Can Democrats and Republicans See Eye to Eye?

  • Published on May 3, 2019
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Comments • 27 644

  • Sophia Lang
    Sophia Lang 25 minutes ago

    Honestly I am a Democrat and sometimes it’s hard for me to respect a person who voted for trump . But I have to admit that Michael was super respectful and tied to understand everyone’s points and opinion

  • Meron A. Admasu
    Meron A. Admasu 31 minute ago

    Damn, Chrissy is confrontational as hell! There’s no reasoning, understanding or willingness to find common ground from those type of people. Ignorant and yet extremely opinionated just like her president 🙄🙄 a very dangerous combo

  • Madeline
    Madeline Hour ago

    “ is Christy a good representation of the Republican Party?
    Literally everyone: NO

  • kristina Harris
    kristina Harris 2 hours ago

    Christy you are very rude to the black woman. She is only giving her point of view and you are attacking her. You Republica make me sick.

  • Cbas 420
    Cbas 420 2 hours ago

    Josh sounds like Danny Towers, but he's white.

  • DeadChannel
    DeadChannel 3 hours ago

    Of course it was the Social Justice Warrior who wanted to talk over everybody. She made it easier to take the Republicans seriously because she made assumptions instead of listening.

  • R Music
    R Music 4 hours ago

    One of the first problems is simply referring to one side as the left and the other as the right. Its just sad that people's lives are identified by politics when there are so many more important things in this world.

  • Roselyn NigerianQueen
    Roselyn NigerianQueen 5 hours ago

    That black girl is better than me, I wouldn’t have hugged Christi or whatever her name was.

  • Roselyn NigerianQueen
    Roselyn NigerianQueen 5 hours ago

    Christi or whatever the hell your name is....rethink your life

  • Critter Swarm
    Critter Swarm 8 hours ago +1

    As a Republican;
    A) Michael was a great representation for my party
    B) Christy was not...

    They balance each other out

  • tiahna lawrence
    tiahna lawrence 9 hours ago


  • Amanda Kiana
    Amanda Kiana 16 hours ago


  • alondra
    alondra 17 hours ago +1

    The black woman is so smart

  • c cc
    c cc 17 hours ago +1

    I'm a conservative Mexican American and Christy is not what I stand for...she's just troubled

  • bloop bloorp
    bloop bloorp 19 hours ago

    Okay as far as Michael's: why don't you have a job? Just get a job?
    DISABILITIES. I grew up with my Mom in a wheelchair, my last memory of her being ablebodied was when I was 3 or 4. My dad was medically separated from the Navy, and I am almost disabled at this point. When you are disabled, job options are cut down dramatically. Yes, there are places that offer accomodations, but if there is an able bodied person also qualified for the job, it will most likely go to that person. He seems pretty able and can probably function on his own. My mom cannot, my dad kinda can but it's been getting increasingly harder for him too, and I cannot function on my own.
    So no buddy, you can't just go "get a job". It's not that simple and it never was

  • My Facts
    My Facts 19 hours ago

    Any one reading this just needs to understand these important facts.
    1. Trumps wall is not racist.Its a good thing
    2.Mass immigration is not a pretty thing.
    3. We don’t belong in the Middle East Let other countries fight their own battles.
    Whether your a democrat or a republican.If you agree with all three of these things. Your one of the people that know how things should be

  • lyssa
    lyssa 20 hours ago

    I truly feel bad that no one had christy's back through this debate but she lost me when she tried to make excuses for people who don't have jobs. I have lived in a poor family (generations of poor) and I was able to stop it and get up and work. Most people or at least the ones I know of and see don't want to work they're lazy. Its unfair for me to work my butt off but then there is someone who sits on the couch all day collecting free services for just breathing. Yes of course health reasons could be a huge factor.

  • Emma
    Emma 21 hour ago

    I think that Christy is just a pseudonym for Karen

  • okayajrenne
    okayajrenne 23 hours ago

    george washington said parties would tear our country apart

  • okayajrenne
    okayajrenne Day ago

    hope is a joke i feel like that was not the left side michael was literally stabbed baby

  • okayajrenne
    okayajrenne Day ago

    christy went off for no reason she was clearly talking in general she knew what her statement meant she never said all white people thought like why are they interrupting them wtf i need to meet with these people and talk because there’s sm i’m so annoyed with these people i really wanted to relate to the republicans but they chose the worst people like hope baby a little girl was mean to you

  • okayajrenne
    okayajrenne Day ago


  • D U A_L I P A_ #1 F A N

    That girl Christy didn’t even say anything she only was there to attack what people were actually saying

  • Matthew Hutchinson

    16:34 no not really. Antifa is all leftist and look at the damage they done. The left is a lot more violent then the right. But these are the extremes here and they represent nobody but maybe 0.5% of the population. However, more often it’s the left that is more emotionally unstable and usually walk into a debate with an close mind to the different viewpoints. This is my opinion and also anyone that can’t listen to another view point objectively has a problem, no matter their political views

  • Matthew Hutchinson

    6:02 slavery did make America rich, but most of the institutions where burned in the civil war. And the north didn’t gain much from slavery, neither did the Midwest and west. So don’t give to much power to that 150 year old argument

  • Matthew Hutchinson

    3:04 hopefully I get to hear a logical explanation of why a redistribution of wealth is “fair” for the first time in my life

  • Sophia Sanchez
    Sophia Sanchez Day ago

    christy made my head hurt

  • Pearl Corder
    Pearl Corder Day ago

    Christy is pretty bad, but the way that she attacks people is the way I get attacked when I say anything conservative.

  • Hegmi
    Hegmi Day ago

    Sksksksks VSCO girl needs to get a grip
    She said i felt unsafe that somebody yelled at me

  • Hegmi
    Hegmi Day ago

    Christy needs to take her blood pressure medicine
    That Starbucks had 3 shots instead of 2
    ☕️ 👀

  • MimixLight
    MimixLight Day ago +1

    Should have had Ben Shapiro on the show 😂

  • Sidonie Wittman
    Sidonie Wittman Day ago

    The guy that said “why don’t you have a job” seems pretty ignorant to others situations

  • Skylar Ruddell
    Skylar Ruddell Day ago

    Some people are just trying to get offended, lets be honest.

  • Skylar Ruddell
    Skylar Ruddell Day ago

    Hell yeah. Thanks to Alan for seeing the grayscale and not making assumptions about people!!

  • Ron Jeremy
    Ron Jeremy Day ago

    Even if these companies become more automated. They still have to hire trained people to run the machines and robots they have. In most cases just as many people are hired to maintain the equipment as there was in place making the product. And in a lot of cases they are training the people in that particular job to run robots. I know this because I sell robots to manufactures and in the majority of the cases, that is what Im told. Yes there are cases that people do lose their jobs or they are moved somewhere else. But this also explains the huge bump in enrollment in colleges for training for these types of jobs. As a matter of fact, most companies I go to are begging for qualified employees.

  • Laurel Wanger
    Laurel Wanger Day ago

    Christy is totally delusional and she’s embodies a lot of things that are wrong with this country

  • Lizeth Cortez
    Lizeth Cortez Day ago

    Christy looks like she wants to speak to my manager...............

  • Lady Lorena
    Lady Lorena Day ago

    Our country can not succeed & prosper based on "democratic & republican" standards. The new America embraces who we are beyond the box political choices try to box us in. We are not defined by "labels" Move beyond the labels and embrace who we are "fellow Americans" Who is this panel and how do they represent America? Seems to me they represent the status quo........... No background checks are needed for law abiding citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Boehm
    Jennifer Boehm Day ago

    Rich men are the ones who purchase sex. They are the exploiters.

  • M B
    M B Day ago +1

    Michael looks like joseph gordon levitt in don jon

  • Inumiko
    Inumiko Day ago

    Christy IS what is wrong with Republicans.

  • tomás
    tomás 2 days ago

    Christy said her mom was Guatemalan, so sweetie you're HALF Hispanic and whitepassing. even then her mother could've been white and she very well could be close to fully white. the actual ignorance lmao

  • tripps42
    tripps42 2 days ago

    That's the thing I don't like about Republicans, at least for what I see in this video, they always act like victims when they're really are not. They always tell that democrats are oversensitive and yet they're the first ones to feel attacked when they are not.

  • Abriana Luna
    Abriana Luna 2 days ago +1

    Hope is that girl that is trying to relate to their experiences but just can’t lmao

  • BaileyyJanette
    BaileyyJanette 2 days ago

    We wEnT tO ThE inAugUraL BaLL , ~* ᵒᶠ ᶜᵒᵘʳˢᵉ *~

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang 2 days ago

    America was never great, and it still isnt. Almost every minority is still discriminated against in some subtle way shape or form.

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang 2 days ago

    Why more left media because mostly the reports are factual

  • Nirvana Naidoo
    Nirvana Naidoo 2 days ago

    Alan for future president please!

  • Nirvana Naidoo
    Nirvana Naidoo 2 days ago

    5:37 wow that woman's anger. Typical white conservative but if she said it, others would have to stop being so sensitive.

  • Nirvana Naidoo
    Nirvana Naidoo 2 days ago

    The republicans look sooooo republican rofl

  • Anonymous One1
    Anonymous One1 2 days ago +1

    An illegal alien almost killed both my parents, the sob was drunk driving and failed to brake on a red light hitting the back of my parents car. the guy then flee the scene.

    • Michael Gallas
      Michael Gallas 2 days ago +1

      Think about all the hidden costs they cause from fleeing the scene of accidents. It happens every day in Los Angeles.

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 2 days ago

      Clearly all undocumented immigrants are bad then.

  • Anonymous One1
    Anonymous One1 2 days ago

    the Media does lean for the Democratic party

  • starlight_93
    starlight_93 2 days ago

    8:17 She's nodding her head but it's sooooo obvious that everything is going in one ear and out the other. She's not listening to understand, she's listening to reply and fight back.

  • Nol is Best Boi
    Nol is Best Boi 2 days ago

    I wish they would have put me on there... I should have taken Hope's place... She did nothing to try and show our point of view

  • Nol is Best Boi
    Nol is Best Boi 2 days ago

    They should have go Ben Shapiro on here!!! That would have been awesome!!!

  • Jessica Mandujano
    Jessica Mandujano 2 days ago

    Christy's on EVERYBODY'S hit list 🙅🙅🙅

  • sarah kelley
    sarah kelley 2 days ago +1

    im hispanic -white lady who's MOM was hispanic and doesn't even look hispanic at all.
    being hispanic is one thing, looking like it is another. if you look hispanic, your life is probably effected. i don't think looking white gets you hated on everyday. PLEASE. don't act like you DONT live in privilege. people are made fun of everyday for skin color.
    im native and a republican. but christy was out of line. get in your place. don't treat a african american like they have the same circumstances as you. american was never great.

  • Michael Foti
    Michael Foti 2 days ago +1

    Mike; Kids can be underprivileged.
    Christy; Why aren’t their parents working?
    What the actual duck that’s not how it works.
    Also I’m glad Mike had that great convo with the woman that was heartwarming.

    • Michael Gallas
      Michael Gallas 2 days ago

      Thanks! Follow my channel for geopolitical information regarding the US if you'd like.

  • audrey santos
    audrey santos 3 days ago +3

    i hated christy’s attitude. please NEVER bring her back on any of these. she’s awful.

  • Create Mymy
    Create Mymy 3 days ago

    Have a dinner meeting.
    A valuable lesson.
    Noted for myself.