• Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • vlogmas :D
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  • Jersey Camacho
    Jersey Camacho 2 days ago

    you look great emma

  • gracehehe123
    gracehehe123 2 days ago

    Comment below if you stayed at homechella🤭

  • Rikke Barsdal
    Rikke Barsdal 2 days ago

    Your 3 Day outfit is my background

  • Thunder and JJ
    Thunder and JJ 2 days ago +1


  • Lara Kiran
    Lara Kiran 2 days ago

    Ist hier eigentlich jemand aus Deutschland

  • Elísabet Úa
    Elísabet Úa 3 days ago

    Pause at 8:02

  • The Devil
    The Devil 4 days ago

    Cocaine is a hellova drug

  • Rosey Thomas
    Rosey Thomas 4 days ago

    That fucking spring roll and chips looked so good

  • NeønMeløn _BT21
    NeønMeløn _BT21 5 days ago +1

    You showcasing the food made me both hungry and upset. So thanks 🤡

  • Ian Liles
    Ian Liles 5 days ago +1

    U look so fuckin baked in this vlog

  • Abigail the doll
    Abigail the doll 6 days ago +1

    She looks fucking high as shit

  • creator Space
    creator Space 7 days ago

    It's done well.

  • Kacie Reimer
    Kacie Reimer 9 days ago

    Please watch this with English subtitles 😂

  • UnicornKeo
    UnicornKeo 10 days ago

    Am i the only one that thinks its weird to be in the presence of your friends and all of you are holding up cameras.....

  • Anglique Alizo
    Anglique Alizo 11 days ago

    When at the beginning she said she was hype and then she started dancing it was so funny!!!! *laughs to death*

  • Faith.B❤️
    Faith.B❤️ 11 days ago

    The Nut Latte really killed me😫😰😂

  • Asma DZ
    Asma DZ 11 days ago

    Emma and her 3 friends look exactly the same

  • Sydney Humphrey
    Sydney Humphrey 12 days ago

    I want Emmas pants in the fist clip

  • Kadence Perez
    Kadence Perez 12 days ago

    My little sister has the hair ties that you used on day 1,im dieing😂😂😂

  • Mohammad Saeed Mughal
    Mohammad Saeed Mughal 12 days ago

    Happy vlogmas and welcome to vlogmas what a way to begin and end

  • *weird little bitch* :Ω

    Lol so this is the reason why every teen vloger acts like this

  • snuzzy kanzy
    snuzzy kanzy 13 days ago

    0:13 umm is she bald😂

  • Hannah J
    Hannah J 13 days ago

    anyone else realize that they all had pink on somewhere day 1 and they all had black on somewhere day 2.

  • Hannah J
    Hannah J 13 days ago

    Love your stop looking at my dick sweatpants Emma!

  • Emilly Turner
    Emilly Turner 14 days ago

    8:01 love how there’s alcohol in the fridge when your underage Emma 😂😂😭

  • grace
    grace 15 days ago


  • Ferdi
    Ferdi 15 days ago

    Basic white b*****s

  • Arlinda Ramusevic
    Arlinda Ramusevic 16 days ago

    She’s definitely high 😭

  • Anna S.
    Anna S. 16 days ago

    that face at 15:56 LOOOOL

  • gold what
    gold what 16 days ago

    Emma is so fucking high

  • lolo OoOo
    lolo OoOo 16 days ago

    2:00 i am dying😂😂😂

  • Bella Bedoya
    Bella Bedoya 17 days ago

    i love kasey muggraves

  • More Ahmia
    More Ahmia 17 days ago +1

    Bro I thought it was so funny how when Emma was closing the bathroom door she flicked them off and the 10 seconds later they bang on the door and Emma opens it and they flick her off 😂

  • Frank Elwert
    Frank Elwert 17 days ago

    Low carb big fat baby
    Welcome to Gretchen TUNO channel

  • Huey
    Huey 18 days ago +1

    When people say they low key had a panic attack. Shows me you don't know what a panic attack is.

  • Mehad Rahman
    Mehad Rahman 18 days ago


  • Wolken Sisters
    Wolken Sisters 18 days ago

    did anyone else hear “emma’s asshole be like” when she was coughing

  • JMP _AcryLic
    JMP _AcryLic 18 days ago +1

    Is this what girls do when they hang out?

  • Kailah Osorio
    Kailah Osorio 18 days ago

    Im dead at 0:18

  • Laya Verdoorn
    Laya Verdoorn 18 days ago

    Emma is so fucking high right new

  • Laya Verdoorn
    Laya Verdoorn 18 days ago

    Am I the only one that loves her pants

  • lol gurl24
    lol gurl24 19 days ago

    Ik this is weird but does anyone know the name of the veggie sausage emma was eating?

  • Diwa Kakar
    Diwa Kakar 19 days ago

    Olives on pizza if there were even 25 on there I would eat it

  • Fenja Christoffersen
    Fenja Christoffersen 19 days ago

    This the beste freaking video i ever seen in my life!❤️

  • aricka fenison
    aricka fenison 19 days ago

    I swear if I hung out with you I would be dead on the ground from laughing! The best kind of friend🤣🥰 shits fucking great emma

  • vivian pham
    vivian pham 20 days ago

    day one: everyone wears pink and emma wears two pink things.
    day two: everyone wore black and then emma wore rainbow pants and one black top.
    lol just thought this was kinda funny 😂

  • think thick
    think thick 20 days ago

    lowkey thought tame impala was spelled *team in paula* , i was conFused

  • ava scarvers
    ava scarvers 20 days ago

    the way she said why

  • Basically 🤠 Iconic

    I got dresses for bedchella
    And watched Emma go to Coachella :3

  • 9 Lives
    9 Lives 21 day ago +1

    Appreciate the honesty and you didn’t make is seam like a perfect experience

  • Jonathan Palmquist
    Jonathan Palmquist 21 day ago

    Thumbs down for not going to day 3

  • captainTubes
    captainTubes 22 days ago


  • KingAndrew5000
    KingAndrew5000 22 days ago +1

    listening to this privileged white chick complain, is a perfect example of what's wrong in our society

  • Akira Anderson
    Akira Anderson 22 days ago

    5:55 i have that same gray clavin klien bra

  • Elle Fiore
    Elle Fiore 22 days ago

    eggs are not dairy!!!!!

  • TëA
    TëA 23 days ago +29

    Emma’s day 1 shirt is from urban outfitters your welcome

  • Larissa Aral
    Larissa Aral 23 days ago

    Emma im 19 and im shizophrenic it would be such a pleasure to meet you

  • Louise Morrissey
    Louise Morrissey 23 days ago

    Elle didn't go

  • cececcececee
    cececcececee 23 days ago

    The moral from this video: welcome to vlogmas

  • Sarida Olson
    Sarida Olson 24 days ago

    Bold move with the white pants