Private Life | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • Private Life premieres October 5, 2018
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    Private Life | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 291

  • fabiana monteiro
    fabiana monteiro 23 days ago

    Beautiful movie, loved it!

  • Neil Mcintosh
    Neil Mcintosh Month ago

    They are doing everything they can to start a family...short of kidnapping.

  • Lewis Hanlon
    Lewis Hanlon Month ago

    Paul Giamatti always seems to find the best dramedy scripts. Great movie.

  • InHistory
    InHistory Month ago

    That is the perfect film.....

  • Adam Craig
    Adam Craig 2 months ago +1

    This depressing af

  • Dave O
    Dave O 3 months ago +1

    Anyone that has experienced IVF will know the director/writers have got this 100%. Even as the husband that supported my wife, it still to this day (22 years ago) amazes me what the females go through. For me this movie encapsulates the emotional and physical roller coaster that is IVF.

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali 3 months ago +1

    This trailer gave it all lol

  • banjo099
    banjo099 3 months ago

    Why is the personal life of the youth always under attack from the older generation? They break all the records on being jealous and cowardly towards them. They can't succeed in their own lives in any way and are failed in every way. Everyone knows that they are personally fake in every matter.

  • rubbernuts7
    rubbernuts7 3 months ago +2

    Love that scene when the big girl gets her blurt out

  • Matthew V Todd
    Matthew V Todd 3 months ago +2

    Rise of neo fascism? You mean like left wing ANTIFA?

    • Adam Craig
      Adam Craig 2 months ago +1

      The fact she thinks getting pregnant is immoral because of climate change lol stupid bitch

    FRESH IDEAS 4 months ago +1

    This movie is very very REAL 🙂 just waited for a happy ending 😒😒 but ending disappointed me 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wish they had that one magical moment that they are waiting for 🙏

  • Todd Leopold
    Todd Leopold 4 months ago


  • Raymond Hasse
    Raymond Hasse 5 months ago

    Alana 🍌 Canada is a sad individual. Fuck off

  • luis felipe azevedo Giacomin

    Paul Giamatti welcome back,cant wait to see,

  • A C
    A C 5 months ago

    My god what a long trailer. Gives away everything but the credits.

  • Alana BananaCanada
    Alana BananaCanada 5 months ago +1

    ahhhh its not a complete movie unless they bring up neo-nazis like its part of every day american family chatter.
    Propaganda disguised as entertainment.......... How this got in the 90 percentile on Rotten Tomatoes, i have no idea.

  • Arthur Watts
    Arthur Watts 5 months ago

    Clearly the next season of Billions cant come soon enough ;)

  • Elana Carter
    Elana Carter 5 months ago +1

    Hated this movie. I hate when there is no climax to a movie, no resolution, no ending.

    • Priva Cy
      Priva Cy 4 months ago

      A very real reality for many infertile couples. IVF and adoptions fail all the time. The director talks about the ending in a few articles. She says it was never about the baby, it was about their marriage and weathering the storm together.

  • Tanyah Anderson
    Tanyah Anderson 5 months ago

    What's crazy is that I had no idea that one parent would be genetically be left out until this year. I never knew the science behind it. I just thought there was a way for both the mother's egg and father's sperm could both be used in surrogacy pregnancy. I can understand why that information alone can be a hard pill to swallow.

  • Ugo Boss
    Ugo Boss 6 months ago

    We are doing everything we can, short of kidnapping to start a family. Lol

  • Iren Design
    Iren Design 6 months ago

    This movie is brilliant

  • David Mosley
    David Mosley 6 months ago +2

    Liberal propaganda

  • Naulo Sanchar
    Naulo Sanchar 6 months ago

    Yes, I am going to watch this movie

  • RaJat RoY
    RaJat RoY 6 months ago +1

    Why why this ending i hated the ending...why not a happy ending?....loved Paul s acting . He was natural...

    • Priva Cy
      Priva Cy 5 months ago +1

      Because the film's target audience are infertiles. And we would hate it if it had some sappy ending like most movies on the subject do. It's not realistic.

  • Kaitlyn R
    Kaitlyn R 6 months ago +1

    I've already watched this twice on Netflix and I am so in love with the characters. But if you're not into slice-of-life stuff I wouldn't recommend it. I also wouldn't watch it if you're having a hard time with fertility and are sensitive about the topic- because it really does grind down that issue to its most raw form. Such a great film about the meaning of family and yet so heart-breaking.

  • The Resistance
    The Resistance 6 months ago

    ....This better make me laugh 😐

  • el capone
    el capone 6 months ago

    s2pid ending btw

  • el capone
    el capone 6 months ago +1

    fucking this feminism movie

  • Bob Sullivan
    Bob Sullivan 7 months ago +1

    Going to a screening with K Hahn in person tonight in SF. Should be good! I love her!

  • Angela Wolf
    Angela Wolf 7 months ago

    Wow. I don't need to see this movie and already I know its going to be sad and depressing, just like that Boyhood movie. Hollywood is running out of Ideas.

  • kimbab gig
    kimbab gig 7 months ago


  • Karen Becker
    Karen Becker 7 months ago

    Is this song in the movie ? Cuz it makes me think of You've Got Mail.

  • Jennifer Rice
    Jennifer Rice 7 months ago

    I loved this movie!!!! It’s so real and the actors are absolutely amazing a must see

  • Felipe Lopes
    Felipe Lopes 7 months ago

    Don’t watch this shit! Never happens in the end!

    • Priva Cy
      Priva Cy 7 months ago

      Sadly, that's very realistic. That's what the writer was getting at with the ending. Infertility is constant dissapointment and waiting. How it will end is unknown and out of our control.

  • Des Nutz
    Des Nutz 7 months ago

    Kathryn H is so appealing to me. So sexy

  • Hippiemeisje Een persoonlijke blog

    thanks! 9 years of fertility treatement, I'm 34 now, going for egg donation now. Thanks for this movie! Thanks a lot! Just watched!

  • Dawid Broodryk
    Dawid Broodryk 7 months ago

    Such a emasculated movie.

  • joe blow
    joe blow 7 months ago

    "I am not drinking any FUCKING merlot!!"

  • Eric Shahinian
    Eric Shahinian 7 months ago

    Another great film from Tamara Jenkins!

  • Sancho Lōw Era
    Sancho Lōw Era 7 months ago +3

    Unfortunately Those Who Want It More Don't Have Fate On Their Side....

  • TheAmemart
    TheAmemart 7 months ago


  • 謝宇程
    謝宇程 7 months ago +59

    Just saw the movie. Would like to thank the director and all the crew for producing such a realistic, humorous, intense, and humane movie.

    • Alana BananaCanada
      Alana BananaCanada 2 months ago

      +Cory James ahhhh its not a complete movie unless they bring up neo-nazis like its part of every day american family chatter.
      Propaganda disguised as entertainment.......... How this got in the 90 percentile on Rotten Tomatoes, i have no idea.

    • Cory James
      Cory James 2 months ago

      ​+Alana BananaCanada Haha! Propaganda for what? There's no such thing as rape? There's really a conspiracy theorist for everything isn't there...

    • Alana BananaCanada
      Alana BananaCanada 5 months ago

      Its just propaganda disguised as a movie

  • blahblah jumpswing
    blahblah jumpswing 7 months ago

    the mpaa policy is a pretty real question, however there always something so awesome in the mind of the writer, seriously don't give up on that. it sit in the top 5 of my mind, inspiring and motivating, just as many and alot more stories should be told, don't forget tho, your more then a robot. you deserve more. struck a few cords on this movie, some deep truth in it, oddly its matching up with what I got going on inside, only you managed to potray it nicely. oh no here I go again, sniffling wahhh

  • Idris Kocovali
    Idris Kocovali 7 months ago

    Who saw the movie: Khabib raping McGregor?

    JONES 7 months ago +1

    she's supposed to be 41? lmao.

    • So Jin Choi
      So Jin Choi 7 months ago +2

      She was 43 when this movie was shot, so not too far off.

    LIVING MY LIFE 7 months ago +1

    This movie fucking sucks LMAO.don't waste ur Time

  • aepr84
    aepr84 7 months ago +1

    white people problems

  • charles klaus
    charles klaus 7 months ago

    Movie is amazing!

  • charles klaus
    charles klaus 7 months ago

    Movie is amazing!

  • Buttman
    Buttman 7 months ago

    Why does Paul Giamatti always has a super hot wife

  • kuwait85
    kuwait85 7 months ago

    Wow. Looks original

  • MANA
    MANA 7 months ago +13

    This is the most depressing movie I have ever seen im really sad now ☹️☹️☹️

    • Priva Cy
      Priva Cy 7 months ago

      +Bree Brown I thought it was pretty clear that they are still pursuing adoption and waiting for the birth mother at the diner. Not sure where you got that they were ending their plans to become parents.

    • Priva Cy
      Priva Cy 7 months ago +1

      +K Cuse The ending is what the reality of infertility is. Waiting, often no resolution. Even during treatment or adoption process it's months and years waiting in between this appointment or that. They are a lot more healed from their experience at the end of the movie, but it's still uncertain if they will become parents. I think Tamara Jenkins knew her target audience and that we would hate an ending that ends happily and neatly. That's not at all how infertility is and we have plenty of other films that try to wrap everything up all nice and resolved at the end. It was a realistic ending.

    • Bree Brown
      Bree Brown 7 months ago +3

      My take on the ending is that the director leaves it up to each of us to make what we want of the ending, whatever you see is what it is. It's clear that they've reconnected on a deep level, hands entwined, loving, knowing looks they give one another. They've accepted that they aren't going to pursue having a child. They're sitting in this upper New York State dinner enveloped in that decision. Their lives together are an open road now; their lives have been freed up for its next chapter.

    • MANA
      MANA 7 months ago +1

      +K Cuse i think they got stood up again , like the first girl ..

    • Shirin Aziha Shahidan
      Shirin Aziha Shahidan 7 months ago +2

      same here. I don't get the ending

  • Syrine Gargouri
    Syrine Gargouri 7 months ago

    it's a good movie . not more

  • Lynne Parks
    Lynne Parks 7 months ago +3

    I just saw the trailer on Netflix and I came here to say that this is peak first world problems. Seriously

  • Sara Santorini
    Sara Santorini 7 months ago +1

    super boring movie ....

    GYU LKRCA 7 months ago

    Paul is so great! I love what hes become such an amazig actor!! Hes my hero!

  • thalonelygirl
    thalonelygirl 7 months ago

    Tired of the liberal agenda being pushed through movies. I'll skip it.

  • Mehul Furia
    Mehul Furia 7 months ago +24

    Just finished watching this. It's brilliant. Very awkwardly funny and witty dealing with a sensitive subject but never goes overboard. 4/5.

    • Alana BananaCanada
      Alana BananaCanada 5 months ago +3

      really? i thought the casual mention of neo nazis was a bit over board. completely unnecessary propaganda

      ElPACKSHOGARAMDON 6 months ago

      PRIVATE LIFE (Vida privada) (2018) [HD 1080p] [Latino]

  • Seattle13
    Seattle13 7 months ago +2

    really enjoyed this but can we talk about the ending?? did she show up????????

    • marce e
      marce e 7 months ago +3

      Seattle13 stuck in endless expectation, such a sad ending...

    • Civic Chick
      Civic Chick 7 months ago

      Yeh. Wtf happened? I'm so disappointed

  • James Sun
    James Sun 7 months ago

    First world problems

  • Subi_fan
    Subi_fan 7 months ago +1

    Rise of neo fascism ? They must be talking about Antifa and other far left lunatics.

  • Bobby Roonee
    Bobby Roonee 7 months ago +1

    they live around central park. sounds like they are financially struggling to get by. who in their right mind wants marriage and kids?

  • john smith
    john smith 7 months ago +1


    • SeaBass SeaBass
      SeaBass SeaBass 7 months ago

      You're right... there's no killer flying superheroes...or Jedis. Only the genius of Paul Giovanni 🤔

  • Mary B
    Mary B 7 months ago


  • NefriCedre
    NefriCedre 7 months ago

    omg paul giamatti is such a good actor

  • djguapo
    djguapo 7 months ago

    Since when do Netflix movies get classification ratings?

    • So Jin Choi
      So Jin Choi 7 months ago

      When they are released in select theaters. This only happens sometimes, like "The Kindergarten Teacher and "22 July," since there are many theatrically released Netflix movies that don't have classification ratings. All started with "Mudbound."

  • Glenuig
    Glenuig 7 months ago

    Looks great

  • Lock
    Lock 7 months ago

    Oscar bate much

  • Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble

    another "wah we're middle age and have self inflicted problems cause we aren't happy with our lives just as they are" movie

  • affiliation facile
    affiliation facile 8 months ago

    *Netflix yEAH*

  • Fulmine
    Fulmine 8 months ago


  • Alain Le Clere Entrepreneur Tripeur

    *Love netflix*

  • Alex B
    Alex B 8 months ago +7

    This looks really good and touching! I'm excited!! Plus PAUL IS SO GOOD ALWAYS.

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P 8 months ago +3

    God I love Giamatti, superb actor

    • Brennan James
      Brennan James 7 months ago +1

      I agree. he is one of my favorites. Sideways was and still is my favorite movie

    • JDMime
      JDMime 7 months ago

      Is he, or is he just there, saying words? just kidding. I think he's a decent actor, but a bit overrated. It's weird, but men who look less attractive are considered better actors for the same work, whereas women who are considered less attractive are not even considered.

  • Matheus Santos
    Matheus Santos 8 months ago +5

    Nothing new. Depressing couple trying to ruin their and someone else's life (the baby in this case).

  • cc cc
    cc cc 8 months ago +1

    Cant wait to see!

  • elia avelov
    elia avelov 8 months ago +2

    The Savages is one of my favorite dramas of all time . very happy to see another feature for tamara jenkins .. better late than never..

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 8 months ago +3


  • J C
    J C 8 months ago +1

    Saying Paul giamatti is better than he’s EVER BEEN is disrespectful to all the amazing roles he has played in his career. A few of which are definitely better than whatever this one ends up being.

  • Jason Wylie
    Jason Wylie 8 months ago

    Ty Netflix, they're just killing it right now

  • L23B
    L23B 8 months ago

    Very goood!!

  • FilmGamer
    FilmGamer 8 months ago +5

    I thought it was Catherine Keener in the thumbnail.

    • JDMime
      JDMime 7 months ago

      She's on Kidding with Jim Carrey now. They both have good taste (Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

  • Cody Wheeler
    Cody Wheeler 8 months ago


  • Elise James
    Elise James 8 months ago +2

    Kathryn Hahn is such an amazing actress.. looks like a good watch

  • Openshove72o
    Openshove72o 8 months ago +2

    My guess on what will happen: The niece becomes the egg donor. That would allow both of them to be closely genetically related to the child.

    • bambi lane
      bambi lane 8 months ago

      Openshove72o That’s definitely the impression that I got from the end of the trailer.

  • Jay Color
    Jay Color 8 months ago

    What’s she say before he says, “I’m 47.”??

    • So Jin Choi
      So Jin Choi 7 months ago

      Richard, we're not turning 50 at East 6th St.

  • Patrick Oliveira
    Patrick Oliveira 8 months ago

    It looks so good

  • Random Person
    Random Person 8 months ago +2

    If you wanna have a kid so bad, but are unable to, why don’t you just adopt?? There are so many amazing kids out there that need a good home

    • Aimee Levens
      Aimee Levens 7 months ago +1

      No, your friend knows how hard it is. YOU do not. And if you have an iota of familiarity with how the DHS systems work in different states you'll know it's not that easy - not to mention that you can go through the process with them and have the child taken away, years later, if just one biological family member decides they want the child, or - like our social worker told us - if we got pregnant we'd be a "red flag". Along with that, when you go through DHS and older children are up for adoption, a large percentage of the time couples are told they need "parents with other children in the home" or "people with experience working with children with severe emotional issues" - something most infertiles cannot claim to have. Instead of thinking you're the expert - because clearly you are not, and clearly are lacking in all sensitivity - why don't you start advocating to make adoption easier and less expensive, and encourage ALL couples to adopt instead of focusing your rudeness on those of us who have struggled with infertility?

    • Aimee Levens
      Aimee Levens 7 months ago +1

      Why don't YOU help infertile people pay the $35-65K it costs to adopt ONE child rather than telling infertile couples what they should do? Also, along with what Priva Cy said, not everyone is eligible to adopt- if you go the international route, which is less expensive, there are age, religion, and marital status restrictions. And WTF are you telling infertile people it's our job to adopt - why don't YOU adopt considering you seem to think you're the expert.

    • Priva Cy
      Priva Cy 8 months ago +1

      +Random Person I'm truly sorry your friend had that experience and I wish them the best in life. But no, I will not "just" adopt. It's not the right path for me. While I have compassion for children in foster care, I don't owe it to anyone to adopt. I owe it to my future children to do what's best for my family. I encourage you to focus your passion for foster chilren and adoption into what YOU can do to make a difference, instead of trying to dictate to others what they could or should be doing. I hope you choose to use your passion for adoption as a positive thing. Best of luck to you and your friend. 💓

    • Random Person
      Random Person 8 months ago

      Because as someone whose best friend spent years in foster care, I know how hard it is on kids. And I know how fucking terrible it feels to feel unwanted, so just adopt!!!!!

    • Priva Cy
      Priva Cy 8 months ago +1

      +Random Person No. Honestly, why do you care? If I'm willing to put my body through hell to experience pregnancy and birth, what's it to you? I'm likely to spend less money on IVF than on adoption and then I get to experience pregnancy and birth. Why do you care how a stranger chooses to solve their infertility. Telling infertile people to just adopt does not make you sound moral or selfless. It makes you sound ignorant and opinionated about things you know very little about. If you feel so passionate about adoption, can I assume that will be your first choice when creating starting your family?

  • Isaac5
    Isaac5 8 months ago

    I have a feeling the girl is gonna be the egg downer for them since she loves them more then her parents but it’s sounds weird who knows lol

  • Heather Rey
    Heather Rey 8 months ago +20

    Those of you that are saying "Just adopt" adoption isn't easy either. Or cheap for that matter, adoption can cost just at much or more than doing IVF.

    • Priva Cy
      Priva Cy 5 months ago +1

      +Alana BananaCanada I have no idea. But that has nothing to do with how infertile people should resolve their infertility, which is what we're actually talking about. I can't control what women do with their pregnancies and they have nothing to do with me. All I can do is try to resolve my infertility in the way that's best for me and my family.

    • Alana BananaCanada
      Alana BananaCanada 5 months ago

      well if there werent so many abortions being done, adoption would probably be cheaper then wouldnt it

    • Priva Cy
      Priva Cy 7 months ago +1

      +JDMime Adoptjon is often much more expensive than IVF, and can also waste your money. Couples can pay agencies thousands of dollars to never get a kid. But go on. Continue to educate us childless people on how to become's not like we haven't spent months and years researching or going through the processes ourselves.

    • JDMime
      JDMime 7 months ago

      If you have money to waste on IVF, you can definitely afford adoption.

    • JDMime
      JDMime 7 months ago +3

      IVF with a donor egg can cost more legally. Not to mention that the hormones a women takes to produce more eggs can lead to ovarian cancer later on in life. Also, adopting older children (not babies) is less of a wait. But people are obsessed with babies and their DNA.

  • Jackal
    Jackal 8 months ago

    That title font looks off

  • Timothy Simpson
    Timothy Simpson 8 months ago

    1:28 #murderedbywords

  • mohammed shamran
    mohammed shamran 8 months ago

    That's fucked up! The west has this crazy believe of not having kids when they are able, wtf do you expect at 50yrs? A baby factory..

    • Priva Cy
      Priva Cy 7 months ago

      Kathryn Hahn's character is in her 40s. The trailer doesn't say whether it has to with her age or how long they've been trying. A lot of couples start out young, but getting success with IVF can take a long time, during which the couple does start to "age out".

  • Shivam K
    Shivam K 8 months ago +4

    Katheryn Hann is so underrated actress!

    • Dominic Byrd
      Dominic Byrd 7 months ago

      I've ashtrays love her since Crossing Jordan!

  • Haiko8
    Haiko8 8 months ago

    This movie is rated "R" and yet Venom is rated "PG-13". Think about it.

  • Jessica in the Kitchen
    Jessica in the Kitchen 8 months ago

    I have to watch this

  • No One
    No One 8 months ago +1

    Fuckin breeders

  • FXLidas
    FXLidas 8 months ago

    THis looks amazing

  • Anjeni Siswoko
    Anjeni Siswoko 8 months ago

    name of the song please?

    • Ralph Livingston
      Ralph Livingston 8 months ago

      Anjeni Siswoko It’s by Harry Nielsen (I think the spelling is wrong)but I don’t know the name. He’s been dead for 20 years, so it’s an oldie.

  • Heidi's SUBTITLES
    Heidi's SUBTITLES 8 months ago

    Adopt maybe?

    • Priva Cy
      Priva Cy 8 months ago +1

      The couple is shown to be pursuing adoption. Remember--adoptive parents must be chosen by the birth parent or social workers (if it's foster care adoption). They don't get to just go choose any kid they want.