Why I Got Banned On My School's Minecraft Server...

  • Published on Nov 23, 2021
  • Why I Got Banned On My School’s Minecraft Server... This was insane!

    In this minecraft video, I explain Why I Got Banned On My School’s Minecraft Server. I did not do this on the Lifesteal SMP, also known as the deadliest minecraft server to exist, rather I did this on my school’s minecraft server / SMP. This is similar to Parrot or ParrotX2 on the school SMP series where he started a war or ended a war or when I was Clutching my school’s unfair bedwars tournament

    Recently my school started a Minecraft Server / SMP. Today I decided to pull a Linus Studios / Leowook and started a war

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  • Spoke
    Spoke Month ago +2556

    Y’all need to subscribe cuz you may see some familiar faces in part 2…

  • Parrot
    Parrot Month ago +2011

    This is the ultimate redemption story... STAY TUNED

  • Bribe
    Bribe Month ago +538

    It will seem good for some lifesteal members to kick their butts

  • CanYouDont777
    CanYouDont777 Month ago +296

    You are genuinely one of the most underrated youtubers out there, if there's any minecraft youtuber that deserves a sub its this guy. Keep up the great work my dude

    • Kevin Howells
      Kevin Howells 14 days ago

      And gorillo too he makes the best houses I've ever seen in my life yet he is not even up half a mil subs

    • Meii Squad Plays
      Meii Squad Plays Month ago

      i know right.

    • Ohnightly
      Ohnightly Month ago +4

      + clownpierce, also really underrated

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +414

    That video is sick

  • Bryan Hawn
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    • MoBamba
      MoBamba Month ago

      Checkedmarked User

  • Yango Mango
    Yango Mango Month ago +5

    if part two is anything like pt one then this mans deserves 1 mil rn.

  • Adi Memo
    Adi Memo 29 days ago +7

    You were the hero of this server. But every hero had to lose to let others win

  • Cameron DeVoe
    Cameron DeVoe Month ago +29

    “Are you okay?”
    Just shows how devoted they are

  • iMrPoptart
    iMrPoptart Month ago +15

    I love how nobodys talking how he killed someone in full diamond and with only a stone axe when they were likely to 1 shot or 2 shot him

  • Anirvin Iyer
    Anirvin Iyer Month ago +752

    i like how the admin abuse is portrayed like real world political power abuse. Man, this video was nice

    • NK
      NK 26 days ago

      @RxckPlaysMinecraft I mentioned

    • RxckPlaysMinecraft
      RxckPlaysMinecraft 26 days ago

      @NK who even talked abt that?

    • NK
      NK Month ago

      @science wizard This is true, but I shared this comment because I was curious.

    • science wizard
      science wizard Month ago

      @NK this is kinda not related at all the the video

    • Cripple TTV
      Cripple TTV Month ago

      Not really, but okay. The admin abuse is portrayed as a 12yr old attempting to cheat using admin commands.

    ARPL4YZZ😎 20 hours ago +2

    at 1:07 i love how he was surrounded by water but jumps to his death instead

  • Minecraft Noob
    Minecraft Noob Month ago +6

    Congrats on the growth proud to be part of this community

  • Pumpkin Ryft
    Pumpkin Ryft Month ago +16

    Enemies: You’re outgunned, Outnumbered, And Outgeared. How can you possibly hope to stop me?

    Roshambo: I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.





  • Tanjiro Kamado
    Tanjiro Kamado Month ago +3

    My respects to you Rosham, just through the roof 🤯

  • Kwack Mina
    Kwack Mina Month ago +4

    "I had lost all my items"
    His items: stone pickaxe, stone sword, 10 oak planks, and 5 cobble

  • Souper Man Profile Pic
    Souper Man Profile Pic Month ago +10

    Man sacrificed himself for a friend. That is so sweet!

    • Aboudi gaming50™
      Aboudi gaming50™ 11 days ago +1

      Women's says mens doesn't have feelings but the truth is they do have such a sweet heart

  • sans snas
    sans snas Month ago +3

    This is an amazing story!
    You could be an author with how you phrased the words :D
    Can't wait for part 2! :>

  • VladSync
    VladSync Month ago +2

    Can we get a round of applause for this man? 👏

  • Catbirdrules
    Catbirdrules Month ago +7

    I loved the way you told this story can’t wait for part 2

  • Lobo das Neves
    Lobo das Neves Month ago +1

    This was so cool, the way you put all that together and your storytelling... it's all so fun to watch :p

  • dreamzz
    dreamzz Month ago +2

    imagine cheating as the server admin to kill everyone... Respect roshamb!

  • Just ARandomJellyBean
    Just ARandomJellyBean Month ago +6

    Your emotion, skill and smartness suprised me! This youtuber truly deserves a sub :)

  • MySorrow
    MySorrow Month ago +170

    all i want to say is that this video kept me on my toes, i was suprised that you actually beat an mod, and yeah, this vid is great. You deserve a sub

    • Tedy Panda
      Tedy Panda Month ago +1

      @Haruma Hisesi⤵️♋️ hey this is for you ruclip.com/video/JwncAQurlqk/video.html

  • martinus pribadi
    martinus pribadi Month ago +2

    Sometimes... a great hero comes with a great punishment.

  • iMrPoptart
    iMrPoptart Month ago +3

    real quickily, rayden literally had the perfect movement there, if he would've just turned his head to disrupt the anchor he would've gotten 1 shot becase they aren't pregapped, and dont have blast prot, also I mean he did have a totem

  • A Slightly Stable Footsoldier

    It's amazing that such an old game as this can still bring so many grand tales of battles, wars and friendships

  • Ryzen_i9
    Ryzen_i9 12 days ago +2

    guys you all should sub to this guy, I met him on hypixel off cam and he was super nice.

  • maxus
    maxus Month ago +2

    this 14 minutes is more intense than a whole horror movie

  • 4i4o Scan1st
    4i4o Scan1st Month ago +1

    Bro, I started watching you 2 days or so and I watched every video you have. I want more of the LifeStealSMP and please tell me what plugin or mod this server is using, I want to try it! Also sorry if there is any mistakes or not correct words, english isn't my native language

    • 4i4o Scan1st
      4i4o Scan1st Month ago

      Ok so I just saw Parrot's vid at the pretty beggining and it is notepad, not mod, not plugin. ( well it can be plugin tho. Idk if the notepad is the code or it just tells what it should do )
      Please tell me how I can make it work, cuz it's total beans! ( I use beans when I think it's insanely cool )

  • Tasermansion
    Tasermansion Month ago +1

    This was so entertaining, can't wait for part 2

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony Month ago +1

    I loved the way you told this story can’t wait for part 2

  • Minecraft Curios
    Minecraft Curios Month ago +108

    1:22 Did someone say revenge 👀

    • SEntra ⸜⁄
      SEntra ⸜⁄ 20 days ago


    • SlidX Gamer
      SlidX Gamer 23 days ago

      @Anton Hedman no he makes videos about revenge

    • alysev
      alysev 26 days ago

      @Anton Hedman goddamn just let someone have a checkmark oh my god

    • Yub Nub
      Yub Nub Month ago

      @Anton Hedman Yeah? What about it? You want likes because you are jealous of the verified checkmark? Hm?

    • benjaminsfootage
      benjaminsfootage Month ago

      That Anton guy didn’t realize chill

  • Swiipy
    Swiipy Month ago +8

    Watching this again lol, the Respawn Anchor move was SICK

  • M1stery_who
    M1stery_who Month ago

    one thing you actually need only one glow stone to blow up anchor and It does same damage. so you load anchor with one glow stone block and switch back to anchor its much faster

  • Tearz
    Tearz Month ago +1

    Bro these videos just keep on getting better and better! Keep them up man!

  • mason ward
    mason ward Month ago

    So his last known command that he used was /ban just to ban you? Damn i think he got a little bit mad you bodied him

  • 330thcube
    330thcube Month ago +105

    This is SUCH a cool, entertaining video! I can't tell if all this is real, roleplay or a bit of both, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. However, I did feel like the video was a bit short, and would've appreciated a bit more detail/background about this server. Anyways, great job!

    • Fabianwew
      Fabianwew 11 hours ago

      I think it's roleplay

    • BacktoQ
      BacktoQ 24 days ago

      @Doubleactiondiz the comment got deleted so idk

    • Doubleactiondiz
      Doubleactiondiz 24 days ago

      @BacktoQ Please dont what?

    • BacktoQ
      BacktoQ Month ago +1

      @Haruma Hisesi⤵️♋️ pls dont

  • RanBox
    RanBox Month ago +3

    how do you calmly walk into class the next day knowing you just got banned from a block game server

  • Aadak
    Aadak Month ago +7

    The Storytelling is absolutely insane

  • Allied Abyss
    Allied Abyss Month ago

    Poggies! Such a high quality content, the editing is in another level

  • Sameen Islam
    Sameen Islam Month ago +2

    You are actually good at story telling like it man keep it up

  • syncwyd
    syncwyd Month ago +195

    i love how his emontion changes at everytime its so entertaining and the narration and editing makes it 10x better! great video ro!

  • Regulars shorts
    Regulars shorts Month ago +3

    Congrats on 100k roshambo. You definitely deserve it!!!

  • Gaming with Savage boy

    Ro deserves way more subs for how good these vids are

  • Reign codm
    Reign codm Month ago +3

    "akorn still hiding in the walls"

    bro is this attack on titan

  • 🧃HA
    🧃HA Day ago +1

    Yo omg imagine if there was a subject in school called just "Minecraft" where you play mc with everyone in your class and you work together with everyone to build different things. That would be awesome dude…

  • Zuvrem
    Zuvrem 14 days ago

    you are insanely underrated lol. btw you don't need to load the respawn anchor to the max (4 glowstone) for it to explode : you can just use 1 glowstone then make it explode (so like charge it with 1 glowstone then right click it with another item) it will be faster and works as well as an end crystal

  • Mari0NeedsXP !
    Mari0NeedsXP ! Month ago +2

    how is his commenting voice better than my teachers and hes still in school lmao

  • albert_the_cool
    albert_the_cool Month ago

    you're probably not gonna see this, but never in my x years of youtube did someone make me sub to them faster than you did

    you're storytelling is so entertaining and this vid overall just brings back so many minecraft memories that I have

    oh and the way you ended the video is just absolutely amazing

  • Joseph Vitelli
    Joseph Vitelli Month ago +1

    I'm glad you un oped him but I'm sad u got ban you seem like a good person

  • Virtual
    Virtual Month ago

    this is like watching Tommyinnit's dream SMP saga except its 100x entertaining and short

  • Bo66y_ 2106
    Bo66y_ 2106 19 days ago +3

    I’m pretty sure their base is from a tutorial lmao

  • CyanHD
    CyanHD Month ago +1

    holy Sh*t this guy is INSANE I almost cried at the ending cause the music matches the vide ngl

  • BusPenguin
    BusPenguin Month ago +2

    Roshambo is great because he makes great content and he actually listens to comments. Every time that I have commented on one of your videos you always heart my comments. Thanks. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Rvve Duio
    Rvve Duio Month ago +1

    Watching this again lol, the Respawn Anchor move was SICK

  • Theo
    Theo 18 days ago +2

    I swear if an Australian school did this, every kid who played it would just get bashed.

  • The Space Nerd
    The Space Nerd Month ago +1

    I don’t understand why you don’t have more subscribers you are so underated I watch you almost every day and have learned from your RUclip videos so I don’t understand why you don’t have more subscribers

  • Kacper Piasecki
    Kacper Piasecki Month ago

    "i lost everything"

    wooden pick, wooden sword, wooden axe, some stone tools, 2 pieces of leather, 20 planks, a piece of wool, a lily pad, sticks, meat and a crafting table


  • lampchair6942O
    lampchair6942O Month ago +19

    Ive always hated admin abuse. I know how it feels to fight against it. Its frustrating but you want to defeat the abusers so bad.

    • Crimson Reaper
      Crimson Reaper Month ago +3

      i have fought against so many times and its most likely not going to stop

  • Duck Kid
    Duck Kid Month ago +1

    This man is pretty good at pvp

  • Abell Seyfu
    Abell Seyfu Month ago +2

    One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them 🎈

  • Frelted
    Frelted Month ago

    3:35 this looks so wrong. the fact brakeaway was messaging you, then chat is blurred out, then he continues to stay in an anvil while being crit out, doesnt block up when he runs away, has a totem in his inventory but not on his off hand. it doesn't look real. guess im just sucking the fun out if it for myself though

  • Experta
    Experta Month ago +2

    "How fake do you want this do be?"

    This guy : "Yes"

  • Egan Trabant McKenna
    Egan Trabant McKenna Month ago +9

    Glad to see you can do other than lifesteal content and still make a great video! 😁

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss Month ago +1

    Even with proof being in spec, getting an illegal elytra They didnmt deop him You had to FRAME him so that he gets deoped

  • Bluehat
    Bluehat Month ago

    In the 2nd breakaway battle it just shows how powerful even a stone axe is in java

  • Divyasree KS
    Divyasree KS Month ago +1

    Hey Ro , next you should use harming arrows with instant damage 2 to kill. Set something like the harming potion setup. For some reason harming arrows does not work on totems , meaning a totem can’t save you from damage arrows .Like so he can see.❤️

  • Elyrykz - EDM Lyrics
    Elyrykz - EDM Lyrics 19 days ago +5

    Ok, let's be honest....

    Isn't it already intriguing that his school has it's own Minecraft server on first place?!

    • Mini Imposter
      Mini Imposter 8 days ago

      @Helix prob some kid at his school.

    • Helix
      Helix 13 days ago +2

      It’s probably not the school’s Minecraft server, but a server where people in the school can play on

  • JustAxel
    JustAxel Month ago +1

    For those wondering: When added all together, the harry potter books contain 1,084,171 words.

  • thedarksoulofdemons
    thedarksoulofdemons Month ago +1

    3:41 my dude just killed a full enchanted diamond armour dude......with a stone axe and a shield

  • Vuelle
    Vuelle Month ago

    wait so... I just started the video but am I hearing it right? You're out to expose an admin because they... went out and found a biome for their friends? that feels a little too strong.

  • raffy
    raffy Month ago +1

    underrated man, i wish i could donate enough for you to upgrade past that GPU, then you'd be unstoppable

  • Charlotte Riina
    Charlotte Riina Month ago +65

    Ro, you are cracked at the craft and thank you for making everyones day better! :D

  • Ken Are Being Werid
    Ken Are Being Werid 5 days ago +1

    This is a sick story!
    Keep going for those video!

  • Devansh Chhabra
    Devansh Chhabra Month ago

    Bro, your videos are really good. I am new here I will tell you honestly.

    Your lifesteal SMP, is it only for some people or its open. Also, if it's not open then how about having a teammate in it. Helping in your videos.

  • Hảo Nguyễn Thiên

    "everything I got was gone in instant ( dramatic sad music) "
    wow , I've never knew that losing stone tool could be that dramatic

  • jhayisplayin
    jhayisplayin Month ago

    Breaking the school smp fills you with determination

  • SoulessNoob
    SoulessNoob Month ago +42

    This is just an insane video! Can't believe you killed an guy with full diamond with an stone axe 1 diamond chestplate that was insane! You secretly goed for it while he was using the anvil your so smart! It was amazing!

  • SevenQuark
    SevenQuark Month ago +1

    Holy. I watched your first couple of lifesteal vids when you had about 4K subs, now you have over 100k!

  • beluga x
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    Congratulations bro for 100k you deserve it keep going we can hit 1 million in 3 months you can do it man

  • Hector cancinos Eggs
    Hector cancinos Eggs Month ago +1

    holy shit that was ten times better then an action movie!

  • Imres
    Imres Month ago

    i wish there was a way to lock console and have nobody owner while also keeping the server safe

    ADI-BOI Month ago +2

    This is so dramatic and cool that it can be a whole Netflix series bro 👀

  • Hallko
    Hallko Month ago +2

    roshambogames: takes 1 hp damage
    also roshambogames: HELP AM DYING AM DYING

  • eric
    eric 8 days ago

    "there is still one loose thread that im still gonna work about"
    Akorn still in the burrow

  • Dako_Taz
    Dako_Taz Month ago

    Good thing to know mending and unbreaking cant be on the same item

  • MevelyPlayz
    MevelyPlayz Month ago

    Simple thing. Dont play servers you think its unfair. For some reason, there are many schools minecraft servers. The thing is most of them are war servers, thats why i dont join them. There happen to be my friend from my old school before graduation where his school’s server wasn’t a war server, so i glady joined. It was all about peace, so grateful.

  • Rai Maid
    Rai Maid Month ago +1

    fully enchanted diamond armor got beaten by a no armored stone axe with a shield god that was legendary

  • Coal
    Coal Month ago +1

    Nice video! Loving the lifesteal smp series and loving this one to! Continue the work!

  • Cora's Kitchen
    Cora's Kitchen Month ago +1


  • AwesomeSam 676
    AwesomeSam 676 Month ago

    I was banned from a school discord server for promotion of my server that now nobody cares about. I can write an entire 5 page essay about the situation, it is so long and the excuses get so much stupid overtime the story goes on.

  • Apple Boy
    Apple Boy 22 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that all of his SMP videos would start with "This is the [SMP name] and this is me doing thing"

  • Freakistic
    Freakistic Month ago

    Almost 500k views in just 21 hours? Damn roshambo you really got blessed by RUclip algorithm

  • Blackbats_2019
    Blackbats_2019 Month ago

    at the end i was kinda sad that he got banned, but then i remembered he had alts

  • Charlene Selau Singh
    Charlene Selau Singh 21 day ago +2

    He tells story’s like a like he was in war🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • j4mes
    j4mes 23 days ago

    his enchantment list is obvious proof of cheating. if you dont enchant in a specific way it will almost always say "Too expensive"
    edit: you shouldve released the IP to the public so they can do a moderate amount of trolling

  • Ermir_SKG
    Ermir_SKG Month ago

    The video was fun to watch but fighting a rule breaker by also breaking the rules? AND framing them for something they didn't do? Not the way to go. 1. Not honourable 2. What if word gets out? Then everything else you say will be deemed bullshit.

  • Shestheia aben
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    Bro you are underated! You earned a sub 👏

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    One of the best Minecraft story’s I’ve heard