😊
    Best Regards and much health!

  • Austen Hernandez
    Austen Hernandez 9 days ago

    Scentitar and Mr cheap scents are my go to under 5k subs utubers, PERIOD!!!

    • Austen Hernandez
      Austen Hernandez 6 days ago

      Georgia Gent homie u already know 😅

    • Georgia Gent
      Georgia Gent 6 days ago

      Austen Hernandez thank you buddy!!

    • Austen Hernandez
      Austen Hernandez 9 days ago +1

      Oh and I totally bombed Georgia gent!!! I watch all his vids as well

  • Asim
    Asim 11 days ago

    Check out Martin Martinez. No bs reviews.

    PROFESSOR X 13 days ago

    Don't forget Professor X, Mr. Ashton!!!

  • Invicta Films
    Invicta Films 13 days ago

    You had a dr fragrance screenshot in there twice

  • Gunawan Goei
    Gunawan Goei 13 days ago

    the beauty of sharing, greetings from Indonesia

  • IMkong Jamir
    IMkong Jamir 14 days ago +1

    My top 3 channels
    1 Gent Scents
    2 Jeremy fragrance
    3 Chaos fragrance

    FRAG GUY 14 days ago

    Nice video pal will subb to these 😁

  • The Fragkenstein
    The Fragkenstein 14 days ago

    Such a great gesture, Ash. Really appreciated this.

  • Eau So Fraiche
    Eau So Fraiche 14 days ago +1

    Ash great to see you feature some of my fragrance brothers
    Matt, Michael and Danny are my bro’s.
    Really cool of you to do that. You’re a champ brother. I know you’ve never heard of me but just know I rock with you, angel, Carlos, as my upper peers. Even though im in a different lane

  • DB 70
    DB 70 14 days ago +1

    Great vid Ash, nice to give the new guys some exposure. Personally, I love The BurrEAU's channel... very creative and different.

  • Fab Trends by Miya
    Fab Trends by Miya 14 days ago

    Such a cool video, always great to see RUcliprs supporting eachother ♥️

    J ALXNDR 14 days ago

    Much respect for this video 🤝

  • Clay Bergen
    Clay Bergen 14 days ago

    Thanks for adding more channels for me to check out. You could add @DanielSan as someone who has a talented nose. @The Scenturion in the UK is also great.
    Oooo... pictures of gymbod, please!

  • Bee's Scents
    Bee's Scents 14 days ago


  • Janet Madina
    Janet Madina 14 days ago +2

    Great I'm unsubscribing to yours and watching theirs. 😃

  • Scent Alchemist
    Scent Alchemist 14 days ago

    Definitely!!,feature Mr Cheap Scents,if you have not,already!!...,definitely!...

  • R Lilms
    R Lilms 14 days ago

    Hey Ashton, you should also check out Frags To Riches and Fragdicted both great channels UK based.

  • ana_absolute
    ana_absolute 14 days ago

    You’re so cool for this video!!! Just subbed to all the channels. Can’t wait to see their content.

  • MK2 SvPr4
    MK2 SvPr4 14 days ago

    Demi was the smallest frag chanel before she decided became female version of Jeremy, so there's a recipe

  • Pinoy Kiwi Scent
    Pinoy Kiwi Scent 15 days ago

    Woww brah.. im crying you have a heart for us thanks a billion for this small guys like us..❤❤❤👈

    BRO MUNN 15 days ago

    Michael from Making Scents....got a Dr Fragrance thumbnail. :)

  • Josef
    Josef 15 days ago

    You posted Dr. Fragrance on the screen when you were talking about Makin' Scents.

  • joel diaz
    joel diaz 15 days ago +1

    How do youtubers protect themselves on an emotional level on what can be hurtful comments? When you release a vid you put yourself out there for public dissection. Much credit to all youtubers and frag channels.

  • Pejman Sehatpour
    Pejman Sehatpour 15 days ago

    Very cool Ash. Keep up the great work 👍🏻

  • Bradley Stroup
    Bradley Stroup 15 days ago +2

    Clemence CC Fragrances is a channel I like. She's a little over 3k, from France. She makes her videos feel like you're having a chat at a friend's house and her personality comes out a lot.

  • Civilized Redneck
    Civilized Redneck 15 days ago +2

    Exceptional act of kindness sir. Fantastic channels btw, and even more fantastic people behind the channels. Warms my heart to see you do this for these guys. Mad props. 👍

  • Bob Chang
    Bob Chang 15 days ago

    Put some respeck on this channel and all the ones that was featured in the video!

  • Joss Jane
    Joss Jane 15 days ago

    Great video - very excellent of you to use your platform to shout out other channels. I love to find more excellent channels to watch and I hadn't heard of a few of these! 👍🏼🙏🤩😻

  • Snortch Gortch
    Snortch Gortch 15 days ago

    Ok I subbed all of them 👍🇺🇸 Like Loyd in Dumb and Dumber”You better not be fooling!” 👍😂

  • Snortch Gortch
    Snortch Gortch 15 days ago

    Are you trying to dump me? I’m so hurt! 😂

  • Fragdicted
    Fragdicted 15 days ago

    So cool and I sub to most of these. It’s very kind of you to highlight them.

  • Devon Martin
    Devon Martin 15 days ago

    Please do a la nuit dlhomme, guess seductive homme blue comparison

  • C.J. Duncan
    C.J. Duncan 15 days ago

    This man make a list video about anything

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero 15 days ago

    Ash is a great human being, period. 👍

  • Fragrance Gamer
    Fragrance Gamer 15 days ago

    2 guys 1 frag.... :)

  • Adrian Dooley
    Adrian Dooley 15 days ago +1

    I’ve subscribed to them all to give them a go. Cool upload.

  • Reinhold Everest
    Reinhold Everest 15 days ago +1

    Stumptown Smells is excellent and try Wafts from the Loft.

  • Eric Reaper
    Eric Reaper 15 days ago

    Every Channel you showed us in this Vid is better then Jeremys in my Opinion. You are still Number 1! Ash for President! ^^

  • Spencer Scott
    Spencer Scott 15 days ago

    It's great you are doing this, the complete opposite of another youtuber with an overpriced fragrance line who will not be named.

  • The Scenturion
    The Scenturion 15 days ago +2

    Great video ash everyone of these deserve attention super cool you're behind them 🙏

  • Cubangroove
    Cubangroove 15 days ago

    Oh and also Matt and Ricahard @questioningscents
    They are from the UK and they have great content. ruclip.com/channel/UC2npsAEz-6DeDIjjspJZPDw

  • Chad Thundercock
    Chad Thundercock 15 days ago +2

    Y'all need to check out curly scents. She is a bright and vibrant person. Love her energy and take on fragrances

  • Cubangroove
    Cubangroove 15 days ago

    Hey Ashton awesome video I'm so glad that your showing some of these smaller channels. Can you show Galen over @Aetherealist some love. ruclip.com/channel/UCfbkoSxFtFtBk14_vUFwhnw

  • Ashenab Kermanshah
    Ashenab Kermanshah 15 days ago

    where is Mehdi Scent ? he's great

  • Aftekhar Khan
    Aftekhar Khan 15 days ago

    Ashton is to be saluted! ✊

  • Fragrance Ninja
    Fragrance Ninja 15 days ago

    Awesome stuff, always great to spotlight us smaller channels. Great job!!!

  • Munir Cheikhelard
    Munir Cheikhelard 15 days ago

    Ashton the guy who never answer questions in the comments ;)
    So Ashton how about making a review about all the Nautica Voyages ? That's something that hasn't been made and that would interest many people ;)

  • 23
    23 15 days ago +2

    Devilish sents? Just been over to take a peek, he's going to be a star...trust me. I'll take some time to check out the other peeps. Great vid.

  • 9eCn3
    9eCn3 15 days ago

    Still waiting on the Top 10 list of Top 10 lists.

  • Bruno Giambroni
    Bruno Giambroni 15 days ago +1

    You should check out Stumptown smells. He’s really dope. Kind of a mix of your affable personality and Eugenius’s taste in frags. Really cool and idea and just started following BurrEAU a couple days ago 👍🏼

  • Chris
    Chris 15 days ago

    This is the best top 10 topic!

  • TheCodeSwordfish
    TheCodeSwordfish 15 days ago

    ASh friend, can't watch anyone one else as my RUclip suggests except you. Iove the way you explain anc compere and giving the sensation of how a profume smells and the reactions, without even knowing that profume. You are the number one hand Down
    Ps. Your logo is so genial!

  • Rob Nose
    Rob Nose 15 days ago +1

    Nice Ash, you don't need to do this but I'm sure the guys and girls who you have promoted will be very appreciative.

  • Rolando Garcia
    Rolando Garcia 15 days ago

    i just started buying fragrance a few months ago, i love this world i watch a few fragrance channels yours s one of my favors because of this materials it make more human and no so scientific like other channels no because i have anything again that but .i just want to have an idea if i d like specific the perfume that goes with my preference or my person....im a very very old guy and i like your style making the presentations . thanks for all your info and veracity keep going like that son .well u could be my grandson , jajaja

  • Mark Harrington
    Mark Harrington 15 days ago +1

    Such a cool thing to do - nice one 👍

  • Ljmac03
    Ljmac03 15 days ago +2

    This is really big of you. One shows tremendous strength by building each other up rather than tearing them down. You have my upmost respect sir!!!

  • Makin’ Scents
    Makin’ Scents 15 days ago +2

    Ashton, thank you for the shout out and recommending some of us smaller channels. I as one of the channels really appreciate your shout out & support!! Some great channels and people in general on your list!! I’ve subbed to all!!

  • Neill alvey
    Neill alvey 15 days ago +1

    I swear u have the best topics Ash😁2 months in & i already subscribe to Robes 08, Jeremy, Ashton, BB, Chaos, Joy Amin

  • Mhamad Baydoun
    Mhamad Baydoun 15 days ago

    wafts from the loft

  • Tom Kohn
    Tom Kohn 15 days ago

    Where is Joy Amin?!

  • samaat66
    samaat66 15 days ago

    Thx Sir
    Black xtreme on the way(fbuy.ca)

  • Jeff White
    Jeff White 15 days ago

    I follow Tommy already, really like the channel, thought the sponge bob review as very funny, maybe star a weird Wednesday

  • J W
    J W 15 days ago +1

    Great Video Ash! Way to show your support to all the newer channels that are trying to get into this fragrance niche (pun intended). After all, I am sure you were in their shoes at your start as well, so you know from experience how frustrating it can be. But look where you are now! Number one fragrance reviewer. Jeremy Fragrance even said so! You rock Ash!

  • NYC Fragrances
    NYC Fragrances 15 days ago +1

    Kudos to you for taking your time to do this for these smaller channels...I am sure they appreciate getting the added support...its nice to see people with bigger channels helping the little guy out

  • OutLaw Frags
    OutLaw Frags 15 days ago +2

    Thank for the shout out. It means a ton to me and the channel. James

  • Georgia Gent
    Georgia Gent 15 days ago +1

    Thank you so much Ashton, thanks to you and your base I’ve made it past my milestone of 1k. Thank you so much for this and everything you do for the community. 🙏

  • The BurrEAU- Nerdy Fragrance Reviews

    Oh my gosh, Ashton you are THE dude. Thank you so much for the shout-out and kind words 💜

  • glam dewi
    glam dewi 15 days ago

    Have you mentioned NYC FRAGRANCES? And also pixie and the notes. Knew them from their collection in IG and they really need more attention for new comers in the youtube 💜

  • dmarcus1260
    dmarcus1260 15 days ago +1

    It’s nice of you to do a shout out video of the smaller RUclip fragrance review channels. Recently I discovered TLTG channel. He has over 4K subs; not exactly a small channel but not big either. TLTG gives props to Happyland Studio a great indie brand ran by E J Wells.

  • Jason M
    Jason M 15 days ago

    Great video. Scented Moments is a great channel as well if you haven't checked it out.

  • Iam Love
    Iam Love 15 days ago +2

    I like “Kristen Rocks Frags.” She is so sweet.

  • bam pyro
    bam pyro 15 days ago +1

    i already subscribe to the burro hilary.eva from fragrance test tube i like because of a video where she explores scents like musk and other chems with people.devilish scents in the pacific is interesting because he;s out west.chad is like the community peace maker and is on vacation.

  • 5280scents
    5280scents 15 days ago +2

    This is so awesome Aston, thanks for supporting us and spreading love. These are some amazing channels you highlighted.

  • Ritankar Sasmal
    Ritankar Sasmal 15 days ago +1

    Best new channel is jus de rose!

  • Daniel Morales
    Daniel Morales 15 days ago

    I would add 2 more
    monika cioch
    The scented

  • Clarence Boddicker
    Clarence Boddicker 15 days ago +2

    "Outlaw Frags" feels to me a bit like Zed and Maynard from Pulp Fiction.

  • LukAz Nguyen
    LukAz Nguyen 15 days ago +2

    You are such a gent Ash. You give us great reviews and now you are helping other youtubers too. Great job Ash. What a real 'Gent'.

  • check078
    check078 15 days ago

    Hey Ash we need to 10 quarantine frags asap.

  • H A
    H A 15 days ago

    Appreciate the video but MehdiScents is my favorite small RUclip channel and it was mentioned in your list. Just thought I'd mention that.