TROLLEMON? Scared Minecraft Steve + 💩 Ninja = Awesome |TROLLFACE QUEST VIDEO GAMES Pocket Edition

  • Опубликовано: 19 ноя 2016
  • Mike & Duddy are playing TROLLFACE QUEST VIDEO GAMES iPad Ios Mobile App Game where they take popular games and turn them intro Trolly situational situations of riddle madness! Can you name all the games we played? We don't even know all of them! Thumbs up if we should play a part 2 and double thumbs up for Troll Pokemon = TROLLEMON! :)
    Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
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    Play more Pokemon go please

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    wait did they stole denis dailys backpack intro

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    I want every Chambers to play bendy and the ink machine chapter 4 quiz chapter 4 went out right now and she tivers can you play bendy and the ink machine chapter 4 is not in there I'm sorry

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    Hey fgteev. Can you play Trollface Quest TV Shows? Guess the Tv Shows in the game

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    Snorlax? more like Borax XD Like if you think my pun is good

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    what if theres a hello neighbor LEVEL????

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    Play poketale

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    They missed a pokemon in 2 :56

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    📿🔮that is Siri can you put a better YouTube

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    In level 3

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    Please do more troll face

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    I like your doser

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    you missed a trollemon fgtv

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    The level with the caution sign is from portal and the thing that fats on the cake is a headcrab from half life 2

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    Can you play troll quest again with mike and you duddy

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    UNDERTROLL... I mean undertake I’m a noob 😑😰

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    Why don't you guys play undertale

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    Troll quest
    Angry birds
    The end
    Good ending
    Like if you think I was good at doing this

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