Make a peach blossom crown with silk flowers | 用绢花工艺做了套桃花发冠,带上爱人浪了一把春天丨Liziqi Channel

  • Published on Apr 6, 2021
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    Make a peach blossom crown with silk flowers, and catch the spring breeze with my dear Granny.
    As a spring ritual after the new year, I’ve been busy sowing recently back at home.
    In the mood for some hand-made hair accessories,
    I made these Hanfu ornaments with silk flowers, and had this video shot.
    In this pretty spring, when peach blossoms dye the mountain,
    take my dear lady to the place full of memory, where all is found,
    and tick yet another one from her wish list.
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    Bồng lai tiên cảnh là ở đây😍thật đẹp thật yên bình ❤️❤️

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    wow beautiful....

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    Thật là bình yên .phong cảnh trốn nhân gian


    Greetings from Indonesia

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    Kereen liziqi... menurut ku Youtouber ... paling ok di dunia... menampilkan sisi syurga dunia ..dan indahnya Alam ...sejuk jd ny nonton channel ini ... mudah 2an ... menginspirasi .. Youtouber Indonesia ...untuk lbh berkaya mengikuti jejak liziqi ...dan sy berharap Youtouber Indonesia ... tidak mengikuti jejak atta yg hanya pamer kemewahan ..di saat ..msh bnyk rakyat Indonesia ...yg msh di bawah garis kemiskinan ....smg ..Amin...

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    I love her videos. She is so beautiful

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    I want to have that :)

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    You are so beautiful and everything is so peaceful...

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    im honestly so distraught that i dont live like this

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    It's like a dream 😍, such a beautiful place..

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    Does anyone know what the green buns (i think) with the flowers on top were?

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    Красивое и интересное видео!!!!

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    You are like a flowers princess so beautiful

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    Nguoi gì mà giỏi quá,Cái gì cũng biết làm

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    i can see bai qian vibes in this video from ten miles of peaches blossom chinese drama...

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    Еще одно успокаивающее видео от азиатской леди для вас

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    New fan, I love her, it’s so peaceful!! How is she soo pretty ?? She should be illegal to look this amazing lol.

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    Is it true that Cheenese eat their parents by coming of age? I understand that it is a long-standing custom that has been passed down since the Cultural Revolution.

    • 박한별
      박한별 4 hours ago

      @Music Listener Mainland Cheena's history is only 45 years, since right after the end of great culture revolution in 1976.

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    She looks very beautiful in hanfu

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    • kuanseng lam
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    • kuanseng lam
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