Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus? Best Juventus Potential Line Up 2018/2019 ⚽ Footchampion

  • Published on Jul 8, 2018
  • Juventus Taget transfer summer : Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus? Best Juventus Potential Line Up 2018/2019 ⚽ Footchampion
    #Juventus #CristianoRonaldo #CR7
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Comments • 354

  • 지루TV
    지루TV 4 months ago

    저거 선수들 이름 해석 좀...................부탁...............

  • 10,000 subscribers without any videos

    Who else was waiting for dybala to show up?

  • Golf Cold
    Golf Cold 5 months ago

    ronaldo age 33

  • deepak thakur
    deepak thakur 7 months ago

    Only cr7

  • deepak thakur
    deepak thakur 7 months ago


  • Wahdea Wisdom
    Wahdea Wisdom 8 months ago

    Dybala more expensive than RONALDO

  • Ray_Di187 AQ
    Ray_Di187 AQ 8 months ago

    Why not ronaldo on the right then left... he's more weak on his left feet :P

  • Ktoś Na Pewno
    Ktoś Na Pewno 8 months ago

    Higuain leave juventus Higuain ---------> Costa/Mandzukić

  • Ktoś Na Pewno
    Ktoś Na Pewno 8 months ago +1

    Can --------> Matuidi

  • Dawid Jermak
    Dawid Jermak 8 months ago

    Szczęsny in goal M8 What you doing!

  • Jurme Tenzin
    Jurme Tenzin 8 months ago

    Ronaldo age is Wrong, obviously others statistics must have gone wrong too

  • Karim Benzema
    Karim Benzema 8 months ago


  • Jhonatan Alvarado
    Jhonatan Alvarado 9 months ago

    y " Douglas costa "

  • Saireth Andres Apreza Pacheco

    Que número es la formacio

  • Jefferson Souza
    Jefferson Souza 9 months ago

    Volta BUFFON

  • gabriel
    gabriel 9 months ago

    Schzesny Cancelo Benatia Chiellini Alex Sandro Khedira Pjanic Matuidi Douglas Costa Dybala Cr7

  • Sinan Muhammed
    Sinan Muhammed 9 months ago

    Costa is good

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 9 months ago

    First of all ronaldo is right wing and his 33 year old

  • Ali Alhammadi
    Ali Alhammadi 9 months ago

    This is sooo wrong....

  • Uness Sb
    Uness Sb 9 months ago

    Doglas costa?

  • Juarez Souto
    Juarez Souto 9 months ago

    Cara se deixou douglas costa fora do time

  • 팡 팡
    팡 팡 9 months ago

    I want to see Ronaldo playing as a winger again. 😭😭

  • 苍不愣登苍
    苍不愣登苍 9 months ago

    Higuain has to go.

  • Mohammed Ingariis
    Mohammed Ingariis 9 months ago

    Can anyone tell me the song ????

  • Ibrahim Rajab
    Ibrahim Rajab 9 months ago

    Hala madritusss x

  • Science Physique
    Science Physique 9 months ago

    Benatia 31 😍😍😍

  • Marcos Antonio
    Marcos Antonio 9 months ago

    Não vai ser assim nunca.. Douglas é titular junto com CR7

  • Abraham S
    Abraham S 9 months ago

    Lol cr7 is 33age

  • Amir Dui
    Amir Dui 9 months ago

    Ronaldo is 33!

  • ivan sandro Bejar Silva

    Costa?... cuadrado?.....?

  • b0rna n0b
    b0rna n0b 9 months ago +1

    GK perin
    LB sandro
    CB celini
    CB benatia
    CDM can
    CDM pjanic
    LM ronaldo
    CAM dybala
    RM costa
    ST mančukić

  • Nour Syrian
    Nour Syrian 9 months ago


  • Victor Chambe
    Victor Chambe 9 months ago

    Where is Matuidi

  • Adam Piwowarczyk
    Adam Piwowarczyk 9 months ago

    GK Wojciech Szczęsny

  • Clafi
    Clafi 9 months ago

    Ты русский?

  • Arios Necessity
    Arios Necessity 9 months ago

    Perin price is 12m not 20.

  • Aksell Rami
    Aksell Rami 9 months ago

    Are you out of your mind putting szczesny and douglas costa on the bench

  • Jasmine 17
    Jasmine 17 9 months ago +1

    He should’ve moved to PSG, or shouldn’t have moved teams 😭

  • gaston alv
    gaston alv 9 months ago

    Quien viene a ver este tipo de videos solo para hacer la misma plantilla en el fifa 18 xDD

  • Michel Dabady
    Michel Dabady 9 months ago


  • Eman Almadhaji
    Eman Almadhaji 9 months ago


  • Dybala 21
    Dybala 21 9 months ago

    Ronaldo is 33 years old

  • Old Paku
    Old Paku 9 months ago +2

    Szczęsny behind Perin

  • Arman Melikyan
    Arman Melikyan 9 months ago

    Neymar Real madrid

  • hashimkpba kp
    hashimkpba kp 9 months ago

    No need Higuen better costaa

  • Anthony Carbajal
    Anthony Carbajal 9 months ago

    What's the song name please

  • abdelrahman al tohami
    abdelrahman al tohami 9 months ago

    Cancelo benatia chiellini sandro
    Cuadrado can matuidi costa
    Dybala ronaldo

  • Sanam Magar
    Sanam Magar 9 months ago

    the age of Ronaldo is 33 yrs everybody knows

  • Francesco De Filippis
    Francesco De Filippis 9 months ago

    Juve is looking forward to buy Milinkovic-Savic from Lazio. If he comes he will probably replace Khedira

  • Zu Ri
    Zu Ri 9 months ago

    Ošo mandžo u pizdu materinu

    THE FLASH 9 months ago

    Real madrid ❤❤❤ no juventus😝😝😝😝😝😫😫

  • iyed ftouha
    iyed ftouha 9 months ago

    No higuain is going to chelsea with rugani for 70 M €

  • sergio garcia
    sergio garcia 9 months ago

    Hay que ser tonto para hacer un vídeo y no poner la edad verdadera de Cristiano

  • sergio garcia
    sergio garcia 9 months ago

    Cristiano tiene 34 años casi

  • Sophia
    Sophia 9 months ago +1

    Ronaldo have 32 years and conctract for 2022

  • charlesS
    charlesS 9 months ago

    replace khedira he is crap with douglas costa

  • rhmndn
    rhmndn 9 months ago

    Ronaldo is 33 years old. You should have done better.

  • Bay  max
    Bay max 9 months ago

    Where Mandzukic?

  • Jeff Roze
    Jeff Roze 9 months ago

    What a threat! cant wait...

  • Juventus2013
    Juventus2013 9 months ago

    This line up is really good if hinguain steps up has a good season juve will be GREAT wish douglas costa starts somehow too!!

  • Muhammad Akbar
    Muhammad Akbar 9 months ago

    Auto win

  • Atl.Boppy
    Atl.Boppy 9 months ago

    Sandro left to United

  • CrAzY Antonito
    CrAzY Antonito 9 months ago

    Do you guys think Juventus can win UCL??

  • Oof god
    Oof god 9 months ago

    Guys Real Madrid fan his contract ends on 2021 so it means he could return

  • Oof god
    Oof god 9 months ago

    Buffon left so why join them

  • JG11 Plays
    JG11 Plays 9 months ago +2

    Now its confirmed

  • Pablo Raschi
    Pablo Raschi 9 months ago

    Higuain is going to go to Chelsea???

  • turino ik
    turino ik 9 months ago

    No1 squard

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Brazil

    Ronaldo tem yer idade 33 anos

  • TarikLIS
    TarikLIS 9 months ago

    no cancelo lichtsteiner no emre can matuidi

  • Rahul shirke
    Rahul shirke 9 months ago

    I’m big fan cr7 but I’ll not support to Juventus fc👎🏻 cause I like rMadrid⚪️

  • Luis Crack Games Vidio Ochoa Luque

    ohhh nooo

  • Jeff Moraes
    Jeff Moraes 9 months ago

    Ronaldo's 33 years old dick face

  • Sohel Rana
    Sohel Rana 9 months ago

    I m crying please please please don’t leave Real Madrid

    ENSAR VESELI 9 months ago

    Age 33

  • Grave Posts
    Grave Posts 9 months ago

    If Juventus win the UFC Champions League it would be sad for Buffon because he could of been there

  • lucasgamer tv
    lucasgamer tv 9 months ago

    o cara não sabe se Cristiano Ronaldo vai pra Juventus

  • BiG bOsS
    BiG bOsS 9 months ago

    Ronaldo have 33 years

  • CR7
    CR7 9 months ago +3

    Alex Sandro

  • Marcus Østergaard
    Marcus Østergaard 9 months ago

    Surely Matuidi as a RCM and Khedira CDM. Ronaldo is 33 and Benatia is 31

  • basil khnifies
    basil khnifies 9 months ago

    He alredy moved

  • Konstant
    Konstant 9 months ago

    Ronaldo isn't 30, he's 33

  • Beto Valencia
    Beto Valencia 9 months ago

    Khedira for cuadrado

  • team jeroguzic
    team jeroguzic 9 months ago


  • Фесс
    Фесс 9 months ago

    Где Juan Cuadrado

  • alessio paravicini
    alessio paravicini 9 months ago


  • Arda
    Arda 9 months ago

    Ronaldo age is 33

  • FeelsBadMan n
    FeelsBadMan n 9 months ago +2

    Sorry but khedira is over.. i don't know why they are keeping him.. to me he is not world class or top class anymore.. same with higuain..

  • FADEX Velk
    FADEX Velk 9 months ago

    Real Madrid is gonna turn very bad because they lost Ronaldo
    Rip Real Madrid 20??-2018 Lol if Buffon was still playing jeventus will beat Barcelona XD and also if pirlo and Buffon was playing that is a Juventus=Best team in the world

  • FADEX Velk
    FADEX Velk 9 months ago

    This team is gonna destroy you will see..

  • Il Dio
    Il Dio 9 months ago

    This isn’t good. You need Douglas Costa in the starting XI

  • carlos torres
    carlos torres 9 months ago

    Ppl here are saying that CR7 is old this and that
    But name a player that is better than cr7?
    Messi ? Neymar?

  • Pirelli913
    Pirelli913 9 months ago

    Disagreeing with three spots in this lineup:
    Replace Benatia with Rugani.
    Replace Khedira with Bentancur.
    Replace Higuain with either Bernardeschi, D. Costa or Mandzukic.
    Then switch to 4-2-3-1: Perin; A. Sandro, (C) Chiellini, Rugani, Cancelo; Pjanic (Bentancur), Can; Mandzukic, Dybala, D. Costa (Bernardeschi); C. Ronaldo

  • Enrico Panebianco
    Enrico Panebianco 9 months ago

    liberate il Kraken!!!(juventus)

  • Vexio
    Vexio 9 months ago

    Benatia is actually 30 mate

  • Ivo Ljubic
    Ivo Ljubic 9 months ago

    Mandžukić is best

  • Roberto Madrigal
    Roberto Madrigal 9 months ago


  • Dragon boulles Super !!!

    Cristiano Ronaldo 100 000 000 €
    1 N0 Cristiano Ronaldo 1 000 000 000€

  • Bartek44
    Bartek44 9 months ago

    No chyba cie gościu posrało z tym bramkarzem. Szczęsny na bramkę

  • Piter 43
    Piter 43 9 months ago

    Szczesny is gk