What's inside Marshmello Helmet?

  • Опубликовано: 11 янв 2017
  • We met Marshmello!! Then CUT IN HALF a Mello helmet!
    Watch his Alone video here: ruclip.com/video/ALZHF5UqnU4/видео.html
    Here is the link to get the other half of the helmet, good luck! gleam.io/h51l9/half-marshmello-signed-helmet
    Big thanks to Marshmello for letting us be part of this concert and video. Someday we will cut open his current awesome helmet.
    Download Alone here: smarturl.it/melloAlone
    Spotify | open.spotify.com/artist/64KEff...
    SoundCloud | soundcloud.com/marshmellomusic
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    Twitter | twitter.com/marshmellomusic
    Facebook | facebook.com/marshmellomusic
    Summer | smarturl.it/Joytime
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  • super little muffin
    super little muffin 50 минут назад

    You are a muder i will never ever see you again

  • Taco Taco
    Taco Taco 51 минуту назад

    X. X

  • Fortnite Clips
    Fortnite Clips Час назад

    Die scheisse beginnt erst ab 9 minuten und 40sekunden von einem ferfickten 11 minuten viedeo ihr huhrensöhne..

  • Lucas gamer 2.3.0
    Lucas gamer 2.3.0 Час назад

    X X
    \__/ olaaaa

  • Navodha Thamel
    Navodha Thamel 2 часа назад

    you should have do that vieo without cutting it..

  • Look Up
    Look Up 3 часа назад


  • Look Up
    Look Up 3 часа назад

    How can he see??

  • GamingWithAlex Minecraft & more!
    GamingWithAlex Minecraft & more! 3 часа назад

    Invisible lazer radiation is caused by the lights in the stage

  • Lars Schroeder
    Lars Schroeder 3 часа назад

    I love marshmallows I have one of his T-shirts

  • Nebunu' Creativ
    Nebunu' Creativ 4 часа назад +1

    What's inside marshmallows hamlet?
    Awnser: marschmallows head

  • Jaime De Leon
    Jaime De Leon 6 часов назад


  • BirdPowerbomb
    BirdPowerbomb 7 часов назад


  • BirdPowerbomb
    BirdPowerbomb 7 часов назад

    I want the half

  • marshmello #1love
    marshmello #1love 8 часов назад

    Wtf no Ist real

  • TSK /TheShadowKnight
    TSK /TheShadowKnight 11 часов назад

    Lucky, he got to go back stage and meet marshmellow

  • Giselle Al
    Giselle Al 11 часов назад

    Sooooooooooooooooo 😎

  • Jennah Saad - Sawmill Valley PS (1331)
    Jennah Saad - Sawmill Valley PS (1331) 12 часов назад

    You left your car door open

  • Mya Fisher
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  • maytte_ok XD
    maytte_ok XD 13 часов назад

    Estupido porque la cortas sabes lo que cuesta eso

  • JEAN_GAMER_2006
    JEAN_GAMER_2006 13 часов назад

    Hijo de puta como se te ocurre eso cuesta mucho puto

    ALEX ALCAMONT 13 часов назад

    your vidio is a shet and estupid and marmello es incredival

  • The Darwin
    The Darwin 13 часов назад

    Marshmallo is TYLER JOSEPH

  • sunn233
    sunn233 15 часов назад

    OMG I would die to get that helmet!!!!!!!!!!!!!😵

  • The game MASTER
    The game MASTER 16 часов назад +1

    I ❤️ harshmello

  • Marika Little Wolf
    Marika Little Wolf 17 часов назад

    x x
    u - Marshmello

    AAC VLOGZ 19 часов назад +1


  • Kevin Lee Sweeny
    Kevin Lee Sweeny 19 часов назад

    I love marshmelow he is my favorite singer

  • romano antonio
    romano antonio 19 часов назад

    Give me the other half

  • KriptoManSVK
    KriptoManSVK 20 часов назад

    I kill you

  • Sujay Shrestha
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  • Kylie Townsend
    Kylie Townsend 21 час назад

    can i have it plsssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aniyah Roman
    Aniyah Roman 23 часа назад

    Can I have it I love love you so much 😄😄😄

  • Castillo Bernie
    Castillo Bernie День назад

    I guess marshmello likes the color white and black and favorite of all is music BEST DAY EVER IN HERE

  • KetheenWasHere
    KetheenWasHere День назад

    That's not the voice of marshmellow

  • KetheenWasHere
    KetheenWasHere День назад

    And your basically marshmellow. Ha cause you were wearing the same outfit as marshmellow. And your not saying anything. Anf show your face.

  • KetheenWasHere
    KetheenWasHere День назад

    Marshmellow = chris dotcom

  • Tech Bindas
    Tech Bindas День назад


  • Gloria Octaviano
    Gloria Octaviano День назад

    I want it

  • Amazing Ruby
    Amazing Ruby День назад

    U & me know who marshmallow is

  • Margot Stewart
    Margot Stewart День назад

    I love you mashelow

  • DoubleDecker BeckerPecker
    DoubleDecker BeckerPecker День назад

    It’s nice you guys respect the fact that Marshmello wants to stay anonymous. Some people would show his face anyways. Bravo to you folks! 👏

  • Alexis Feleo
    Alexis Feleo День назад


    HMERCER 4 День назад

    What a coincidence there wearing white

  • Neiderith Galarza
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  • Katherine Nguyen
    Katherine Nguyen День назад

    ✖️ ✖️

  • DrunkenBass
    DrunkenBass День назад

    He already showed himself

  • Andrew Oliveira
    Andrew Oliveira День назад

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  • Tyrese Pinnock
    Tyrese Pinnock День назад

    I want it please I live in Jamaica

  • Pão De Queijo
    Pão De Queijo День назад

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  • Robert Ohanyan
    Robert Ohanyan День назад

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  • Heba Al Sheikh
    Heba Al Sheikh День назад

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  • Lucas Grimstead
    Lucas Grimstead День назад

    When You Have No More Ideas For Content.

  • Aiden Raphael
    Aiden Raphael День назад

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  • Mr. Pie
    Mr. Pie День назад

    X X

  • Fatimah loves
    Fatimah loves День назад

    I know what marshmallow looks like so go to RUclip and search up famous DJs real faces and look at the one where it has marshmallow face and beside it it is his real face

    ZINOVO VLOGS 2 дня назад


  • spaz trix
    spaz trix 2 дня назад

    OMG awesome

  • Lucuse And his family
    Lucuse And his family 2 дня назад

    X X


    • kader kadi
      kader kadi 2 дня назад

      Lucuse And his family mmdm

  • mario
    mario 2 дня назад +1

    give me half

  • Yogi Bear
    Yogi Bear 2 дня назад

    X X

  • BlackShadow334
    BlackShadow334 2 дня назад

    Marhmello no es niño

  • Yogi Bear
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    X X

  • Tanzmariechen Suri
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  • KC TV
    KC TV 2 дня назад

    Can you please give it to me I subscribed I like and put my notifications on

  • KC TV
    KC TV 2 дня назад

    Have you listen to wolves by Marshmello

  • T Blasciuc
    T Blasciuc 2 дня назад

    We all know who he is

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    popular roblox ! PRO'S ! 2 дня назад

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    Alro2006 2 дня назад

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  • VelociraptorBlueTV
    VelociraptorBlueTV 2 дня назад

    Marsmallow Maybe is sad

  • Maddenking12345
    Maddenking12345 2 дня назад

    × ×\__/

  • Jaycel Deguzman
    Jaycel Deguzman 2 дня назад +1

    the white car looks like the evil people in Star Wars but I don't know it's name

  • Textenator H
    Textenator H 2 дня назад

    Yes I do like marshmello. Yes I really want havle of it. Yes he already give it to someone else so sorry for you guys in the comment

  • WBV P
    WBV P 2 дня назад

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  • Heiko Laur
    Heiko Laur 2 дня назад

    Not the real marshmaellows mask L bad video

  • marshmallo maloko hjulll
    marshmallo maloko hjulll 3 дня назад


  • 様ZeusGamer
    様ZeusGamer 3 дня назад

    I love you marshmello

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    Hailey Adamson 3 дня назад

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  • zpark
    zpark 3 дня назад

    whats inside deadmau 5 mask

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    amazing editing

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    I want it I'm a youtuber I need it to get subs

    • SuperSid 14
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      I only have one sub so I neeeed it so bad please

  • Pandemic Gaming
    Pandemic Gaming 3 дня назад

    Was it that hard to put the helmet upside-down instead of cutting it in two?

  • Coder Playz
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    You Left ur car door Open

  • Zivix
    Zivix 3 дня назад

    Marshmellow Raid

  • anastasia slaughter
    anastasia slaughter 3 дня назад

    please give me it i luv marshmello

  • Bonsie Boo
    Bonsie Boo 3 дня назад

    you... cut up.... the helmet that marshmello.... GAVE YOU IN PERSON


    *P L A S T I C*

  • Sarah Bogdan
    Sarah Bogdan 3 дня назад

    Can you please see what’s is inside of a fitbit

  • Elaine Gutierrez
    Elaine Gutierrez 3 дня назад

    Hey how did you get a ticket and talk to him please tell me i whant to see him please tell me 😄

  • VocalicCrayfish
    VocalicCrayfish 3 дня назад

    what's inside a marshmallow helmet

    after cutting it:

    oh its nothing v-v

  • Elizabeth Bestor
    Elizabeth Bestor 3 дня назад

    got me wun

    MOTUBEGAMING 4 дня назад

    WoW - Arabic captions

  • Nandin Temuujin
    Nandin Temuujin 4 дня назад

    You’re real marshmallow

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    DillyBear2008 Awsome 4 дня назад

    what about Alan walker?

  • The Last Gamerz
    The Last Gamerz 4 дня назад

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  • spiderman peterparker
    spiderman peterparker 4 дня назад

    His kid just is it frowning (in head) like my soul

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    Kyle Mills 4 дня назад

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    Evelio Sanchez 4 дня назад

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  • Evelio Sanchez
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    katie koniecki 4 дня назад

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