Comedian Arturo Castro Reviews The Trailers For The Lion King And Hobbes & Shaw

  • Published on Jul 24, 2019
  • In the pilot of Vice News' Movie Critic, Arturo Castro eats popcorn and rates this month's movie trailers.
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Comments • 77

  • Tye Tass
    Tye Tass Month ago


  • Something Something Something

    Who did what now? And why?

  • johnson6099
    johnson6099 Month ago +1

    Is this what vice is reduced to? Throw him out

  • BBAR
    BBAR Month ago

    Yo hes not fuckin funny

  • Donnie zawadski
    Donnie zawadski Month ago

    Trumptards triggered 🗽

  • Ojay Is Ojay
    Ojay Is Ojay Month ago

    Triggered unemployables getting angry over a News Tonight segment. Hilarious shit.

  • RyGuy
    RyGuy Month ago

    This dude is a total puss

  • Vaso Vukotić
    Vaso Vukotić Month ago +1

    Seeing you enjoy things before i get to enjoy them does NOT make me happy for you, but i'm tryin. =)

  • bobby a
    bobby a Month ago +3

    This dude is not funny

    • Jedi Master Baiter
      Jedi Master Baiter Month ago

      Where does it say he's a comedian?
      Edit: Oh. Right before his name. 😅

  • Dreamstate
    Dreamstate Month ago +1

    WTF is this garbage?????

  • Diego Kiwi
    Diego Kiwi Month ago

    Was waiting for Zazzoos song

  • Danielle Spargo
    Danielle Spargo Month ago

    The Notebook

  • newthrash1221
    newthrash1221 Month ago +1

    Jesus, why are people so fucking miserable in the comments section.

  • Jaybird Jetwings
    Jaybird Jetwings Month ago +3

    Damn this was one of the most gangster charcters on narcos and now look at him lol

    • newthrash1221
      newthrash1221 Month ago

      He played jamie before he got the narcos part.

    • Ojay Is Ojay
      Ojay Is Ojay Month ago

      It's called acting, grandpa.

    • M
      M Month ago +4

      & then look at him playing Jaimie on broad city 😂

  • leonardo vera
    leonardo vera Month ago +1

    he right he should play bloody el zoro he fits the part perfectly.

  • excop360
    excop360 Month ago +4

    vice trash

  • Gio
    Gio Month ago +6


    • Oscar Yeager
      Oscar Yeager Month ago

      @newthrash1221 What mad little shitskin you are.

    • Tim Feeney
      Tim Feeney Month ago

      Gio they still got you to click the link and add to their ad revenue. In the end, they still won.

    • newthrash1221
      newthrash1221 Month ago

      Why are you here then? Go back to your fear mongering 24 hour news cycle channels.

  • Josh Sephton
    Josh Sephton Month ago +8

    David from narcos is also a movie critic

  • AsianLovePotato
    AsianLovePotato Month ago +9

    Is he laughing because he think he's funny or something?

    • newthrash1221
      newthrash1221 Month ago

      SiLLy GooSe
      Oh, so you do nothing.

    • SiLLy GooSe
      SiLLy GooSe Month ago +1

      @newthrash1221 what are you even on about? Why you mad at me now? I just think your looking to be combative with people for no reason.

    • newthrash1221
      newthrash1221 Month ago

      SiLLy GooSe
      But people like us actually do shit, so we can name stuff. Tell me again, what do you do?

    • newthrash1221
      newthrash1221 Month ago

      SiLLy GooSe
      New song name “random internet people”.

    • SiLLy GooSe
      SiLLy GooSe Month ago +1

      @newthrash1221 lmao nothing. Continue to defend your cousin from random internet people who dont matter.

  • Eric Rodriguez
    Eric Rodriguez Month ago +4

    Wonder if they will make a movie about simba and nala's inbred cubs.,according to nature they are siblings.

  • Bestwick1983
    Bestwick1983 Month ago +13

    So brave, so newsworthy...

    • newthrash1221
      newthrash1221 Month ago

      Never did.

    • Bestwick1983
      Bestwick1983 Month ago +1

      @newthrash1221 Don't apologize.

    • newthrash1221
      newthrash1221 Month ago

      I forgot, news is supposed to only be the best in blood, guts, and dividing everybody.

  • Andrea Cabrales
    Andrea Cabrales Month ago +5

    Damn everyone in the comments sound bitter.

    • Oscar Yeager
      Oscar Yeager Month ago

      Probably because this video is trash. Cry more shitskin.

    • newthrash1221
      newthrash1221 Month ago +3

      “Our time”. Lol bro, ain’t no we with your goober self; i actually enjoy watching a good actor have a fun time watching movies. Maybe i’m not so angry at jj abrams as you are, nerd.

    • Dreamstate
      Dreamstate Month ago +2

      Because our fucking time is being wasted

    • Danielle Spargo
      Danielle Spargo Month ago +3

      Andrea Cabrales they are lol

  • Noah Connor
    Noah Connor Month ago +6

    dude can you actually make an rated-R Zorro

  • Eric p
    Eric p Month ago +39

    Vice should just end itself already

    • Ojay Is Ojay
      Ojay Is Ojay Month ago

      What does it say about you who's so obsessed with it? Stop projecting your insecurities on others. Proper deprived primate, aren't you?

    • TheEnd
      TheEnd Month ago +1

      *Vice has been doing massive layoffs lately as the company haemorrhages money*

    • Ben A
      Ben A Month ago

      Vice is about making cbd cake pops and Yemen. If you didn’t know that then why are you here?

    • Noiseless Sounds
      Noiseless Sounds Month ago +2


  • dacealksne
    dacealksne Month ago +8

    go home

  • weasley potter
    weasley potter Month ago +10


    • JGElías
      JGElías Month ago

      Man, I know you aren't going to watch these things but try not to be stubborn

    • JGElías
      JGElías Month ago

      *t, it is on Netflix. and Alternatino is on Comedy Central

    • JGElías
      JGElías Month ago

      @weasley potter I really hope you have watched Narcos. If you haven'

    • weasley potter
      weasley potter Month ago +1

      @Ojay Is Ojay define success

    • Ojay Is Ojay
      Ojay Is Ojay Month ago +1

      More successful than your ancestry. Save the salt for your relatives.

  • Vicious Channel
    Vicious Channel Month ago +7

    This is why Trump Won The Election...

    • JGElías
      JGElías Month ago +1

      @john papstI greatly admire your ability to comment this much nonsense on a trailer review video

    • newthrash1221
      newthrash1221 Month ago

      Danielle Spargo
      Thanks, danielle.

    • john papst
      john papst Month ago

      @Danielle Spargo What about abortion in New York? Why did you, the left, or women not step up then? Perhaps all these anti abortion laws would not get so much support now then?
      The left (and women particularly) need to learn cause and effect. If you push too hard things will, rightfully so, swing back at you.
      There are some instances where I might agree you can't push hard enough, but abortion being allowed at any stage randomly is not such an instance.
      You have to speak up when the left goes too far, when feminism goes to far, when they're reaching for straws or just trying to be hurtful, when minorities go too far. Because perhaps just maybe it's possible that the left can go too far!?

      In the Netherlands Abortion has been at 24 weeks since like 1984. 24 weeks is already way too long, never mind 9 months. 3 Months is plenty of time to notice and make a decision. There is no reason that can justify abortion at longer 3 months other than medical things. Yet we allow women this selfishness, and I'm not religious for the record. I speak from logic.
      Women need to be held responsible and be treated like adults, not given a pass like children. You see the same issue with prison sentences and lots of other things.
      I'm in favor of equality and I'd say we've had equality (or 'better', for women) across all western countries for 30-40 years, and gays and lesbians face very little if any discrimination. My sister is lesbian.
      The current 'issues' presented by women and LGBT are unfounded garbage. they have pushed too hard, and for no good reasons.
      Also I hardly ever see guys taking up multiple seats despite the fact that men do have things in between their legs. Women and bags on the other hand... I see that a lot but I won't be trying to campaign for laws against it. However add to that the paranoia the media feeds them about men and that only gets worse because they are irrationally scared.
      Simple example: At Amsterdam University there was a faculty which supposedly had some shady sexual harassment stuff going on. This then made the national Dutch news as "Universities are unsafe". So not only do they try to portray some of the safest places in one of the safest countries in the world as worse than say Congo, they do it by enlarging the issue not once but twice. Instead of 1 faculty it becomes all faculties at all universities.
      Now if the story turns out to be true I fully condemn it, but that's not the point.
      The point is that even when the story is true you call that fear mongering, by the Dutch left and Dutch leftist media (there are no right wing Dutch media). That's part of why I no longer vote left.
      Anyway, Bernie and his 15 dollar minimum wage except for his own employees fiasco are a joke as well, probably back in 2016 too except we didn't realize yet.
      Among your Dem candidates I see very little promise, especially among the ones likely to win either by name recognition or being backed by media/feminists/black people etc.
      The funny thing is I probably know more about American politics than you right now, as well as our dutch politics, but it's ok.

    • Danielle Spargo
      Danielle Spargo Month ago +3

      newthrash1221 exactly lol
      I think they doth proclaim "snowflake" too much.
      They're more fragile than anyone else, voting based on fear and anxiety, with their delicate Christian sensibilities.
      "Snowflake" is just projection.

    • john papst
      john papst Month ago +1

      @newthrash1221 From Ma'am, to airco being sexist to manspreading to mansplaining to all sorts of garbage about race I'd say it's pretty obvious your statement is simply not true. Even people that don't follow politics should be able to see that one for what it is.
      With the constant barrage of racist, sexist, fascist nazi etc I'd say most trump supporters and republicans in general have some real thick skin. The fact that there's so little violence, or calls for violence, backs that up too.

  • Gannicus
    Gannicus Month ago

    This dude has such a punchable face, I wanna hit him with the butt of an AK-47

  • HawkEyeMonkey
    HawkEyeMonkey Month ago +3


  • X3DN
    X3DN Month ago +9

    Please no more