How Did the Hazbins Die? - (Quick Hazbin Hotel Theory)

  • This is just a small video I planned to put together before the pilot, but I wound up running out of time today before I watched it. To improve the video’s quality, considering it’s basically just a short podcast, I added footage from the pilot after the fact- But all audio and script was made nearly a month ago, way before this first episode was public, so I’m pretty proud of this!
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  • Shadrothedragon Walker

    Maybe kill joy died from a broken neck since her neck snaps easily even when rushing to her seat, along with I think constant cracking from her so maybe it was something involving broken bones

  • Donna LA Artista
    Donna LA Artista 5 hours ago

    My theory backfired-
    Theory revisited: I'm not sure if Vaggie was punished for being gay, or was a prostitute, or an angel of death, I'm uncertain. But I could say is that my theory is that Vaggie could've been 1) punished for being gay and is in hell which is SAD. 2). She killed somebody who could've done harm towards her and that could be why she's aggressive towards anyone (including Alastor) even if they don't hurt her she still has a reason to get defensive.
    Another theory I liked was her being an angel... but I don't think there's any moment of her killing anyone unless further in the series.

  • LOL Lover the fox あい
    LOL Lover the fox あい 6 hours ago +1

    Something I found for Killjoy is
    August 24-28 1992: Hurricane Andrew.
    If she was there reporting Andew Something could just have easily have flew and hit her head if wind picked up.
    I know people have been saying that she was kill by something fall on her during a report but I also this could make sense.

  • Naomi Draws and Does Gacha

    Husk probably was in the air-force the reason I think so is because when I was looking at his characters his wings caught my attention why give a character wings unless it is related to their deaths

  • Ethan Maxi
    Ethan Maxi 8 hours ago

    Go to 1:25 here

  • MankiStudios
    MankiStudios 12 hours ago +1

    Alastor died from a dog-related death
    Not a hunter realated

  • Donger 64
    Donger 64 17 hours ago

    im going to piss on vivziepop

  • Aiden Saunders
    Aiden Saunders Day ago +1

    Nifty committed suicide it says so in the lore

  • Apollo Welch
    Apollo Welch Day ago

    Who the fuck is Baxter

  • Alexis Crocker
    Alexis Crocker Day ago

    vaggie could have been shot in the eye because of the x on her right or left eye

  • Captain Artist
    Captain Artist Day ago

    Easy alastor was killed by a deer hunter charlie was literally born in hell vaggie was killed by a murderer Angel was overdosed .

  • Mary D
    Mary D Day ago

    Angel is italian as fandom claims

  • Robbie Abbott Ramsay

    the father's name is Henroin

  • Anneya and Galario

    “Pick up on what am I’m implying”

  • Ian Abellanosa
    Ian Abellanosa Day ago

    Charlie Looks Born As A Bunny Because Of Her Tail And Face (I Think)

  • Water
    Water Day ago

    The radio demon is still mortal.

  • フィリピンrrromana

    I think nifty was probably a housewife that went insane and killed her husband or sumn

    POKE JAZZ 2 days ago

    I’ve seen one of Vivzies art of vaggie being looked by eyes and the background has trees with hanging ropes so their is a chance she killed herself because of the hate and judgement

  • falcon wilson
    falcon wilson 3 days ago +1

    i think vaggie could have been shot in the eye.

  • •Alzuri•
    •Alzuri• 3 days ago +1

    what i think:
    Katie killjoy:Crushed by set piece
    Tom:Toxic gas
    Vaggie:Breast cancer or rape and stabbed in eye
    Alator:Mistaken for deer and shot
    Nifty:From imternet:Raped and got std

  • Cactux
    Cactux 3 days ago

    Pretty sure Alastor was killed by his dogs throwing the radio at him while Alastor was taking a bath

  • meghan marks
    meghan marks 3 days ago +1

    Wow really? I thought that Sir Pinchis would have died by a toxic snake becuase of his tail and snake like appearance! When I found out he died in a blizzard is!!!

  • Kathleen Henny
    Kathleen Henny 3 days ago +1

    I think Katy kill Joys partner died in world war 2 not world war 1 because the gas musk was something that many soldiers wore in world war 2 when leathle gasses were getting popular and more deadly

  • XxSmarties LovesxX
    XxSmarties LovesxX 4 days ago +1

    I think Vaggie was seduced online due to X's on her.. Chest let's say. And yes she died in 2014 due to she probably was seduced online. Or seduced. Nor was online video chat or Omegle ..? Omegla?.. Anyways that app/website probably exist during 2014.

  • My name is Iris
    My name is Iris 4 days ago

    Me: oooooohhhhhhhh

    I live in Louisiana QwQ

    TOHA FARID MD ZAIN 4 days ago

    People who name angellica: angel dust Angel dust ANgel dust ANGel dust ANGEl dust ANGEL dust ANGEL Dust ANGEL DUst ANGEL DUSt ANGEL DUST ahhhhhhhhh!

  • GunShot Gacha
    GunShot Gacha 4 days ago

    Did you notice there was a poodle on niftys skirt? She was probably born in Paris,France.Since Nifty was there in 1939 ( World War 2) she probably got sick at the end like you said.It was probably due to all the bombs and gases exposed to the air.

    FOXZ NORMAN 4 days ago


  • zvreds
    zvreds 5 days ago

    I think I know how vaggie and killjoy died. I believe that vaggie was supposed to go to heaven or was even living in heaven for a wile. For both she went to hell because of her sexuality becoming a fallen angel. For Katty Killjoy she died do hanging, neck being snapped by an abusive husband (this one is just a thought for the fact of her neck snapping) or a news set falling on her. This may or not be right

  • BG_GamerGirlDeku
    BG_GamerGirlDeku 5 days ago +2

    Or he could of died of Chernobyl

  • Aleta Anderson
    Aleta Anderson 5 days ago +1

    I hope that you will see this I have a theory on Kattie Kill joy.
    Kattie kill joy might have got decapitated.Just think about it,the constant bone cracking.Now I know many demons do this but look at how her head goes when they go back to live in hazbin hotel on the news show.

  • ガチャSenpai ッ
    ガチャSenpai ッ 5 days ago +1

    I have to say something

    *I C A N S U C K Y A D I C K*

  • Brissa and Azulita
    Brissa and Azulita 5 days ago

    I didn't see baxter

  • Peach Kandy
    Peach Kandy 5 days ago +1

    Killjoy possibly died to a setback on set. A microphone or light dropping on her and causing her to break her neck while on TV.

  • Misonomi
    Misonomi 5 days ago +3

    "Because Alastor is abnormally thin"
    Me: What about Katie Killjoy?

  • Todd Black
    Todd Black 6 days ago

    The Titanic sank in 1912

  • Mime The Pleb
    Mime The Pleb 6 days ago

    Wait was Baxter even in the pilot?

  • Noel Black
    Noel Black 6 days ago +1

    5:12 or he was in General in the Navy, Cause the suit Looks so
    Edit: like he died in WWI in a Sinking Dreadknough

  • lil ghosty
    lil ghosty 6 days ago


  • Alannah Burns
    Alannah Burns 6 days ago +1

    snek boi died cause of a rival inventor

  • gacha rose
    gacha rose 6 days ago +1

    Katy kill joy might have broken her neck because of the way she snaps her neck

  • Thuy Oanh Vo
    Thuy Oanh Vo 6 days ago

    Im Vietnam two

  • Mr Raccoon2019
    Mr Raccoon2019 6 days ago


  • Jaeda Blume
    Jaeda Blume 6 days ago +1

    so is alastor being a serial killer canon? i’m sorta new to this fandom so could someone explain? also just how alastor is a deer and all that?

    • Alastor The Radio Demon
      Alastor The Radio Demon 2 days ago +1

      Jaeda Blume Alastor being a serial killer is canon.Also I think he is a dear because a deer hunter could have mistaken him for one and shot him(that’s just my theory tho)

  • star the foxycat
    star the foxycat 7 days ago +1

    Wait so im confused, is angel dust a boy or girl '^'

    • Hi Ma
      Hi Ma 6 days ago

      star the foxycat no problem:)

    • star the foxycat
      star the foxycat 6 days ago

      Thanks i was so confused ;^;

    • Hi Ma
      Hi Ma 6 days ago

      star the foxycat he is a boy

  • Kaiser Von Bahr
    Kaiser Von Bahr 7 days ago +1

    My theory for Tom is that he was a British soldier killed by the Germans in WW1 because British soldiers were referred to as “Tommies” and the Germans were the first ever to use Gas attacks in WW1 which explains the gas mask, and they were the first to use flamethrowers which explains him being set on fire in the fight scene

  • NutWings Gaming
    NutWings Gaming 7 days ago

    ritilan was widely used by house mothers back then and gave them the energy to cook clean and be ocd as well did many other drugs so the 50s was a trying time for the housewife

  • OkayZ YT
    OkayZ YT 7 days ago


  • KingArthur Gaming
    KingArthur Gaming 7 days ago

    My bit of addition to Alistair thing, is that he's so powerful because in life he partook in voodoo. Note during his song all the musicians are Shadows. Voodoo is heavily based in Shadows and death, so that could have carried over into the Afterlife. And a lot of the symbols that appear around him while he uses his power are voodoo emblems

  • Neon_ animating
    Neon_ animating 7 days ago +1

    I mean, on vivs website it says how they die-
    Alastor died from a dog,
    Angel overdosed
    Vaggie is unknown
    Husk is unknown, (but i saw somewere that he died becuse he won against very sore losers)

  • Darlene Padilla
    Darlene Padilla 7 days ago

    Did I miss something or why do people thing Alastor hates dogs??

  • Cookie Playz
    Cookie Playz 7 days ago

    Charlie is like the Poppy of hazbin hotel

  • Churro !
    Churro ! 7 days ago

    Yes now the question isssssss
    Why are they in hell?

  • Kylie Powell
    Kylie Powell 8 days ago +2

    Just realized that the drug thief looks like a emo teenager Phineas

  • Just Keira
    Just Keira 8 days ago

    I think Katy Killioy broke her neck

  • ThegamingMEMES YEET
    ThegamingMEMES YEET 8 days ago +2

    I think the little kid was killed in a fire.

  • Maddie Hamelton
    Maddie Hamelton 8 days ago

    I kinda feel bad for Trench being lit on literal fire, I know it fricken hurts like heck.

  • Christina Benson
    Christina Benson 8 days ago

    Anybody else think Nifty died in a fire you know?Cause she was summoned with fire from the radiator?Also katie killjoys a smoker right thats probably how she died.

  • doom slayer
    doom slayer 8 days ago

    Snake man (cant spell his name cause im stupid) may have actually died due to a kind cobra bite due to his neck flap pops up and shows eyes (like a king cobra)

  • Bluey The Bird
    Bluey The Bird 8 days ago

    "How did the hazbins die" me: I don't think that hotels can die if I'm being honest

  • Maria Cruz
    Maria Cruz 8 days ago

    Angel dust is a male

  • Gianello Cabahug
    Gianello Cabahug 8 days ago

    cuz satan is the king from the hell

  • Gianello Cabahug
    Gianello Cabahug 8 days ago

    so is hazbin hotel real in hell but charlie said she is the princess of hell but his dad is lucifer not satan

  • Hailey E.M.S.
    Hailey E.M.S. 8 days ago +1

    Well, did you notice that Katie has a snapped neck?

  • Un-ironic Reference.

    Bf1: Came our.
    Kids: Oh Boi, WW1 is amazing.
    Tom Trench: *Pyrophobia PTSD intensify*

  • Tegan Scott
    Tegan Scott 9 days ago


  • Siren_scars
    Siren_scars 9 days ago

    I am now none existence

  • Graceful Gazel
    Graceful Gazel 9 days ago +1


  • Charlie The Innocent One

    I think for Katie Killjoy it has something do to with her bones, maybe a snapped neck as we see happen in the pilot, I got this theory when re-watching the pilot recently if you listen very closely you can sometimes hear bones being broken whenever she is moving which leads me to belive she died from breaking her bones and then blood loss and that is where she gets her red color from or someone snapped her neck.

    JOHN LEWIS 9 days ago +1

    Read this

  • Mia Pace
    Mia Pace 9 days ago +1

    I kinda thought that Katie died from being strangled and broke her bones because of her cracking noises


    ok niffty died in a fire and vaggie killed herself

  • Planet Crusors
    Planet Crusors 9 days ago

    Most of em died in the 1900s

  • FALLEN849region uwu
    FALLEN849region uwu 10 days ago


  • Shattered Mandolorian
    Shattered Mandolorian 10 days ago

    Sir pentious died in 1888 around that time Jack the ripper made his main moves I know he didn't die from this but it's still a little fact

  • Drawing world
    Drawing world 10 days ago

    Anon who’s ANON WhO

  • Lightning Chaser
    Lightning Chaser 10 days ago +1

    There's a problem with one of your theories:
    1. Cherri Bomb is from Australia, so she wouldn't have been involved in an American mafia war

  • Wolf Trinbo
    Wolf Trinbo 10 days ago

    for nifty. sorry if i spelled her name wrong. i wonder if that was alastor's sister? or a daughter he took in? remember how he was describing the orphans? maybe thats a clue?

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man 10 days ago +1

    Does Sir Edge lord have eggs as his minions because he’s an egg eating snake?