How to Open Adobe Photoshop CS6 in Mac Catalina

  • Published on Apr 13, 2020
  • In this tutorial I am going to show you, how you can open the Photoshop CS6 in Mac Catalina. The issue with Catalina is that it does no longer support 64-bit applications and therefore, the Adobe Photoshop application does not open the regular way. There is a way how you can bypass it, which is shown in this video.

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  • H Ceff
    H Ceff Year ago +7

    This was REALLY helpful! Thank you!

  • Alivia Hill
    Alivia Hill 7 months ago

    Seriously super helpful. Thank you so much for this!

  • Jesus Gaona
    Jesus Gaona Year ago

    Great tutorial! I do have one quick quesion/problem - I can open the program and old projects successfully, but can't place any images (normal jpeg format). Do you have any suggestions on how to open images so that I can work on them in CS6?

    • Dummy Account
      Dummy Account Year ago

      @InstructionsHow I have this same problem. maybe it just doesn't work on the latest Catalina. I have 10.15.7 and I can't drag, place, or open files, even the saved PSD files get the same error (Could not complete your request because the file was not found.) Please help...

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago

      @Jesus Gaona It sounds very strange. I have just tried opening .jpg file and it works for me, I am not getting the error you are getting. Maybe try opening other .jpg files in other locations and see whether it works?

    • Jesus Gaona
      Jesus Gaona Year ago

      @InstructionsHow hmmm I'm not sure what you mean. Wether I drag and drop, place, or file->open an image it gives me the error "could not place/open the file because '___.jpeg' because the file not found.

      Are you familiar with this error? is it an access error? the jpeg is in the same folder that my .psd file is in

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago

      Thanks :) So for me I am able to open .jpg as well. Usually I drag and drop into the PS6. However, if I have opened another file and drag drop, then it does not work. So I have found that either by dragging multiple files simultaneously works or after opening a file, I go file -> open. Then it works as well. Hope I explained it in an understandable way and that you will be able to open the files.

  • LeAnn Eriksson
    LeAnn Eriksson 2 months ago +1

    Great video...and sadly, it seems I've upgraded too far into Catalina (I'm in 10.15.7) because I get the spinning rainbow wheel as CS6 is opening. Do you know any current workarounds? Thanks!

    • Franz Sidney
      Franz Sidney Month ago

      hi there! I just tried on mine which is running 10.15.7 and it works fine! And I bought Affinity too, just in case. Goodbye subscription! I hope you will find a way!

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  2 months ago

      I have not upgraded that much (mine is 10.15.6), so unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to test it out.

  • Diana M Joice - Alchemy of Attraction

    Thank you for this informative video. As of the newest upgrade of Catalina the PS CS6 version is rendered useless. But for the very first versions of Catalina the software opens.
    I wonder how Apple and Adobe will solve this for people who have bought their licence for quite a bit of money.

    • phoenixpax
      phoenixpax Year ago +2

      @FraterOiram _ Nah, that's just like ADOBE. They're both evil goblins. Every day that a person uses Photoshop without a cloud membership, the noon-day sun is darkened in their eyes.

    • FraterOiram _
      FraterOiram _ Year ago +1

      @InstructionsHow Sounds about apple.

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago +2

      Hello Diana, I am glad you found the video helpful. I did quite a bit research on various forums (including adobe) and it seems that they are pushing their cloud service. As far as I understand they will not try to make PS CS6 compatible with Catalina in order to push everyone to pay the monthly fees instead. Hopefully, I am wrong about that.

  • Cynthia R
    Cynthia R 10 months ago +1

    Thank you so very much!!! I wasted hours trying other fixes. This is so simple and it works!!!

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  10 months ago +1

      No problem, glad it worked and it was useful :)

  • Charli Jose
    Charli Jose Year ago +2

    Thank you for this! My photoshop cs6 is working fine now! Good thing I didn't delete it before hand. I was tempted to delete it already due to impulse. haha

  • said zerouali
    said zerouali 11 months ago

    merci beaucoup pour votre aide, c'est vraiment interessant!

  • Martin Volk
    Martin Volk Year ago +2

    i was very angry before, This was REALLY helpful! Thank you!,

  • Indashai Warjri
    Indashai Warjri 11 months ago +1

    Amazing. THANK YOU!

  • Lux & Hemlock
    Lux & Hemlock Year ago

    Worked like a charm, thank you.

  • Dronethat
    Dronethat Year ago +1

    Thanks man! I was about to delete my copy but I came across with your tutorial. Ooops, actually it doesn't work for me. It doesn't respond and I don't get that window that says "deny".

  • Emmanuela Penagos

    it helped a lot thanks for the vid :)

  • Wayne Perry
    Wayne Perry Year ago

    I don't know how you figured this out, but I'm glad you did...You saved the day!

  • Charlene D
    Charlene D Year ago

    Thank you for the video. Do you have to go through this process every time you want to open an app eg. Photoshop or illustrator?

    • Furia!
      Furia! 4 months ago +1

      make alias 👍🏻

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago +3

      Sadly, yes. Unless you get Adobe cloud version

  • Sampo_with_yumi
    Sampo_with_yumi 7 months ago

    Thank you very much!!! I appreciate your video so much :-)

  • krystlejrich
    krystlejrich 10 months ago +1

    I got a configuration error saying, "Please uninstall and reinstall the product. If this problem still occurs, please contact Adobe technical support for help, and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen. Error: 1." Any ideas on how to fix?

  • Win P
    Win P Month ago

    Thank you so much, this helped me!

  • Wallace R. Gillard

    Duuuuuuuuuuude!! Thank you so much for this :D

  • Angraj Manjhi
    Angraj Manjhi Year ago +1

    That works!!!! thank you so much.

  • Dj Fracttion
    Dj Fracttion 7 months ago

    Thanks for this video you save my day but for some reason PS won't allow me to open or access any document from the desktop, and I can't save (everything save as psd) Is there a way to fix this?

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  7 months ago

      Hello, glad it was helpful. In terms of the desktop issue - I am not sure. In terms of saving only in PSD - yes, there is a way around it. Select the different format (e.g. .jpg). However, the ending does not automatically change and it will still save as psd file. So you would manually go to "filename.psd" and change it to "filename.jpg". Hope it helps.

  • Nikola Petrovic
    Nikola Petrovic Year ago

    Thank you so much. It worked

  • sv1201
    sv1201 6 months ago +1

    It seems that you can open already installed app, but how did you actually install it, because the installer simply refuses to run on Catalina?

  • Alison R
    Alison R 8 months ago +1

    life is back to being good 👍 😊 you're a hero

  • 개굴gaegul
    개굴gaegul 7 months ago

    This is super COOL :) Thank you!

  • Roy Prince
    Roy Prince 2 months ago

    It looks like it works but it's not taking video. I can't put in video or make one when I render it. It comes out as JPEGS. Is there a fix for that or should I go back to Mojave which I had before Catalina?

  • Shyla1231000
    Shyla1231000 5 months ago

    Thankyou!! this worked on big Sur too. However, I am having trouble when trying to save the file, the application crashes.. help???

    • Joanne The Scammer
      Joanne The Scammer 5 months ago

      Hello. Are you still having this issue? I haven't updated to Big Sur because I still want to keep CS6 (i'm currently on Mojave), and saving a file is obviously important!

  • takumanishiya23
    takumanishiya23 Year ago

    Great worked for me

  • Rio Diaz
    Rio Diaz 11 months ago +1

    So your instructions also work for Photoshop CS6 Mac for Big Sur. Is this the only way to access from now on?. Thank you !!!

  • Extraordinary Designs

    Thank you. This also worked for MacOS Monterey.

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

    hi, I have the same symbol of "stop"/"nule" on top of the install icon/folder and I try this same process and nothing happened... can you help on this?

  • Patti Schneider
    Patti Schneider Year ago

    If this works... I will give you a virtual kiss! Thank you for sharing your knowledge; I almost freaked after upgrading to Catalina. Normally, I read the cautions from public opinion first. :) If it doesn't work... I will update my comment!

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago

      Thank you. Had the same reaction, as I use a lot of PS. However, some functionality will not work, but most of it works :)

  • Cheryl Krangle
    Cheryl Krangle 11 months ago

    Thank you :)

  • FraterOiram _
    FraterOiram _ Year ago

    Thank you!

  • Susana Sanchez
    Susana Sanchez Year ago

    A mi me salta Terminal y el circulito de colores dando vueltas y no me deja hacer nada. Que puedo hacer? Gracias

  • Wade Mallet
    Wade Mallet Year ago +2

    Hi, I have followed these instructions but PSD opens but it freezers up. I get the spinning wheel of death. Any suggestions?

  • Isaac Manu
    Isaac Manu 4 months ago

    thank you so much!!!

  • Simon Dang
    Simon Dang Year ago


  • Renatas Juodze
    Renatas Juodze Year ago

    everything works but there's a problem with importing files.. can you solve that?

  • Julius Gordon
    Julius Gordon 4 months ago

    It doesn't work with my version of Catalina (10.15.7). Any suggestions?

  • daniel jegou
    daniel jegou Year ago

    Cela serait super, si c'était en Français SVP

  • Mike Constantinou

    When attempting to try this, my systems doesn't display the 'pop' up warnings. how can this be displayed?

  • Roxanne Wadia
    Roxanne Wadia Year ago


  • Isaiah Galarza
    Isaiah Galarza 2 months ago

    OMG Thank you!!

  • Infinite Light 1
    Infinite Light 1 9 months ago

    Thank you very much!!!!!!

    • Infinite Light 1
      Infinite Light 1 9 months ago

      @InstructionsHow kudos for you and for all the dispassionate people who help each other!!!

    • Infinite Light 1
      Infinite Light 1 9 months ago

      @SK I have a proper version

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  9 months ago +1

      No problem, glad it helped!

    • SK
      SK 9 months ago

      where can you download cs6 for mac?

  • Cody Centrella
    Cody Centrella Year ago +1

    Very useful

  • C-ME
    C-ME Year ago +9

    It didn't work for me. The application just keep jumping and never open. Can I have help please ? I have Catalina 10.15.5.

    • RW 204
      RW 204 7 months ago

      @Ruslan Fedotov that account was deactivated ...hmmmmm

    • Ruslan Fedotov
      Ruslan Fedotov Year ago

      @C-ME just found the new method for activating photoshop 2021. Check this out -

    • C-ME
      C-ME Year ago

      No, I couldn’t :(

    • Leonardo R
      Leonardo R Year ago

      I have the exact same problem, did you fix it??

    KAUSTIK 7 months ago

    small error in your description: catalina does no longer support 32-bit applications.

  • Chad Hanley
    Chad Hanley 10 months ago

    This works great, although solution to Premier Pro CS6. Your method does not work on that program, only photoshop and illustrator

  • Jorge Mendieta
    Jorge Mendieta 10 months ago +3

    It worked for 30 seconds then the application closes by it self

  • Ben Pruskin
    Ben Pruskin Year ago

    You are a genius!!!

  • Rare Mind Music TV

    Great 👍🏻 video !! Had to subscribe

    • Rare Mind Music TV
      Rare Mind Music TV Year ago

      InstructionsHow thank you but after it opens up it automatically freezes forever lol anyway to fix this ???????

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago

      Appreciate it!

  • laurent paméla
    laurent paméla 8 months ago

    Followed your instruction but unfortunately it does not work at all!

  • Marcin Gornia
    Marcin Gornia Year ago

    It's crashing when i want to safe the files . What to do ?

  • Cris M.
    Cris M. Year ago

    i have the same problem but for INSTALL. how can i do it?

  • I'm Good
    I'm Good 8 months ago

    WIll Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 work for the new M1 macs? I really don't want to switch to CC. Thanks

  • ellie o
    ellie o 9 months ago

    I get to the end and get a pop up saying "Adobe Premier Pro" has quit unexpectedly, and gives me the option to report, reopen, and ignore option :( "reopen" option doesnt get me anywhere

  • Breezy b
    Breezy b Year ago

    Thanks bro.

    OWLR CORP Year ago

    Your the best!

  • Felipe Madero
    Felipe Madero Year ago

    hey where I can get the program?

    • WildApple / OP Plays
      WildApple / OP Plays Year ago

      Officially Adobe has discountinued. Maybe you can get a used version on eBay, Amazon etc. but prices are high and not worth it.
      I recommend you better look for Adobe CC Photography subscription.

      _ _ _

      As an alternative I can recommend a free (and opensource) application like the GIMP, which works on Win/Mac/Linux; than you have Paint.NET. There are also some interesting and usable Web applications like Photopea...
      For some basic tasks like croping, rotating etc. you can use the the operating systems built viewers like Windows Photo, Apple Preview etc. There are also some advanced image viewers like FastStone Image Viewer (free for personal use), with additional functions and others.
      If you have some money you can spend, than you have commercial applications like Affinity Photo (until 20 June 2020 it is 50% off), Acorn (only for Mac), Photoline, Pixelmator/Pixelmator Pro, Corel PaintShop Pro, Adobe Photoshop Elements and others.

  • Digi Services
    Digi Services 9 months ago

    HI .. I did the process the way it was shown .. photoshop opened as well but now it just showing loading sign ... nothing happens after that... any suggestion ..also any idea how to open Dreamweaver

    • SK
      SK 9 months ago

      where can you download cs6 for mac?

  • Erik M
    Erik M 9 months ago

    Doesn't work for me, opening Photoshop stays in a loop.

  • Santiago Toro
    Santiago Toro Year ago +7

    Is not working for me, with Catalina 10.15.4 the program starts but get freeze

  • Vérène Indekeu
    Vérène Indekeu Year ago

    merci !!!

  • Alan Dust
    Alan Dust Month ago

    When I go to finder>applications, CS6 is in a folder and when I go into the folder, the icon with CS6 has a white round circle with a diagonal line through it. AND the right click does not work. Any ideas?

    • Franz Sidney
      Franz Sidney 29 days ago +1

      @Alan Dust aah! Shame! Mine works; however, it seems to be unable to open, place or import photos... I was told today that something similar to Virtual PC can be run to have the old system running alongside the new one...

    • Alan Dust
      Alan Dust 29 days ago

      @Franz Sidney Yes, Control Click did let me open package contents but then it was just another dead end, I couldn't open anything else.

    • Franz Sidney
      Franz Sidney Month ago

      have you tried CONTROL click? Works in mine. Good luck!

  • rynstation
    rynstation Year ago

    I cannot find Adobe Photoshop CS6 in my Applications tab in Finder. Any help?

  • acesarp
    acesarp Year ago

    You can launch but you can't install, am I right?

  • Roy Prince
    Roy Prince Year ago

    It worked but I have saved Photoshop projects that won't open that I need. Apple says time machine will put it back how it was before the update. Do you know another way while keeping Catalina?

    • Roy Prince
      Roy Prince Year ago

      @InstructionsHow Oh, I never had it on. I like to have some control over craziness.

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago

      @Roy Prince Ouch that was a long time. Remember to turn off the automatic iOS updates to avoid getting into the same situation again.

    • Roy Prince
      Roy Prince Year ago

      @InstructionsHow I would never wanna go through that again. It took 14 hours including 2 hours on the phone with Apple.

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago

      @Roy Prince Yeah, that might be the best solution. Glad to hear that everything worked out :)

    • Roy Prince
      Roy Prince Year ago

      @InstructionsHow I did the time machine. It took 14 hours but it's back. I had the same problem but when I closed it & reopened it then it was normal. So it seems to be okay. Thanks for your help.

  • Ariel Corenthal
    Ariel Corenthal Year ago

    I got to the last step, "terminal" would like control of this computer, i clickd "Open system preferences" instead of deny, now I'm having trouble. can anyone help me?

    ADISEP CHILE Year ago +1

    thank you body!

  • kit man
    kit man Year ago +1

    but you cant save any photos you made in photoshop cs6 using this method,

    • Jill
      Jill Year ago +2

      @InstructionsHow i cant too. cant open files either.

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago +2

      Very strange, I am able to save photos in various formats including .psd.

  • Richard Rogers Designs

    this didn't work. I got the same problem as other people - egg timer and PS not starting up

  • Marie Blanchette
    Marie Blanchette Year ago +16

    Doesn't work for me, get the rainbow spinning wheel

    • Lacy Phillips
      Lacy Phillips Year ago +1

      SAME. On a MacBook Pro core i9 with Intel UHD Graphics 630

    • Rodrigo Alvarez
      Rodrigo Alvarez Year ago

      Same here. I'm running on a MacPro3.1 with Nvidia card. What are you running on?

    • Konopny Jezus
      Konopny Jezus Year ago

      same its ridiculous

  • jeanccc333
    jeanccc333 Year ago

    Can this work for Mac Photoshop 6.0, don't have right click on mouse.

    • jeanccc333
      jeanccc333 Year ago

      Control key for right-click, but your tutorial didn't work for me unfortunately.

  • Bo Ure
    Bo Ure Year ago

    You created a document in Photoshop but you did not save the file that you made. That is the point where my laptop quits working. It will not save a document prepared this way.

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago

      Hello, it works for me (Catalina 10.15.6 version). For me the only disadvantage is if I save a different file type other than .psd. Then the format (the ".psd") does not change. So for example if I want to save in jpg I press jpg format and have to manually change .psd to .jpg. Also try to save to a different location on the computer in case some of the folder have been locked. Hope it helps.

  • Jameson Tyler Bynum
    Jameson Tyler Bynum 6 months ago

    Fuck me. Wish I would've found this video before I entirely uninstalled all my CS6 apps. Anyone know of anyway to reinstall? I was using the Master Collection cause I still used Encore to make DVDs

  • Clodd1
    Clodd1 6 months ago +2

    Does this work on Big Sur?

  • Angela C
    Angela C Year ago

    It still crashes, please help!!

  • Linda K
    Linda K Year ago

    Thank you but I did something stupid. I closed Terminal. Now I cannot get Photoshop to open again! Please help!

    • Linda K
      Linda K Year ago

      @InstructionsHow Thank you again! OK...let me know if you come up with a solution. I will keep searching. Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian)

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago

      @Linda K My version is 10.15.6 , so that might be one of the reasons. I have closed the terminal (the Photoshop then also closes) multiple times and it still opens by using this way shown in the video... Yeah, I needed to upgrade the Microsoft office as well after the update. Gave me quite a headache after upgrading the OS.

    • Linda K
      Linda K Year ago

      @InstructionsHow Thank you for your instructions. Mac OS 10.15.7 No, I did not move any files...didn't even to get to open one before I closed Terminal. This is a new iMac which is why I am having all these issues...including Word, Excel, PPT. sigh! If you do think of anything else I can do, please let me know. Thank you again.

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago

      @Linda K Hmmm, that is strange. Have you tried restarting the computer? Also, which version of Mac OS are you using? And finally you did not move any of the files to Bin, when you opened the first time? If that still does not work, then I am not sure, why... :(

    • Linda K
      Linda K Year ago

      @InstructionsHow Thank you for the reply. I repeated but have been waiting for PS to has been 30 minutes. Don't think it will open??? Any other suggestions. I still have CD to reinstall if that would help.

  • Kastriot R
    Kastriot R 8 months ago

    Am I blind or does it say malware?!

  • Omar Rodriguez
    Omar Rodriguez 5 months ago

    This did not work for InDesign CS6

  • jmrougey
    jmrougey Year ago

    The program starts but then freezes with the spinning wheel of death. Anyone know how to fix this ?

    • Jessica Foster
      Jessica Foster Year ago

      Still the same for me. Do you know if there is any update on this?

    • Rodrigo Alvarez
      Rodrigo Alvarez Year ago

      Same for me. I'm running on a MacPro 3.1 with NVIDIA GPU. What are you guys running on?

    • Melanie Redden
      Melanie Redden Year ago

      Same for me

    • Lindsay B.
      Lindsay B. Year ago +1

      I have the same problem...I need photoshop for work. wtf.

  • Hanaa Tilleli
    Hanaa Tilleli Year ago

    Yes, you can open a new file but you can't open an existing file...

    • Andrea du Coeur
      Andrea du Coeur Year ago

      😭 I’m in 10.15.5 and I can’t even open a file, wish I had just made a backup before installing cathalina in June 😭😭
      But your tip brought me the closest to a working cs6 so far!

    • Hanaa Tilleli
      Hanaa Tilleli Year ago

      @InstructionsHow Yes, thank you :) 👍🏻

    • InstructionsHow
      InstructionsHow  Year ago +1

      Yeah, thats the other way to bypass it. Glad it worked out somehow :)

    • Hanaa Tilleli
      Hanaa Tilleli Year ago

      @InstructionsHow I tried with png files and they are working fine so I'm just gonna convert my jpg file to png file for now.. Thank you for your replies

    • Hanaa Tilleli
      Hanaa Tilleli Year ago

      @InstructionsHow Yeah, still doesn't work. It says "Camera Raw. Plugin will damage your computer"

  • AAA
    AAA Year ago

    is it working for Illustrator CS6 ??????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Felipe Madero
    Felipe Madero Year ago

    please tell me I need that

  • Rock Arsenault
    Rock Arsenault Year ago

    Est ce qu’il y a quelqu’un qui parle français, parce que j’ai le même problème de la roulette multicolore qui tourne sans cesse.

  • Calvin Brett
    Calvin Brett Year ago

    close but no cigar...... drag and drop image works, but use of open function does not and still no save.... thanks tho.

    • Dj Fracttion
      Dj Fracttion 7 months ago

      I’m having the problem any help?

  • Martin Volk
    Martin Volk Year ago

    up's it dosen't works the Photoshop Window goes open but that's all

  • maru.
    maru. Year ago


  • Mihi Gyver
    Mihi Gyver Year ago

    thats a reason more to not use photoshop or mac or both together.. mac is just terrible by updates.. and i dont want to pay every month.. so fuck adobe. any good alternative?

  • Colin Healey
    Colin Healey Year ago