Top 10 Most Dominant Male Athletes of All Time

  • Published on Oct 22, 2013
  • They're the best of the best. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 most dominant male athletes of all time. Special thanks to our user "AKT" for submitting the idea for this video at :)
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Comments • 9 901

  • Its Neight
    Its Neight 9 hours ago

    Jerry Rice was amazing... and maybe at the time this video was uploaded he might have been considered the greatest NFL player but Tom Brady is the GOAT. He's won 3 Super Bowls and been to 4, and made the playoffs every year since this video came out. I dont think there is really any debate there.

  • Varun rowdy Pandey7
    Varun rowdy Pandey7 4 days ago

    where are cricketer 1 Sachin and virat Dhoni you pick this three on cricket and ronda rousey also 7

  • Gregor Sandford
    Gregor Sandford 4 days ago

    lets get this updated

  • Ahgase_ 4Life
    Ahgase_ 4Life 9 days ago

    Boxing where is mike tyson ?🙄🙄🙄

  • Darwin Balbuena
    Darwin Balbuena 11 days ago

    Paeng nepumoceno win 3 world titles in 3 different decades, and he has more a hundred international titles, and awards a 3 guinnuis book of records, and efren bata Reyes the all time best pool player, American must be number one in world best racists,

  • Darwin Balbuena
    Darwin Balbuena 11 days ago

    Where's efren bata Reyes, and paeng nepumoceno, is this world athlete or American athlete,

  • mela bbn
    mela bbn 11 days ago

    Wayne Gretzky - all-time leading scorer in NHL history ,with 2857 career points.

  • Alexander Brand
    Alexander Brand 22 days ago +3

    My top 3:
    1. Roger Federer
    2. Tiger Woods
    3. Mohamed Ali

  • MisakSchankinen
    MisakSchankinen 25 days ago

    If we talkning about athlets, I would say Alexander Karelin.

  • искусство
    искусство 28 days ago

    Where is Ingemar Stenmark? The worlds best alpine skier of all time

  • искусство
    искусство 28 days ago +1

    Don’t hit me with that bullshit, Usain obviously 100x better than that fucking fish

  • Simon Phillips
    Simon Phillips 28 days ago

    Bradman 1st....daylight 2nd

  • tsering jorgais
    tsering jorgais 29 days ago +1

    Cristiano ronaldo is as good as messi

  • Logan Murray
    Logan Murray 29 days ago

    Are you kidding where is Don Bradman out of all athletes he has the highest standard deviations above others in their sport. Tendulkar finished with an average of 53.78 when Bradman finished with a 99.94.

    • искусство
      искусство 28 days ago

      Logan Murray what the fuck are you talking about? Can you name te fucking sport?

  • David Bishop
    David Bishop Month ago

    Gretzky number 1 He was a God the GREATEST SPORTS FIGURE OF ALL TIME IN ANY SPORT!

  • Garrett Coan
    Garrett Coan Month ago

    I’m sorry but no one has ever had a more dominant career or loyal fans than tiger woods and that’s a fact, if you golfers are watching this with me you know it!!

  • Mikey Levy
    Mikey Levy Month ago

    Why not female? Huh? Huh?
    *Realizes there is the exact same video for females

  • Amaury Sutre
    Amaury Sutre Month ago +1

    Where is Teddy Riner??? He litterally just losed 3 matchs in his whole career

  • Zaraki Kenapchi
    Zaraki Kenapchi Month ago

    1. wayne gretzky
    3,tom brady
    4.babe ruth
    5. maradona
    10 jack nicklaus

  • Zaraki Kenapchi
    Zaraki Kenapchi Month ago +1

    1 . Tom Brady
    2.Jerry Rice
    3. Joe montana

  • Zaraki Kenapchi
    Zaraki Kenapchi Month ago

    tom brady is number 1 now

  • Taylor Pack
    Taylor Pack Month ago

    Here’s my question, how is federer more dominant than Nadal or Sampras? Sampras played in a time where everyone was good and Rafa won a grand slam ever year for 10 years straight, nobody has ever come close to that.

  • Abinister daily
    Abinister daily Month ago

    You pick the swimmer instead of Sachin 😡😡😡
    Sachin should be No1

  • Martim Santos
    Martim Santos Month ago

    Retardedddd where is Cristiano??

  • Kasper Flygare
    Kasper Flygare Month ago

    Why on Earth you didnt pick Usain Bolt?????

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan Month ago

    No Floyd Mayweather in boxing?

  • Charles patriots fan for life Ward

    Tom Brady number one for sure

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley Month ago

    children, sleep well. bradman doesn't bite.

  • Joseph Lucci
    Joseph Lucci Month ago

    Lemieux and Gretzky were better than everyone

  • Ziling Chen
    Ziling Chen Month ago +1

    Whoever makes Kobe on the list is stupid...

  • swing mill
    swing mill Month ago

    Basket ball were is Wilton chamberlin I'm obviously a 76ers fan

  • swing mill
    swing mill Month ago

    Jerry rice, l.t, reggie white, don hutson joe Montana, jim brown, Barry sanders, I can go on and on and on

  • Josef Stein
    Josef Stein 2 months ago

    A baseball GOAT conversation where batting average and World Series wins are the main talking points. 👍🏻 nice

  • Kwaysar
    Kwaysar 2 months ago

    Richard Petty doesn’t even deserve his runner up position. Yes, I know he had 200 wins, 123 poles, and 7 championship in the top NASCAR division, but his prime was while most drivers were cash-strapped and didn’t have any good cars. His closest competitor, Pearson, only started half the races Petty started, but the percentages were higher. Most, if not all of Pearson’s full time seasons, he won the championship

  • John Talak
    John Talak 2 months ago

    you cant compare Phelps and usain. This is total BS.

  • SWA productions
    SWA productions 2 months ago

    welp Brady is definitely the goat now he's doubles his Super Bowl championships in this video haha

  • Impasta Sauce
    Impasta Sauce 2 months ago

    Number 2 is wrong it’s Jordan Lebron and Kareem

  • Mubashir123 Mubashirkhan

    Fuck off where is bruce lee

  • Ange Du Nord
    Ange Du Nord 2 months ago

    Teddy Riner, simply the most exemplary athlete in the world.
    and not Jordan, Ali, Maradona or Woods

  • TheMoonlight2887
    TheMoonlight2887 2 months ago

    HOCKEY, #1???? 😐

    • TheMoonlight2887
      TheMoonlight2887 Month ago

      +Zaraki Kenapchi I know what the title is. My point is that, being football the most popular, it doesn't seem logical that "the most dominant" athlete should be from any other sport.

    • Zaraki Kenapchi
      Zaraki Kenapchi Month ago

      +TheMoonlight2887 the list is the most dominant not most popular athlete so grezky is by far the most dominant athlete in all sports

    • TheMoonlight2887
      TheMoonlight2887 Month ago

      +Zaraki Kenapchi Football is the most popular sport in the world. And I mean FOOTBALL, that's the real name, not "soccer".

    • Zaraki Kenapchi
      Zaraki Kenapchi Month ago

      much better than basketball


  • RC RACER 88
    RC RACER 88 2 months ago

    Most dominant athlete in my favorite sport
    Dale Earnhardt

  • Sasa Kovacevic
    Sasa Kovacevic 2 months ago


  • Bradley Medlock
    Bradley Medlock 2 months ago

    I know not many people may know this but kelly slater is the best surfer of all time by a massive margin in my opinion top 3 most dominant sports people

  • L Distributor
    L Distributor 2 months ago

    Ronaldo didn’t make the cut? Wtf ? Pele is overrated

  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 months ago

    So many americans in the comments saying That only american sports are important. Thats because the USA is nad im every other sport than im 3-4 mostly american sports.

  • Connor Crowl
    Connor Crowl 2 months ago

    Kobe as a mention?! He is the most ovverated NBA player in history

  • charles clark
    charles clark 2 months ago

    Wilt better be on here

  • Jbina -
    Jbina - 3 months ago

    Messi is the GOAT
    Pele is the most overrated athlete ever
    Djokovic in top 3?
    LeBron for bill

  • Everton carvalho
    Everton carvalho 3 months ago

    1- Pelé
    2- Jordan
    3- Mohamed ali
    4- Schumacher
    5- Phelps
    6- Federer
    7- Bolt
    8- Eddy Marckx
    9- Wayne gretzky
    10- Tiger Woods

    • Everton carvalho
      Everton carvalho Month ago

      You put Maradona in your list
      It's a joke!

    • Zaraki Kenapchi
      Zaraki Kenapchi Month ago

      this list is the more dominant athletes not the most famous and overhated athletes

    • Everton carvalho
      Everton carvalho Month ago

      Nobody knows Wayne gretzky

    • Zaraki Kenapchi
      Zaraki Kenapchi Month ago

      pele is a joke

      1. wayne gretzky
      3,tom brady
      4.babe ruth
      5. maradona
      10 jack nicklaus

  • Shawn Wilmar
    Shawn Wilmar 3 months ago

    No Ronaldo?

  • Mac Zapata-White
    Mac Zapata-White 3 months ago

    Did you really put Muhammad Ali at number 7!? Fuckin insane, he was called the Greatest of All Time, not the 7th greatest!

  • cosmin istvan
    cosmin istvan 3 months ago


  • Stevefrom Tekken
    Stevefrom Tekken 3 months ago

    No Bo Jackson.....Bullshit....

  • BoxingToYou
    BoxingToYou 3 months ago


  • Son-Jay Harrison
    Son-Jay Harrison 3 months ago

    I'm not a cricket fan but a guy named Donald Bradman separated himself from his competitors no other athlete past or present has done. Whoever did this list do some research & don't just focus on sports that are popular or more watched in and certain region. Research every sport & analyze the stats & individual accomplishments & dominace vs the other competitors in the sport

  • Tomas Lobo
    Tomas Lobo 3 months ago

    Let's do this list again and put the NFL order as Brown, Rice, and Brady who is the one true GOAT of football.

  • ニコリーナケイン

    Were is Pelé, Maradona, Johan Cruijff, Messi, Ronaldo, van der sar

  • Sab- Ray
    Sab- Ray 4 months ago

    Where is akram mahinan.?

  • Shyam Ji
    Shyam Ji 4 months ago

    Messi more assists than Pele 😊 in the Age of 31.

    • Zaraki Kenapchi
      Zaraki Kenapchi Month ago

      messi is much better pele is a joke never play in europe

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 4 months ago

    They left out the GREATEST of all time of any sport, Babe Ruth. The sultan of swat, the great bambino, The yankees stadium was the house that Ruth built and he single handily saved the sport of baseball. Not to mention he reached mythological status... No other athlete can say these things.

    • Zaraki Kenapchi
      Zaraki Kenapchi Month ago

      i love babe ruth for me he brady and gretzky are monsters

  • Louis Vil
    Louis Vil 4 months ago +1

    TF Maradona over Ronaldo

  • Tejas Bhusari
    Tejas Bhusari 5 months ago +2

    Why there no 3 cricket athletes.,
    Cricket is also the sport it's not in the olympic.i t should not be in the wild card.
    You take football,golf, basketball,etc.
    (americas sports which are not famous worldwide)but you don't take cricket.
    I am fully disagree with you.
    usian bolt,michale Phillies plays olympic,they are in the wild card that's right but cricket's 3 athletes should be sperate.
    it's the 2nd most popular sport in the world.

    • Christobanistan
      Christobanistan 2 months ago

      American channel with a largely American audience. Kind of expected by far the most popular American sport would have to be included.

  • Will DeWitt
    Will DeWitt 5 months ago

    Bo Jackson?

  • aivokallo77
    aivokallo77 5 months ago

    Sorry Russians. I know you thought you'd see them but Karelin and Bubka are absent here.

  • Max Durk
    Max Durk 5 months ago

    All I know is this; You may be rightfully penalize players who play in individual sports, as they never had to deal with teammates affecting the win, but the most dominant athletes I've seen were Woods, Bolt, and Phelps.

    ME-FA-SO-LA 5 months ago

    Good list..

  • Book (Pasa) Ahandrik
    Book (Pasa) Ahandrik 5 months ago


  • Alex Price
    Alex Price 5 months ago

    Where's wilt chamberlain

  • Orcaryplayz GD
    Orcaryplayz GD 5 months ago

    dude michael jordan wasnt the most dominant if u talk about dominant then it should be someone like Wilt Chamberlain or Shaquille O Neal

  • Tushar Psn
    Tushar Psn 6 months ago

    Where the hell is cristiano ronaldo??He should be there instead of pele i believe....messi and maradona deserve to be there but pele ya i know this is gonna get a lot of negative thoughts but he played entire career at santos and still had lesser number of goals than both ronaldo and messi at the same age and he played for probably the greatest brazilian side ever and yet scored fewer goals than cr7....Maradona drove a mediocre napoli to top and messi is simply magical and ronaldo is RONALDO

  • Robert Massive
    Robert Massive 6 months ago

    Kipchoge keino-athletics

  • Ashutosh Mishra
    Ashutosh Mishra 6 months ago +1

    Do not a sports to another such as cricket ... it's a Big one of the most played game

  • Rather Ball
    Rather Ball 6 months ago +1

    It’s 🥅

  • James Sykes
    James Sykes 6 months ago

    Gretzky is statistically the best athalete that has ever played any sport. God of 🇨🇦!

  • Luis Bustamante
    Luis Bustamante 6 months ago

    Djokovic? Damnnn

  • The Mystrious
    The Mystrious 6 months ago

    Sachin the god of cricket.

  • Jad Zakaria
    Jad Zakaria 6 months ago

    It should be Jordan,magic,lebron

  • Jad Zakaria
    Jad Zakaria 6 months ago

    Those basketball picks were stupid

  • Andrei gg 1134
    Andrei gg 1134 6 months ago

    Where is Shaq?

  • Gabriel Marcelino
    Gabriel Marcelino 6 months ago


  • Brem
    Brem 6 months ago

    Emil Zatopek won 38 consecutive 10,000 meter races and 11 in 1949 alone. 18 world records including every record from 5k to 30k.
    He won gold in the 5k 10k and marathon in the same Olympics having never run a single marathon before and still set the world record time.

  • Brem
    Brem 6 months ago

    Ivan Mauger
    6 times world champion
    4 times world long track champion
    4 times world teams champion
    2 times world pairs champion

  • RealGaming
    RealGaming 6 months ago

    Fun to watch After Bradys 5 rings 😂

  • Junaid
    Junaid 6 months ago

    World's second most popular sport gets a wild card mention.

  • OreoMask
    OreoMask 6 months ago +1

    Kobe Is by far my favorite basketball player all time so it hurts me to say he's honestly not in the convo for goat. It's between
    1) MJ
    2) LeBitch (fuck that nigga even though he a beast)
    3) Kareem

  • Logan Branchfield
    Logan Branchfield 6 months ago

    Absolutely bad list. You cant go by fan favorites or personal feelings. ESPN says this.
    1. Sugar Ray Robinson
    Welterweight, middleweight
    Ring career: 1940-65 Record: 175-19-6-2 (109 KOs)
    Career notes: Won world welterweight title in December 1946, and defended it four times before stepping up in weight and winning, in 1951, first of five stints as middleweight champ. … Attempted to win light heavyweight title from Joey Maxim in 1952, but was stopped in the 14th round. … Born Walker Smith in Ailey, Ga. … Was the most complete boxer yet to grace the squared circle. … Lost just one of first 123 fights, to Jake LaMotta, a defeat avenged five times in a classic ring rivalry. … A near-perfect pugilist at welterweight, was less dominant at middleweight, but was still able to win the title five times, including three times after he had retired for two and a half years. … Only stoppage defeat was when challenging Maxim for light heavyweight crown, and then was leading on points until overcome by heat so extreme that it had forced the replacement of the referee in the 10th.

  • Shashwat Srivastava
    Shashwat Srivastava 6 months ago

    Bolt deserved a spot on list. Youve got to be kidding

  • Shashwat Srivastava
    Shashwat Srivastava 6 months ago

    Wtf was no 4

  • Mor Minder
    Mor Minder 6 months ago +1

    Fedor Emalianenko
    George Siant Pierre
    Anderson Silva

  • cherker04
    cherker04 6 months ago

    okey it might be because i am from sweden but surely Ingemar Stenmark deserves to be here, they had to change the rules so others could even compete with him, he is the most dominant sportsman ever, he won over 85 times, crushing everything, maybe not number 1 even if i think he deserves it but he has to be here, i mean they changed the rules so others could stand a chance

  • Gordon Wang
    Gordon Wang 6 months ago

    No way in hell Jerry Rice is better than Jim Brown, Jim brown/Barry Sanders will always be the best player(s) ever. Rice seems better than he is because playing 21 seasons inflate your stats

  • John Jesberger
    John Jesberger 6 months ago

    Emil Zatopek. Gold medals in 5000m, 10000m, and Marathon in one Olympics.

  • Skibbles
    Skibbles 7 months ago

    Ayerton Senna was the greatest race car driver. Also wheres Kareem? And Bruce Lee?

  • Sherry Miln
    Sherry Miln 7 months ago

    Mayweather aint even on the boxing list he's never lost no athlete has done what he's done not just even in boxing

    • Zaraki Kenapchi
      Zaraki Kenapchi Month ago

      wladimir klichko dominate heavyweight division for 10 years is mucn harder than small heights

  • Abdullah Sakib
    Abdullah Sakib 7 months ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo for football

  • Zack Glenn
    Zack Glenn 7 months ago

    Ummmm Bo jackson should be football and close to baseball

  • samslick90
    samslick90 7 months ago

    Hank Aaron? Gordie Howe?

  • Pedro Calorio
    Pedro Calorio 7 months ago


  • mattan
    mattan 7 months ago

    Bjorn Borg tennis?

  • Noobie Plays
    Noobie Plays 7 months ago

    Ronaldo is better then messi