10 Most Unusual Extreme Sports

Top 10 of the most bizarre sporting events that take place around the world. Weird stuff!
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Danger is a fundamental part of the roller coaster experience. Think about it – if there was no element of danger attached to a towering coaster armed with drops, loops and plenty of speed, where would that adrenaline rush come from that thrill seekers crave so much? You know logically that you aren’t going to crash headlong into the ground below you as you plunge into a free fall from hundreds of feet above, but that moment wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if at least a part of your brain wasn’t going “uh-oh…”.

Yet, even are deepest, darkest fears are realized every now and then. For the hundreds of millions of roller coaster rides that go off without a hitch at amusement parks and carnivals all over the world, there is the extremely rare and terrifying case of a ride that doesn’t exactly go as planned. You see, part of the reason why these mammoth structures seem daunting and formidable is because they are. These twisting, swooping gargantuan conglomerations are scary by design, meaning that they are deliberately intended to test the limits of their own safety features. The idea of putting your life in the hands of a teenaged ride operator or a sketchy-looking carny is not something that most people want to consider when they strap themselves in.

Thankfully, stories of fatal roller coaster incidents remain few and far between, with modern technology helping make them even more rare. While the documentation of such incidents is admittedly spotty, a 2005 report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission counted 52 known deaths related to roller coaster accidents in the United States between 1990 and 2004. On average, that means less than four deaths per year on rides despite a level of popularity that saw 290 million tickets sold by US amusement parks in 2010.

But hey, this isn’t a list of the “10 Times Roller Coasters Ran Safely and Without Incident”. On the odd occasion that things go wrong, they can ultimately go very, very wrong. And in a hurry, too. For the solid safety record and security features of modern coasters, a loose screw here and an overly rambunctious rider can turn to tragedy awfully quick.

Look, we’re not trying to send you screaming in the opposite direction of your local Six Flags. Still, there’s something fundamentally fascinating about the stark contrast between the thrilling highs of a smooth ride and the devastating horror of a ride gone wrong. Morbid curiosity over roller coaster disasters has yielded a cult of followers, including a website dedicated to tracking ride accidents called RideAccidents.com which identifies itself as “world's most comprehensive source of amusement ride accident reports and related news”.

Without any further ado, here are 10 crazy cases of roller coaster rides gone terribly wrong:

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Chess Boxing
Volcano Boarding
Cheese Rolling
Unicycle Polo
Train Surfing
Ferret Legging
Giant Pumpkin Kayaking
Extreme Ironing

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Автор Connor Stokes ( назад)

Автор Basia Skura ( назад)
ja jestem z polski

Автор Zion Uchiha ( назад)
I wanna go Zorbing so bad

Автор HazerdousJake ( назад)
i knew cheese rolling would be in here

Автор JJ STOP MOTION ( назад)
That's lines not Charlie Brown

Автор Mike Pellerin ( назад)
Charlie Brown was not obsessed with pumpkins, that would be Linus.

Автор Lauren Surber ( назад)
HOLD UP!!! Riding a horse while going 35 mph is much harder than riding a unicycle! Horses have a mind of their own, you have to balance, you have to cue the horse with words, legs and reins, you have to be able to control that horse, you have to be able to think of the horses as an extension of you and you must be able to do all of this with ONE hand. Oh and you dont have to train a unicycle.

Автор Pedro RodrIgues ( назад)

Автор Weeping Dalek ( назад)
Chess Boxing:
Yeah, I think I'll stick to Chess

Ferret Leggings:
No thanks, I have no control over what that animal decides to claw and bite at in there

Автор Thomas Harrison ( назад)
I have saw cheese rolling and after the game, I was on top of the hill when I slipped and rolled down the hill, I didnt get hurt, but I was dizzy for 10 min, I was only 7. I am now 14

Автор Andrew Milbo ( назад)
In my town in Australia a theme park has just been opened and it has zorbing in it. It is also the longest track in the world.

Автор Huffly Puffly ( назад)
TheRichest get rid of your fucking adds you dicks

Автор Technohaze ( назад)
isn't zorbing a thing in that kids place birthday-pizza place kabooms?? look at this photo and see for yourself... http://www.chompon.com/uploads/deals/10599.jpg?v=2

Автор Mr_awesome The one ( назад)
NO way in frome NICARAGUA but im in the USA :D

Автор Redrum_murdeR ( назад)

Автор WaitTheresMore ( назад)
xd I live about 10 miles from the cheese rolling :( unfortunately they shut it down

Автор Fuzetic ( назад)

Автор TheLollerBoller With Pancakes ( назад)
I have been in a big hamster ball on water it was super fun XD

Автор Malus ( назад)
It's a shame so many schools won't go out of their way to get the equipment for some of these sports...
Can you imagine how many kids would kill to play volleyball on a trampoline? I think even the nerdy kids who skip PE would get involved.

Автор Darren Butler ( назад)
we played zorb foot ball once super fun

Автор ItsMahJubM8 o ( назад)
Did somebody say... streme spoats?

Автор Rejane Florinda ( назад)
Brazilian boys from Rio have been trainsurfing since the seventies. It was definetely not invented in Germany.

Автор Advance Consulting for Education ( назад)
Great authentic video for use in the English language classroom of advanced learners. Quick, but clear speech with visuals.

Автор Ashton Patrick ( назад)
one of my favourite sports is horse boarding

Автор Horse Girl ( назад)
for your information it is hard to ride horses
and you do need to have good balance to not fall off of a horse tack it from me I have been riding for 6 years

Автор TheRetro Toast ( назад)
rock throwing.

Автор ravi shankar ( назад)

Автор rodstartube ( назад)

Автор Demoy Baugh ( назад)
These are not sports but a form of challenging your insanity

Автор Audrey Bair ( назад)
XD the last one was a little funny.

Автор Mafhid 1 ( назад)
no lava no mama

Автор Fluffypaw 101 ( назад)
Some of these spots seem fun. Like the hamster ball and the pumpkin racing

Автор AJ Awesomeness ( назад)
I did the hamster ball one. It was awesome!

Автор might Bite ( назад)
poor ferrets

Автор zack olsen ( назад)
2:22 let's have a feel now

Автор Christian Cummings ( назад)
cheese rolling wtf did'nt ur mama tell u not 2 play with ur food lol

Автор Voidstar's Revenge ( назад)
Wheres Bubble Soccer? >.<

Автор Squiebs YT ( назад)
I would totally do vossball

Автор AcbPlaysGames ( назад)
we do pumpkin rowing in cooperstown

Автор Yasmine Scholte ( назад)
why isn't cheerleading on this, its the best/dangerous sport in the world tbh!

Автор Fernando Ramos ( назад)
Why do I feel like this reminds me of Spongebob's Prehibernation Week?

Автор The Labradoodler ( назад)
I actually did the Nicaragua thing. It's so amazing. U have no idea

Автор Indigo Osmanthus ( назад)
humans are so bizarre

Автор basketballviner sic edit ( назад)

Автор dead memes ( назад)
I'ts Linus not Charlie lol

Автор Ciara Winter ( назад)
we have pumpkin kayaking in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Автор Wombatattacks (165 лет назад)
You forgot american football

Автор the MR.swagman ( назад)
Yes I can go pumpkin kiaking 😆

Автор I'm Super Edgy ( назад)
Locally grown...

Автор freddy castillo ( назад)
so cool

Автор The Soul of a True Slav ( назад)
Helmets I didn't see a single helmet on their heads

Автор BILL GATES ( назад)
train surfing is subway surfers irl

Автор Matiss Prusis ( назад)
I have tried zorb(didn't like it) and i would like to go volcano boarding. Would it be expensive?

Автор Piotr Awsiukiewicz ( назад)
Wie bechindrt

Автор QueenOfHartz3 ( назад)
Zorbing looks fun I wanna try it some day :D

Автор Jacob Makrigiannis ( назад)
I've played bubble soccer

Автор Very Cross Dog ( назад)
Well, time to go volcano boarding!

Автор Shafique Ahmad ( назад)

Автор Shafique Ahmad ( назад)

Автор Rex Kenny ( назад)
Train surfing is not a "sport", it is more a sign of low IQ.

Автор TheDragonPSA ( назад)
and that's where the game subway surfers comes from people

Автор Alfliee ( назад)
CHARLIE BROWN was now obsessed with the great pumpkin that was LINUS

Автор Hayat Fdilat (820 лет назад)
What about bubble soccer?

Автор WIll SUCC for SUBBS ( назад)

Автор GetAmber ( назад)
Extreme...Ironing? Sign me up, I have pants that need ironing!

Автор Clancy ( назад)
I've been zorbing before
its fun

Автор Zoli K ( назад)

Автор Macey T ( назад)
I've gone down Cerro Negro. It's fun as hell!

Автор Alpha Plays ( назад)
i've gone zorbing and its fun

Автор Zero Ace ( назад)
10: Id try that at least once
9: You crazy!?
8: I fail to see the point
7: Well then, thats something
6: Now that seems fun as shit!
5: Again, you crazy!?
4: Well then, that just seems cartoonish
3: Bossaball? I think you mean "Blitzball"
2: Im pretty sure it was Linus who believed in the Great Pumpkin, not Charlie Brown
1: *EXTREME!!!*

Автор ExtremeSportsBlogger ( назад)
Zor-Boobing at 2:21 looks like fun.

Автор ExtremeSportsBlogger ( назад)
ZorBoobing at 2.21 looks pretty good.

Автор Skyrim Things ( назад)
Fucking idiots Linus was obsessed with the great pumpkin not charley brown

Автор Captain Gray ( назад)
Unicycle polo
because humans can't do more then one thing at a time...

Автор Elahrairah888 ( назад)
Er... Actually, Charlie Brown wasn't the one fascinated with "The Great Pumpkin"... It was Linus van Pelt... But yes, rolling in a plastic ball, cushioned inside another plastic ball, squeezing breasts... Yes, I can see that one becoming popular...

Автор Jyotirmoy Pathak ( назад)
what bout "Running of the Bulls" and "La Tomatina"?

Автор Edith Li ( назад)

Автор CLAYBLOOR ( назад)
This is why Aliens stay far far away from us.

Автор Pascal ( назад)
What about kanopolo?
Waterpolo on kano's

Автор Maria Victoria Helena ( назад)
Sepak takraw : basically like voleyball except you hit the ball with ur feet :D

Автор TheVeR01 (1132 года назад)
EXTREME!! ironing

Автор The_Disabled_Gamer#2 ( назад)
I'm going to go Iron right now while driving my car !

Автор NZ1967 ( назад)
If people get killed train surfing, they deserve it. Morons.

Автор tsuikyit5511 ( назад)

Автор SlayerHdThe3rd ( назад)
Charlie Brown isn't obsessed with the Great Pumpkin. Linus is.

Автор rushane blygen ( назад)
Mhahah Extreme Ironing OP

Автор SHARE H!S V!S!0N ( назад)

Автор Chase K ( назад)
That gang leader that rode the fastest train in Germany not only impressed his homies, but brought back train surfing single handedly. I'd say he left a pretty big mark.

Автор biteme294 ( назад)
really nigga? Charley brown hated Linus for the great pumpkin.

Автор keko green ( назад)

Автор Thundertigerchm AJ ( назад)

Автор Carlos Irizarry ( назад)
an extreme sport should consist of at least some sort of atletisism from the participant, and some risk of serious injury if you fuck up. Rolling down a hill in a big fluffy ball has neither of those elements, Zorbing looks like alot of fun, but don't call it a sport.

Автор JDMpaprika ( назад)
what about the finnish sport eukonkanto, which means you carry your wife on your back upside down on tough terrain???

Автор _Inferno Wolf_ ( назад)
EXTREAM SPOATSSSSS!!!! comment if you know what reference this is

Автор Kaick Filipe ( назад)
I know an extreme sport! The Youtube comment section.

Автор SNAKIN WORLD ( назад)
ferret legging??wtf..ferret bite cld even end up in catching rabies..!!!

Автор Aya Lamaachi ( назад)
you've forgot the"muggles quidittch"

Автор David Simpkins (1818 лет назад)
10 most unusual dumb asses

Автор cydonianKnight ( назад)

Автор Emily C ( назад)
i actually went to the pumpkin hollow out river race! it was really funny to see the heavier people sink a little

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