10 Strangest Engines of All Time

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
  • MOST UNUSUAL AND INTERESTING ENGINES. Technology has come a long way since the invention of the first internal combustion engine in 1872 by American George Brayton. Since then there have been a lot of new engine designs, and even some so crazy that people said they would never even work. Some of these engines are super rare and unusual, so if you’re a gearhead and you love cars and engines, then buckle up and check out the most unusual engines!

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      COLORS and TASTES 22 days ago

      *Why the fu... loud music in the background?*
      _It is for this reason; BIG DISLIKE!_

    • Jeff Moore
      Jeff Moore 2 months ago

      RotorCam engine by Jerome Murray. Thats an interesting ol beast.

    • Tony Pasma
      Tony Pasma 4 months ago

      jet fuel!!

    • bailey jerman
      bailey jerman 4 months ago


  • Ian Canty
    Ian Canty 4 days ago

    Is this guy too embarrassed to say Wankel? He says Felix Winkle 2:06 and even the subtitles display it as Winkle 😂🤣

  • brooklyn revel
    brooklyn revel 11 days ago

    Is amazing

  • manuel carvalho
    manuel carvalho 13 days ago

    Americano o caralhinho

  • manuel carvalho
    manuel carvalho 13 days ago

    O primeiro motor e Mercedes estúpido

  • ultrabaiter
    ultrabaiter 14 days ago

    Did this guy just claim the invention of the IC engine by an American?
    Is there nothing they wont claim they invented? (When everyone knows that most great things were made by either a British, French, German, Italian...or chinese person..and thats not even a joke)

  • buder5
    buder5 14 days ago

    6:00 IM IN who else?
    damn i would like that in a suzuki carry

  • Gully Bull
    Gully Bull Month ago

    150 hp in 1991.yes. I was 16.
    2:55 mazda DIDNT create Rotary ! Germany !

    • Gaisa Sanktejo
      Gaisa Sanktejo 25 days ago

      I don't recall the origins myself, but if memory serves, the first vehicle using a rotary (Wankel) engine was a norton motorcycle.

  • Steve Vachaviolos
    Steve Vachaviolos Month ago

    Bruh necer speak such blasphemy again
    Infinity is not nissan anymore its garbage since
    The company's merger with Renault 😡
    Nissan used to make good cars

  • FFM0594
    FFM0594 Month ago

    Stupid liars!

  • Miller
    Miller Month ago

    During the Caddy segment There was a Clip from The movie Christine lol....Christine was NOT a Fricken Caddy!!! Thats like Blasphemy to Mopar Guys!!!

  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego Month ago

    I would subscribe only if your information were accurate,"fake news".

  • jamesdond1
    jamesdond1 Month ago

    If inventing something means to conceive a working concept and patent it. then the first stroke engine was invented and patented in 1862 by the French engineer Alphonse Beau de Rochas, but since Otto was the first to build a commercial engine based upon this principle we refer to our modern IC engines as Otto cycle engines, not Brayton cycle engines. The Brayton cycle is a thermodynamic cycle named after George Brayton that describes the workings of a constant-pressure heat engine not a 4-stroke..

  • Tobbe Stenberg
    Tobbe Stenberg Month ago

    Wankel engines were NOT a Mazda invention as the word Wankel clearly indicates, they did however manage to get it commercially more reliable than NSU, Citroen or Norton, Yes remember Norton had a rotary engine in production for a while.

  • bongosrest
    bongosrest Month ago

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    SOAPBOX Month ago

    chevy vega GT also rotary engine

  • No comment
    No comment Month ago

    Какой-то мерзкий акцент

  • 420 YEET
    420 YEET Month ago

    Infinity makes a great car
    Uhm, no. They are just fancy Renault

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson Month ago

    I come to see the mini car on the thum nail lol wer is it

  • Luke W
    Luke W Month ago +1

    Re: VW VR6: Lancia got there in the 1960s with their v4 narrow angle engines. World Rally Championship started with their Fulvia HF before Stratos, 037, Delta S4 and Integrale.

    ANTONIO F.R Month ago

    Pues no me enterao de ná... pero like..jejeje

  • tree91090
    tree91090 2 months ago

    i want new tech. this all are old.

  • Anthony Haw
    Anthony Haw 2 months ago

    truth is flintstone had a special engine that require no energy and was way ahead of its time

  • Eilert Schütte TV
    Eilert Schütte TV 2 months ago

    1869 Deutz German Ingenieure

  • Amir Mustafason
    Amir Mustafason 2 months ago

    Mad lab your strange

  • Qwerk y
    Qwerk y 2 months ago

    all engines are weird to me.. cus i dont understand that shit

  • Gambeir Bay
    Gambeir Bay 2 months ago

    The Duke motor is simply a torpedo motor and the design dates back quite a ways.

  • Adfghj Qwert
    Adfghj Qwert 2 months ago

    قيد المشاهده

  • 2nopes
    2nopes 2 months ago

    You didn't mention the counter piston engines

  • Patel Rohan
    Patel Rohan 2 months ago +1

    At 0:45 It's not pronounced as "VOLKSWAGEN" despite the spelling but rather as "FOLKSWAGEN" since the German "V" alphabet is called "Fao" and is the English equivalent of alphabet "F"...the literal meaning of the word 'Volkswagen' in German being "People's car"...

  • Phillip Schröder
    Phillip Schröder 2 months ago

    Mazda bought the rights to manufacture the "Wankel Engine" rotary motor from NSU. Mazda never put any rotary motor into a german vehicle. I really belive you should brush up knowledge before starting to talk.

  • Wall Cutter
    Wall Cutter 2 months ago

    Had other companies invested in and refined the rotary engine, it would be a fantastic engine. It is but could be so much better

  • Joshua Kruty
    Joshua Kruty 2 months ago

    Thanks for deceiving me with the cover picture

  • cammandoookhalsha skyblue captain nephew

    Internal combustion engine r motherf....king logic engines
    only motherf....king logic
    bitches sluts and bastards wants to use it 😂😎

  • Carlos Monroy
    Carlos Monroy 2 months ago

    i like that round engine. looks like the engine of the future.

  • Malcolm Hughes
    Malcolm Hughes 2 months ago

    Egr valves are what craps out all new motors. Because of emition control

  • Kipper Klank
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    Man i sure do love me some click bait Mmmmmm

  • jason b
    jason b 2 months ago

    Go duke

  • GendoUltra
    GendoUltra 3 months ago

    What about the Quasiturbine?

  • Coldern Ice
    Coldern Ice 3 months ago

    Mazda sold a ,small pickup truck with the rotary engine , back in the early 70 's , as well .

    • Coldern Ice
      Coldern Ice Month ago

      They sure did ! A neighbor bought one and the neighborhood looked like " Hank Hill's " driveway , as every wrench twister was on it ! The thing ran for years .

  • 37kgb02
    37kgb02 3 months ago

    The frist internal combustion motor was built by Etienne Lenoir in 1859.

  • Xavi V
    Xavi V 3 months ago

    The internal combustion engine was invented way before 1860..

  • W.T.H.
    W.T.H. 3 months ago

    03:50 That kind of concept is long used in diesel locs already. For obvious reasons. I never understood why they didnt try it on a car.

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  • Jsp
    Jsp 3 months ago +1

    Ford V4 engines not mentioned.. Also Chrysler turbine engine not mentioned.. Shame on you.

    CRYIPTIC CREEP 3 months ago +1

    This is the first time I've seen 2 of the engines that other channels have used for Click Bait....Thank You
    Yet you did it to!

  • Geilo Maty
    Geilo Maty 3 months ago

    Germans invented first combustion engine in 1867 made by Nicolaus August Otto
    It was made in Cologne.

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark 3 months ago

    Dont think Mazda built the NSU Rotary

  • lyon406
    lyon406 3 months ago

    Wow, biased new image that. What about the V8 VW engine. What about the numerous engines that Whitehead built around 1900. Chevrolets V8 engine in 1917-18. Hand built engines like the v-12 of Lockhart, 4 cylinder engines of the Wright Brothers.
    FYI: the Wankel engine was first bought by GM to be put in the Vega, it would not pass the 50K emissions test due to premature wear to the rotor seals (now made of ceramics).

  • pistolterri
    pistolterri 3 months ago +1

    vr6 is a v6 but also inline? pretty sure that aint how it goes lmao

    • Ample Gain
      Ample Gain 3 months ago +1

      Offset like a v, but only 15 degrees. So the cylinders are bored into the block at an angle in a shallow v, but it's only 1 block and 1 head. You could kinda say it's both but neither.

  • MrViking
    MrViking 3 months ago

    VW VR5 and VR6 was not, and is not, the only one of these kind of engine designs. And yes, they still exists! Most well known is the Bugatti Veyron with a VR16. Yes, sixteen cylinders! There's also versions with 8 and 12 cylinders. Do your research better next time!

  • WestWindsDemon
    WestWindsDemon 3 months ago


  • Ms.Fixit
    Ms.Fixit 3 months ago

    Various scientists and engineers contributed to the development of internal combustion engines. In 1791, John Barber developed the gas turbine. In 1794 Thomas Mead patented a gas engine. Also in 1794, Robert Street patented an internal combustion engine, which was also the first to use liquid fuel, and built an engine around that time. In 1798, John Stevens built the first American internal combustion engine. In 1807, French engineers Nicéphore Niépce (who went on to invent photography) and Claude Niépce ran a prototype internal combustion engine, using controlled dust explosions, the Pyréolophore. This engine powered a boat on the Saône river, France. The same year, the Swiss engineer François Isaac de Rivaz built an internal combustion engine ignited by an electric spark. In 1823, Samuel Brown patented the first internal combustion engine to be applied industrially.

  • Betty Hancock
    Betty Hancock 3 months ago +1

    5:56 it's variable displacement, which will affect the compression, yes, but that's not what they are changing or what you define here. That's the displacement of the engine.

  • Matt S.
    Matt S. 3 months ago +2

    PLEASE never make car videos again -The Car Community

  • Isak s
    Isak s 3 months ago

    higher compression = more power for the same amount of fuel, or less fuel used for a given amount of power.

    they use the system in an oposite way. they run the engine at high compression to save fuel but lower the compression and increase the preasure from the turbo to get more power than they would be able to without the compressoin change due to engine knock, also known as premature ignition
    and i have more than just heard about all of the engines mentioned

    • Dave Micolichek
      Dave Micolichek 3 months ago

      Exactly. The high compression works great, and is very efficient, when run in N/A, at lower rpms, and light load situations. When higher power is called for, that same high compression would be a problem, in the form of detonation, without high octane race fuel being used. So, like what was said in the above comment, the compression gets adjusted lower, and the turbo produces more boost, to be able to produce power without the detonation problems associated with high compression. As soon as you take your foot out of the throttle, and resume light cruise conditions, the ECU ramps the compression up again for better efficiency.

  • Paweł F.
    Paweł F. 3 months ago +3

    "Mazda put it in NSU RO80..." Whaaat? Don't do drugs.

  • Wendy Willard
    Wendy Willard 3 months ago

    More and more adds everyday.

  • Richard Todt
    Richard Todt 3 months ago

    Ha ha ha turbo fluid, WTF. BS!