Why I Quit Academia

  • Published on Aug 31, 2016
  • Obviously I'm in the midst of an anti-academic tantrum of some kind, so consider that when deciding how seriously to take this. On the other hand, my tantrum is based on years of experience.
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  • GDKLockout
    GDKLockout 20 hours ago

    3 years later, this is quite funny.

  • monkerud2108
    monkerud2108 21 hour ago

    that's also a lie contra, youtube is the philosophy private sector ;;)

  • monkerud2108
    monkerud2108 21 hour ago

    Derrida is kind of right you know, people mimic stuff. hell they even lie to themselves sometimes......... just saying Derrida could have saved us a whole lot of ink by just saying that.

  • monkerud2108
    monkerud2108 21 hour ago

    and having read all the philosophy I could be bothered with I came to find I had thought about these ideas before, all of them essentially. seems like most philosophers did something like this, they wanted to achieve great things as young people, failed to break through some invisible obvious metaphysical barrier, and proceded to write down some rather common sense stuff within a completely boring/limited axiomatic view on metaphysics. pragmatically I think some of them have good points, but take Kant, the dude said some obvious shit rather eloquently, or Foucault he just obsesses overpower structures always, which is kind of an interesting lense, but in the end you could do the same thing with confusion, or the evolution of neural nets in the game theory of life. its interesting but not of much pragmatic use tbh. I remember when I heard Kant's arguments about metaphysics for the first time, I thought people before him where actually not morons, guess I was wrong xD-(8-`8

  • monkerud2108
    monkerud2108 22 hours ago

    no contra, no that isn't how you unlock the secrets of the human brain. xD the field that produced sam harris, and is outflanked by stoners taking acid isnt what I would really call a credible endeavor.

  • Zeke Z ZekeKan
    Zeke Z ZekeKan Day ago

    Just no way you're going to get me to believe that old man was you.

  • mike goulis
    mike goulis 2 days ago

    Serious cognitive dissonance watching / listening to this in October 2019 after becoming a follower maybe six months ago only watching the recent stuff

  • leednata120
    leednata120 3 days ago

    My mum immediately got the milton/isis thing and said it was because of Sampson Agonistes glorifying suicidal terrorism and that she even saw a production that costumed it like Isis. My mum is an english prof so thinks on that brainwave apparently.

  • aaron bacchus
    aaron bacchus 3 days ago

    I love especially since ypucarry yourself as a woman but still retains a mans brain. I dont like female brains

  • Joshua Esposito
    Joshua Esposito 4 days ago +2

    How has this come into my algorithm?!?
    Love it.

  • Eli
    Eli 5 days ago

    One of my professors is friend of Ranciere

  • st greta thunberg
    st greta thunberg 7 days ago

    Assuming human taste bad

  • Sara Moreland
    Sara Moreland 8 days ago

    I ' L L N E V E R L E A V E

  • Madison Freeman
    Madison Freeman 9 days ago

    This is so different from my major lol I majored in Finance. I did not have the same problems!

  • Vitor Armando
    Vitor Armando 11 days ago

    watching this now the first thing that comes to my mind is how you seem to be so much happier and confortable with yourself after transitioning and doing the FFS. For how long did you described yourself as a crossdresser?

  • effy
    effy 11 days ago

    wait is that tim from the circle at 0:23 ??????

  • Bryan Berry
    Bryan Berry 12 days ago +3

    (me, having never taken a philosophy class, just watching channels like this and Philosophy Tube)
    Man, I think philosophy is so interesting, I wish I would've taken classes on it in college!
    (me after watching this video)

    • C Benozatti
      C Benozatti 10 days ago +1

      well, it stills a very interesting subject to study, but to study in an academic level you need to be extremely passionate

  • Jay Hailey
    Jay Hailey 13 days ago +1

    A very cool message from Natalie of the past

  • nala beans
    nala beans 15 days ago

    9 credited tier patreon members in this video
    now that list may as well be it's own video.
    3 years.... holy Fck

  • Kat Harris
    Kat Harris 16 days ago +2

    "I love you. I love you forever. I need you. I'll never leave you." Seriously though, such a hard hitting video, very apt

  • Zed P
    Zed P 16 days ago

    I read the Phenomenology of Spirit. From A to Z.
    Waste of time, but I was young enough to have some time to waste.
    20 yrs later - while I was doing my PhD in, you guess, philosophy - I read some parts again.
    I like wasting my time twice. :)))
    But, there is a field in which philosophers are needed. It's journalism. Yep. I do not speak of journalism in sense of making and broadcasting news, but in a sense of understanding them.
    Of course, do not do PhD in Philosophy, that's really waste of time (and money, man).
    But I wasted my time. Thrice. :)))

  • Jojo Quinoa
    Jojo Quinoa 17 days ago +1

    Watching some vintage contra

  • Jhin D
    Jhin D 19 days ago

    Yup. I think I'll stop at a Master's.

  • Teddy Livingston
    Teddy Livingston 19 days ago

    Ooooh 3 years ago!! Cool !

  • Andy Waxton
    Andy Waxton 19 days ago +3

    This is hands down your greatest video to date.
    As a poli sci and sociology double major student I can’t relate more.

  • Dan Formal
    Dan Formal 21 day ago

    "we had no experience arguing against anything as far right as the political views that most Americans actually hold" 4:46 jeez, imagine being this self-aware and this non-self-aware at the same time! If the average person in a liberal democracy like the US is "far right" by your standards, maybe you're the extremist nutcases. Academia really is out of touch with the rest of society.

    • mdhutch2002
      mdhutch2002 19 days ago

      I'm really happy for you, I'm a let you finish, but I think you sort of missed her point. She isn't saying that the average American is far right, but that the political opinion of the average American is further to the right than anything she or her compatriots had experience debating. And uh, yeah, this would support your idea that academia is out of touch with most of America. I would agree with that statement. And based on what Contrapoints has said here and elsewhere, I think she would agree with you too.

  • Kyïv stuff
    Kyïv stuff 23 days ago

    Kant wasn’t a homosexual. And Plato was bi at most.

  • Hannah Thompson
    Hannah Thompson 28 days ago

    I love you Contra!

  • Allisin Mztrx
    Allisin Mztrx 28 days ago


    KSHITIJ PAWAR 29 days ago

    Thanks to RUclip for recommending this😂😂😂😂

  • lee adu
    lee adu Month ago

    what good all this gibberish will do for working class?....no thing. only.sentence made sense in the entire video.

  • Rakscha
    Rakscha Month ago

    I love you. I love RUclip. I will soon love myself on youtube!

  • Amanda Dube
    Amanda Dube Month ago

    Damn this bitch relatable

  • james dasilva
    james dasilva Month ago +2

    I’m a corporate sellout salaryman, it’s good bullying the middle classes and getting paid for it. Plus where’s the cake?

  • Gnostic atheist
    Gnostic atheist Month ago

    I love you, need you and will never leave you😄😄😄😄

  • Mr. BooYa
    Mr. BooYa Month ago

    Fuck 'this' GUY

  • ameerkat
    ameerkat Month ago +56

    Imagine logging onto RUclip and finding videos of your old professor nude, crude, and pouring milk on himself as he, un-ironically, slowly but surely, transitions socially and then physically into a she-we stan. Biggest mood of the millennia. Good on you, Professor Wynn. I envy your students and I cordially invite you to step on me, Mother.

  • pepi88
    pepi88 Month ago +3

    I did 10 years of philosophy studies at college (in Argentina college is, so to speak, free of charge), without finishing half of the courses, or writing half of the essays. Took me 10 f**ing years to understand why.
    This is why.
    Every single word.
    Thank you.
    Love you.
    Trying to go forward in your steps.

  • michellejean11
    michellejean11 Month ago

    Almost glad I never completed my degree. But hey you do great videos and I like the music. If only you had bagpipes...

  • Liz ZYYC65
    Liz ZYYC65 Month ago

    Love your vids and commentary

  • Csaba Zsolnai
    Csaba Zsolnai Month ago +3

    Using statistical methods to look at FMRI images all day sounds like heaven to me.

  • musicredsubaru
    musicredsubaru Month ago +5

    I was told by a professor that I was "too pragmatic" once. 🙄

  • Emily Harrington
    Emily Harrington Month ago

    I want to point out that "Likes" and "Dislikes" on youtube videos usually run along the rule that the number of "Dislikes" will be approximately 10% of the number of "Likes". This video and several others by Ms. Wynn break that trend and have far more likes than average. You're doing well, Natalie!

  • Jessica Bidon
    Jessica Bidon Month ago

    I've loved you since this video came out, and I'll love you forever.

  • Dang Mang
    Dang Mang Month ago

    Mentally ill perv

  • Anonosus Rex
    Anonosus Rex Month ago +3

    Nozick, Rand, and Libertarians are easy to argue against.
    Their philosophy is based upon a false dilemma (or dichotomy).
    They would have us believe that we must choose between the good of the individual or the good of society.
    And whichever side we choose somehow, magically makes us the enemy of the other.
    This philosophy is also known as Ethical Egoism. The earliest known proponent of Ethical Egoism is a Chinese man named Yang Zhu (4th century BC).
    The basic dictum of this philosophy is seek your own well being but, do not harm or attempt to use force against anyone else, unless it is in order to prevent harm or force to yourself or others.
    It seems like it has some legitimacy but, this philosophy has many flaws...
    1. If non-force is an absolute ethical value, then mothers should feel free to abandon their children, because the dependency of children cannot and should not be forced upon them.
    2. If two men are walking trough the woods, looking for a particular tree to use as lumber and they arrive at the same tree at the same time, then who gets to take the tree.
    In other words, natural resources do not necessarily belong to anyone. It is We The People (I.e., the collective, society, the many)
    who must make the rules, together, by votes, and not an individual.
    3. Morality is not inherently in the structure of nature, it is a human (collective) enterprise for the benefit of “We The People”

    • Jay Sun
      Jay Sun Month ago

      Most libertarians base their ideas on economics. Not philosophy.

  • Meme Thief
    Meme Thief Month ago

    Hey, ya'll
    I just found this video and I just wanna be correct - is she trans?
    I just want to know as a new subscriber

  • BoneMarrowBro
    BoneMarrowBro Month ago

    I love you

  • carbon1479
    carbon1479 Month ago

    Sounds like Castalia and the Glass Bead Game.

  • Benjamin Liska
    Benjamin Liska Month ago

    Most Americans are not atheist, lazes-fair capitalists who extol the virtues of selfishness. I don't think most Americans know what lazes-fair even means, much less who Ayn Rand was.

  • Chris Carlone
    Chris Carlone Month ago

    I've beaten myself up for years for not having chosen a definitive career path sooner. I'm nearing 25, and I attend my local community college for something I genuinely enjoy doing and learning about for it's own sake...music.
    I've always had a certain appreciation for literature and philosophy, although my understanding of it has always never been the best.
    That bit about a bunch of white upper middle class men jerking each other off over the most banal and useless of philosophical nuances is nothing short of the truth. It's a far more useful observation than what those dumbasses were "discovering" in those lectures/studies to my view anyways. Like the channel m8. Keep going.

  • Dappernaut
    Dappernaut Month ago

    Imagine thinking libertarianism and anarchy are rightwing lol. And imagine thinking they don't have a rich academic history/tradition

  • Joaquim Setin
    Joaquim Setin Month ago

    I kknow you don't like your old vídeos, so I'm sorry, but, I love you. I'll love you forever. I need you. I'll never leave.

  • Grant P
    Grant P Month ago

    Academia shouldn’t have to conform to culture. Culture should be formed by academia. If academia started being formed by the current culture it wouldn’t be very academic anymore.

  • Valory Villegas
    Valory Villegas Month ago

    i love you and need you forever

  • someinteresting
    someinteresting Month ago

    Oh, the conferences... I didn't think "The orgies in Ovid's "Metamorphoses" could be anyhow a boring topic. Oh, how I was proven wrong...

  • tamer ozkum
    tamer ozkum Month ago

    This guy is fuckin hilarious

  • cap payne
    cap payne Month ago

    Is this worth 90k a month?

  • William Martin
    William Martin Month ago

    I love you, honey lamb.

  • Ninci Go
    Ninci Go Month ago +8

    I miss the old Contra, with lower production value and relatable self-deprecating humour.
    Please don't delete your old videos. As good as the new ones are, I think the topics of the older videos adressed a wider audience.They are a valuable resource the way they are, and are absolutely still relevant. I keep returning to them.
    I love you. I will love you forever. I need you. AND I WILL NEVER LEEEEEAVEEEE