Unlucky fake Loody in MOPE.IO

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Very epic gamers and smol pros, sisters-misters and meatballs! In this video you will be able to see how I got a Golden Eagle (no). Also I found many fake "Loody", I don't know why but there were many of them this time. I didn't use any hacks or cheats, but my friend "Toilet Paper" was giving me a lot of XP! He got a King Dragon so it was easy.
    I hope that you liked this video, let me know in the comments if so. Many funny edits, montages were included in it, I know that you guys love it ^^
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Comments • 240

  • scott milligan
    scott milligan 10 hours ago +1

    I got golden eagal on first game

  • Random Pizza
    Random Pizza Day ago +2

    0:55 that eagle’s IQ is as low as getting golden eagle

  • Noah Lindeen
    Noah Lindeen Day ago +2

    Everybody: Lion.

    Loody: C A T .

  • Lucky Frog :3
    Lucky Frog :3 2 days ago


  • Its Maegouuu Gacha
    Its Maegouuu Gacha 3 days ago +1

    0:53 😂😂

  • Neil Whitelaw
    Neil Whitelaw 4 days ago

    Make tolet
    Paper like me

  • Кот Васильевич

    Эта неабычная кошечка 2:47
    Редкий катёнок
    Если что

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith 5 days ago +2

    Why hasn't anyone tried being a Mini King dragon?

    • Wo4lfer
      Wo4lfer 3 days ago

      Because if u lost more xp than 40m u downgrade to mouse


    Loody I got lava toucan

  • random gaming
    random gaming 9 days ago

    I doplicated loody having multiple loodys on

  • Leo Perrella
    Leo Perrella 10 days ago

    omg poor loody i got golden eagle 2 times XD

  • Aidan Killpartrick
    Aidan Killpartrick 10 days ago

    He was a fan

  • Feel Inshape
    Feel Inshape 11 days ago

    you real Loody the aders is fake Loody you real i love you

  • Caleb Kinney
    Caleb Kinney 13 days ago

    Getting golden eagle is pretty hard but it's worth it right

  • bestenigar küreli
    bestenigar küreli 13 days ago

    its so gooood, i love you.

  • Kacey Sams
    Kacey Sams 14 days ago


  • Финский демократический маппер

    Топ видос,но насчёт орла попытка не пытка

  • LoL kekk
    LoL kekk 15 days ago

    Хвхвхвххвхв спалился

  • Flamez_ Static
    Flamez_ Static 18 days ago

    Go fore dove

  • braian BR GAMES
    braian BR GAMES 18 days ago

    loody vc e br ne

  • Balázs Neszmélyi
    Balázs Neszmélyi 18 days ago

    I am a small pro but i sent a like :))

  • Kavin Umasankar
    Kavin Umasankar 18 days ago

    Those cats are rare.

  • Kavin Umasankar
    Kavin Umasankar 18 days ago

    I am an original player, ever since it first came out.. :)

  • huettermann Horst
    huettermann Horst 19 days ago


  • huettermann Horst
    huettermann Horst 19 days ago


  • Super Cool
    Super Cool 19 days ago

    I been Golden Eagle yesterday...COOL

  • Soryadeo ga
    Soryadeo ga 20 days ago

    oh shoot white lioness is 5/1000 got it 2 times

  • Saddness/Bryan Gaming
    Saddness/Bryan Gaming 28 days ago +1

    LOL I Love Mope RUcliprs Thats Why I'm Using There Name Maybe There Using Your Name Because There Your Huge Fans!

  • Ptohko
    Ptohko 28 days ago +2


    Только русские поймут.

    Оказывается, у него есть русская клавиатура :0

  • mope cats -v-
    mope cats -v- 29 days ago

    My name in mope is loody fan !

  • mope cats -v-
    mope cats -v- 29 days ago

    Oof cats cats cats cats i love u loody

  • P.R.O.И
    P.R.O.И Month ago

    Спалился ты русский

  • FluffyCloud Playz
    FluffyCloud Playz Month ago

    Toilet paper is very popular with many youtubers and I'm also his friend uwu

  • Das Einhorn
    Das Einhorn Month ago

    The ,, cats" are rares. 😂 You got white lioness thats really rare

  • Киса Котикова

    Ты русский?

  • Ben Amud
    Ben Amud Month ago

    I saw toilet paper a long timeHe was teaming with me

  • Shu Xu
    Shu Xu Month ago

    Btw I was loody when I asked u and I was also h20👑👑💩💩

  • Shu Xu
    Shu Xu Month ago

    I can prove I was in ur server u didn’t record that when I asked u to team u said yes then u killed me 👑👑💩💩

  • Shu Xu
    Shu Xu Month ago

    Dude..... I was the eagle H20 king king poop emo ..... u were stuck I asked the black dragon for a bite then he or she killed me....🎯btw I bite u as the eagle when u were stuck lol Sry🤗 btw I was also loopy ... me only real and toilet paper is my old friend btw I was also donkey

  • GGBoomOfficial
    GGBoomOfficial Month ago +2


    • OOF OOF
      OOF OOF 27 days ago +1

      Nah no one :)

  • the cyborg gorilla
    the cyborg gorilla Month ago

    lol alkot of fakers out there just to get free bytes

  • Alexa the weirdo 1675
    Alexa the weirdo 1675 Month ago +1

    U know that white lion is REALLY rare? But u we're saying BRUHHH another cat

  • User User
    User User Month ago +1

    Но я ими всеми был!

  • User User
    User User Month ago +1

    И львята реткие шанс получить 60

  • User User
    User User Month ago +1


  • User User
    User User Month ago +1

    Кошки реткие

  • Raimundo Garcia
    Raimundo Garcia Month ago

    I reached killer whale cause as shark a killer whale (aka a friend) let me tailbite her (she was spanish

  • Mishel Studio
    Mishel Studio Month ago

    Русский? ЧТОООО 8:16

  • Anastasia Malinnikova

    Чуть тебя жаль потому-что тебе не выпал золотой орёл (он у меня был два раза хоть он и легендарный и да у меня не было белой львицы)

  • Biała Furia
    Biała Furia Month ago

    I got golden eagle 5 times and white rhino 4 times :)

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer Month ago

    I seen myself

  • Matheus Dubidú
    Matheus Dubidú Month ago

    FIRST:when i play this i saw a fake Loody too SECOND:LOOK THE PIG 7:45

  • reba billy
    reba billy Month ago

    Fake is a noob and it’s a jerk

  • cazura zaidi
    cazura zaidi Month ago

    bruh white lioness is almost as rare as golden eagle

  • TheWolfBoy Hacker
    TheWolfBoy Hacker Month ago

    I am like you in mope.io i always get rare cats sometimes i want normal cat

  • Hower Legend
    Hower Legend Month ago +1

    The real Loody is a cat

  • Имя Фамилия

    лол ты русс?

  • Pickle Ninja
    Pickle Ninja Month ago


  • Adrián rojas cardenas forever

    lody ja hi

  • YT Drago
    YT Drago Month ago +1

    Oh hey i’m in the video, i’m drago on leaderboard