Google Stadia Founders Edition Unboxing, Setup and GamePlay Impressions

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Google Stadia
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Comments • 25

  • STRM 34
    STRM 34 4 months ago +1

    ok, boomer

  • brandon smith
    brandon smith 4 months ago

    Looks good but is it worth buying if you have a Xbox one x already

    • Charlie Deganich
      Charlie Deganich 3 months ago

      @STRM 34 well like I said stadia isn't really out yet and only the founders can play. So I'm sure right now they are trying to fix these problems and by the time stadia releases to everyone these issues will be fixed.

    • STRM 34
      STRM 34 3 months ago

      @Charlie Deganich you're right, it could happen. I hope that get some sense tho because their business isn't fair for everyone rn and thats where they should be looking to reach

    • Charlie Deganich
      Charlie Deganich 3 months ago

      @STRM 34 Just look at it this way, Microsoft and Sony werent gaming company's before xbox and playstation. So google is just making their first gaming platform and down the road they can become a gaming company.

    • STRM 34
      STRM 34 3 months ago

      @Charlie Deganich yes I understand it's just a conversation, I just get offended personally when a greedy non gaming company like google decides to throw in a money grab and call it a console. And then they charge you extra and full price for games that came out years. Ago

    • Charlie Deganich
      Charlie Deganich 3 months ago

      @STRM 34 Did I ever say I was wealthy? Yes I have great internet but I typically only get games for my birthday or Christmas. And maybe one or two games between those 2 dates. I see what you are talking about that google could be ripping people off, but give note it still hasn't even really came out yet. So all these latency issues and overheating will be fixed, they just need time to fix it. But I trust google will do well with this because of all the money they put into stadia. That's all I'm saying bro, and none of this is against you just hope you know that.

  • Tha Duke
    Tha Duke 4 months ago +1

    Not something I could use till my internet gets stronger than dial-up lol

  • Winston mccalla
    Winston mccalla 4 months ago +1

    How it setup that easy for you and not working for so many youtubers....are they stupid or something.....

    • callum hawksworth
      callum hawksworth 4 months ago

      That because Google Stadia still required a Cell phone that is Google play or Iphones. Yeah 120 for that is cheap but phone is pricey! Not worthy it on my watch still PC gaming is cheaper to play with. Who would want to buy a phones that is over 500 just to access to google stadia ?? I thought plug and play through cloud of account would be nice without a phone requirement

  • L.V. Legit
    L.V. Legit 4 months ago +1

    The video we needed! A setup video

  • Junioreality
    Junioreality 4 months ago +3

    Wow, your hands-on showcase of it isn't bad like what some of those big media outlets were saying.

    • Junioreality
      Junioreality 4 months ago

      Looks like the general consensus is it has the lowest latency out of all cloud services but not all the games are in 4K.

    • GregglesTV
      GregglesTV  4 months ago

      Runs pretty well

    • brandon smith
      brandon smith 4 months ago +1

      Yeah I like the smaller guys better they feel more human ...if that makes sense

  • tommygoldman05
    tommygoldman05 4 months ago +1

    Late/early video