Tom Holland & Jimmy Kimmel in Exclusive Scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Jimmy makes his Marvel Universe debut with Tom Holland in this exclusive deleted scene from #SpiderManFarFromHome. #Kimmel #GameNight #NBAFinals
    Jimmy Kimmel vs. 12, 13 & 14 Year Old Spelling Bee Winners

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    Tom Holland & Jimmy Kimmel in Exclusive Scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home
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Comments • 4 656

  • Flaming Jedi
    Flaming Jedi Day ago

    You know this scene could be Canon since fox have had their deal and the defenders are with the mcu so yah.......oh yeah if your wondering it takes place before the post credit scene and the date with mj

  • AJ Radars
    AJ Radars 2 days ago

    wow stupidity as it's finest

  • Rishabh maharaj
    Rishabh maharaj 2 days ago

    So this is what briefcase Joe's been doing after Eminem left him

  • William Vouk
    William Vouk 4 days ago +1

    What’s funny is I could totally see parts of this actually being in a Spider-Man movie

  • Swrve™
    Swrve™ 4 days ago +2

    JimKim: I’ll be part of the new Spider-Man
    Spider-Man releases: **No scene**
    Fallon > Kimmel

  • Yung Prxd
    Yung Prxd 4 days ago +1

    It would’ve been funny if their names were joe and Bonnie instead

  • lý hiếu
    lý hiếu 5 days ago +10

    Jimmy: * holding a yellow t shirt with bullet holes
    Spiderman: oh that’s Luke’s

    • Michael Smith
      Michael Smith 21 hour ago

      Sokken Jessica Jone’s boyfriend kind of
      Luke Cage

    • Sokken
      Sokken 3 days ago

      Who is luke

  • jakisz
    jakisz 6 days ago +3

    That maybe the closest we will get with Spiderman, Deadpool, and Daredevil being in the same room.

  • Harry Potter and Spider-Man

    I dot remember that scene but I love it

  • Maxwell Gros
    Maxwell Gros 6 days ago

    That's Wade's mask and Matt's too

    NHICKOLA BASILAN 7 days ago +3

    Joe: hey coney!! Lets go to the back and make love.


  • RedDiamondJoseph YT
    RedDiamondJoseph YT 7 days ago

    Those must be Thanos pants

  • Iwan Vv
    Iwan Vv 7 days ago

    They should make movie together

  • Sol griffin ross
    Sol griffin ross 7 days ago

    wait doctor octopus isnt in the films yet

  • wes
    wes 7 days ago

    in another universe this is a real scene

  • Higg 420
    Higg 420 7 days ago +1

    The audience reaction was disappointing, it's like they didn't get half the jokes

  • Western Travels
    Western Travels 8 days ago +26

    Why is everyone shocked that this isn't in the movie, IT'S A JOKE!! This was a joke. It literally said, "This Scene Will Not be in Movie."

    • alex Sircus
      alex Sircus 6 days ago +4

      Dude nobody is shocked this wasn’t in the movie? Obviously it’s a joke and wouldn’t make any sense if it was actually in the movie. Are you smoking something you shouldn’t be or what?

  • Supernatural3Fan
    Supernatural3Fan 8 days ago

    Oh! Why couldn’t this have been in the movie!! 🤣

  • Lethal_Trilogy Royale

    under the counter dumby

  • Muhammad Hatim
    Muhammad Hatim 9 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel was a very good actor

  • JL member
    JL member 9 days ago

    2:14 Disney, make it happen.

    • Michael Smith
      Michael Smith 21 hour ago

      JL member

      Kevin Feige: What do you think, Ryan?
      Ryan Reynolds: MAKE ‘EM WAIT!!!

  • Ignacio Borges
    Ignacio Borges 9 days ago +5

    The closest we've come to seeing Charlie, Ryan and Tom as DD, DP and Spidy on screen together.

  • Ruby Ling
    Ruby Ling 9 days ago

    love Tom so much!!♥️

  • ryoykais
    ryoykais 10 days ago

    hahaha no wonder they said its ok to show

  • Semih M
    Semih M 10 days ago

    you are an influencer haahahahahahahhah, i tought he would say spidermann

  • Amigo Rigo
    Amigo Rigo 10 days ago +4

    These woo's sound the same... like exactly the same...

  • maxcardun
    maxcardun 11 days ago

    So he can recognize Superman and Batman while he's drunk but he can't recognize Spider-Man when he's picking up the suit. Why do I find this one funnier?

  • Jhonny Barman
    Jhonny Barman 11 days ago

    2:43 best part

  • Pheonix YT
    Pheonix YT 11 days ago

    After the scene he looks at the tv and it says Peter is spiderman

  • Ezequiel Gonzalez
    Ezequiel Gonzalez 11 days ago

    I wish that scene really did happen in the film😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • izo Khan
    izo Khan 12 days ago


  • Archington
    Archington 13 days ago +1

    “On the Brooklyn bridge” erm no

  • Séverin Official
    Séverin Official 13 days ago

    such a great actor!

  • Séverin Official
    Séverin Official 13 days ago

    that is so cool!

  • Pride Girl
    Pride Girl 13 days ago

    Add to RUclip

  • Carl Matias
    Carl Matias 14 days ago

    i love it that dare devil and deadpool uniforms are washed at a laudrey shop and especialy hulks big shorts

  • Penboy as 'god'
    Penboy as 'god' 15 days ago

    My question is: How much did Jimmy Kimmelj *PAY* Tom Holland to do this skit? Somehow, I don't think he did it for "free."

  • elbert panjaitan
    elbert panjaitan 16 days ago

    Jimmy : hei, I know what's going on here? You are an influencer. 😂😂 that's hilarious.

    VIPER 16 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice them say about how it looked like a giant octopus arm took a chunk out of the suit? If this clip is cannon then that means Spidey has fought Doc Oc already off screen since they referenced it!

  • Santiago Efrain Franco
    Santiago Efrain Franco 17 days ago +14

    If Ryan Reynolds sees this video, he is gonna laugh to death.
    If Charlie Cox sees this video, he is gonna cry like hell.

  • Jesse King
    Jesse King 17 days ago +1

    three guys with the mask,

  • I Am Groot
    I Am Groot 18 days ago

    MCU Spiderman isn't a millennial

  • Nikhita
    Nikhita 19 days ago +2

    Tom looks so much like Jamie Bell in the thumbnail

  • paul walker
    paul walker 22 days ago

    There was no such movie scene as mentioned. Hence, u got fooled

  • brando guillen
    brando guillen 23 days ago

    Tom Halland is my celebrity crush 💖💖💖💖

  • Chick-A-Play
    Chick-A-Play 27 days ago

    I lost my Spider-Man pillow

  • Dab Playz
    Dab Playz Month ago +1

    Mechanic octopus arm seems like doc ock enters the mcu

  • Armaan Ramzan
    Armaan Ramzan Month ago

    That was deadpool mask in it

  • Jimbo Bimbo
    Jimbo Bimbo Month ago

    I love how Tom Holland puts as much effort into this as he does in any real movie... the guy us just a treasure!

  • Vox Gluestick
    Vox Gluestick Month ago

    Oh man I love snapface

  • Into the Legoverse
    Into the Legoverse Month ago +1

    Tbh idk. Is this fake or actually on the blue ray

  • Stephen Fermoyle
    Stephen Fermoyle Month ago

    that was very well acted felt real

  • Lfithao1l
    Lfithao1l Month ago

    Did anyone notice the first scene where he goes in, like right before tom holland shows theres no one that opens the door

  • Dave Blue
    Dave Blue Month ago

    Now briefcase Joe work at cleaner.

  • TheSuperchannel
    TheSuperchannel Month ago


  • Rohit Thomas Issac
    Rohit Thomas Issac Month ago

    Ok boomer.

  • Jared Smith
    Jared Smith Month ago

    Are you mad that they cut that out

  • It's shrimp in a bag!
    It's shrimp in a bag! Month ago +1

    I'm not even kidding I thought this was legit in the movie until the Deadpool mask came out *falls out of chair*

  • Robbie Lowe
    Robbie Lowe Month ago

    0:19 did Jimmy start saying thank you before the applause started?