Lineups are for next 2020 Democratic debates

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Lineups are set for the next Democratic presidential debates, which will be split up over two nights. The first night will pit Senator Bernie Sanders against Senator Elizabeth Warren, the first time the two will be on the debate stage together. Harris and Biden will go up against each other on the second night. CBSN political contributor and Washington Post reporter Sean Sullivan breaks down the Democratic battle.
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Comments • 223

  • imladyt
    imladyt 4 days ago

    Early on now Soros money is probably frozen🤣no more money DUI o' wreck

  • Yang Gang
    Yang Gang 12 days ago

    Andrew Yang is in the Sept and Oct debate--he has made it into all the debates, with the 3rd one coming up on September 12th as well as the October debate. This video is outdated and should be removed so not to confuse people--unless that was their intention to keep Andrew down and out of voters' minds. It not going to work the Yang People are on top of it. Republican4Yang.

  • GoodTimes Cali
    GoodTimes Cali 21 day ago

    Booker, Harris? Really? We know why (at least rational human beings know why). Please, please, win the democratic nomination. This will be Reagan-Mondale all over again. Dems have no chance.You imagine these quacks on stage with Trump. He'll annihilate them.

  • Sarah Gardner
    Sarah Gardner Month ago +1

    Just to help those who are disillusioned:
    Fascist = Thinks things are better far back in the past
    Conservative = Thinks things are better as they are currently
    Moderate = Thinks things need change, but extremely slowly
    Liberal = Thinks things need to change relatively quickly
    Socialist = Thinks things need to change quickly
    Communist = Predicts (based off of facts, and POSSIBLY delusion) things need to change to predict what is to come.

  • Abdoulaye Diallo
    Abdoulaye Diallo Month ago

    Yang gang!

  • Ford V8
    Ford V8 Month ago +1

    Beto spent all of his fundraising on the caravans. Investigate that!

  • Ziljan Vega
    Ziljan Vega Month ago

    Bernie and Warren aren't battling for the progressive wing. They have different non-overlapping constituencies. Warrens tend to be richer and whiter and Bernie's tend to be poorer and younger. If they combined forces, that would certainly be enough to unseat Biden since it would calm wealthy dems to have Warren on the ticket, and it would excite the young voters to have Bernie on it.

  • Sativa Sultan
    Sativa Sultan Month ago +1

    TRUMP UM AGAIN 2020!

  • jesse g
    jesse g Month ago +1

    Clown Town!

  • Jan Weisbart
    Jan Weisbart Month ago

    Why vote for a "wanna be"?
    Bernie's time is NOW!

  • Rusty Slayton
    Rusty Slayton Month ago

    Look this is Beto last debate. Then he will drop out when he loses the 1st primary. Biden will choke . Kamala is the 1 who will get the Nominee. She's going to be the tough prosecutor & fool the People & President Trump will smash her. LA Corruption has her Name on it.

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton Month ago

      Your deceived with ease every time you call on a Name that's not yahweh your speaking to satan.

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton Month ago

      told you beto Robert is done . He won't be @ the next debate he lost Texas he will never be President maybe of a cookie company or something ????

  • Maliblu CityHall
    Maliblu CityHall Month ago

    pandering to low IQs..line 'em up, knock 'em down

  • rodrigo hernandez
    rodrigo hernandez Month ago +5

    My yang gang is here :,)#Yang2020

  • The Home Plate Special

    Bullock, Hickenlooper, Klobuchar and Warren will do very well. Ryan and Delaney will gain when Biden support shifts as Biden isnt doing so well this week in appearances. Admiral Sestak hopefully will get in the next debate. Night 2 will be the nasty night except for Inslee and Yang but neither will win.

  • James Skaggs
    James Skaggs Month ago +2

    The George Soros puppets. Which one will he pick?

  • Ethan Polson
    Ethan Polson Month ago +4

    Andrew Yang for president!

  • george asher
    george asher Month ago

    Night 2 Night 2 Thats for me

  • rolback
    rolback Month ago +1

    Why would they hold Mexico’s presidential debates in Detroit?

  • Sarah Estrada
    Sarah Estrada Month ago

    Bernie and Marianne are the dream team. I'm excited for both to succeed

    • B Love
      B Love Month ago

      if your dream is trump winning, then yes.

  • Dan Wipper
    Dan Wipper Month ago +2

    CBS is fake news.

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton Month ago


  • red7fifty
    red7fifty Month ago

    They are all deep state socialist losers. TRUMP 2020! MAGA~ WWG1WGA

  • Mike Dehn
    Mike Dehn Month ago +2

    It's interesting that at no time did they mention Tulsi Gabbard.
    I'm starting to think that the conspiracy theory that the big networks don't want her as president.
    While most of the candidates talk the talk. Tulsi Gabbard walks the walk.

    • Prithvi Sihag
      Prithvi Sihag Month ago

      @Mike Dehn and this is worrisome.. but Tulsi's got it

    • Mike Dehn
      Mike Dehn Month ago +1

      @The Home Plate Special because the media's haven't covered her like the other candidates.

    • The Home Plate Special
      The Home Plate Special Month ago

      Most ppl havent picked her.

    • Mike Dehn
      Mike Dehn Month ago

      @rolback I don't have time to listen to our president's insults and lies.

    • rolback
      rolback Month ago +1

      Mike Dehn Maybe you haven’t been listening to your President Trump. It’s called fake biased news.

  • Nate Rose
    Nate Rose Month ago +7


  • Ben Decker
    Ben Decker Month ago +1

    I think it’s super lame that you only listed some of the candidates names.

  • Penny4Bernie 2020
    Penny4Bernie 2020 Month ago +1

    Any way the corporate media can attack Bernie Sanders they will or just never mention him even though he has collected the most donations!
    But, you give that much air time to the Texan? DISGUSTING!

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton Month ago

      bernie 2020 thats so funny rmao

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton Month ago

      Bernie is dropping like a heavy rock. I gave him a nickName he's not living up to it. 2nd place Bernie now he's 3rd place Bernie he always in 2nd or now 3rd lol Pocahontas past him by. :)

  • Cappysailsagain
    Cappysailsagain Month ago +1

    At this point, I think I will not even be voting in the upcoming election. None of these candidates offer any variation from the theme. They need to forget the Trump hatred and work on our country. How about focusing on healthcare, the climate, and here's a shocker--fixing our broken immigration system. Yeah, let's go back to the Obama promises of a strong border. That might actually get a few swing votes for the Democrats.

  • will Grello
    will Grello Month ago +12

    are they gonna speak in Spanish again lmfao

    • will Grello
      will Grello Month ago

      @red7fifty i mean if they don't speak in Arabic i'm just gonna assume that they are racist.

    • red7fifty
      red7fifty Month ago +2

      Maybe in Arabic next?

    • Wayne Templar
      Wayne Templar Month ago +1

      will Grello si senor

  • Open Sesame
    Open Sesame Month ago

    Im going to let yall in on a little secret. I'm a democrat, but I voted for Trump. I believe in rights for all, liberalism, and moderate government regulation, particularly for education and healthcare. But, I don't believe in giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship or taking in tens of thousands of refugees. I happen to agree with Trump's foreign policy when it comes to trade restrictions with China. I think people mistakenly assume the American people are far more polarized than we actually are. All of the people running are literally extremists. Donald Trump is an extremist. Why can't we just have someone who has moderate, centrist and most importantly, pragmatic, policies?

  • Chance Michno
    Chance Michno Month ago +1

    Trump :🏆
    Democrats : 🤡

  • Skye Flo
    Skye Flo Month ago +5


  • Knight Artoras
    Knight Artoras Month ago +19

    Yang gang 2020

  • Jack Chase
    Jack Chase Month ago +7

    Yang is our only hope, really.

    • red7fifty
      red7fifty Month ago

      He's the same socialist, just hiding behind the Asian card. TRUMP 2020!

  • Brian McGeary
    Brian McGeary Month ago

    Sullivan makes the point here that Beto's fundraising does not translate into momentum for his campaign. Well yeah, he's taking corporate cash while other candidates do not. Many voters view that as corruption. Given other choices who only take small dollar donations, of course voters will pick the less corrupt option.

  • Paul Blackburn
    Paul Blackburn Month ago

    What free stuff are they going to promise that they haven't promised yet? What new ways can they come up with to pander to minorities and special interests?

  • Jack Shite
    Jack Shite Month ago +4

    TRUMP 2020 USA

    • Yang Gang
      Yang Gang 12 days ago

      ANDREW YANG 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028! Republican4Yang.

  • Gary R
    Gary R Month ago +1

    Did you see how they picked the lineup? It was like playing bingo without winning anything. LOL And, because it was done on CNN they had like 300 people on the panel. LOL

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton Month ago


  • Anthony Vescio
    Anthony Vescio Month ago +38

    Yang Gang

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton 27 days ago

      @Drada Your just mad because you have Trump Derangement Syn-drone. It is a real mental Heath Problem. Go get Help. The President has black & all minorities unemployment & historic all time Low. If that is a Racist not a very good 1. More AMERICAN People are working then ever b4 in the History of this Great Republic. Stock Market had it's longest bull run in history set a record 73 times in 1 Year. I could go on & on Energy independent Prison reform Apprenticeship programs. CHOICE for our greatest People. Keep AMERICA Great ! 2020

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton 27 days ago

      @Drada some times in life it is better not to write & let us all just think you are stupid Rather you write & remove all Doubt.

    • Drada
      Drada 29 days ago

      @Rusty Slayton that's funny. He looks more like a nephew of yours than you.. by the look of it. You're some mid 40s man living in the shadow of relatives. You got a dad or older brother or something who owns a few businesses? Like a farm perhaps

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton 29 days ago

      @Drada Don't be jealous.

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton 29 days ago

      @Drada Hey you the who started calling me names & you don't even know me. I Live in San Francisco a place you couldn't afford to live. If you think you make more $ than I Google my Name Russell slayton you will see in a quick minute that your so Very Wrong. I'm a Agent for the NBA My most Famous Client is Kevin Durant.

  • james west
    james west Month ago

    Now, after the 2020 election, when the first fake news channel calls our great country racist, what should we do to them?

  • Black Lotus
    Black Lotus Month ago

    Obvious attempt to pitch the support to Harris. The libtards are splintered

  • Black Lotus
    Black Lotus Month ago +1

    3:03 Harris hits a Hitler pose

    • VMN_28
      VMN_28 Month ago

      My god you’re an idiot

  • Chris Nguyen
    Chris Nguyen Month ago +2

    When is it, I want to watch some comedy!?

    • Jens Raab
      Jens Raab Month ago

      July 30th and 31st, one debate each night.

  • Lightning Driver
    Lightning Driver Month ago +5

    It really is like a clown car.

  • Admiral Crunch
    Admiral Crunch Month ago +8

    Idiots on parade
    What is the mpg of their clown car?

  • Sir Loxley Mendoza
    Sir Loxley Mendoza Month ago +12

    Thanks for being so divided and for advocating such insanity... It makes TRUMP 2020 a sure thing....

  • Anzu Mazaki
    Anzu Mazaki Month ago +8


    • Authorized Mike
      Authorized Mike Month ago


    • Chance Michno
      Chance Michno Month ago

      Trumps gonna win anyway.

    • Jens Raab
      Jens Raab Month ago +1

      How so? There were criteria to be met and Gravel didn't meet these. Same for Wayne Messam.
      Many people think that 20 candidates is far too many already. Personally, I think it's good to have a wider range of choice but you need to draw a line somewhere.
      BTW, these weren't some secret last-minute criteria, they were known well in advance.

  • G Sterling
    G Sterling Month ago +1

    Democrats have no acceptable agenda for Americans so to get elected they must convince voters that all republicans are evil racists that shouldn’t be elected - that plus Trump hatred is all they have and certainly that should not be sufficient to get elected

  • L H
    L H Month ago +3

    *Lol~~ looney tune time!!*

  • Broderic Kartholl
    Broderic Kartholl Month ago +1

    I'm fine with Trump, Harris, or Biden. Voting doesn't really do anything, since we have the electoral college. I learned with politics that anything can happen so many flops (Unpredictable)🐟🐠.

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago +1

      TRUMP 2020 the only choice

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago +1

      @Catherine3385 Exactly Commiefornia lol

    • Catherine3385
      Catherine3385 Month ago +1

      The electoral college actually makes your vote count. If we didn't have it California would decide every president

  • Kei
    Kei Month ago +6

    Dont forget Andrew Yang! Future policy of an educated man.

    • red7fifty
      red7fifty Month ago


    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago +2

      Interesting slant but no to UBI welfare state Grow up get a job.. America built on hard work.. not a nation of shiftless youth making starter jobs a career TRUMP 2020

    • Admiral Crunch
      Admiral Crunch Month ago +2

      Yang is a communist that supports ANTIFA AND NAMBLA.

  • AZ Shark
    AZ Shark Month ago +19

    Beto, Buttigieg and Castro are still running? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Yang Gang
      Yang Gang 12 days ago

      Add Bernie and Joe to the should drop out list. I can't see what they could not do in the past decades would be managed to complete in a few years. Andrew Yang for President! A man for our future.

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton Month ago

      castro didn't make it to debate #3 lmao

    • Rusty Slayton
      Rusty Slayton Month ago


    • Brandon C.
      Brandon C. Month ago

      @The Home Plate Special We'll see. Some of these candidates need to get their numbers up. I know there's a ton of people running so it's hard. Only 4 or 5 people are standing out ahead of the pack.

    • The Home Plate Special
      The Home Plate Special Month ago

      @Brandon C. Beto is one of 8 already qualified for 3rd debate. Two others have met one of the 2 criteria so at least 10 to 12 will be sticking around.

  • Johnny Lawrence
    Johnny Lawrence Month ago +2

    2020 Democrats platform:
    1) Higher taxes
    2) More illegal aliens
    3) fewer constitutional rights

  • America
    America Month ago +1

    Democrats 2020!

  • Terry Grenke
    Terry Grenke Month ago +16

    We need Voter ID for sure, criminals 😱

    • Pinhead Larry
      Pinhead Larry Month ago

      If you register to vote you are already qualified to vote, Republicans don't want the middle class to vote as much because they know that I'd they do Republicans will never win

  • Rasta Pepe
    Rasta Pepe Month ago +21

    YANG GANG 2020

    • Jack Chase
      Jack Chase Month ago +5

      Watch out, you'll trigger the Trump supporters. They don't handle opposition well.

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago

      @Rasta Pepe Being a basement bunboy only gets you AIDS seek treatment You are still a kid living off others You are the poster child for mass deportations and a peacetime draft

    • Admiral Crunch
      Admiral Crunch Month ago

      Yang supports ANTIFA AND NAMBLA

    • Rasta Pepe
      Rasta Pepe Month ago +3

      @Sir Loxley Mendoza Being conservative won't get you laid bud

    • Sir Loxley Mendoza
      Sir Loxley Mendoza Month ago +3

      TRANSLATION: kids living off their parents wanting to make burger king a career ………………………. TRUMP 2020 so easy

  • I'm gone
    I'm gone Month ago +2

    You guys can say what you want, but I think Pete Buttgig will be coming up from the rear.
    He is the only sane candidate.

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago +1

      Nothing sane about inseminating fecal matter

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago

      @America Gay not a race... Hence no racism against that homosexual.....

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago

      @I'm gone Only in Uranus

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago

      @America He will be lurking in the rest rooms looking for sex

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago

      @I'm gone No the Bronx zoo has her caged

    BTS LIVE Month ago +2

    Is US intelligence working overtime for Blocking Russia hacking on Voting System? If they are not, all the debates are useless.
    It has been reported that Putin is more aggressive, even made a new law in 2018 for cutting all the ties from Global Internet, it called “Russian Sovereign Internet Law”. He made Russia being more unpredictable in 2020 election. It means Trump might win in 2020, with a help of Russia again, like 2016 election.

    • Gaye Keen
      Gaye Keen Month ago

      @Terra Claiborne Following you...seems you are an underage anarchist. Or just really miserable and bored.

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago +1

      @Terra Claiborne Great you obviously are a lefty so that means one less Democrat vote.... Now leave America lol TRUMP 2020 making America great

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago

      Debates by dems already useless... DNC platform open borders and free stuff

    • Terra Claiborne
      Terra Claiborne Month ago

      You're right. They are useless.
      The elections will not be free or fair.
      I used to be with the Resistance, but I eventually realized that nothing we say or do will change anything. One party violates the law and the second enables the first.
      It's a lot like a scene in Ender's Game, where the MC plays a game. He's shown two cups, told that one is poison, while the other goes to fairyland. The truth was, both were poisoned. It was a rigged game.
      I don't know about in the early days, but elections are just a rigged game, where all paths lead to a game over.
      I can't say for others, but I refuse to play it anymore. I will not vote in 2020.

  • Occonner Wilderness


  • BRYAN crypt keeper CALLEN

    Tulsi gabbard

  • MPP
    MPP Month ago +11

    What is this ? A friggin horse race?!!? Give me break! None of them can beat Trump.

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago +1

      DNC clown car offering free stuff and open borders

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago

      @BTS LIVE Corruption: a lib buzz word used by libs to explain why no sane person will support the DNC TRUMP 2020

    • Black Lotus
      Black Lotus Month ago

      @BTS LIVE go take your medication

    • Sir Loxley Mendoza
      Sir Loxley Mendoza Month ago +2

      So leave.. you will not be missed TRUMP 2020 @BTS LIVE

    • BTS LIVE
      BTS LIVE Month ago +1

      I know, nobody can beat Trump.......CORRUPTION.

  • Ben Bravo
    Ben Bravo Month ago +15

    Most of all candidates'policy are relatively the same except for Andrew Yang Universal Basic Income at $1,000/ month for every American adult.
    That's the game changer

    • Diego
      Diego Month ago

      @Tom Smith 🤡🤡

    • Diego
      Diego Month ago

      @Sir Loxley Mendoza not free nothing is free also secure boarders with a easier path to citizenship

    • Cameron
      Cameron Month ago

      Baw!! It can't be done because Monies

    • Jack Shite
      Jack Shite Month ago +1

      @Ben Bravo That 1% creates jobs.. Having millions getting UBI welfare won't help.. No way we can afford that.. Grow up … Military and intelligence communities will never give up their budgets so the money will come from us... Kids think everything should be free because they already live off others..... A peacetime draft would straighten out your shiftless A$$ Automation will never replace labor jobs I have a great income AI will only effect you fudge puds hoping to be the next software king

    • Ben Bravo
      Ben Bravo Month ago +1

      @Sir Loxley Mendoza So free stuffs are only for just 1% who could get a tax break but not the 99%.
      Trump is only for 1%. Hope you got a lay off with AI and Automation soon with no income for your mortgage.
      Better start looking for a good location for your new resident, on the street I mean.