SNIPER ELITE 4 (Honest Game Trailers)

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From the studio that's been making aliens fight predators since the early 90s, comes the 4th installment of their popular franchise about an american sniper - and his one man vendetta against Nazi testicles. It's SNIPER ELITE 4!

Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don't want you to see...

Honest Game Trailers: Sniper Elite 4
Executive Producers: Matt Raub and Spencer Gilbert
Episode Written by: Andrew Bird, Max Song, Spencer Gilbert and Matt Raub
Edited by: Max Song

Voiceover Narration by Jon:

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Просмотров: 1047767
Длительность: 4:10
Комментарии: 2682

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Автор Chino Cocoa ( назад)
Who else laughed when the Epic Voice said "a one-way vendetta against Nazi testicles"?

Автор DasIstWalter ( назад)
do Rainbow Six Siege!

Автор Bernardo Andres Cartes Romero ( назад)
can you do space channel 5? or marvel avengers alliance?

Автор easymode666 ( назад)
".... and his one man vendetta against nazi testicles!"
hahahahahahaha i lost it there :D

Автор Leonardo ( назад)
2:11 , you are playing the easiest settings, in harder settings, that aim assist is non existent. that aim assist kills the game.

Автор pdf s ( назад)
Can anyone tell me where the music is from, that starts at 1:31?
I know it but I just can't remember where from... Thanks.

Автор braq662 ( назад)
I finally found that song at 1:00 after literal months of searching just because some people do not put in the description what the names of the songs are.

Автор jesus monzon ( назад)
Honest S.T.A.L.K.E.R shadow of chernobyl

Автор Devastating Joke ( назад)

Автор Stephan Connor ( назад)
you saying nazis are not pretty? hugo boss uniforms m8 :V

Автор Lord Nox ( назад)
Do Star Wars The Old Republic

Автор Xpart Dreemurr ( назад)
did we saw hitler?!

Автор Joshua Gangadeen ( назад)
say ballz deep 69

Автор Noah Desimone ( назад)
do Oblivion!!!

Автор Faint366 ( назад)
Nice "punch a Nazi" joke at the end. Topical

Автор w00fw00f ( назад)
"a baby could get headshots"

Автор Heksu99 ( назад)
German tanks are beautiful :V

Автор Waheed Ahmadzai ( назад)
The intro killed me

Автор oVR ( назад)
whats the song around the 2:38 mark?

Автор HeyImDuncan ( назад)
Do MeetnFuck

Автор Jony Rasho ( назад)
where can i download this game

Автор Ysmir PL ( назад)
may i ask you a question why you read "blazkowicz" name like "blaskowic" but it would more sound like blazkowich

Автор Squeeze 310 ( назад)
Do Horizon Zero Dawn

Автор Digital Creampie ( назад)
please say i'm a bloody unicorn

Автор TheFam530 ( назад)
Do one on Ghost Recon Wildland Dude

Автор Dilqn Zhelev ( назад)
Say "Da piem pou edna rakija!"'

Автор SonicTHEblue HERO ( назад)
do Zelda breath of the wild

Автор Fachri99 progame ( назад)

Автор AlphieStudios ( назад)
Sniper Ghost Warrior is way better

Автор Patricio Piovano ( назад)
2:00 "cover blown" the irony

Автор Pranjal Oli ( назад)

Автор conor dowd ( назад)
Shadow of Mordor!

Автор Thomas Harrison ( назад)
Do happy wheels

Автор Arthur McVey ( назад)
I just watched an ad with the epic voice guy

Автор Mangalex28 ( назад)
The bast game of the series if the first... much harder, realistic and thrilling than the action garbage it turned into since 2.

Автор Midnight Reaper ( назад)
rainbow six siege honest trailer.

Автор alexzilla 95 ( назад)
far cry honest trailer PLEASE

Автор scottthewaterwarrior ( назад)
Honest Trailer: _Burnout_!

Автор scottthewaterwarrior ( назад)
Doesn't Sniper Elite have the option to turn on realistic bullet physics? I've never played any of them, but I'd heard they did.

Автор bharat saxena ( назад)
Please say, "I am your dad, your daaaaaaad in all fields."

Автор Finnish Person ( назад)
Well, they could have mentioned the fact you can take all those hand holding gimmicks away and play the best sniper simulator on the earth.

Автор Paolaaranha Games ( назад)
legal muito bom

Автор ThatSlimeRancher ( назад)
Do Slime Rancher, im really curious to what you can do with it :D

Автор Rahmandito Kurnia ( назад)
do prototype trailer

Автор James Smith ( назад)
this sounds so much like metal gear but more sniping and that x ray cam

Автор Achmad Syarief Hidayatullah Amiruddin ( назад)
next time is Horizon Zero Dawn

Автор Alex FRD ( назад)
"With the power of these emeralds, I'm going to destroy this damn planet" wow I never expected to hear that.

Автор HARDCORE NIGGA ( назад)

Автор GHOST GAMING ( назад)
do clash royale pls

Автор DoctorWeeTodd ( назад)
3:14 A missed opportunity to make a Richard Spencer joke.

Автор Orieus the Night ( назад)
Violence is always ok as long is it's against fascists.

Автор DIDIK Supriadi ( назад)
mafia 3?

Автор luis perez ( назад)
whatas the song at the begining OMG ITS SO EPIC

Автор Alfred F. Jones ( назад)
I love how people can't differentiate between the Wehrmacht and Nazis.

Автор Roanoro Zoro ( назад)
Rainbow six siege plz

Автор Andrea Ciccaglione ( назад)
if i am not mistaken you fight n Italy and there are now Italian troops, just german

Автор Gabe Perras ( назад)
Killing people is wrong even if they are Nazis so do the right thing and mutilate his balls. He'll live.

Автор Joseph Coleridge ( назад)
Say "Dota 2 is better than League"

Автор Stephen Durden ( назад)
a bit of bullshit history shit going on down in the comments, do us a favour, if youre american or english dont comment. ive been in both school systems and both are biased as shit and literally 'ministry of truth' the fuck outta history. what happened was america donated alot of essential equipment whilst also fighting in the pacific theatre. to say they did nothing is unfair, but to say they did anyway near as much as the other allies is also unfair. england france and russia fought the war and russia won. thats essentially what happened. SO many countries aiding in the fighting, countries from africa and europe that werent officially in the war, but most of the fighting happened between germany and russia. hollywood will make you think america was there but in all actuality america was there for a very small portion of the time, thats why america is so successful nowadays (well between 1950-2005) america didnt suffer really any consequences from the war whilst europe was destroyed, so they became the most powerful by default.. go to switzerland to learn about the wars if you really want to know, america and england will lie

Автор Davide l'albatross ( назад)
say"phucgztztsyzystdigifudyfuvudydigogjcjcigpgkvhdsssysycugkgkgigohzgzyckvkcjdi b-butthole

Автор Zealdozer ( назад)
Just began watching. I bet its gonna say something like "Ballshooting simulator 4"

Автор Master Arcanine ( назад)
Do Pokémon Sun and Moon

Автор Team Boujee ( назад)
do gta 5

Автор War War ( назад)
do god of war ascension Honest Game Trailers

Автор Epsilon Shard ( назад)
But if you play on authentic, the game becomes impossible

Автор Isaac Cox ( назад)
Do pokemon sun and moon

Автор Az-zaahir Muhammad ( назад)
Mafia 3

Автор Tom Engels ( назад)
Do clash royale

Автор Richart ( назад)
Sniper Elite 4: The game where you use every other weapon but a sniper.

Автор Yahiya Geez ( назад)
I hope the STARING is:
Head shot
Eye shot
Leg shot
Testicle shot
Heart shot
Intestine shot

Автор LOLZ THE GUD GAMR ( назад)
Is it just me or does this game have a VERY similar look to Just Cause 3, not the gameplay, just the graphics

Автор Heidi Peralta ( назад)

Автор Zero ( назад)
America telling you "since fascist are evil and thats a fact, its ok to do inhuman things against them"

Автор GAM1NGgeek 369 ( назад)
do rainbow 6 siege please

Автор Toxin ( назад)
Say: Its High Noon.

Автор 4 Eyescol ( назад)
Please do Clash Royal! :D

Автор dragon m8 69 ( назад)
Say " I am the one who hates himself "

Автор Corn Man ( назад)
I love the wolfenstein references lol

Автор Clip Dropperz ( назад)
do pokemon sun and moon!

Автор Downloadable_Duck 66 ( назад)
Rainbow six siege trailer

Автор Robert ( назад)
Kinda harsh the game is great . and if you have it on hardcore it is even better. and if you blow you cover that means you missed to many times with guys to close to you . just goto a new spot and shoot them in the balls. AMERICA!

Автор Jack Cater ( назад)
Split Second High Speed Velocity!! or is this waaay too intense for an honest trailer? >:}

Автор Schirmer ( назад)
In this exciting thriller by Michael Bay

Автор Shinryu Elffire ( назад)
Haven't played it, but I feel like this x-ray kill thing is a bit too much.

Автор GonnaDoStuff ( назад)
do oneshot!

Автор Sir Derpington ( назад)
About time. I feel the fucking need to kill some fucking nazis.

Автор AJ Oaks ( назад)
Do DragonBall Xenoverse!

Автор y'All dEAd ( назад)
Honest game trailer brother in arms 3

Автор grant fuller ( назад)
do case animatronics

Автор grant fuller ( назад)
please say: "FIVE NIGHT'S AT FREDDY'S IS AWESOME and so am I"

Автор Ben CC-1993 ( назад)
It's hilarious how all the Honest Game trailers get 7x the views of all Smosh Games' other videos.

Автор Alethor55 ( назад)
Do Smite!!!!

Автор Gay retard Nigger faggot ( назад)
Why is this literally the same as se3 ?!?

Автор yooz2714 ( назад)
Best channel on YouTube

Автор Doodberry Kermin ( назад)
nice MGS3 reference

Автор SENTINEL ( назад)
please do paladins

Автор Haikal Ibrahim ( назад)
do rainbow six siege

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