10 Movie Easter Eggs That Will Make You LOVE Marvel Even More

  • Опубликовано: 28 мар 2017
  • Featuring easter eggs from your favourite Marvel Avengers superheroes: Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Ant Man, Doctor Strange, and Thor!
    10 Hidden Easter Eggs In Marvel Superhero Movies
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    The screenwriters and directors and creative masterminds at Marvel Studios are always making sure that no fan ever goes bored during any of the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of all the film series, from Captain America to Iron Man to Thor and beyond, these movies are constantly referencing each other, as well as the other work done by these actors and artists. When Robert Redford showed up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the film made sure to pay tribute to the special relationship between him and Paul Newman. Likewise, Captain America: Civil War has an in-joke for fans of Arrested Development, a show that the directors had previously worked for. In other movies there are referenced between movies, as a characters tattoos in Ant-Man reference scenes in the first Iron Man, while a pair of crows in The Avengers ties back to the Thor series and Anthony Hopkins’ Odin character. But there are other Easter eggs and hidden secrets and inside jokes, too, like when Tony Stark calls his “Hulkbuster” armor “Veronica” - it’s because The Hulk’s love interest from The Incredible Hulk is named Betty. All in all, these movies are chock-full of a surprisingly layered mythology that is constantly referring back to itself!
    Script by: Alan Jones
    Voice Over by: David Macri
    Edited by: David Macri
    Captain America: Civil War | 0:47
    Ant-Man | 1:25
    Avengers: Age of Ultron | 2:03
    Iron Man 3 | 2:37
    Thor: The Dark World | 3:18
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier | 4:03
    The Avengers | 4:38
    Doctor Strange | 5:11
    Captain America: The First Avenger | 5:50
    Guardians of the Galaxy / Star Wars | 6:26
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  • Screen Rant
    Screen Rant  2 года назад +238

    thanks for watching! any easter eggs that we missed? is everyone excited for the the new spiderman movie?

    • Shane Flores
      Shane Flores 11 месяцев назад

      Nick Fury's headstone in Captain America: The Winter Soldier has Ezekiel 25:17 engraved on it. It's the verse the Samuel L. Jackson's character uses in Pulp Fiction.

    • Sean Reed
      Sean Reed Год назад

      Nick Fury's grave at the end of Winter Soldier has his quote from Pulp Fiction on it. "The Path of The Righteous Man...."

    • louie pro
      louie pro Год назад


    • Ruarri Schoeman
      Ruarri Schoeman Год назад

      So excited that I already saw it. :P

  • Stalker O’ Flame
    Stalker O’ Flame 3 месяца назад

    Your recommendation videos are Always in the way of the emoji answer

  • Dan Hackett
    Dan Hackett 4 месяца назад

    I love these videos now (not just SR's but everyone that does these lists) seem to make mistakes on purpose ("six sixteen", "dormamu" etc.) just to fuel the comment section and viral views. BTW, Hitler really _did_ dig for trinket in the desert - the fact that Raiders is based in that time and activity doesn't make mentioning it a reference to Raiders.

  • Doggy
    Doggy 4 месяца назад

    Wake him up!

  • Jonathan Lynch
    Jonathan Lynch 4 месяца назад

    "we're not savages" was a reference to Serenity.

  • FrostRyder
    FrostRyder 8 месяцев назад

    What was the answer to the challenge? It was covered by a link to another video. :P

    • LinkJediMaster
      LinkJediMaster 2 месяца назад

      Seriously, the emoji answer should be center screen, especially if you are going to put additional videos at the end.

  • Eric Torres
    Eric Torres 9 месяцев назад

    What are Easter eggs

  • Loath Vision
    Loath Vision 9 месяцев назад

    Nice video

  • JM Revelo
    JM Revelo 10 месяцев назад

    Is there anybody in the universe excited to see arrested developments easter eggs on marvel movies?

  • Ishita Patil
    Ishita Patil 10 месяцев назад

    Um whats an easter egg

  • Mike Francis
    Mike Francis 11 месяцев назад

    HUGGIN AND MUGGIN? Sounds like what someone would do when simultaneously trying to comfort someone and start a fight. Odin's ravens? Not so much.

  • JonnyBee
    JonnyBee 11 месяцев назад +1

    Screen Rant: "Mr 50%" - only half describe or half show the topics of your video's, thus presumably saving 50% of your budget by letting viewers guess the rest....

  • Toon van Miert
    Toon van Miert 11 месяцев назад

    So, the title of the video is not the same as the title in the video...

  • Matrix Messiah
    Matrix Messiah 11 месяцев назад

    Should have referenced how in the very beginning of your video it shows Zola with his face in the glass foreshadowing him being digitized.

  • Albert Montinola
    Albert Montinola 11 месяцев назад

    Alexander Pierce or Alexander Pearce? I feel like a tourist in the MCU. LOL!

  • Sylwia Brakoniecka
    Sylwia Brakoniecka 11 месяцев назад

    I couldn't write normal

  • Sylwia Brakoniecka
    Sylwia Brakoniecka 11 месяцев назад

    Gnash they won't meet even though I haven't watched it

  • Hamish the Irish Amish
    Hamish the Irish Amish 11 месяцев назад

    NOT Crows!!!! RAVENS!!!!!!!!

  • FailedKiller
    FailedKiller 11 месяцев назад

    hitler DID actually look for trinkets in the desert. he actually believed in the occult, also the star wars thing? seriously? only video you guys have that I don't like lol.

  • Samuel Viau
    Samuel Viau 11 месяцев назад

    5:24 mispronounced his name (its Mordo)

  • Nikbis
    Nikbis 11 месяцев назад

    I don't think, like AT ALL, they will include the Universe 6-1-6 in the MCU. I mean, how do they do that ? You read some scenes on paper, and see some others on the big screen ? :D

  • Sallyanne Heath
    Sallyanne Heath 11 месяцев назад

    Do more videos

  • michael sass
    michael sass Год назад

    so where there any easter eggs . dindt see any presented

  • Philipp Hafner
    Philipp Hafner Год назад

    Let us know in the comments

  • Perceiving Falsehoods
    Perceiving Falsehoods Год назад

    First person I've ever encountered to know Huginn and Muginn (or Muninn) besides myself.

  • Sieb Claessen
    Sieb Claessen Год назад

    What about the reference spider man makes when they take down giant-man in Civil war? A.k.a. at-at

  • level malachite
    level malachite Год назад

    wait so in the other world I'm guesing it vibrates at diferent times so they don't notice eachother and the gravity pul changes'

  • Aaron Price
    Aaron Price Год назад

    If Indiana Jones and Marvel share the same universe then I can die happy. No way it's true but I would love to be proven wrong on that.

  • Dave Koehnlein
    Dave Koehnlein Год назад

    Odin has RAVENS...not crows...different species haha

  • Roger Turner
    Roger Turner Год назад

    A New Beginning for the president he got an offer about hiring cheating robbing and stealing

  • Danyo Yim
    Danyo Yim Год назад

    These are horrible.

  • Peter Petrov
    Peter Petrov Год назад

    The two crows are hugging and mugging? No - they are Huginn and Muninn...

  • Anthony Burkhart
    Anthony Burkhart Год назад

    Odins birds are RAVENS not crows...

  • Kalab McKay
    Kalab McKay Год назад


  • Ferret
    Ferret Год назад

    my name is alex pierce

  • Fafi Timo
    Fafi Timo Год назад

    Veronica referse to the Backup AI that replaces Jarvis after he "dies"

  • WonderingAimlessly
    WonderingAimlessly Год назад

    I can not continue to watch this due to the voice. It is not helping but annoying.

  • Phil Ludwig
    Phil Ludwig Год назад

    People protest highlight theoretical yours rest citizen lie recall.

  • TheKrustaceoX
    TheKrustaceoX Год назад

    Oh ok. Everytime someone gets his hand cut off in a movie now is because of Star Wars ¬¬

    • E2O10
      E2O10 Год назад

      Nope, not at all. Just when the directors of the films say they are references, which they did.

  • Steso
    Steso Год назад +2

    Im Groot

  • Tman06er
    Tman06er Год назад

    OMG This guy says “ do you think so let me know in the comments?” Soooo many times

  • Zayan Mir
    Zayan Mir Год назад +5

    How do u know if Marvel just cut off a ton of hands because they just hate hands

    • Stephen Olan
      Stephen Olan Год назад

      Maybe it's a reference to Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
      The mean teachers name was Mr. Hand.

  • Lars Kristiansen
    Lars Kristiansen Год назад

    waaaay too much talking...

  • Dean d
    Dean d Год назад

    Doesn't Chiwitel Ejiofor (Mordo in Doctor Strange) also use the line "We are not savages" in the movie, Serenity?

    • Lone Gunman
      Lone Gunman Год назад

      Dude, that is a wicked reference and catch. Yes, he does say something like that.

  • Africa Cortez
    Africa Cortez Год назад +4

    Who else loves Robert Downy Jr
    (Iron man),Chris Hemsworth (THOR),and Tom Holland ,(spider man) CAUSE I DO 💖💖💞💞💕

  • Omar Gill
    Omar Gill Год назад

    They could use the 616 universe to integrate the X-Men into the MCU.

  • Emmet TheSpecial
    Emmet TheSpecial Год назад

    Fuckskdbe off r rr

  • Pink Unicorn
    Pink Unicorn Год назад

    I just saw Sofia the first the show from Disney jr.. in captain America civil war

  • shambhu rai
    shambhu rai Год назад

    Ball for sleep or light for sleep

  • AWM
    AWM Год назад

    If Indiana Jones did take place in the MCU, then ( if you look at the hieroglyphics in a Jones movie) Star Wars is connected to the MCU. It does make sense as both Marvel and Lucasfilm are owned by Disney. If this is the plans, then why haven’t the guardians of the galaxy met Star Wars characters? My preference would be to see how Scarlet Witch faces off against the force.

  • noo name661122
    noo name661122 Год назад

    Sub to me plz

  • Adam Alexander
    Adam Alexander Год назад

    marvel and star wars it's owned by Disney of coarse its part of the cinematic universe

  • Connor Williams
    Connor Williams Год назад +2

    None of these were actual easter eggs that had anything to do with anything

  • ZzrzZ2012
    ZzrzZ2012 Год назад

    Hugin and Munin... not Mugin a common mistake made by most people but i feel it should be mentioned

  • AaronZ92
    AaronZ92 Год назад +1

    I am way, way, *way* late to the party but holy cow you butchered the names of Odin's crows. It's Huginn and Muninn....

  • nytehawk tawadi
    nytehawk tawadi Год назад

    I think you're reading too much into these easter eggs

  • abc - Movies
    abc - Movies Год назад +5

    Lol...they aren't easter eggs
    Come on people

  • delwatts
    delwatts Год назад

    lost a hand ? then lost another? hacked off with a sword? (not just one like Skywalker) well in a galaxy much closer, in time longer ago- and before StarWars- a movie featured a character who did both, just a flesh wound !

  • Keandre King
    Keandre King Год назад

    Wow marvel must hate hands

  • barry sansom
    barry sansom Год назад

    No chanchs

  • Gab
    Gab Год назад

    some of these are so far fetched.

  • velozoom
    velozoom Год назад

    Downvoted for useless and annoying voiceover

  • John Stiens
    John Stiens Год назад

    Ironman 3 isn't the only Superhero movie set during Christmas; see Batman Returns.

    • Lone Gunman
      Lone Gunman Год назад +2

      Do i have to? I heard it was a hot mess.

  • PhoutianPhill
    PhoutianPhill Год назад

    I hope the two worlds/universes never meet.

  • Cameron  Cates
    Cameron Cates Год назад

    Its Hunnin ( hew-nin ) and Munnin ( mew-nin )... They symbolize thought and memory in Nordic teachings... Just sayin

  • jingo500
    jingo500 Год назад

    Lightbulb+arrow+sleep= Inception? Wtf you smokin?

  • Zachary Bartels
    Zachary Bartels Год назад

    "Do we come off as super-desperate to get your comments? Let us know in the comments..."

  • Joshua Polanco
    Joshua Polanco Год назад

    To answer your question about the multiverse crossover between 616 and 1999999...... nope. The latest Secret War will explain why.

  • Typhon Plume
    Typhon Plume Год назад

    While I am a large fan of Star Wars, to be honest I think the last bit was just kinda stretching things abit.

  • deadlyEuphoria420
    deadlyEuphoria420 Год назад

    the new universes will be revealed when the main heroes' real life actors no longer play their roles

  • You will not believe what comes out of my nose.

    Yeah, not buying the Indiana Jones connection, Hitler really was a relic hunter. It is common knowledge. So using your logic, Indian is then connected to Frozen because it has relics in it so then the Hulk is dating a Snowman and bandannas taste like chicken, very obtuse.

    • Lone Gunman
      Lone Gunman Год назад

      Everyone knows that The Terminator is the prequel story to the Matrix universe.

  • nativeamericanwolf07 ._.
    nativeamericanwolf07 ._. Год назад

    Why does the bald lady in doctor strange look like StarLord's mom?

  • Alan Currie
    Alan Currie Год назад +2

    Anyone know where starlord gets batteries for a Walkman in space

    • Lone Gunman
      Lone Gunman Год назад

      From Earth, obviously. That's like saying "where did Quill get that Walkman from in space?"

    • Axterix13
      Axterix13 Год назад

      He steals them from gold people? But seriously, got to figure Earth tech is relatively low tech to the spacefaring races, so they can probably whip up something that works. After all, they also managed to integrate a cassette deck into his spaceship. And as both GotG movies show, Earth stuff does get into space (Cosmo, Zune). So one of those two ways.
      More impressive is how that single mix tape managed to last that long with that good quality over the years ;)

  • Can i get 10000 subs with 3 videos challenge

    In captions and in the Doctor Strange one when mordo said the wifi password the subtitles said wise my husband XDDD

  • Keenan Joshua
    Keenan Joshua Год назад

    Its six one six, not six sixteen. Just letting you know apart from that, really nice video thought!

  • Gavin
    Gavin Год назад +2

    Shamballa in the real world is the alternative name of Shangri-La, a legendary beautiful and peaceful place hidden in mountains of Tibet.

  • Mathias Osei
    Mathias Osei Год назад

    Thanks for your amazing videos

  • Lotato
    Lotato Год назад

    Shamballa? Wait, so doctor strange is Nathan drake ?

  • ben's minion knez odjebi
    ben's minion knez odjebi Год назад +5

    The blade in the centurion armor that toni uses to slice of kilians hand reminds me of assassins creed

  • Quirky Frapple
    Quirky Frapple Год назад

    doctor strange has a certain place in the MCU timeline hehe

  • Marvel's Gal
    Marvel's Gal Год назад

    When Ironman took off Aldrich Killian's hand, it was a reference to the Wolverine.

  • David Lonergan
    David Lonergan Год назад

    Hugin and Munin, not Mugin.

  • Cidonie Mongwako Tsewole
    Cidonie Mongwako Tsewole Год назад

    The 10 rings has been seen in 🐜😀

  • Karnage Korner
    Karnage Korner Год назад

    I love marvel no more or less after watching

    RJC RJC Год назад

  • Lilly Jay the Jackal
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  • ClassicWeegee
    ClassicWeegee Год назад

    Light to sleep, am I right?

  • Aoibhín Hanrahan
    Aoibhín Hanrahan Год назад

    Mac also takes off agent Coulsin's hand in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Betr Barker
    Betr Barker Год назад

    07:03 You forgot to say that Iron man cuts the hand of the "Winter soldier" at the end of the "Captain America Civilian War" with his chest maximum power laser

  • Draco Malfoy-Slytherin House pride

    I Want Marvel And DC To Meet

  • I am Auden Cordy
    I am Auden Cordy Год назад

    Watch the movie spider man its cool

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    Did this guy just call Mordo Dormmamu?

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    so Every time someone loses a hand it is a reference to star wars?

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    I lost my arm in a shark attack. Holy crap! That shark was a Star Wars fan!

    • Lone Gunman
      Lone Gunman Год назад

      and that Star Wars hand losing meme has jumped the shark.