Creating Saturday Night Live: Kate McKinnon Make-up Transition

On March 11th, 2017, the SNL make-up team had only one commercial break to get Kate McKinnon out of her Jeff Sessions character and into her "Shud the Mermaid" character. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at that transition.

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Автор 1 Bad Jesus ( назад)
0:26 some may be unaware but LOUIS C.K. is not "only" a popular comedian but ALSO a renowned makeup artist.

Автор Alexandra Kangis ( назад)
It's amazing to see how this application goes in real time after watching the hour long demo where you were able to take your time at IMATS. Very cool!

Автор Charles Burns ( назад)
Wow. I didn't even care for the Shud sketch that much, but this has given me newfound respect. Props to everyone who made that quick turnaround possible and to Kate whom I didn't even realize was "Shud".

Автор No One ( назад)
At least she's not butchering Leonard Cohen lyrics this time.

Автор j jay ( назад)
Transition ? I thought they meant she would transition into a normal person .

Автор Scott Russell ( назад)
they can take off indefinitely. boring and mindless unidirectional slamming T.

Автор Auggie G. ( назад)
That's pretty impressive

Автор Hank THE Patriot ( назад)
SHUD!!! love this character! !!!

Автор The Philosopher: Humans Are Hateful and Hopeless ( назад)

Автор MikElite04 ( назад)
It reminds me of Ellen for some reason

Автор dilberton99 ( назад)
Where is the coward Alec Baldwin? The fear it to imitate Trump :)

Автор Chuck Noris ( назад)
yh but commercial breaks are like 1hr long

Автор Abderezzak Bakhat idrissi ( назад)
Its been 2 weeks without any post from snl what is happenning?

Автор Tracker ( назад)
SNL used to be good before it became a political propaganda show. Fire the writers and bring back the old SNL.

Автор Noor Ki Barsaat - Naat Video ( назад)

Автор seinna june ( назад)
what's up with you snl?

Автор Dollar Diva ( назад)
I ❤️️Shud!!!!!!!

Автор kittendivine1 ( назад)
Jeez, I can barely do my mascara in 5 minutes without getting it on my eyelids. Good job people!

Автор bethany hoffman ( назад)
3 seconds

Автор Tito c ( назад)
I want to do prosthetic makeup for a living it looks great

Автор Freeman Da Gospel Rapper ( назад)
Need encouragement? Feel like giving up? Check out my "Don't lose your faith" video on my channel. Thanks

Автор Chloe Knox ( назад)
Wouldn't have to rush if they'd get Leslie Jordan to do Jeff Sessions!

Автор Lulu b The Hamilton fangirl ( назад)
I hope some day they will have Leslie odam Jr. host snl

Автор the artist ( назад)
And... that it's all HD ready, remember when you could easily see the prosthetics!?

Автор Пламен Терзиев ( назад)
The Simpsoooooooons

Автор Scarletthelps ( назад)
Wow! Love you guys for posting this! Great to see all the hard work it takes to make one skit!

Автор Shawn Raby ( назад)
Need some support, me out a lil thanks!!

Автор Roberto Carrasco ( назад)
She is iconic!!

Автор tyshine33 ( назад)
More of this please

Автор cthao559 ( назад)
Wow love the custom designs..Hey can we get one more Sean spicer show please...

Автор Shoe Polish ( назад)
Kate's skits are the only thing that's always funny on SNL

Автор Ahmed Abduljabar ( назад)
You guys awesome

Автор Cary Grant's Chin ( назад)
why don' they have sketches up

Автор VING VODKA ( назад)
Love the BTS!!!

Автор Austin Pearce ( назад)
She really is a chameleon

Автор Jason H ( назад)
This show is still on the air?

Автор Carlos THE WIENER Danger ( назад)
Shud is an improvement for her..

Автор James McGill ( назад)
There really isn't much that they had to do to switch between characters because they got to keep the bald cap and the ears from the previous skit.

Автор slowrider30 ( назад)
Good I was hoping they didn't put that much thought into their show...

Автор Cartoon Toys Baby Game ( назад)

Автор Techraan! Chinese Made In the USA! ( назад)
I have no turned off all recommendation notifications at least 4 times, and Google still sends me these stupid propaganda SNL clips!!
How do I stop it?!!

Автор Rous Rose ( назад)
I'm a simple girl. I see Kate McKinnon, I click.

I really like these BTS videos, though.

Автор B the B ( назад)
SNL is lame

Автор BlooperWorld ( назад)
Kate is amazing

Автор Steve Dustcircle ( назад)
She is truly beautiful. Amazing and funny

Автор marisotoserna ( назад)
my God these people r so talented

Автор Shahbano Malik ( назад)
"only had one commercial break" that's why I'm saying stop using Kate McKinnon so much. She's awesome but please use other people too

Автор alf landon ( назад)
Sessions the worst impression ever.

Автор Zen Master Bob ( назад)
The whole time watching SNL that weekend, i thought that it was the best SNL as a whole in a LONG time. Theeeeen, via ScarJo's words, it comes to find out that the women didn't write much because of the whole women's day thing on Wednesday. Ironic. Either there's some ladies that are dragging the writing down, or men who haven't been able to write many skits....or it was just a pure miracle that the best overall happened the same week as the women's thing.

Автор GamerVet ( назад)
Barely bangable. Just saying.

Автор TheOneAndOnlyPace ( назад)

Автор Buck Wheat ( назад)
Kate McKinnon for president 2020

Автор poocrafter2 ( назад)
How did she change outfits that quick? Was the mermaid outfit under the suit?

Автор lincolnlobster ( назад)
She looks like Alice the Goon from Popeye

Автор amv12vantage ( назад)
Why is this trending with 17k views? Oh, right. Propaganda. Silly me.

Автор Maia Wilson ( назад)

Автор Kurtis Lawler ( назад)
All the credit goes to the men and women behind the scenes. They are the true heroes of the show! Talent at it's finest.

Автор Susana Diaz ( назад)
i'm worried she gets too much screen time. people will start to turn on her in droves for no reason at all, like they did to jennifer lawrence

Автор ripvanstinkle ( назад)
I think this is great that you're sharing these behind the scenes clips. It's easy to take this for granted. Incredible work.

Автор Jason Gastrich ( назад)
lol wow

Автор Kelsey Brooks ( назад)
I'm 15% impressed and 85% blob fish

(I'm 100% impressed and I just wanted an excuse to make that joke thank u)

Автор campos3452 ( назад)
Seems they off this week, well deserved break! Great content SNL!

Автор Olivia Eiler ( назад)
Being in Theatre and having to do quick changes, I'm beyond impressed with how calm the cast and crew were thought the whole process! It's no easy feat to get prosthetics on that fast! Bravo!

Автор Brandon C Maximum ( назад)
I love these behind the scenes. It reminds me that everything is live and the crew has a small time-frame to keep the show flowing, really fascinating stuff.

Автор Brace110 ( назад)
You really need to stop using that fish sketch.. it's terrible.

Автор The 4Cuz ( назад)
Kate is so precious. Gotts love her. So much talent.

Автор brian554xx ( назад)
Please reshoot with more nudity, especially as Shud! (Not really as Shud, I just thought it would be fun to say but now I'm craving dank seafood.)

Автор Viking Shaman ( назад)
24/7 Sci-fi Channel @ www.livestream.com/darkstartele

Автор ishtar0077 ( назад)

Автор Pablo Rivera ( назад)
Can't get any more liberal than SNL.

Автор Tess Is a depressing emo ( назад)
That amazing how fast they did it I don't think I could ever go that fast but that's the live style I guess

Автор Jessica Herrera ( назад)
Is she bald?

Автор Jerminator 420 ( назад)
awesome to see how they do this thanks for uploading it

Автор Mary S ( назад)
It sounds like they're saying Kat instead of Kate.

Автор Ramon Iglesias Diaz ( назад)
Didnt know louis ck did makeup or wore glasses

Автор High Heel Knight ( назад)

Автор SGIT BWAIP ( назад)
Are all actors BALD?

Автор Thomas Favre ( назад)

Автор I like Music ( назад)
As a theatre person, I applaud you, that shit's hard

Автор Lola Lea ( назад)
When was the costume change?

Автор Guido Vespuchi ( назад)
alec baldwin is not new, as are many of their guests

Автор andrew machard ( назад)
why SNL is an Institution

Автор Guadalupe Meyer Jassen ( назад)
amazing :)

Автор its me ( назад)
She's so fucking cool even THIS is entertaining

Автор Berzerk Troll ( назад)
Why is this trending ? 17k views and trending. Fuck off.

Автор ok cool ( назад)
Why is this on trending with 17k views

Автор Aimara Ordonez ( назад)
i'm a simple lesbian, i see "kate," i click.

Автор cassandra sigond ( назад)

Автор Jross ( назад)
SNL has become a cesspool of unoriginal Trump jokes. It's not what it used to be, a funny ORIGINAL show. I used to look forward to Saturday nights!

Автор EliteSalvi ( назад)

Автор Mwoakill09 ( назад)
i thought that was louie ck

Автор Jenna Sanossian ( назад)
Hey, please check this out! It would mean so much to me! https://www.gofundme.com/south-africa-field-hockey-tour

Автор Shelly Big Belly ( назад)
I thought the rule for SNL was that the audience HAS to recognize which member of the cast is behind the disguise. I could not recognize Kate under that makeup/costume..

Автор 4PPUROCK123 ( назад)
lol I thought it was 4 hours then noticed it's 4 minutes

Автор ltmbookworm ( назад)
Very, Very impressive

Автор cookiesamilk ( назад)

Автор Tom 42 ( назад)
More stuff like this

Автор Harish Yalamanchili ( назад)
So the actors are generally bald, to adjust according to the scene.

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