Fallout 3 (PC) - Evil Ending

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  • DEUCE2CON The Gamer
    DEUCE2CON The Gamer Месяц назад +1

    "Fine. Lets all burn in Hell, then." -Lone Wanderer (2008)

  • Music Editz
    Music Editz 2 месяца назад

    I hate the endings for this game it's just good or bad, it should be like the nice ending or the smart but cruel ending

  • Music Editz
    Music Editz 2 месяца назад

    [Charisma 2/6]
    Fuck black people

    Seriously this comment section is fucking terrible

  • Haylayf'cı Yigido
    Haylayf'cı Yigido 2 месяца назад

    [Low Intelligence] *Fallout 4 Is Better Than Both Fallout 3 And New Vegas*

  • pizzamannetje79
    pizzamannetje79 3 месяца назад

    Not the full evil ending. Harold burning is missing.

  • TooDank
    TooDank 4 месяца назад +1

    Fallout New Vegas Psychopath ending was better and more badass

  • Blond Jimmy
    Blond Jimmy 5 месяцев назад

    The broken steel ending to fallout 3 in my opinion is the best ending even though it makes you feel like a dick for sending in fawkes to activate project purity.

  • jay gamer
    jay gamer 6 месяцев назад

    so sad

  • Mr. VampireFang
    Mr. VampireFang 6 месяцев назад

    I'll go, just open the door after to let me out after,K? I've got 100 bags of rad be gone. okay, let me out. it's been about a minute. open it please. please. I'm down to 50. please.

  • Antonio Salcedo
    Antonio Salcedo 7 месяцев назад

    [ Intelligence ]
    Fallout 4 was a great game, althought not as RPG-ish as its predecessor. But it was a fun game with many things to do and DLC as well.

  • wolvez28
    wolvez28 7 месяцев назад +2

    too bad she didnt have her helmet on.
    Power armor, plus rad x = healthy woman

  • Rico Pacheco
    Rico Pacheco 8 месяцев назад +1

    Cleanse the wasteland of all raiders,mutants,etc and start over the future of America with the smartest and purest of the remains of America?THAT'S THE BEST CHOICE!

  • Rokossovsky
    Rokossovsky 9 месяцев назад +1

    [Uber-intelligence] Fallout 4 is total bullshit and not supposed to be called "Fallout" at all.

    • Dank S0uls
      Dank S0uls 8 месяцев назад

      +Rokossovsky Oh yea, on that i agree.

    • Rokossovsky
      Rokossovsky 8 месяцев назад

      +Mr. Vaporeon Take any game you really like and give it to incompetent fools. And tell me your feeling after that.
      Fallout 4 is a good action game with glue-scavenging elements, but as RPG Fallout 4 is a crap. No proper storyline and quests, only fucking guns, guns, guns, boom, dead.

    • Dank S0uls
      Dank S0uls 8 месяцев назад

      Rokossovsky Its still a Fallout game. People only bitch about it because as soon as a new game comes out, people look back at the nostalgic times. Stop your whining people like damn.

  • KR33P3R_KR4FT 04
    KR33P3R_KR4FT 04 9 месяцев назад +1

    [Speach %32] Hey Bethesda! Where's Fallout 4 online?!

    • Tristan Moore
      Tristan Moore 9 месяцев назад

      Bethesda: FAILED! you'll have to wait till fallout 6

  • David Louis
    David Louis 10 месяцев назад


  • tofattofly1
    tofattofly1 10 месяцев назад

    Why would a evil character even bother going down there?

  • Arnold Cliff
    Arnold Cliff 11 месяцев назад +15

    [Speech 100%] Another Settlement needs our help.

    • Will Pieman
      Will Pieman 11 месяцев назад

      50 XP Gained alright I'll do it

  • ETSubmariner
    ETSubmariner 11 месяцев назад +6

    I told my Super Mutant companion to go in as he could survive without any trouble whatsoever. He did survive, of course, but bitched about it to no end.

  • Dylan Miller
    Dylan Miller Год назад

    fallout 4 is not as good as this classic

  • Dylan Miller
    Dylan Miller Год назад

    one of the best games ever made ppl who hate on it are dumb as fuck

  • Benjamin Branz
    Benjamin Branz Год назад +4

    [intelligence] why do we put the virus in the thing!!!!!!!

  • Nikifor12 Chaldakov
    Nikifor12 Chaldakov Год назад

    I cant iven imagine to be evil

  • The Finest Sake
    The Finest Sake Год назад +1

    Off topic- I love how all the ladies in the vanilla game had a mustache and a 5 o'clock shadow. Gotta love Bethesda.

  • Kaike The Humanhog
    Kaike The Humanhog Год назад +1

    And War...
    War Never Changes.

  • Bethesda Studio's
    Bethesda Studio's Год назад

    how come it can't be like skyrims ending

    • Tanay Waghchoude
      Tanay Waghchoude Год назад

      because the is itself taken inspiration from elder scrolls and is also made by same developers

  • M3RK Ryguy214
    M3RK Ryguy214 Год назад

    stupid idiot: [Charisma] hey CoD is gonna be way better that Battlefield
    Me: [speech failed] um no its not

  • That one guy
    That one guy Год назад

    True hero? Sure! I'm not even the main character! I'm just a spectator. I ain't above this!

  • Maddy Salisbury1
    Maddy Salisbury1 Год назад

    (speech 100)
    I'm a princes !)

  • Link6456
    Link6456 Год назад +1

    [Speech 99%]

    Broken steel gives a better ending but I always thought the original endings were executed greatly.

    • KR33P3R_KR4FT 04
      KR33P3R_KR4FT 04 9 месяцев назад

      [FAILED] I hove no idea what you are talking about... [LIE]

    • Pepper Millers
      Pepper Millers Год назад

      true, but the original endings are so stupid when you realize you could've avoided them.

    • Nuclear Winters
      Nuclear Winters Год назад

      [SUCCESS] You know what I agree.

  • Puglous
    Puglous Год назад

    "Selfish...greed...cruelty...these were the values that guided a lost soul through countless trials and triumphs."

    Love that part, so haunting.

  • AllegedTuna32
    AllegedTuna32 Год назад

    [Perception 10] Seems like the people who argue about Fallout 3 vs New Vegas seem to lack intelligence.

  • ReeLoy Kenjins
    ReeLoy Kenjins Год назад

    Dr. Ri really ruins the moment of the ending when she panics about the purifier after it's turned on.

  • Dayton Johnson
    Dayton Johnson Год назад +4

    the "war never changes"sound like modern warfare

    • Pepper Millers
      Pepper Millers Год назад

      Modern Warfare clearly copied that line (from either 1 or 2, not 3).

  • T. Alexandru
    T. Alexandru Год назад +5

    If only history lessons were presented in class like this cutscene

  • Jay Parmo
    Jay Parmo Год назад

    [Intimidate 17%] War, war never changes... Unless i'm involved!

  • Machete 87
    Machete 87 Год назад

    if u have Charon or Faux accompany u to the purifier, u could ask either 1 to start up the purifier. kinda funny once Charon starts it, he sits back n chills as the purifier kicks on.

  • colin041998
    colin041998 Год назад +6

    ''The Capital Wasteland, despite its progress, became a graveyard''

  • Catherine Flores
    Catherine Flores Год назад +1

    [enclave] who else thinks there should have been a dlc for our great president?

  • Adam Myrick
    Adam Myrick Год назад +1

    fallout 3 and new vagus are really dark compared to 4

  • CoffeeBird
    CoffeeBird Год назад

    I literally just want to go up to him and say "Dick move."

  • Vickie Carter
    Vickie Carter Год назад

    it's now air born SHIT

  • SecretMountainTroll
    SecretMountainTroll Год назад +14

    too bad F4's ending wasn't this badass

    • Mantas Pavardė
      Mantas Pavardė 2 месяца назад

      In what way this is badass? F3 ending is a fucking insult to gaming in general, it's as bad as Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days.

    • Oli
      Oli 9 месяцев назад

      +Mikael K Damn, calm down

    • Mikael K
      Mikael K 9 месяцев назад

      Oli no-one is forcing you to help another fucking settlement or clearing another supermutant base.

    • Droleee
      Droleee 10 месяцев назад

      You have the option to solve it without violence


      like every other fallout game

  • Sequoia Nabahe
    Sequoia Nabahe Год назад

    Game, stop judging me for my sins.
    She was the one with the rad-resistant armor and will to die for her faction.

  • Oakley Watkins
    Oakley Watkins Год назад +18

    wears radiation suit with hundreds of rad away, dies of radiation

  • Pie Games
    Pie Games Год назад

    What a dick move to poison the wter supply and lt someone else die in your place

  • JustAViewer
    JustAViewer Год назад

    How was that evil, He just didn't want to tell her the code

    • M3RK Ryguy214
      M3RK Ryguy214 Год назад

      +Lord Sheogorath but it was his ipad code

    • Inn Coupon The True Crystal Star
      Inn Coupon The True Crystal Star Год назад

      +Tropsico If you don't tell her, Project Purity explodes and you all die, giving you the worst possible ending. It doesn't even continue with Broken Steel.

  • ZackarizeTV
    ZackarizeTV Год назад

    [Speech 1%]


    • ZackarizeTV
      ZackarizeTV Год назад

      +Jacob T
      *Go to my last save before I made the speech*
      *Kills Jacob T*

    • Frosty Alaska
      Frosty Alaska Год назад

      [failure] fuck you you worthless sack of shit

  • Herald of RNG
    Herald of RNG Год назад +1

    Not only was this a stupid way to handle it since there were plenty of plebs you could have sent in there without killing them but they also made the good choice irrelevant by making the elder drop dead shortly after the end of the game after which this chick takes a bullet resulting in the brotherhood picking Maxson as their leader and becoming major league douchenozzles.

  • Black Monolith Entertainment
    Black Monolith Entertainment Год назад

    [Speech lvl100] Death to the Stormcloaks!!

    • Courier 6
      Courier 6 Год назад

      [SUCCESS] I'll Kill Them All

  • ᄃ최윤석
    ᄃ최윤석 Год назад


  • Helicopter Tours of Ancapistan
    Helicopter Tours of Ancapistan Год назад

    [Penis 69/420] "PENIS!"

    • Vlack
      Vlack Год назад

      [FAILED] no

  • Enclave Trooper
    Enclave Trooper Год назад

    Anyone know the name of the song that plays when the narrator says "so ends the story of the lone wanderer" pretty awesome, can't find it on the soundtrack

    HIPNOTEQ X Год назад

    how can you actually game continue

    • Justin Leo
      Justin Leo Год назад

      +Javier Gutierrez The Broken Steel DLC.

  • Kostus
    Kostus Год назад +3

    [Speech 5%]
    [Perception 8]
    [Charisma 2]

    I think First two Fallout games + Fallout Tactics are the best games in series.

      NEWJERE Год назад

      Nah, New Vegas is better than 1+tactics

  • Carter Versfeld
    Carter Versfeld Год назад

    cool...I think

  • killer19183
    killer19183 Год назад

    Isnt lee in fo4?

  • Dk Soulstice
    Dk Soulstice Год назад +44

    [Speech 100%] Fallout 3's original ending is one of the stupidest endings in video game history.

    • Vault Dweller
      Vault Dweller Год назад

      +Dk Soulstice i'm didn't say the writing was good. I think it's terrible most of the time, I was just saying the consequences of the evil ending are the player's own choice.

    • Dk Soulstice
      Dk Soulstice Год назад

      +Pepper Millers Oh hell yeah man. Making it seem like I'm not a hero just because I didn't needlessly kill my self. Despite everything I've done. I'm the one who got the GECK remember? Fuck off Ron Pearlman lol

    • Pepper Millers
      Pepper Millers Год назад

      +Dk Soulstice I'm still kind of annoyed by the fact that they call Fawkes the "True Hero".

    • Dk Soulstice
      Dk Soulstice Год назад

      +Pepper Millers I'm not sure why Elisha is trying so hard to defend the terrible writing this game had. I still love FO3 but the bad writing is plainly obvious lol particularly the endings.

      I mean come on now. Broken Steel was literally the " sorry we fucked up the ending, here's a better one" DLC.

    • Pepper Millers
      Pepper Millers Год назад

      +Elisha Hahn yes, but the evil path makes no sense. You can't just give me a choice that makes no sense (who am I kidding, the entire plot of 3 makes no sense) and expect me to roll with it. Tell me, why would you choose the evil path and kill everyone including yourself? I doubt the player would be this suicidal.

  • ce-loo gern
    ce-loo gern Год назад +151

    [Low Intelligence] Who even gives a fuck about this shitty-ass game, I'm gonna go play Call of Duty.

    • Trap Wolf
      Trap Wolf 3 месяца назад

      no one gets the joke? wtf

    • Kylo Ren
      Kylo Ren 10 месяцев назад

      no u

    • Josh l
      Josh l 10 месяцев назад

      +Kylo Ren no u

    • Kylo Ren
      Kylo Ren 10 месяцев назад

      u r trigrd he is making a refrence to fallout where you can lower your intelligence and make dumb decisions.

    • Zane Conard
      Zane Conard 11 месяцев назад

      fuck you this game is a fucking classic

  • TrueBlueSky
    TrueBlueSky Год назад

    [Intelligence1000000]I know how they coded all the fallout games.I can write it down!

  • The Lone Wanderer
    The Lone Wanderer Год назад

    Fallout 3 > Fallout 4 > Or = Fallout NV

  • JinRoh1898
    JinRoh1898 Год назад +120

    "I'm not telling you the fucking code." lol

  • LinkELPachi
    LinkELPachi Год назад

    [Child at heart] fo3 is better than nv/ fo nv is better than 3

  • Zer0dog
    Zer0dog Год назад +176

    [Speech 100%]

    I like both fallout 3 and New Vegas :3
    Who's with me!

    • Benjamin Branz
      Benjamin Branz 4 дня назад

      +Xavier Tomato what?

    • Xavier Tomato
      Xavier Tomato 4 дня назад

      Benjamin Branz !!!!

    • Benjamin Branz
      Benjamin Branz 5 дней назад

      +Xavier Tomato! !!!!

    • Xavier Tomato
      Xavier Tomato 5 дней назад

      +Benjamin Branz i'm more of a oblivion type of guy

    • Benjamin Branz
      Benjamin Branz 7 дней назад

      +Xavier Tomato your into the elder scrolls more than fallout but I don't blame you I like skyrim more its a better game

  • Ryan Evans
    Ryan Evans Год назад +36

    This is why i couldn't bring myself to be evil in this game, "Hooray you are responsible for the death of fuckin' everybody, and you're a gutless asshole to boot. try not to get depressed" :'(
    I'm a sensitive guy dammit

    • JR
      JR 10 месяцев назад


    • ice fire wolf Wolfe
      ice fire wolf Wolfe 11 месяцев назад

      do u still get to play

    • sonnydog830
      sonnydog830 Год назад

      I had Fawkes do it, because for me he never did anything, so I had to make him seem useful somehow.

    • sonnydog830
      sonnydog830 Год назад

      I had Fawkes do it, because for me he never did anything, so I had to make him seem useful somehow.

    • Batken pre 52 52
      Batken pre 52 52 Год назад

      ya i can't bring my self to it.

  • TheCloudWing
    TheCloudWing Год назад

    Uh, I just made Fawkes do it.

    • ManUtdBoy13
      ManUtdBoy13 Год назад

      +Zhon Hobo If you have broken steel you will also survive if you decide to activate it yourself.

    • Zhon Hobo
      Zhon Hobo Год назад

      Really? :O

    • Incel Abode
      Incel Abode Год назад

      +Zhon Hobo If you have broken steel you can send him in.

    • Zhon Hobo
      Zhon Hobo Год назад

      +TheCloudWing You can't thats not an option, I already tried.

  • TheMazzken
    TheMazzken Год назад

    What is Project Purity?

    • Pepper Millers
      Pepper Millers Год назад

      I think you spelled FEV wrong.

    • SomeGuyYeah007
      SomeGuyYeah007 Год назад


      It is a virus that will anyone who has been exposed to radiation and certain kinds of viruses (ie. almost everyone in the wasteland). The idea was to purify the world by killing off most of the survivors and allowing those untouched by radiation to repopulate the world.

    • Johnny Alvarado
      Johnny Alvarado Год назад

      +TheMazzken If you want to know that then don't go to endings. Just checked videos on it. It's something that can help the world and it has something to do with water.

  • TrollForce
    TrollForce Год назад +2

    I felt like such an asshole doing this ending.

  • shayan
    shayan Год назад

    "im not giving you the fucking code" lmaooo i died

  • Aidan Frauhiger
    Aidan Frauhiger Год назад

    I finished project purity the right way but I didn't get this ending part I can still play PLS tell me why this is?

    • Courier 6
      Courier 6 Год назад

      How Did You Do It?

  • Duneedon
    Duneedon Год назад

    I like how you can spent MOST, or even almost ALL, of the game being a total asshole -- killing left and right, pickpocketing almost everyone you can, stealing anything you can, ratting out people, etc., and then later on (even immediately before the Take It Back! quest), you can choose the perk to get the "very good" karma, and the narrator will sing your praises at the end, as though you had been saintly all along. :-)

  • Valikane
    Valikane Год назад

    I bet the enclave is now a shadow organization in fallout 4 trying to manipulates the events in that game.

  • Valikane
    Valikane Год назад +21

    [Speech 100%] Fallout 4 is better...

    • IceddPhantom
      IceddPhantom 4 месяца назад

      +Cameron Trevelyan "syndrome central"

    • Cameron Trevelyan
      Cameron Trevelyan Год назад

      +Oli you are syndrome central.. fuck nv more than your opinion

    • M3RK Ryguy214
      M3RK Ryguy214 Год назад

      [child at heart] your a stupid peice of poo!

    • Oli
      Oli Год назад

      [Intelligence 10] [Perception 10] [Charisma 10] [Science 100] [Speech 100] Fallout 2 and New Vegas are better than both Bethesda Fallouts.

    • Kacper Dusza
      Kacper Dusza Год назад


  • luna princes
    luna princes 2 года назад

    good there is dlc and game continue

  • Allstate Mayhem
    Allstate Mayhem 2 года назад +48

    [Intelligence] Both FO3 and NV are amazing games, stop arguing.

    • Stationary Gaming
      Stationary Gaming Год назад

      +Mortal Moore [Charisma] Nice profile pic

    • ImmortalMoore
      ImmortalMoore Год назад

      +Allstate “bixler999” Mayhem [Terrifying Presence] If you don`t think that Fallout 4 is the best I will mount your head on a spike!

    • Titan Jaeger HD
      Titan Jaeger HD Год назад

      +Allstate Mayhem [Charisma] No it's not. Give me all of your stuff now. 

    • Allstate Mayhem
      Allstate Mayhem Год назад

      It's arguable.

    • Titan Jaeger HD
      Titan Jaeger HD Год назад

      +Allstate “bixler999” Mayhem Wouldn't the be perception?

  • Zero interest
    Zero interest 2 года назад +1

    There was no penalty for getting the code wrong and it was only a three number code showing that the enclave could have systematically went through all the options and would have got the code quite quickly and easily but screw logic because plot convenience.

    • nintendopwns11
      nintendopwns11 2 года назад

      +Zero interest Umm. yes there is definitely a penality for getting the code wrong. It show the penality if you give a fake code to Autumn when he captured you.,

  • General Maul
    General Maul 2 года назад +1

    I love how every companion you ask to go in there is like:

    "No fuck that!" 

    Even companions like the ghoul, fawkes and the robot... Like what the hell? Bethesda, i love ya man but there's lines not even you can cross. This is one of them. Please for the love of all that is good karma, please just write a good story for Fo4.. Not too much to ask i hope.

    • General Maul
      General Maul Год назад

      If we need to buy a DLC to fix a shitty ending then thats pathetic. Yes, it adds new content but honestly the ending fixes could have been like a free update or something. Nevertheless, It was a bad ending. It was so cliched, it made 21 & over look like it had the best plot ever.

    • Vsauce4
      Vsauce4 Год назад

      +No words Only dreams. Broken Steel......

  • Jonathan Atom
    Jonathan Atom 2 года назад +8

    [Caesar's Legion] Fallout New Vegas is superior to Fallout 3.

    • Tyler Leach
      Tyler Leach Год назад

      +Jonathan Atom DEATH TO THE LEGION

    • erastale
      erastale Год назад

      +Jonathan Atom [NCR] If we could have more topic we could agree with each other like this. Our war might changed.

    • Zerg King
      Zerg King 2 года назад

      +Todd Howard [I literally burned every NPC and enemy in the game] I can agree to that! Now, can someone tell me where to find some gasoline

    • piero
      piero 2 года назад

      +Jonathan Atom [The House Always Wins] Agreed.

  • TheLastBabyMan
    TheLastBabyMan 2 года назад +75

    (Charisma) I liked both games equally.

    • Zer0dog
      Zer0dog Год назад

      +Arkanjo Teixeira hi friend :3

    • Pie Games
      Pie Games Год назад

      im tired of looking at this fallout based chat In the comments section fuckin hell

    • Erwin Rommel
      Erwin Rommel Год назад

      +theron Elite I find using all 4 limbs to beat someone ineffective, I prefer ripping their arms off so they lose blood slower, then beating them.

    • SlickTone 6
      SlickTone 6 Год назад


    • theron Elite
      theron Elite Год назад

      +SlickTone 6 [ terrifying presence] I will find you and rip off your limbs one by one while beating you to death with them.

  • Dispenser Pootis
    Dispenser Pootis 2 года назад +13

    [Speech, 69%] You messed up MLG Wasteland. Not gud m8. I'm going to ban you from xxx_wasteland_xxx cheeky cunt m9.

  • crucialsebbi productions
    crucialsebbi productions 2 года назад +212

    I hate how there was 2 endings to fallout 3. It's either cheesy "You did it wooooo you are such a saint" or "You are literally hitler you fucking shitlord". New vegas did that shit so much better with different endings for the different factions

  • Josh Josh
    Josh Josh 2 года назад

    Uhoh wrong game :P

    • Kirk Cooey
      Kirk Cooey Год назад

      [anti golden path] GLORY TO PAGAN MIN

  • Black Predator
    Black Predator 2 года назад +1

    fallout 29=War changes the never changes because war can change only when change is presented to war. War never changes. Sometimes...Not...Will...*

  • RamshackleRozza
    RamshackleRozza 2 года назад +2

    [Charisma] Tbh, I think Fallout New Vegas is about 10 times better. [Please don't give me bad karma]

  • TKEREN35
    TKEREN35 2 года назад

    Fuck YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xXDeathMetalThrasherXx
    xXDeathMetalThrasherXx 2 года назад

    What's the name of the guy voicing this?

    • Native of the Land'
      Native of the Land' 2 года назад

      +xXDeathMetalThrasherXx Ron Perlman. 1000 ways to die, hellboy, soa ect

  • XWolf
    XWolf 2 года назад +1

    Fallout 3 has a better story

  • Penguino
    Penguino 2 года назад +56

    [Speech, 100%] Touch my butthole.

    • M3RK Ryguy214
      M3RK Ryguy214 Год назад

      +GentlePenguin 89 would that be under lady killer?

    • Penguino
      Penguino Год назад

      +Field Marshal SirKnight of the UTTP [Success] aye ;)

    • Dead Sea
      Dead Sea Год назад

      +GentlePenguin 89 [Confirmed Bachelor] Touch my butthole.

    • ImmortalMoore
      ImmortalMoore Год назад

      +GentlePenguin 89 [Embarassing Presence] And I just got turned on o_0

  • Dr Edward Richtofen
    Dr Edward Richtofen 2 года назад

    [Succeded] Yes it is better than fallout 3 new vegas is better.

  • michaeL toombs
    michaeL toombs 2 года назад

    [Animal Friend] You were a filthy dog....

  • darkphinex21
    darkphinex21 2 года назад

    in all my play threws of this game i never did go evil i was always good

  • jack alexander
    jack alexander 2 года назад

    rhejisgwhtvdgjfhwl;dcwy sorry I did a little LSD so ..........

  • jack alexander
    jack alexander 2 года назад

    (speech 100%) i don't know who u r but I will find u and I will kill u

    • //dark//
      //dark// 2 года назад

      +Dillon Greco YEA 

    • Dillon Greco
      Dillon Greco 2 года назад

      [Speach100] nah lets have sunset sasperral

    • //dark//
      //dark// 2 года назад

      ok meet me in vault 0 and we will have nuka cola

  • -villejh-
    -villejh- 2 года назад +8

    Oblivion with guns

    • CaptainCrape
      CaptainCrape Год назад

      Like Fallout without guns... With guns.

    • um idk
      um idk Год назад

      +Villejh I was gonna decide to insult you but then i saw how old this comment was lol

  • user name
    user name 2 года назад

    he is not stupid to sacrrfice , lol just at end die like donkey same thing i does in game 

  • fearagen fan page
    fearagen fan page 2 года назад

    U suck at fallout

  • Nolan Norris
    Nolan Norris 2 года назад +16

    I hate how when she acts like your a douche for not wanting to die.
    Like 'Oh? Your not gonna kill yourself by way of radiation? What a jerk?"

    • Person Man McDude Guy
      Person Man McDude Guy Год назад

      well it would kinda suck to have somebody else force you to go kill yourself, ultimately to kill off the entire capital wasteland. im sure she just wasnt expecting she was gonna die that day.

  • XtraGamingHD
    XtraGamingHD 2 года назад +68

    [Speech, 99%] I'm sure we can all agree that Fallout 3 had a better atmosphere than Fallout: NV.

    EDIT: 2 years later and now Fallout 4 has been out for quite some time what are your opinions on it? Oh and I love all the modern Fallout games, FO3, FO:NV and FO4.

    • Robert Bryson
      Robert Bryson 2 месяца назад

      late but i like fallout 4. Its a great game but it just makes me feel sad. The game imo was great but there was so much missed potential. I love boston and it saddens me that the city has already been explored in FO4 and we'll probably never return to boston in a fallout game that was better that FO4.

    • Zer0dog
      Zer0dog 9 месяцев назад


      I think its a mess but an enjoyable mess I still love to play 6.5/10

    • Uber D
      Uber D 9 месяцев назад

      Going off on an Unrelated Tangent, The Brotherhood of steel Sucks. They always have Sucked, and They always will (Aside from Lyons faction). Theyre essentially a group of Elitist Faggots who go around and Beat people up to get their hands on Worthless Technology, They preach about how they are Humanities Protectors and how fucking great they are, and How the Enclave/Institute are so evil and Deserve to be killed for Creating "Abominations" and What not, Despite the fact that They're totally fine with Using said Abominations (In fallout tactics and 3 If you count having Fawkes as a companion as Canon) to further their own goal, Plus They talk about how Dangerous synths are and what not, Yet they Resurrected a Giant Death robot, Blimps, Helicopters etc. The biggest reason anyone Really even likes these cunts is because of the Cool Armor, Even then, The Enclave's armor is (In my Opinion) Way cooler. Heres another thing That I dont like about the Brotherhood, Instead of going back west to help Some of the Chapters that were getting massively fucked over by the NCR, they go Witch hunting For, What? Robots in Flesh-suits? What Purpose is there in Even bothering to continue the Genocide once the Institute is Destroyed? The Synths would have through technicality, Become Extinct (With No way to create more synths, It would only take at most a hundred more years to effectively kill them off). And Lets be real here, Arthur Maxson Is a Massive Twat, Hes not Impressive, Hes not cool, Hes just some Angry Joe lookalike that strokes his ego to the point of being unlikable. Another thing? Hes like 16 at Least, 21 At most, Where as the SS is like anywhere from 35 onwards, Yet Maxson acts like hes some big bad motherfucker, Hes like 5'9" As well, So whatever "Tough" look hes going for just comes across as Cringy at best. And lets be real here, His beard looks like a Fat Hooker's pubes were glued to his neck.

    • Uber D
      Uber D 9 месяцев назад

      +XtraGamingHD Its a good game, But has a lot of flaws. The Constant need to upgrade your weapons halts the Story (And the gameplay) so that you can scrounge through trash cans to find a Bunch of Aluminum cans to (Somehow) Repair a full suit of armor to Pristine condition. The Brotherhood of steel are brutally retarded in that game, Willing to throw hundreds of lives away to kill 4 synths (Battle of bunker hill) and pretty much only want to fuck with the Institute because they have Nicer things. The minutemen are a bunch of useless twats who cant do anything for themselves, and cant even fend off a bunch of goddamn walking corpses, even with Full suits of Marine armor and AK-47's (Nuka world). the Railroad are pretty interesting, and are actually capable of getting shit done, albeit through more subtle tactics, Too bad they have that cunt Carrington in their mix, Otherwise theyd probably be the optimal faction to join. The Institute are somewhat of an oddity, considering that they do fucked up stuff, but still have this sort of Happy-Go-Lucky atmosphere in their labs. Another thing fallout 4 doesnt do well is that for some reason they think having an Asshole in every faction is a good Idea. Dr. Li, Marcy, Knight Rhys and Carrington can all go fuck themselves In my opinion. Oddly enough I think Far Harbor and Nuka world both had better stories than the base Game did (Then again Nuka world rips off New Vegas to the point of almost being criminal)

  • mongojr100
    mongojr100 2 года назад

    That was sick but why did other humans die. The people who didn't work with the Enclave.

    • Vsauce4
      Vsauce4 Год назад

      +Gold Two Yeah, if you drink 3 of the FEV water you die.

    • Gold Two
      Gold Two 2 года назад

      Wouldn't your character also die? He got hella radiated throughout the game

    • ninja_nipples
      ninja_nipples 2 года назад

      Cuz they were irradiated. Although not mutated, they were still irradiated.

  • Swank
    Swank 2 года назад +115

    [Speech, 99%] I think we can all agree that New Vegas is better, right?

    • Zerg King
      Zerg King 2 года назад

      +Shane Fowlstone [Speech 100] You speak of heresy. We all know fallout 4 will be the best. And if it isn't....

    • Shane Fowlstone
      Shane Fowlstone 2 года назад

      "What are you insane!? Everybody knows Fallout 3 will forever be the best fallout game.

    • Shapyra
      Shapyra 2 года назад

      *not amused*

    • Ryebredrox
      Ryebredrox 2 года назад

      +Shappyra Touche...

    • Shapyra
      Shapyra 2 года назад

      [speech 9O69O696I966969] << this isint a number

  • Danger-Day Pancakes
    Danger-Day Pancakes 2 года назад

    why did you use the FEV instead of just blowing up project purity, why kill some people when you can kill everyone!