Binging with Babish: Fish Tacos from I Love You, Man

I Love You, Man is a timeless Rudd-Segel vehicle for comedy, romance, bromance, and for a few fleeting and beautiful moments, food porn. Fish tacos are shared amongst bros while they talk about about sex and stuff - don't you deserve the same? Show your best male-friend how much you care with a plate full of these tacos today.

Music: "Early Morning May" - Ronald Jenkees

Recipe coming soon!!

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Автор Mark T ( назад)
No one has made a fish taco joke?

Автор HomeboundCosplay ( назад)
you should make coutesan au chocolat from grand budapest hotel!!

Автор Sha'Tera Wilcoxson ( назад)
You have the luckiest roommate ever.

Автор Eddy B ( назад)
Wait... Tomatillos are toxic? can anyone confirm or was it sarcasm that went right over my head

Автор marice ( назад)
how bout spaghetti tacos from icarly

Автор hubert cumberdale ( назад)
Who the fuck uses flour tortillas for tacos?

Автор GeoffryHawk ( назад)
I prefer corn tortillas to flour, but fresh made corn tortillas are also way better than store bought. That's why I love the mexican place down the road. They have the best fish tacos. Bar None. (Especially the salmon and white fish ones.) I mean it's always way better having actual Yucatan natives making Mexican food. Muy Bueno.

Автор Jeff Harper ( назад)
Cilantro and lemon grass taste like ass and they linger forever!

Автор Mayor McCheese ( назад)
What a cute ending

Автор PeasAndCarrots86 ( назад)
What fish is this?

Автор Zaj Vidal-Burgie ( назад)
Aww the ending was cute

Автор theomen49 ( назад)
corn tortillas are superior, but fine.

Автор David Tuohy ( назад)
Do the octopus from Oldboy!

Автор Jeremy Sydney ( назад)
Binging with Babish is my new favorite Youtube series. I'm rapidly chewing through your entire backlog and now have so many dinner ideas.

Автор Michael DeMeritt ( назад)
Lagavulin 16 in the background, nice choice.

Автор geeman 408 ( назад)
Wow, so much work just to make fish tacos.

Автор Jabba da Huttch ( назад)
How can you afford to so all this stuff?!

Автор JamesofThames - ( назад)
I agree that homemade is better than store bought, but i mean... you didn't even cook the store bought one.

Автор Jyoung Lee ( назад)
Can I be your roommate?

Автор Miguel Cuervo ( назад)
Hating on cilantro? I love the stuff. It just adds so much freshness.

Автор Mike R ( назад)
I just want to say that I fucking love you for using Ronald Jenkees music.

Автор George Thompson ( назад)
This is my favorite video i don't know why 😂... all your videos are great by the way. This is my new favorite channel

Автор the big chungus ( назад)
both u and ur roommate r invited to the orgy

Автор meow23 ( назад)
in mexico we dont eat fish tacos with FLOUR tortillas or beans . but whatever i guess americans think mexicans eat fucking beans with everything

Автор Emily Jacobsen ( назад)
Can you replace the lard with anything that is not animal based?

Автор Maravilla Alayon ( назад)
PLEASE! Put more Spaghetti Recipes/Videos up. I have replaced porn websites to your Youtube channel.

Автор Eri Taide ( назад)
Hey! you are drinkin a Bohemia!


Автор Megan D'Alessandro ( назад)
No oil in refried beans?

Автор Nay Cee ( назад)
corn tortillas are needed for the worlds best fish tacos not flour tortillas

Автор A River ( назад)
could not get over that you hate cilantro....

Автор tommy savage ( назад)
How tacos are meant to be eaten with your friends

Автор Sebas Bruvi ( назад)
refried beans witout milk? guacamole with cumming? PREPOSTEROUS

Автор MsIdjk ( назад)
How has he not done spaghetti tacos yet??!!!!???

Автор Jordan Costa ( назад)
This is like the best combination between "You Suck At Cooking" and a cooking show.

Автор Sp00derMan ( назад)
I'm from England and we don't have it here but what is a tomatillos

Автор Luke Nault ( назад)
ft. Generic black guy no.1

Автор beribimbra ( назад)
Can you please do food from any Miyazaki film? Up on Poppy Hill and Ponyo have some great food moments!

Автор Straw Hat ( назад)
in my opinion the tortilla you used was too big. I don't mind flour tortillas but if I want tacos I use smaller tortillas. it looks like you were just to lazy to roll a burrito with how big it was.

Автор Marco Resendez ( назад)
lol those tortillas in the movie look store bought as heck.

Автор Saul Urquizi ( назад)
luckiest roomate ever

Автор Sam T. White ( назад)
This made me cry. I love you, man.

Автор megaman616 ( назад)
this are the weirdest fish tacos ive seen

Автор The IronWolf ( назад)
I think I can remember mawhe mawhe (I don't know how to spell it don't roast me) being similar to salmon in texture and almost taste

Автор James Browning ( назад)
Glad that I'm not the only one who hates cilantro. It tastes like soap.

Автор Itamar junior ( назад)
You should make the Cubanos from Chef!

Автор Mario oiram ( назад)
Best fish tacos in the world? HA! i live in the capital of fish tacos and seafood, Ensenada, our fish tacos are famous and tasty AF. But i gotta give u that you made a pretty good taco, but here we deep fry the fish in a special batter.

Автор Eric Merrigan ( назад)
Of course homemade tortillas are way better than store bought but you didn't even toast the store bought one! They aren't any good right out of the bag but at least edible when toasted.

Love the videos!

Автор Mario Reyes ( назад)
flour tortillas??? tsk tsk friendo

Автор Leonardo Restrepo ( назад)
Do the ramen in "Ponyo." You're going to be in cooking hell for approximately 12 hours.

Автор Karsyn Cloud ( назад)
Your roommate is so lucky to get to eat some of that food lol I'm starving now!

Автор GreatBigRedTank ( назад)
subd after this one. SLAP-A-DA BASS

Автор nick zamudio ( назад)
Corn tortillas are better

Автор Ánh Nguyễn Ngọc ( назад)
have you seen the show how i met your mother? if u have pls make the erikson salad from it. love ur videos

Автор Noah Harned ( назад)
You just reminded me about how classic of a movie I Love You, Man is.

Автор John Maigler ( назад)
I'm very confused about the "toxicity" of tomatillos. You both touch them bare handed and eat them yet no death. Who told you they were toxic?

Автор Dean Dunmire ( назад)
"Here's my roommate to test which one's better"

Would literally kill to be your roommate. Delicious food. All the time.

Автор Sedohm ( назад)
Your roommate is the luckiest man alive

Автор Denique P. ( назад)
u should make spaghetti tacos from icarly

Автор Adam Ibrahim ( назад)
my fish tacos are just salmon on a tortilla with sour cream shredded cheese tabasco and lime

Автор Silly Kitty ( назад)
i dont remember what its calleb but in steven universe steven made a breakfast for him and the gems to share you should make that

Автор V Luscinias ( назад)
I'm so jealous of that roommate.

Автор Eloise Ashworth ( назад)
You should do the burger from how I met your mother

Автор Arayia Girmay ( назад)
I would love to be your roommate.

Автор Isaac Vuong ( назад)
I wish i was your roommate

Автор spinningchurro ( назад)
Why the fuck did this make me want to cry.

Автор Alexander Hanna ( назад)
I wanna be this guy's roommate,imagine having this kind of cooking all the time

Автор Atamal ( назад)
What's the song he uses in the start of his videos?

Автор Doc Chronic ( назад)
Thank god I'm not the only one that hates cilantro.

Автор JayD ( назад)
your roommate is fucking luck if you share your food with him

Автор Danger ( назад)
If you eat flour tortillas you are a fucking pussy beta cuck. Corn tortillas are the only acceptable form of tortillas. They are superior in every way to flour tortillas.

Автор Regina Joseph ( назад)
Warm salsa...

Автор Julian Hickman ( назад)
that would be coriander.........|:D

Автор firelizard2 ( назад)
I paused it to double check if uncooked tomatillos were actually toxic. Ok, you got me.

Автор Yellow Flash004 ( назад)
THIS is my favorite part of the entire my movie, and I don't know why lol

Автор Tazmaniak89 ( назад)
"halve about 4 medium avocados" I can't afford this meal.

Автор Page Smith ( назад)
I can't do what he can do, but I could if I tried but, just watching him is entertaining 😂👌❤❤❤

Автор G Williams ( назад)
You should make the Nutty Professor dinner spread.

Автор Jjdjjdj Kjdjjd ( назад)
Him: nigga u better say this shit taste good before I really shot yo bitch ass

Roommate: yes sir

Автор King Drew ( назад)
youtubes arist on the rise brought me here 😍😍😍😍 this is literaly amazing

Автор Eremiss ( назад)
I"m actually really glad to find a youtube-chef who also dislikes cilantro. It's gross!

Автор KnockedupNout ( назад)
I am Mexican and grew up on homemade everything (even pizza) and you are the first person I did not want to make fun of while you made Hispanic dishes! Although one suggestion is while making tortillas, use half the heat and turn over when bubbles just start appearing, they cook more evenly like that and remain more pliable. Carry on, Food Porn Master!

Автор Canadan98 ( назад)
That Ronald Jenkees music tho! Oh and those tacos look damn good too.

Автор SuperBakaotaku ( назад)
Your roommate won the lottery when he ended up being your roommate!!

Автор Amana ( назад)
There's not enough lime

Автор James C ( назад)
What's a good replacement if I can't find lard?

Автор Caleb Standley ( назад)
My grandma makes tortillas and ships them out monthly form New Mexico

Автор Brent Newman ( назад)
love the channel dude! quick note about the guac... if you add the lime juice to the container first and coat it helps prevent oxidation to keep your guac as green as possible. cheers!

Автор PavchBavin ( назад)
Never saw I love you man but I love watching you cook

Автор Schuyler Lising ( назад)
You should do spaghetti tacos from icarly

Автор Richard Cheese ( назад)
you ain't shit unless you make the old 96'er from the great outdoors

Автор bara Awad ( назад)
Man that roommate of urs is lucky as hell!!😭😭❤ that looks DELICIOUS!

Автор SonnoMaku ( назад)
Oh god I hate cilantro too. When I eat anything with cilantro in it it's like all I taste is the cilantro and I hate the taste of cilantro so it ruins the food. I'm not sure why cilantro tastes so bad to me. :s

Автор Marco Romo ( назад)
As a kid I didn't appreciate my mom and abuela's tortilla making prowess enough. We're a corn family though.

Автор Rowan Morkner ( назад)
your room mate must fucking love u!!!

Автор mimu ( назад)
your roommate is so lucky

Автор SuicideIsMandatory ( назад)
if the roomate is reading this get the fuck out before he does hanible

Автор Andrew Kerwin ( назад)
For the select people who actually cook these foods instead of just watching this beauty, congrats!

Автор Amine Amarir ( назад)
I have a tough time making the black beans like you did. After soaking them in hot water for 1.5 hours, I still had hard beans. What do you recommend?

Автор Infamous ( назад)
6 hr tacos. nice!

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